Final Fantasy Origins (PS1)

Developer: Square

Publisher: SquareEnix 

Release Date: April 2003

System: Sony PlayStation 

Genre: RPG

Players: 1


Final Fantasy Origins is a compilation of the first Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II. Both games are traditional, turn based JRPGs, though they feature differences in gameplay mechanics and have unrelated stories. This release also boasts upgraded sound and graphics as well as an improved translation in the case of Final Fantasy. There are some gameplay mechanic rebalances and user interface overhauls, but both titles in this release are close to the originals.

In Final Fantasy, players control four characters that must fight their way through deadly dungeons and hordes of monsters in order to rekindle four crystals that control the balance of nature. There are six classes to choose from (fighter, thief, black belt, red mage, black mage, and white mage) and players can choose any combination of the six classes for their party. The fighter, thief, and black belt specialize in melee combat, while the mages learn to cast various spells. Like in any RPG, players will find equipment, explore dungeons, visit towns, and battle powerful bosses.

Final Fantasy II is focused on four youths who are forced to flee their hometown during an attack by the Empire. Similar to its predecessor, this title will have players fighting monsters, clearing dungeons, and collecting gear, but this game has a more fleshed out story. It also uses a different leveling system and does not feature classes. Instead, players are free to equip their heroes with any weapons and armor they wish and teach them any spells they desire. Rather than gain experience from battle, characters become stronger by using weapons and spells. For example, using a sword will make its wielder gain a small amount of strength and sword skill in battle, making him a more effective fighter, while taking damage can raise Hit Points.

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