Final Fantasy II Walkthrough (PS1, NES)

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Final Fantasy II Walkthrough (PS1,NES)

~by tankMage (August 2021)

About this Walkthrough

I’ve written this specifically for the PlayStation Final Fantasy Origins version of Final Fantasy II, but the content below should apply to every version of FF2. Names and spelling tend to vary from one translation to another and I attempted to include alternate names in this guide when possible. Many times alternate names will appear next to the PS1 name in parenthesis. The maps featured in this walkthrough are for the 8-Bit release of Final Fantasy II, so they look different from the PS1 port, which has enhanced graphics. However, the structure of each area is the same, so the maps will match up perfectly to what you see in the PS1 version aside from a few minor variations.  

Note: A few of the items in chests vary from game to game, though these differences are minor.


I. Characters

    a. Main Characters

    b. Temporary Characters

II. Game Mechanics

    a. Stats

    b. Skills

    c. Magic

    d. Increasing Stats

    e. Training Weapon and Shield Skills

    f. Training Magic

    g. Status Ailments

    h. Using Items

    i. Equipment Mechanics

III. Building Your Party

IV. Tips

V. World Map

VI. Walkthrough

    a. Joining the Rebellion

    b. In Search of Mythril

    c. The Dreadnought of Bafsk

    d. The Dragoons of Deist 

    e. The Tournament

    f. The Battle for Fynn

    g. In Search of the Ultima Scroll Part 1: The White Mask

    h. In Search of the Ultima Scroll Part 2: The Black Mask

    i. In Search of the Ultima Scroll Part 3: Releasing the Ultima Scroll

    j. The Cyclone

    k. The Dark Knight

    l. Destroying the Empire 

VII. Spells, Weapons, and Armor

    a. Spells

    b. Weapons

    c. Armor

VII. References

VIII. Download PDF

I. Characters

This section covers the various heroes that join the party over the course of the game. I tried to leave out spoilers, but pointing out that some characters are temporary while others are permanent party members could be considered a spoiler in itself, so read at your own risk. This section also includes commentary on how well each character trains stats (in the case of the four main heroes) and how well they fill various roles. Regardless of my commentary, it’s important to remember that you can build your party anyway you wish and my opinions should be treated as guidelines rather than hard rules.

a. Main Characters

1. Firion (Fironiel)

Firion is the main character in FF2 along with Maria and Gus. He is the most balanced of the three in terms of stat growth and trains agility especially quickly. It’s also easy to build his Strength and Evasion. Firion can learn magic fairly well, but not as quickly as Maria.

2. Maria 

Maria is well suited to magic, training Intelligence, Spirit, and Magic with ease. She also has good Agility growth.

3. Gus (Guy)

If you are looking for a bruiser that excels in melee combat, Gus is your man. He trains Strength and Endurance almost effortlessly. This gives him the potential to have high HP and damage. Gus is also a good choice if you are looking to train a dual wielder or two handed fighter early on, since he will be able to build up the HP pool required for characters who do not use shields.

4. Leon (Leonheart)

Despite being one of the four main heroes, Leon isn’t in the party very long. He’s also apt to be less powerful than the other three and will need some training. Luckily, Leon is good at learning everything except Agility, which tends to be his downfall, because it makes him susceptible to damage. Players who wish to make good use of Leon will have to really build up his HP (luckily this is not hard to do), train him in shields, or put him in the back row with a bow. It’s also possible to make him into a competent mage, but the fact that he doesn’t know any magic will make the process difficult. 

b. Temporary Characters

As the title of this section implies, these characters will not stay with the party forever. Consequently, you should be wary of investing too much time and money into them.

1. Mindu (Ming-Wu or Minwu)

The first of the temporary characters that join the party, Mindu is a skilled mage who can keep everyone alive with his powerful white magic. He also has relatively high HP and good armor for this point in the game. I usually just strip him of his gear, put him in the back row, and have him cast spells when needed.

2. Josef

Josef joins the party very briefly and is not worth training. He’s a competent martial artist with decent HP that can help the team through some tight spots. Aside from that, Josef does not have any notable gear and you should not equip him with anything, because he does not really need weapons or armor.

3. Gordon

You’ll meet Gordon early on and he will eventually team up with the gang for a few dungeons. Despite being relatively weak when he joins, Gordon is handy with both spear and shield. He also builds HP quickly. Give him a decent spear, shield, and armor. Take a bit of time to build up Gordon’s stats and he will serve you well while he is in the party.

4. Leila (Raila)

Leila is a dual wielding pirate who dabbles in lightning magic. She stays in the party a long time, so it’s worthwhile to build her up. She’s pretty good with a sword and knife. I like to give her the main gauche and crescent sword when she joins, because the combo gives her some extra evade and allows her to put her foes to sleep.

5. Gareth (Ricard)

Gareth is a strong fighter who will stay with your party for quite some time. He comes equipped with good armor and has high sword skill. He’s also adept with a shield. Simply giving him hand-me-down weapons and armor from your other characters is more than sufficient if you wish to draw out his potential.

II. Game Mechanics

Final Fantasy II has unusual mechanics for a JRPG that often stump new players. While the leveling system is unconventional, many of this game’s core mechanics are similar to those of its predecessor and descendants. It’s also extremely easy to exploit this game’s design once you understand it, so take some time to read up on how things work.  

a. Stats

The core stats in this game are largely self explanatory, but some of them may work differently than expected, while others play into the game’s leveling system in ways that may be unfamiliar. This guide does not go into fine detail with most of the stat mechanics, because they are usually quite simple and it isn’t hard to make a strong character in this game with the right training techniques.

1. Strength: As one may guess, Strength increases physical damage. Characters who use melee weapons should have high Strength.

2. Endurance: Determines how much HP a character gains when he gets an HP bonus. It’s a 1 to 1 ratio, so 10 Endurance will give you 10 HP every time your hero gets an HP boost. Also improves magic defense.

3. Spirit: Increases the effectiveness of white magic spells.

4. Agility: Impacts your hero’s odds of evading attacks and possibly determines when they take their turn in combat. High agility is very important if you wish to avoid melee attacks.

5. Intelligence: Effects how much damage black magic spells inflict.

6. Magic: Determines how much MP a hero gets when they get an MP bonus. Has a 1:1 ratio, so 10 Magic means you get 10 MP when you level your magic points up.

7. Attack: This is a character’s combined physical damage. It is derived from their weapon’s damage value, base Strength, and is increased by 50% if your character is holding the weapon with both hands.

8. Accuracy: One of the more obtuse stats in FF2, accuracy is represented by a whole number followed by a percentage and looks like this: 2-60%. The first number is the number of hits a character can get per attack, while the percentage is the likelihood that the attack will connect. This means a hero with 2-60% accuracy can get two hits in on an enemy, but only has a 60% chance of landing each of those two hits. This stat is very important to fighters and can be increased by gaining weapon skill and equipping weapons that increase accuracy.

9. Defense: The amount of damage absorbed by armor. It appears to be a flat value, so if an enemy has 100 attack and you have 50 defense, you will only take 50 damage per hit from that enemy.

10. Evasion: Operates in the same way as Accuracy, but is applied to your character’s ability to avoid attacks. This means a hero with 2-60% Evasion can avoid two enemy hits with a likelihood of 60% chance per hit. Consequently, an enemy that gets 3 hits will certainly land at least one hit if you have 2-60% Evasion. It’s important to note that the flat number in Evasion is treated as its own stat and will occasionally increase in combat. The percentage part of Evasion is determined by Agility, armor, and whether or not you are using a shield.

11. Magic Defense: Magic Defense operates in a manner similar to Accuracy and Evasion, but it mitigates magic damage or the odds of a spell hitting your hero in the case of status ailments. It goes without saying that Magic Defense is very important if you wish to survive. Fortunately this stat is very easy to increase, because it levels up by simply fighting monsters capable of casting spells. 

b. Skills

There are two main types of skills in this game: weapon skill and shield skill. Skill is extremely important for fighters in Final fantasy II, so do not neglect your skill levels. Equiping a weapon, weapons, or shield, will cause your hero to get skill points every time he or she makes a melee attack. For example, a character using a sword and shield will get a point in both the sword and shield skills every time he makes a melee attack. Get 100 points and your skill will go up a level. Please note that skills build more slowly as you get to higher levels. It’s relatively easy to go from 1 skill to 5, but it takes a long time to go from 10 to 11. For the purposes of a normal playthrough, your fighter can get by very easily if they have a weapon and/or shield skill of 11 at the end of the game.

