Furi (PC) Review

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Review by Cowboy Yojimbo (April 2018)

Furi is a masterful boss gauntlet with a stylish blend of precision sword-play, frantic bullet-hell, and a neon synth sci-fi aesthetic.

   Sprung loose from his confines by a mysterious, omnipresent man, The Stranger must fight his way through a celestial prison where a series of guardians await who will do everything to stop him. Furi is a boss gauntlet; a game made up of intense encounters with its narrative delivered on your walk to each level of your personal hell. Each Guardian (designed by Takashi Okazaki of the Afro Samurai fame) is unique in character, gameplay, style, and location. They are a squad with personality akin to the groups of Metal Gear Solid. Each guardian is entirely memorable with their own piece of the overall story to tell. The journey allows you to relax those clenched muscles and breath those breaths you were holding, as you groove to the synthy waves, until the music begins to build while it drip feeds you juicy narrative and gets you pumped for the next big fight.

   When it comes to the fights, your entire arsenal is yours from the start and must be mastered. Stages of each guardian can alternate between close quarter duels with precision strikes and parries, to long range frantic gun fights, or a mix of both. By journey’s end they will have tested your reflexes and mastery of the controls in every way possible. The satisfaction of improving and taking down these guardians when you may have once felt powerless is immense. It makes re-playability and going for S ranks all the more irresistible. The fights themselves are works of art. It’s the game’s style, feedback, and sound with challenging, but fair fights that never make you want to quit. Bosses taunt and scold, successful parries heal with an audible chime, critical hits treat you to mini cut-scenes with great damage. It’s all deliciously satisfying. Every hit, dodge, and new phase is rewarding, tactile and you feel just simply like a bad-ass.

   This is all accompanied by an incredible, collaborative, electric soundtrack by artists Carpenter Brut, The Toxic Avenger, Lorn, Danger, Scattle, Waveshaper and Kn1ght. For having multiple artists it feels completely cohesive as a whole with battle tracks that will spike your adrenaline. It’s that glorious sound of the 80’s synth-wave future that never even existed, and something from a new world with it. Treat yourself to the vinyl when you take down boss seven – you earned it.

To say my time with Furi was unique, memorable and profoundly satisfying would be an understatement. It’s truly a unique beast that needs to be experienced. Persevere and I guarantee you will be all the better for it.

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