Furi (PC)

Developer/Publisher: The Game Bakers

Release Date: July 2016

Genre: Action

Platform: PC (Also on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch)

Players: 1


   Furi is an action game made by The Game Bakers where the player must defeat a series of bosses in one on one duels. The protagonist, a mysterious man known only as The Stranger has been confined in a futuristic prison guarded by unique bosses. In order to break free, The Stranger must employ his guns and swordsmanship against the guardians. Players will be able to parry attacks, charge up their gun, unleash sword combos, and perform a variety of other moves. Bits of story are revealed as The Stranger makes his way through the prison between battles, which also serves as down time, since combat in this game is fierce and often prolonged.

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