1. Weapon Skill: This category includes Swords, Axes, Knives, Staves, Bows, Spears, and your bare hands. Despite covering a wide array of weapons, the effects of each weapon skill are the same. Gaining a level in the skill for a particular weapon will increase your chances of hitting the enemy by a few percentage points and increase the number of hits you can get. Taking your sword skill from 1 to 2 will give you an entire second hit, effectively doubling your damage if you manage to land both hits in combat. Keep in mind that while skill in a particular weapon category only affects performance with that weapon type, it applies to all weapons in that family. This means a character who has 5 Sword skill will still get skill bonuses if they upgrade from a Broadsword to a Mythril Sword, but will need to build spear skill up if they want to fight with that weapon class.

2. Shield Skill: Shield skill goes a long way in determining Evasion. So much so that a character with high shield skill and a good shield will be almost impossible to hit. This is true even in the early game when a hero with a Buckler and 2 shield skill will barely take damage from weak enemies. Shield skill requires a shield equipped in at least one hand to be leveled up. Making melee attacks will increase your shield skill just like melee weapon skill.

c. Magic

Magic in Final Fantasy 2 works differently than in other games from the series. Rather than learning or buying more powerful spells as the game goes on, players learn the spell from a scroll that can be found or bought. After that, they have to level up the spell by casting it. A number that indicates a spell’s power level  appears after the name of the spell. It takes 100 points to level up a spell, which usually means you will need to cast a spell 100 times to gain a level. For example, a player learns the Fire spell, it’s called Fire 1 when he first gets it and it’s very weak. The player casts Fire 1 a hundred times and it will level it up to Fire 2, making it slightly stronger. All spells cost only 1 MP to cast at level 1 and cost an additional MP to cast with each level increase, so Fire 10 costs 10 MP to cast.

There are two families of magic: White Magic and Black Magic. White Magic is focused mostly on healing and buffing the party. Black Magic concentrates on dealing damage and weakening enemies. A character can learn both types of magic and can use any combination of spells they like, though the total number of spells a single character can learn is limited  to 16. Luckily, players can delete any spells they do not wish to use.

Magic has something of a poor reputation among FF2 players, because it takes a lot of work to build up spell mastery and the return isn’t that great. This is mostly due to the fact that Black Magic tends to lose its utility as the game progresses. However, there are many powerful spells in both schools of magic that are well worth learning, some of which are highly effective in combat, while others are great for building stats. Most parties only need one dedicated magic user, but that character will prove to be a real asset if used correctly.

1. White Magic

Out of the two schools, White Magic tends to be more useful. This is thanks to the fact that you can buff and heal your teammates more reliably than you can harm your foes. That said, spells from this school can still miss, so you will need to level them up to ensure that they work. 

The Most important White Magic Spells are Cure, Blink, Shield, and Shell. Cure is a no-brainer, since being able to heal large amounts of HP is helpful in almost any RPG. Blink is great because it raises evade, which can be a life saver. Shield and Shell protect their targets from physical and magical attacks respectively. Basuna and Esuna are also useful for removing negative status effects, but you will need to level them up to be able to remove all effects.

All parties should have at least one person skilled in White Magic, maybe even two. Keep in mind that White Magic builds Spirit and Magic, which in turn lowers Strength and Endurance from time to time. It also takes a lot of work to train spells, so do not bog down all of your heroes with White Magic despite its usefulness.

2. Black Magic

Black Magic primarily deals in spells that damage or weaken enemies. Intelligence and spell mastery determine the effectiveness of Black Magic spells. Offensive elemental spells like Fire, Thunder, and Ice are highly potent early in the game when bosses have high defense that your melee fighters have difficulty cracking. The efficacy of direct damage spells falls off sharply as the game advances, so it is generally best to level them up to about level 4 or 5, then forget about them. 

Status effect spells like Sleep, Stun, and Confuse can be very helpful, but it’s usually better to focus your energy on buffing your allies. Interestingly, Black Magic features a number of good buffs in the form of the accuracy-increasing Haste spell and Aura, which makes your hero’s melee attacks extra effective against certain types of monsters.

Finally, Osmose and Warp are must-have spells for any party. Osmose drains MP from targets and can allow the caster to replenish his or her MP, making it possible to operate almost indefinitely without using an inn or Ethers. Osmose can also be used to quickly build up the caster’s max MP, because casting it on undead will drain large amounts of MP from the caster. Warp is useful for fleeing dungeons, though doing so leaves the caster with low HP. 

d. Increasing Stats

Final Fantasy II does not use a normal experience system where party members gain levels by getting experience points from battles in order to meet experience requirements for the next level. Instead, characters receive incremental stat and skill boosts based on their actions in battle. For example, fighting monsters with a melee weapon like an axe will increase your axe skill and your strength, while casting Cure will build Spirit and increase the level of the Cure spell. Understanding how to build up the stats you need can make the game much easier. This section covers how each stat is increased.

1. Building Strength

This is one of the easiest stats to build up, because performing melee attacks will grant your character a chance to get a point of strength after battle. Keep in mind that simply entering the Attack command counts towards building Strength, even if the character does not take his or her turn before the battle ends. Characters that cast spells may have a tough time increasing this stat, because Intelligence and Spirit bonuses sometimes come with a Strength decrease, but diligent players can get ahead of the curve if they work hard at it.

2. Building Endurance 

Getting hit by a melee attack can raise this stat. It has a fairly good chance of improving and is not hard to train as long as your character is in the front row and does not have super high Evasion. Crafty players can train this stat (and HP) by attacking their own party members, just be sure to equip a weak weapon or watch your HP carefully, because it’s easy to accidentally kill your own characters this way.

3. Building Agility and Evasion

This stat is raised by wearing light armor that does not reduce Evasion a lot and/or by wearing a shield. If you really want to build Agility fast, give your character a shield and remove his armor. 

4. Building Spirit, Intelligence, and Magic

Spirit and Intelligence are both leveled up by casting White and Black Magic spells respectively. Magic is increased by using MP, so you will tend to level all three stats together. It’s important to note that they share an inverse relationship with Strength and Endurance that will cause the two physical stats to increase as Spirit/Intelligence increase. This makes building a Jack-of-All-Trades character that uses magic and weapons a bit tough, but it can be done if you put the time and effort in. 

5. Building Magic Points

MP is really tough to build early in the game, because you have to use up about half your MP pool to get a chance to raise it. This is no easy task when spells only cost a few points to cast and when your melee guys cut everything down in a turn or two. I usually move my caster to the front row and my melee fighters to the back to prevent them from hitting anything when I’m working on MP. This is dangerous, because there’s always a chance your mage will get killed by the monsters, so make sure you are prepared. It also helps to pick a useful spell like Cure or Blink and level it up so that it costs a lot to cast. Later on, you will get Osmose and you can cast it on undead (which reverses the effects of the spells, sapping your MP instead) to raise MP, but it doesn’t matter as much at that point since you will be able to drain MP from monsters to begin with.

6. Building Hit Points

Hit Points are another pain in the butt stat to build, but they are extremely important, since characters with low HP are bound to get killed by something eventually. Like MP, you need to reduce your HP by about 50% in a battle to get a bonus, which means taking tons of damage. Having a shield equipped makes this process difficult, so I recommended removing it before attempting to train this stat. You can also have your party members attack one another like with Endurance, just be careful not to kill them. Some players use Swap to lower HP, which can make the process faster.

7. Building Magic Defense

Magic Defense is surprisingly easy to train. Just find an area with magic casting enemies and fight them. The entire party gets a chance at having their Magic Defense increase even if the monsters do not cast spells. Endurance also raises Magic Defense a bit. It’s hard to train this stat early in the game, since spell casters are rare at low levels, though few enemies use magic in the early game anyway.

8. The Command Cancel Trick

This trick will make your heroes train stats, skills, and magic really fast, however, some players may not want to use it since it’s an exploit. Whether you want to use this trick or not is up to you; it’s a single player game after all. Some versions of the game have the exploit patched out, so keep this in mind when trying it. The basic NES and PS1 versions allow it, so use them if you want to be certain. 

To get this exploit to work, simply input a command like attack or cast Cure then cancel it, then input it again. Do this four or five times to ensure a stat increase. The last character in the party lineup cannot command cancel, because the party and enemy will execute their turns after the final command is issued. You’ll have to juggle your party lineup around to use the command cancel trick with everyone.

e. Training Weapon and Shield Skills

Weapon and Shield skills are very important in FFII. Your fighters will need high skill in the weapon of their choice to hit enemies or evade attacks if you are using a shield. Weapon skill gains experience based on how many times you input the attack command, which also applies to shields. Early on, your heroes will get about 2 experience per attack, but this drops off drastically after you get about 4 skill levels and experience becomes so miniscule that it can take hundreds of battles to get a skill level. Here are a few tips to make leveling your combat skills less painful.

1. Pick a weapon and stick with it.

Choosing what weapons and whether or not you want to use a shield from the very beginning, then staying with them throughout the game is a great idea. A character who trains a weapon type from the very start will become a competent fighter much faster than one who is consistently equipping different weapon types. This pays off in the later stages when your fighters can cut through groups of enemies almost effortlessly.

2. Don’t try to level up combat skills by fighting weak enemies.

This is something I’ve noticed from personal experience and may not be a fact, but it seems like monsters that are significantly weaker than the party do not give your characters weapon skill exp. Try to fight monsters that are comparable to your party’s power level when possible. 

3. Aim for about level 12 Weapon Skill by the end of the game.

A weapon skill of about 11 or 12 is enough to carry you through the final dungeons. It’s possible to push your skills higher, but it will take forever even with the command cancel trick and there isn’t much point to it.

f. Training Magic

Magic is the most difficult thing to train in the game. Spells gain experience faster than Weapon Skills, but a mage has to become adept at multiple spells. It takes 100 exp to gain a level in mastery for any given spell. Most spells get 1 exp per cast. Spells that can be cast outside of battle will still get experience. Some spells, like Cure, level up fairly quickly from normal gameplay, while others have to be trained diligently. Here are a few spell training tips.

1. Train near a town.

Spell training uses a lot of MP. Stay near a town so you can rest at an inn to recharge your magic reserves easily. 

2. Consider moving some or all of your fighters to the back row while training magic.

Battles tend to be quick in this game and your fighters will likely be able to mop up most normal monsters in a round or two. This doesn’t give your mage much time to cast spells. Consider moving melee fighters to the back row where their attacks won’t connect with targets to purposely draw out battles when training.

3. Consider using the command cancel trick.

Magic is so tough to level up that some players may wish to use the command cancel trick to build it more quickly. This can be done by choosing the spell you want to level and selecting a target, then finalizing the command. After that, cancel the spell and repeat the process. Your character won’t cast the spell, but he or she will get experience for it as if it were cast. Some versions of the game had the bug patched, so it’s not an option for everyone and players who do not like to use exploits may want to avoid it.

g. Status Ailments

Characters and monsters can be afflicted with a number of nasty status effects. These effects sometimes wear off, while others must be treated. Below is a list of negative statuses and how to treat them.

1. Amnesia: Prevents a character from casting spells. Cured by Esuna 3 or a Mallet and persists after combat.

2. Confusion: Character becomes uncontrollable and may attack allies. Goes away after battle. Cure by waiting a few rounds or with Basuna 6.

3. Curse: Cuts victim’s stats in half and remains after combat. Remove this status with a Cross or Esuna 2.

4. Darkness: Reduced accuracy. Eyedrops or Esuna 1 can cure this permanent condition.

5. KO: Characters that have their HP reduced to zero or who fell victim to the Doom spell will be KO’ed. This status lasts until you visit the shrine in a town, use a Phoenix Down, or cast Life on the character.

6. Mini: Lowers attack drastically. Clears after a few turns or at the end of a battle. Can be cured with Basuna 4.

7. Paralysis: Prevents its victim from acting in combat. Wears off or is treated with Basuna 5.

8. Poison: Slowly reduces victim’s HP. Wears off after battle. Cured by Basuna 1.

9. Silence: Makes characters unable to use magic, but wears off over time. Cured with Basuna 3. 

10. Sleep: Character is unable to act, but will awaken at the end of combat or after a few rounds. Basuna 2 will fix this ailment.

11. Stone: The character is unable to act. Remains after battle and the game will end if all party members are turned to stone. Use a Gold Needle or Esuna 5 to cure this condition.

12. Toad: Turns a character into a frog that has low accuracy and cannot cast spells. Removed with Maiden’s Kiss or Esuna 4. Does not wear off.

13. Venom: Strong poison that reduces the target’s HP every turn and does not wear off. Cure with an Antidote or Esuna 1. 

h. Using Items

Items work somewhat differently in Final Fantasy II than they do in other games in the series. The player must equip the items he or she wants to use on each character. Only two items can be equipped on a character at any time. Interestingly, these can be consumable items or pieces of equipment. Some equipment will cast a spell if used in combat. Such items can be used infinitely. 

i. Equipment Mechanics

Equipment has been explained to some extent in Section 2a: Stats, so this section mostly covers how the game treats equipped weapons and shields. Players have a number of options when it comes to equipping weapons and it’s helpful to understand how they work.

1. Weapon and Shield

Equip a weapon in one hand and a shield in the other for a more defensive approach. Keep in mind that some characters are left handed and you always want to place the weapon in the dominant hand to ensure they do maximum damage. Having a shield will largely nullify melee damage at the cost of some attack power.

2. Two Handed Fighting

Equipping a weapon in a character’s dominant hand and leaving the second slot empty will cause him or her to wield the weapon with two hands. This imparts a significant boost to damage. Wielding a weapon with two hands can be surprisingly effective against foes with high defense. Characters that use this fighting style need a lot of HP to make up for their lack of Evasion. Bows are automatically held in both hands.

3. Dual Wielding

Equip weapons in your character’s left and right hands, he will use both of them when attacking. Dual wielders can inflict a lot of damage on enemies with low to moderate defense. Dual wielding heroes need high HP to survive.

Important: Dual Wielding is bugged in the Famicom (NES) version of FF2 and does not work. The animation will display, but damage from the second weapon is not calculated. However, your hero will still build weapon skill as if he attacked with two weapons. This bug only applies to the NES/Famicom release and Dual Wielding works as intended in the PS1, GBA, and PSP versions of the game.

4. Martial Arts (Unarmed)

A character that has no weapon equipped will attack with his or her bare hands. Unarmed combat can be very powerful early in the game, but becomes less effective compared to weapons later on. However, players who invest a lot of time into training their martial artists will find them nearly equal to or better than other weapon users. Ideally, you should leave both hands empty to maximize attack power, but it is possible to equip a shield to get its evasion bonus at the cost of damage. Martial artists who do not use shields need plenty of HP.

5. Bows 

This guide hasn’t mentioned bows much despite the fact that they are fairly effective. The major benefit of bows is their ability to hit from the back row. This allows an archer to attack enemies without fear of being hit by melee. Bows tend to be weaker than other weapons, but a skilled archer is an asset.

6. Armor

Armor works in a very straightforward manner, the player can equip helmets, chest pieces, and gloves on party members to increase their Defense. This Defense boost often comes at the cost of Evasion. In some cases the penalty is light, while in others it’s quite high. Shields offset Evasion penalties a great deal. Players may want to equip shieldless characters with lighter armor, since dodging attacks is generally preferable to trying to absorb them with high Defense.

III. Building Your Party

Here are a few guidelines for making a party. Remember, you are free to experiment and put together any type of party you like, these guidelines are merely suggestions based on experience.

1. Focus on your three starting heroes: Firion, Gus, and Maria.

While there are four party member slots, the fourth one is more or less reserved for the various temporary characters that join your party throughout the game. Focus on the three heroes that stay in the party the entire game instead of the temporary ones. Making sure your permanent party members are strong and well equipped will make the adventure a lot easier.

2. One mage is enough. 

While you’re free to have as many magic users in the party as you like, one well trained caster is enough to keep the party buffed and healed. That same mage can also use offensive spells if they wish. Melee or ranged fighters are a lot more efficient and powerful in combat than mages later in the game, so it’s best to just have one for support.

3. Make sure you have someone trained to use swords.

Swords are the strongest weapon type in the game. This doesn’t mean axes, staves, bows, spears, knives, and fists are bad weapons, in fact they all have their own strengths. Swords are simply best from a damage standpoint, so having someone who can use the best sword will give you an advantage over the enemy.

4. Don’t have too many people using the same weapon type.

Many of the best weapons are unique, so you’re placing yourself at a disadvantage if you have four characters using the same weapon type. Choose weapons you like for your heroes and don’t be afraid to experiment. 

IV. Tips

This final section before the world map and actual walkthrough covers a few rules of thumb that make this game easier.

1. HP and Evasion are the keys to survival.

I’ve rambled a lot of these stats, but they really are important. A character with high Evasion is almost untouchable, while one with high HP is almost unkillable. Later in the game, you can easily have someone with 12-99% evade if you used a shield, which makes it nearly impossible for the vast majority of monsters to hit that hero. It’s still important to have decent HP on that hero, since spells still pose a threat. 

You can also have heroes with HP going all the way up to 9999. However, max HP isn’t at all necessary. A high Evasion character with 1500 HP can survive anything as long as they can heal. A low Evasion character with decent armor and 3000 HP will have no problem taking hits. Even characters in the back row should have about 1000 HP in the end game. 

It’s more difficult to judge how much HP you need in the early and mid game, because difficulty tends to spike at points. Luckily, Evasion builds reliably throughout the game so long as you train the Shield Skill and fight in no or light armor. It’s wise to check dungeons to see how your party performs before diving in, because you’ll need a lot of Evasion and HP for early bosses, which are way stronger than overworld monsters.

2. Blink, Shield, Shell, and Cure win battles.

Blink, Shield, Shell, and Cure are extremely powerful tools if you build them up. The first three spells will protect you from melee and magic respectively, while Cure will heal any wounds you take. Have your mage learn these spells and train them as soon as possible. 

3. Buy and equip consumables.

Potions, Phoenix Down, Elixirs, and Ethers can save your party from disaster. Being able to pop a potion in an emergency can save a life. These items are expensive early in the game, so take time to earn some money. 

4. Gear and Skill for the win.

While stats are important, gear and high skills are great. Parties with up-to-date equipment and skills will have little trouble conquering dungeons, so build them up.

V. World Map

1. Altair (Altea)

2. Gatrea (Galtrea)

3. Fynn and Castle Fynn (Phin)

4. Paloom (Palm)

5. Poft

6. Salamand (Salamando)

7. Semitt Falls (Semite Cave)

8. Bafsk (Bofsk)

9. Snow Cavern

10. Kas’ion Castle (Kashuon Castle)

11. Chocobo Forest

12. Dreadnought (Warship)

13. Deist Castle (Dist Castle)

14. Deist Cave (Dist Cave)

15. Palamecia Colosseum (Paramekia)

16. Mysidia

17. Tropical Island (Cave of the Black Mask)

18. Mysidian Cave

19. Leviathan*

20. Mysidian Tower

21. Cyclone (Whirlwind)**

22. Palamecia Castle (Paramekia Castle)

23. Jade Passage (Jade Portal)

*This area is only accessible via a scripted event that takes place after you get the Crystal Rod.

**Appears after the party unlocks the Ultima Scroll.

VI. Walkthrough

This walkthrough uses maps. Each dungeon has a brief description as well as a list of items beneath the map. Doors and stairways are labeled with blue letters on the map, while chests and important points are marked by numbers. Dungeon floors are organized from left to right, top to bottom, but smaller cells like tiny rooms and stairwells are usually placed on the right side of the map. Many doors lead to what is essentially the same room. On some maps I labeled these doors with separate letters, then I realized this was inefficient and began marking doors to the same room with the same letter, sorry if this causes confusion. The majority of towns in this game have no map, since they are easy to explore.

a. Joining the Rebellion

The first section of Final Fantasy II is fairly story heavy and you will not face any difficult battles. This is a good opportunity to think about what type of party you want and set them on track for success. Your first quest requires you to visit Fynn and gather intelligence. 


1. Altair

Items: Potion


Weapons: Knife 150g | Staff 250g | Javelin 300g | Broadsword 400g

Armor: Buckler 50g | Leather Cap 80g | Shirt 20g | Leather Gloves 50g

Magic: Fire Scroll 400g | Bolt Scroll 400g | Ice Scroll 400g | Cure Scroll 200g

Items: Potion 50g | Hi-Potion 500g | Eye Drops 100g | Antidote 200g | Cross 1000g | Mallet 2000g | Maiden’s Kiss 2500g | Gold Needle 2500g | Phoenix Down 5000g | Ether 2500g |  Cottage 5000g | Elixir 50000g

1. Final Fantasy II begins with the heroes (Firion, Maria, Gus, and Leon) getting chased down by a troop of Dark Knights. The knights are far beyond your abilities at the moment and they will K.O. the entire party almost immediately, but do not fear, this isn’t the end. Hilda and Mindu will revive Firion and his friends in the safety of Altair, which is known as Altea in some translations. Afterwards, the party will have a discussion with Hilda and join the rebel forces. 

Talk to Hilda again once you are able to control the party and she will teach you the Wild Rose keyword. Press Memorize to learn it and try using the keyword on Hilda. Hilda will tell you that there are still survivors in Fynn (Phin) to the north if you use the Wild Rose keyword on her. Unfortunately, Leon will be missing from the party, so you will only have Firion, Maria, and Gus to start with. Talk to Mindu and the others for some clues if you like, then exit the throne room.

2. Open the box here to get a Potion.

3. Look around the base and talk to everyone for some plot development, then go through door E to reach the town proper.

4. You’ll find a number of NPCs wandering around town. Talk to Gordon and use the Wild Rose keyword on him.

5. Inn, come here to restore your HP and MP for a fee.

6. Item Shop

7. Armor Shop 

8. Weapon Shop/Tobul the Smith

9. Magic Shop

10. Shrine, come here to revive fallen allies.


2. Preparing for Your First Quest

After exploring Altair, you will be ready to strike out on your own. The world of Final Fantasy II is hostile and unforgiving, so buy some gear before you leave. If you are looking for the best possible party in the end game make sure you have someone use a sword, so they can start training. Swords are hands down the strongest weapons, though there is a limited supply of the best swords. The rest of the party can use whatever you like. You may also want to train everyone with shields, though this isn’t necessary if you are willing to build HP.

Players looking to use magic should have Maria learn Cure and Fire to start. These spells cost a lot, so you may want to earn some gil before buying them. Buy Cure first, since it’s cheap and has a lot of utility. 

When you’re ready to do some grinding, leave town and walk around to get some random battles. The enemies in this area are weak and easy for untrained characters to defeat. Move Maria into the front row so she can take some damage and build up HP, since she only has 20 HP to start. Have everyone fight until you have enough money to buy everything you want, plus a few potions. Try to get your weapon and shield skills up to level 3 for everyone by using the Fight command and make sure the party has about 30-50 HP a piece. You won’t need to be strong for a while, but it helps to get a good foothold on the game from the very start.

Tip: Wait until you have some money saved up if you plan on using the command cancel exploit to level up. Player characters can hit each other really hard once they get some skill and healing gets expensive.

Pro-Tip: Inns can get expensive, since they charge based on how much HP/MP the party heals by resting. Cast Cure to refill everyone’s life and reduce inn costs dramatically.

*Note: You can give Maria (or someone else for that matter) a bow and put them in the back row rather than use melee weapons. Bows also mesh well with magic and are a good fall back for casters who run out of MP.


3. Gatrea and the Trip to Fynn

Items: None


Weapons: Knife 150g | Staff 250g | Javelin 300g | Broadsword 400g

Armor: Buckler 50g | Leather Cap 80g | Shirt 20g | Leather Gloves 50g

Items: Potion 50g | Hi-Potion 500g | Eye Drops 100g | Antidote 200g | Cross 1000g | Mallet 2000g | Maiden’s Kiss 2500g | Gold Needle 2500g | Phoenix Down 5000g | Ether 2500g |  Cottage 5000g | Elixir 50000g

Walk north from Altair and you will soon find a small settlement known as Gatrea (or Gatea in some versions) just after crossing a bridge. Gatrea is fairly insignificant, so there’s no need to have a map for it. It’s also a nice waypoint between Altair and Fynn. Rest up at the Inn and save your game before pushing forward.

Leave Gatrea when you are ready and hug the lake’s coast. Follow the coast west and as it turns north. Stay along the shore as it winds east and you will soon see Fynn. It’s very important not to wander far in this area, because the enemies in the swamps to the north and south are far too strong to fight at this point.  


4. Fynn

Items: Potion x3, Ring

In spite of the fact that it’s a town, Fynn is not at all safe. Random battles with monsters and guards that will attack you if you talk to them roam the city. While the monsters are the same weaklings you’ve been fighting all along in the overworld, the soldiers are another story and will wipe out your party if you engage them in conversation.

1. DO NOT talk to the guys in black armor at any point while in Fynn. They are captains and can kill each of your heroes in a single blow.

2. Empty Magic Shop

3. Empty Weapon Shop

4. Empty Armor Shop

5. Empty house

6. Walk north through Fynn to this fence, then head east towards the border of the town. From there you can walk south between the wall and the edge of town to the Pub. Door A will take you to the inside of the Pub. Do not talk to the soldiers here or they will fight you, which will likely lead to death.

7. Talk to the man behind the counter and use the keyword Wild Rose to get him to move. Push against the wall he was standing by to enter a hidden chamber.

8. Open the chests to get three Potions.

9. The man in the bed will answer to the Wild Rose keyword and give you a Ring. Leave Fynn after getting the Ring and return to Altair.


5. Altair (Revisited)

Items: None

Tie up any loose ends you have in Altair while you are here. Gordon will respond if you show him the Ring, though it’s not important aside from plot development. Hilda also reacts to the Ring, so go back to the throne room in the rebel HQ and show it to her. Speak to Hilda again after showing her the Ring and she will teach you the Mythril keyword. 

Ask Hilda about Mythril after learning the keyword and she will tell you to go to Salamand, which is also known as Salamando. Talk to Mindu, who is standing left of the throne and he will join the party for a while. He also gives you the Canoe which can be used to cross rivers. After Mindu joins up, talk to Hilda one more time to learn the Dreadnought and Airship keywords. Ask her about them and she will give you some background on the subject. Set out for Paloom (AKA Palm) to the east once you are finished in Altair. 

Pro-Tip: Mindu has some nice gear, particularly a Copper Plate and Ether. He’s also fairly tough and good at magic, so it’s safe to strip him of everything. Even naked, Mindu will have no problem assisting the party on the road ahead.

b. In Search of Mythril

Now that the trio has gotten a chance to explore a bit and level up, it’s time to move on to the next mission. Hilda will ask Firion, Maria, and Gus to acquire Mythril so the rebels can make weapons capable of competing with the Empire. 


1. Paloom

Items: None


Weapons: Dagger 200g | Mace 500g | Axe 500g | Bow 150g

Armor: Bronze Shield 200g | Bronze Helm 200g | Copper Plate 200g | Bronze Gloves 200g

Magic: Cure 200g | Blink 400g | Shield 400g | Shell 400g

Items: Potion 50g | Hi-Potion 500g | Eye Drops 100g | Antidote 200g | Cross 1000g | Mallet 2000g | Maiden’s Kiss 2500g | Gold Needle 2500g | Phoenix Down 5000g | Ether 2500g |  Cottage 5000g | Elixir 50000g

Paloom is a very simple place, so I didn’t bother to edit a map for it. To find Paloom, walk north from Altair past the bridge and you will see a lake. Use the Canoe Mindu gave you to cross the lake. The port town will be a few steps to the east. A sailor near the entrance to town will offer a boat ride to Poft, which is where you want to go next. The ride doesn’t cost much, so it’s easy to ferry back and forth between towns.

Paloom has some nice armor that can make the next part of the game a bit less daunting, but it’s not cheap. The spells Blink, Shell, and Shield are all worth getting for your mage. Aside from that there is not a lot to do here and the monsters in the area aren’t worth fighting, so go to Poft even if you want to buy new gear. In fact, everything sold here is sold in Poft anyway.

To leave Paloom, talk to the sailor by the entrance and pay him the 32g he wants for a boat ride, then leave town. Step onto the ship on the world map and it will take you right to Poft.


2. Poft

Items: None


Weapons: Dagger 200g | Mace 500g | Axe 500g | Bow 150g

Armor: Bronze Shield 200g | Bronze Helm 200g | Copper Plate 200g | Bronze Gloves 200g

Magic: Cure 200g | Blink 400g | Shield 400g | Shell 400g

Items: Potion 50g | Hi-Potion 500g | Eye Drops 100g | Antidote 200g | Cross 1000g | Mallet 2000g | Maiden’s Kiss 2500g | Gold Needle 2500g | Phoenix Down 5000g | Ether 2500g |  Cottage 5000g | Elixir 50000g

Poft is another basic town that requires no map. You can catch a ship back to Paloom by talking to the sailor near the Pub. All of the stuff sold here is sold in Paloom as well; I recommend buying armor for Firion, Maria , and Gus. Cid, the airship engineer, is waiting in the Pub along with his crew. Trying keywords on Cid will yield some interesting results, but you’ll want to talk to the guy to the right if you want to actually ride the airship.

Access to the airship opens up a lot of new places and you can actually go to Bafsk and get new armor, but it’s better to wait since the armor sold in Poft is good enough. However, you will want to ride the airship to Salamand (Salamando) for 200g. If you do not want to shell out the gil, you can always walk northwest a while to find the town. Personally, I prefer to walk, but it ultimately boils down to how much money you have.


3. Salamand

Items: None


Weapons: Mace 500g | Battle Axe 800g | Longbow 250g | Long Sword 600g

Armor: Bronze Shield 200g | Bronze Helm 200g | Copper Plate 200g | Bronze Gloves 200g

Magic: Life 1500g | Faze 1500g | Banish 1500g | Warp 1500g

Items: Potion 50g | Hi-Potion 500g | Eye Drops 100g | Antidote 200g | Cross 1000g | Mallet 2000g | Maiden’s Kiss 2500g | Gold Needle 2500g | Phoenix Down 5000g | Ether 2500g |  Cottage 5000g | Elixir 50000g

Look for Josef in the house in the upper right corner of Salamand. Ask him about Mythril and he will tell you to go to Semitt Falls to save some of the townsmen. 

This town has a few new weapons. These weapons are costly, but they will help you pierce the defenses of the enemies in the dungeon ahead. There are also a few good spells to learn here. Life and Warp are especially good to have, but the 1500g price tag may be too high for you right now.


4. Semitt Falls Cave

Items: 10 Gil, 200 Gil, Eye Drops, Potion x2, 1 Gil, 50 Gil, Fire Scroll, Warp Scroll

Note: I intentionally omitted a room on the map, because it cannot be entered when you first visit the dungeon.

Semitt Falls (or Semite Cave in the NES version) is a long way west of Salamand. Trek west until you see the ocean and a river that runs into it. Hop into the river with the Canoe and follow it to a large waterfall with a cave just north of it. Semitt is not a difficult area as long as you have built up your skills and gear. Mindu’s magic alone is enough to carry the party through this dungeon. That said, the monsters are slightly stronger than what you have been fighting so far. Squads of Goblin Guards can be a problem if they all fire off arrows at your weaker fighters. Save before entering this place to be on the safe side. Stronger monsters start to appear as you go deeper in the cave, so conserve Mindu’s magic for when you need healing and save some offensive magic for the boss.

1. The crystalline object here is interesting, but you cannot do anything with it for now, so keep moving.

2. 10 Gil

3. 200 Gil

4. Eye Drops 

5. Potion

6. Potion

7. There are four doors up ahead. Door B is the only door that leads anywhere, so enter it and go down the steps labeled F to the next part of the cave. The rest of the doors (C,D, and E) go to the same rectangular room. This room has a really high random encounter rate and you are likely to get into a fight with Green Slimes in here. Green Slimes are highly resistant to melee and bow attacks, which means you’ll either have to zap them with spells or run.

8. This chest contains a measly 1 Gil.

9. 50 Gil

10. The only door that leads somewhere you want to be is J, which is far to the left. The other doors in this place go back to the rectangular room.

11. Talk to the guy in black and the prisoners will leave. Go down the steps K to enter the next area after talking to the man.

12. Fire Scroll

13. Take the northern bridge at this intersection and go along the path to find the stairs marked M.

14. Door O will take you to the boss of Semitt Falls.

15. Unlocking the chest here will get you a Warp Scroll, but you will also have to fight Spiketoise for it. Spiketoise has very high defense and you will need critical hits or black magic to damage it. Ice magic can destroy this boss in a few hits, while physical attacks may take some time. The problem is this guy hits like a truck, often dealing upwards of 90 HP. You should cast Shield and Blink to mitigate the damage a bit. Do not open this box if you are low on HP/MP or do not feel confident you can beat this foe. 

16. Talk to the soldier here to fight the boss. Be sure to heal up first. Open the box behind the boss after you beat him to get the Mythril.

Boss: Sergeant

This first boss is pretty strong, but the Shield and Blink spells will make it a lot harder for him to harm your party. Generally, the Sergeant will hit for about 50-90 damage depending on what armor you are wearing. A critical hit from this guy can do almost 150 damage, so keep everyone healed. He also uses Arrows 3, but this attack usually does about 50 damage.

Physical attacks do not work very well on this boss, but the Bolt spell is reliable and your fighters should be able to do some damage. Just keep everyone topped up on their life and keep attacking to win this battle.

Sergeant will drop a piece of Mythril gear if you are lucky. Make sure you open the box behind the boss after you win to get the Mythril. Mindu can take everyone out of this dungeon quickly with the Warp spell.


5. Salamand (Revisited)

Items: None

Make sure you save after completing Semitt Falls, then make the trip back to Salamand, which serves mostly as a rest stop right now. New NPCs can be found roaming the streets of this town and you can talk to them if you wish. Inform Josef that you secured the Mythril. He will give more information about various topics if you ask him. Depart for Altair when you have finished here.


6. Altair

Items: None


Weapons: Mythril Knife 800g | Mythril Mace 1500g | Mythril Spear 1500g | Mythril Sword 1800g

Armor: Mythril Shield 500g | Mythril Helm 300g | Mythril Mail 1000g | Mythril Gloves 800g

Return to Altair via Poft and Paloom. Once in Altair you can visit Hilda and show her the Mythril. She will tell you to give it to Tobul who likes to hang out in Altair’s weapon shop. Give Tobul the Mythril and new shop keepers that sell Mythril gear will appear in Altair’s shops. 

Mythril equipment is a massive upgrade from what you currently have, so be sure to buy a full set of weapons and armor for everyone except Mindu. You will likely have to grind a bit to be able to afford all this new stuff (the next region is a good place to make money) but it is well worth the effort. It’s also worth noting that Paloom and Poft sell Mythril weapons now too. Both have the same arms sold in Altair, except that Paloom sells Mythril Axes for 2000g and Poft sells Mythril Bows for 1000g.

Speak to Hilda again when you are ready and ask her about the Dreadnought. She will tell you to go to Bafsk and meet with a rebel operative. 

c. The Dreadnought of Bafsk

Your mission is simple, go to Bafsk and gather intel on the Dreadnought. Bafsk can be traveled to fastest by returning to Poft and contracting the Airship at the Pub. A trip will cost 100g, if you do not feel like spending the money, you can always walk east from Poft until you find a huge Airship nestled in a valley.


1. Bafsk 

Items: None


Weapons: Dagger 400g | Spear 500g | Long Sword 600g | Longbow 250g

Armor: Bronze Shield 200g | Bronze Helm 200g | Silver Plate 400g | Bronze Gloves 300g

Magic: Fear 800g | Basuna 800g | Esuna 800g | Silence 800g

Items: Potion 50g | Hi-Potion 500g | Eye Drops 100g | Antidote 200g | Cross 1000g | Mallet 2000g | Maiden’s Kiss 2500g | Gold Needle 2500g | Phoenix Down 5000g | Ether 2500g |  Cottage 5000g | Elixir 50000g

Bafsk is a safe town despite being occupied by imperial forces. You can even talk to the soldiers and they will not attack you. Weapons, armor, and spells can be bought in the shops here, though you have access to better gear. As spells go, Basuna and Esuna are good purchases.

Look for a soldier in the southeast of town standing a few paces away from a well. Use the Dreadnought keyword and he will move out of your way. Follow the soldier to a staircase leading down into the sewers.


2. Bafsk Sewers

Items: Long Sword, Longbow, Pass

The sewers of Bafsk are home to the same enemies you fought in Semitt Falls. Overall, this is a very short dungeon and you should be able to get through it without incident.

1. The party will appear here after going down the steps in the town of Bafsk.

2. Open the box here to get a Long Sword.

3. This box has a Longbow.

4. Talk to the Dark Knight standing here and watch the short cutscene. You’ll end up in the small valley just north of Bafsk after the brief cinematic. Re-enter the sewers after the cutscene and check out the room east of where the Dark Knight was standing.

5. Open the box by the table to get the Pass.

6. This teleporter will send you back to Bafsk.


3. The Journey Back to Altair

On your way back to Altair, you will notice that a lot has changed in Poft and Paloom. In Poft, you can mention the Airship keyword to Cid and he will tell you about its power source, giving the party a hint on how to destroy the Dreadnought. Memorize the keyword Sunfire when you ask Cid about the Airship, then use the Sunfire keyword on him. Things are no better back in Altair, but you can still use the shops. See Queen Hilda after removing any equipment you have on Mindu.

Mindu will leave the party and Hilda will inform you that the Dreadnought must be destroyed. Ask both Hilda and Mindu (who is in the king’s quarters right of the throne room) about the Dreadnought. You can also inquire about the Airship with Mindu, who will mention Cid in Poft. Asking Hilda about Sunfire will make her bring up Kas’ion Castle (in the NES translation it’s Kashuon Castle), home of the Sunflame. Mindu will mention Egil’s Torch if you query him about Sunfire

Next ask the King about Sunfire and he will tell you about the Goddess’s Bell. Memorize the Goddess’s Bell keyword and talk to Hilda as well as Mindu about it. Hilda will tell you about the Goddess’s Bell, which happens to be the only thing that can unlock the doors of Kas’ion. Only Josef in Salamand knows the whereabouts of the bell, so your next stop is Salamand.


4. Returning to Salamand

Unlike the other towns you have seen so far, Salamand has not changed since the completion of the Dreadnought. Look for Josef in the house in the upper right section of town. Ask him about the Goddess’s Bell and he will inform you that you need a Snowcraft to reach the icy cave where it is hidden. After that, Josef will join the team. Unlike Mindu, Josef is a fist fighter with little in the way of gear. Leave him as-is and set out for the Semitt Falls cave where the Snowcraft is hidden.


5. Semitt Falls 

There’s no need for a map to this dungeon, since I’ve provided one in the section on Semitt Falls and it is extremely easy to find the Snowcraft with Josef in the group. Look for the block of ice just west of the entrance and examine the wall northeast of the block. Josef will open a secret door and you can walk east through the wall to enter a room that contains the Snowcraft. Return to Salamando and rest up.


6. Seeking out the Snow Cavern and Leveling Up

The Snow Cave is northeast of Salamand, but a mountain range stands between you and your destination. You will have to travel northwest to a narrow valley that leads to the snow field. From there you can use the Snowcraft to cross the snow and reach the Snow Cavern to the west.

The Snow Cavern isn’t a bad place to level your skills and make some money. Place Josef in the back row while leveling, because he really doesn’t need an HP boost. Work on your spells a bit if you have a caster. Most importantly, get all the money you need for any Mythril Armor and spells you may need. The dungeon after this one is difficult and you will need all the strength you can muster.


7. Snow Cavern

Items: 100 Gil, 150 Gil, Notus, Battle Axe, Antidote, Mythril Mace, Potion x2, Ice Scroll, Mythril Spear, Ancient Sword, Mythril Shield, Silver Plate

Most of the enemies in this dungeon are somewhat stronger than what you have encountered thus far. However, they are not particularly dangerous if you have good gear. Grenades are the biggest threat in this dungeon, because they can explode if wounded, causing heavy damage to your party. Prioritize Grenades as targets by having your strongest fighters hit them or with level 2-3 Ice magic.

Note: Some of the numbers on this map may seem out of order due to the fact that the party has to trek back through the dungeon and certain scripted events take place near the exit.

1. 100 Gil

2. 150 Gil

3. Continue through the hallway here and go down the steps labeled C. Ignore door B, it just leads to an empty room.

4. Open this chest for a Notus, which can be used to cast an ice elemental spell.

5. Climb up the steps in the upper right corner of room D to return to B2 and get some treasures.

6. Battle Axe

7. Antidote

8. A Mythril Mace is in this chest, but it is also guarded by a group of Grenades. Go back down the steps D after you have taken all the loot from this room.

9. Go down the steps E to get to the next floor of the Ice Cavern.

10. Potion

11. Ice Scroll

12. Potion

13. Mythril Spear

14. Ignore door F, it leads to another empty chamber. Instead, go down the steps G.

15. Opening this box will initiate a battle with a few ghouls and a shadow. You will also get the Ancient Sword, which features power at the cost of accuracy. It can also curse its target, which makes it worthwhile, though its poor accuracy affects its damage negatively.

16. Mythril Shield

17. Talk to the Beaver in the upper left corner of this room. He will inform you that the Goddess’s Bell is in a room to the right and guarded by a monster if you ask him about it.

18. Press against the wall to the right to find a secret passage that leads to a new area where you will find the Goddess’s Bell.

19. Silver Plate

20. The Goddess’s Bell is protected by the Adamantoise (see the Boss instructions below). Take the Goddess’s Bell from the wall after beating the boss to reveal a staircase that leads back to the first floor. If you are playing on the NES version, the boss will be off to the left slightly, so don’t be alarmed if the map doesn’t match the game. 

21. General Borghen blocks your exit here and will fight you when you attempt to talk to him. He is very weak, so you should have no issue beating him, just make sure you remove all of Josef’s gear, because he leaves the party after the battle with Borghen. After a brief scene you will be free to exit the Snow cavern via the door to the right of the large staircase.

Boss: Adamantoise

Your party will likely have difficulty penetrating this boss’s defenses even with Mythril weapons. If you have a magic user, have them cast Blink and Shield to protect the party from Adamantoise’s powerful melee attacks. You should also keep everyone healed up, because this boss can kill someone with a crit if they have less than 200 HP. Critical hits and Fire magic are your best bet for inflicting damage on Adamantoise. Despite living in a cold area, Adamantoise is really weak to Ice magic and you can kill him with it in a few turns. 


8. Finding Kas’ion Castle

Head back to Salamand and get some rest. You can also speak with the residents of this town again, because some of them have new lines. Hold onto the Mythril Spear and Mythril Shield, a character that will join you in the near future can use them. Buy some Potions, Eye Drops, and Ether (if you can afford it) while at Salamand. From there you can go to Kas’ion (AKA Kashuon) or Altair. At Altair you can show Hilda the Goddess’s Bell, but it is unnecessary. The easiest way to reach Kas’ion is to take the Airship from Poft. 

By foot, Kas’ion is a long way southeast of Poft. You will see a narrow mountain range that surrounds the castle after trekking through forest for a while. Follow the range east and you eventually encounter a break in the mountains where you can walk north to find Kas’ion sitting on a small island.


9. Kas’ion Castle

Items: Cure Scroll, 300 Gil, Gold Shield, Mythril Axe, Werebane, Mythril Sword, Mallet, Antidote, Eye Drops, Golden Mail, Egil’s Torch, Sunfire

Kas’ion is inhabited by stronger enemies than those you met in previous areas. Have someone learn Esuna and bring some curative items along. Eyedrops and Antidotes should be on your shopping list, because many of the enemies here can poison or inflict dark status on the party.

1. The Sunfire is right at the entrance, but you cannot use it until you get Egil’s Torch.

2. Use the Goddess’s Bell after examining this door to make it open. 

3. Gordon will join the party when you speak to him. He’s pretty weak and needs a lot of training if you want to use him. Give him the Mythril Spear and Mythril Shield from the Snow Cavern if you saved them.

4. This is another empty room with a high frequency of random battles. It’s also a good place to fight WzOrgres and Adamantoise. WzOgres drop scrolls and the Adamantoise is a good source of experience for skills, though only players who have someone that can cast Ice 2 or 3 should bother fighting it.

5. Cure Scroll

6. The box here contains 300 Gil.

7. Get ready for a fight with a few wererats when you take the Gold Shield from this box.

8. Mythril Axe

9. Werebane

10. Mythril Sword

11. Beware the ghasts that appear on this floor. They can blind the entire party and can paralyze with their attacks. Use eyedrops or the Esuna spell to deal with the dark status effect.

12. Mallet

13. Antidote

14. Eye Drops

15. The party will obtain a Golden Mail once they open this box, but several mines will attack them. Mines cast a powerful self destruct spell when low on HP, so focus on taking them out one by one and keep everyone’s HP topped off.

16. Examine the fire that blocks the way after healing up and you will fight a boss called Shrieker.

17. Take Egil’s Torch from the box after defeating the boss and Warp out of the castle. Don’t forget to enter the castle again and use the torch on the flame near the entrance to get the Sunfire.

Boss: Shrieker

The Shrieker casts powerful spells like Ice and Poison 8. Put your magic user on healing duty and cast Cure every turn. Shrieker will run out of MP after about five turns and will have to rely on its weak melee attacks. Have everyone melee this boss. Do not use offensive magic on Shrieker, it will heal him, making the fight take longer.


10. The Search for the Dreadnought

The Dreadnought will chase down Cid’s Airship when you exit Kas’ion Castle with the Sunfire. From here you can go straight to the Dreadnought or journey back to Altair for some info. I recommend stopping at Bafsk to heal up either way. To make the journey easier, grab a chocobo from the clearing south of Kas’ion. 

The fastest and safest way to get to the Dreadnought is to get the chocobo and ride south from Kas’ion. You’ll pass through a huge desert on the way, but you will eventually find the Dreadnought in a clearing. 


11. Dreadnought

Items: 400 Gil, Crescent Sword, Shade Bow, Thief’s Gloves, Potion x2, Trident, Main Gauche, Ice Shield, Titan’s Helm

The Dreadnought (or Warship) is a rather difficult dungeon in my opinion. While the enemies are not much stronger than what you fought in Kas’ion (given you leave the soldiers wandering the ship alone) they can whittle your party’s resources down if you are unprepared. Bring a few potions, eye drops, antidotes, and perhaps teach someone the Esuna spell.

Your front line fighters should have at least 250 HP each and about 7 weapon/shield skill; it’s fine if Gordon is a bit weak. They should also have the best equipment you can get your hands on. Mages should have decent HP and 80-100 MP. Try to get your spell caster’s average spell level up to 3 or 4. It also helps to bring a few Ethers.

Powerful weapons and armor are kept in the Dreadnought, so thoroughly search the vessel. The chest that contains the Ice Shield is protected by a powerful enemy, but he’s not impossible to defeat and the shield’s fire resistance makes the risk worthwhile as long as you save before entering the ship. It’s also worth mentioning that the mages in this dungeon drop scrolls quite frequently and you can pick up a few useful spells like Berserk with a bit of luck.

1. Talk to the guard at the top of the steps and show him the Pass you got in Bafsk. He will let you enter the ship, but DO NOT attempt to speak to the other soldiers. The other soldiers will attack you if you speak to them and you probably aren’t strong enough to beat a captain right now.

2. 400 Gil

3. You’ll have to walk through a hidden passage to get to this chest, which contains the Crescent Sword. A soldier and sergeant will ambush the party after you open the box, but they should be no trouble. The Crescent Sword (also called the Sleep Sword) has a poor hit rate, but can put enemies to sleep.

4. Crack open this box to get the Shade Bow, a low accuracy weapon that can blind foes.

5. Open this chest for the Thief’s Gloves. I recommend having Gus equip these gloves, the agility boost really helps him out.

6. Check the bars to get them to open, then talk to Hilda and Cid. The duo will leave the dreadnought after informing you that you must find the engine and throw the Sunfire into it. You may want to save this task for when you have finished exploring the Dreadnought, because the exit will be blocked off after Cid and Hilda leave.

Note: You will have to examine the bars twice to remove them in the NES version.

7. Each of the two boxes in this area contain a Potion. It’s probably not worth going out of your way to get these potions unless you are low on supplies.

8. Trident

9. The Main Gauche in this box makes a good off-hand weapon for a dual wielding character, because it grants a nice evasion bonus.

10. Opening this box will earn you an Ice Shield, but you will have to fight a hill gigas and possibly a mage for it. The hill gigas can kill weaker party members in a single shot and has high defense. Shield and Blink should be cast on the first two turns to mitigate some of the gigas’ damage. The Crescent Sword is really good in this fight, because it can put the hill gigas to sleep. Fire, Ice, and Bolt magic also work well on this foe. I highly recommend leaving the dreadnought and saving before opening this chest if possible.

11. Titan’s Helm, have Firion equip this helmet, it will give him some extra strength.

12. This room is well guarded by captains. Follow the (crude) path drawn in red through the maze to reach the door to your goal. 

13. Examine the ship’s engine and select the Sunfire from the item list to sabotage the Dreadnought. The mysterious Dark Knight will show up after you destroy the engine and the party will flee from the Dreadnought. Cid will take everyone back to Altair in his airship once the party escapes.

d. The Dragoons of Deist 

Queen Hilda will inform you that the rebels need the help of the Dragoons. This means you will have to travel to the isolated land of Diest (Dist). Being an island, Deist can only be reached by ship or airship. With the Airship out of commission, you will have to find a naval ship.


1. Altair

Cid will bring the party safely back to Altair after the Dreadnought has been destroyed. Unequip Gordon before you do anything, because he will leave the party shortly. Once you’ve reclaimed all of Gordon’s gear, go to a shop and sell your excess goods. Keep a set of armor for the next character that will join your party in the near future. 

See the king in the rebel base and watch the cutscene. He will mention the Dragoons that live in Deist (Dist in some translations of FF2) before passing away. Enter the throne room and talk to Gordon and he will mention the keyword Dragoons. Memorize the new word and ask Gordon about it. Upon being asked about Dragoons, Gordon will give you the Wind Drake keyword to memorize. Query Gordon about the Wind Drakes and he will tell you to travel to Paloom to find a boat that will take you to Deist.


2. Paloom

You will see a new NPC named Leila (or Raila) standing near the sailor at the entrance to Paloom. She will offer you a free trip to Deist if you talk to her. Exit the town and step into the boat east of the town when you are ready to go. It turns out that the ship is actually owned by pirates who will attack the party once they set sail. The pirates are no match for your party and you will win the battle without a problem.

Leila will join up after the fight and their ship will be yours to use! Leila uses a Sword and Dagger. Give her the Main Gauche if you still have it and a Mythril or Crescent Sword. She can also use some armor, which you hopefully held onto after Gordon left. Unequip Liela’s Gold Hairpin and give it to Maria.


3. Sailing the High Seas

Now is a good time to do more skill building and earn some coin. You can also visit Mysidia to the south of Altair and pick up some powerful equipment. Aside from that, Deist can be found by sailing south to Salamand, then east to an island with a mountain range and a fairly conspicuous castle.


4. Castle Deist

Items: Cottage, Eye Drops, Antidote, Cross, Mallet, Gold Needle, Sage’s Wisdom, Saint’s Spirit, Wing Blade, Stop Scroll, Stun Scroll, Curse Scroll, Unicorn Horn, Phoenix Down

Deist Castle is safe to explore. It’s also brimming with treasures that are well worth picking up. Get some info from the boy and his mother staying here, then return to talk to the Wind Drake after getting the Pendant from the cave.

1. Have a word with the boy and he will run to the steps labeled A, follow him.

2. Cottage

3. Speak to the boy and his mother. Ask the mother about the Wind Drake and she will tell you about a Pendant that was lost in a cave north of Deist. This Pendant allows humans to talk to Wind Drakes, which means it’s your next goal.

4. Return to Castle Deist after getting the Pendant and show it to the Wind Drake in this room to talk to him.

5. The treasures in this room are (in order from left to right, top to bottom) Eye Drops, Antidote, Cross, Mallet, Gold Needle, Sage’s Wisdom, Saint’s Spirit, and a Wing Blade.

6. Stop Scroll

7. Stun Scroll 

8. Curse Scroll

9. Unicorn Horn

10. Phoenix Down


5. Deist Cave

Items: 30 Gil, Pendant, Mythril Mail, Mage’s Staff, Mythril Shield, Potion, Acid Bottle, Mythril Gloves, Mythril Mirror, Knight’s Armor, Saint’s Spirit, Sage’s Wisdom, Flame Bow   

Deist cave is inhabited by spirits that cast Fire 5 and powerful Hill Gigas. This makes the cave a rather dangerous place to explore unless you have a well prepared party. I highly recommend giving Leila or some other sword user the Crescent Sword, because its sleep effect is really good for locking down Hill Gigas and some of the other creatures in the cave. Your object is the Pendant, which is hidden on the second floor. Weak parties should probably go directly to the Pendant and leave after getting it, but stronger parties may wish to clear the entire cave. Many of the treasures are really good to have and you will have to return in the future, so clearing out the cave will make life easier down the line. 

1. 30 Gil

2. Examine the corpse (or chest) here to get the Pendant.

3. Mythril Mail

4. Mythril Helm

5. There seems to be a scripted battle with some hill gigas here. You should be able to defeat these foes without too much effort at this point, but make sure everyone is healed up before stepping on this tile.

6. Crack this box open for a Mage’s Staff and monsters will attack. The enemies that guard this chest seem benevolent and will actually cast Cure spells on the party.

7. Mythril Shield

8. This bridge is not stable and the party will fall through it if they attempt to cross. The party will land in the spot marked D in B4 of the cave. Walk east to the steps labeled E, then follow the path to the steps marked F to get to a chest and a set of steps that will take you to the steps G, which lead back to B1. You should also return to B4 and go to steps L in the northwest to get some hidden treasures on the final floor.

9. Potion

10. Acid Bottle

11. Mythril Gloves

12. Mythril Mirror

13. Knight’s Armor and a battle with up to four Adamantoise. These monsters should be easier to beat now that you are stronger. It also helps if you use the Crescent Sword in this battle to put them to sleep.

14. Saint’s Spirit

15. Sage’s Wisdom

16. Flame Bow

17. Return here after getting the Pendant and talking to the Wind Drake. Examine the spring and place the Dragon Egg in it.

Boss: Chimera

Depending on your luck, you will fight 1 to 4 of these creatures at the bottom of Deist Cave. Make sure everyone is at full health before talking to the Chimera. Simply attack the beast until it dies if you are only fighting one. If more than one pop up, have your mage cast Safe, Blink, and Shell on the party. Chimera use powerful melee attacks and fire magic that can hit everyone, so a little extra defensive power goes a long way. Luckily, Chimera do not have particularly high defense or HP and it should only take a turn or two to slay each one.


6. Castle Deist (Revisited)

Items: Dragon Egg

Take the Pendant back to the castle and speak to the Wind Drake, who will now be able to communicate with you. Ask it about the Wind Drake keyword and it will give you a Dragon Egg. Near death, the drake will request that you take the Dragon Egg back to Deist Cave and place it in the sacred spring on the final floor.


7. Return to Deist Cave 

Items: None

Use the Cottage you found in Deist Castle to heal up or head back to the towns in the north to rest before exploring the Deist Cave again. You should also free up some space in your inventory if it’s getting full. Refer to the map above (Part D5 of this Walkthrough) to find your way through the cave. You’ll need to go all the way to the bottom of the cave and fight the Chimera in order to place the egg in the spring. After that, head back to Castle Diest once again.


8. Another Visit to Castle Deist

Items: None

You can go back to Castle Deist after dropping the egg off in the spring. Talk to the woman and boy before you leave. You won’t get much more than some storyline development, but it’s worth checking out.

e. The Tournament

The war must go on despite the fact that the Dragoons are no more. Return to Altair for more orders. 


1. Altair 


Remove all of Leila’s equipment before you enter Altair! She will leave the party soon. I highly recommend giving Liela armor and weapons you do not mind losing, because you will have to fight a boss with her just before she leaves. Mythril weapons and armor will get the job done. You should also save before setting foot in town.

Sail back to Altair to the northeast. Take a rest at the inn before seeing Hilda and save your game. Have a word with Gordon at the HQ and he will tell you Hilda has been acting…odd. Go see Hilda in the room to the southeast and Firion will talk to her. After a brief conversation, the queen will transform into a monster and the rest of the party will rush into the room.

Boss: Lamia Queen

As bosses go this is either one of the easiest or one of the hardest depending on your luck and relative strength. Lamia can Charm your party members, making them turn against their allies. She also hits like a truck and can cast Blink on herself. Her attacks have a high chance of inflicting sleep. Luckily you have the Wing Sword and have hopefully taken the advice of this guide when building your party. Otherwise you may want to go back to Deist and train up a bit. 

Cast Blink on the party right away, then cast Shield on the second turn. Have your swordsman attack the Lamia Queen constantly, because the Wing Sword is highly accurate. The Flame Bow is also effective against this boss; hopefully you picked it up from Deist. The big problem with this fight is her Charm spell. If she uses it, you will likely lose a party member. Worse yet, that party member will actively attack you. Take any charmed allies out immediately or cast Basuna 6 on them.

It’s best to go on an all out offensive with this boss and try to kill it before it has a chance to charm anyone. You may even want to ignore anyone that’s been charmed in favor of attacking the Lamia, because she has 1200 health and you can kill her in about four rounds if all goes well. If things go badly and the party is wiped out, you can easily try again if you saved before entering town.

Pro-Tip: I highly recommend saving the game before talking to Hilda and fighting this boss until you get a good drop, because it can give you Diamond Armor, a Ribbon, or a Protect Ring just to name some of its drops.

After defeating the Lamia, Leila will Leave and Gordon will rejoin the party. Give him some old armor and the Trident if you still own it. You will be informed that the true Hilda is being offered up as reward to the winners of a Tournament in Palamecia. With this in mind the party will set out for the mysterious realm of Palamcia (Paramekia).


2. Travelling to Palamecia

Buy a Cottage or two before leaving Altair. Palamecia Colosseum and the castle of the same name are located in the large desert south of Kas’ion. Get on the ship and head east from Altair. Disembark when you reach the continent that Kas’ion is located on and enter the Chocobo forest just south of Castle Kas’ion. Ride south and then east when you hit mountains, then south again when you see desert. Palamcia is deep in the desert, tucked into the eastern mountains.

The enemies in this desert are strong, but this also means they are good for powering up your party. Take some time to fight them if you have enough Cottages to sleep in.


3. Palamecia Colosseum

Items: Antidote, Ether, Elixir, Cottage,

First of all, the entrance to the Colosseum (or Arena if you are playing the NES version) looks a bit different in the PS1 version of the game. However, that’s the only major way in which the maps differ from each other in this area. You’ll have to fight a few tough enemies in this place, so save and rest up before entering.

1. Approach the throne and the Emperor will sic his pet Behemoth on the party. Behemoths are usually bad news in Final Fantasy games, but this guy is a big punching bag. But, this punching bag can punch back really hard, so cast Blink and Shield. It has no special attacks or spells, so there’s nothing to worry about if you have strong melee defense. Pummel away at this beast with melee attacks and you’ll win in a few rounds. 

2. The Emperor, being the nice guy that he is, will throw everyone in a cell after they beat the Behemoth. Examine the bars and an old friend from before will beat up the guard and release the party.

3. Open this chest to get an Antidote. You will be attacked by some splinters and deadheads, so it’s not really worth the effort.

4. Don’t bother with the doors marked A in this dungeon. They all lead to this dead end room.

5. Ether

6. Elixir

7. Cottage

8. There are a number of secret passages leading to cells in this area. You can fight rare enemies in these cells, but they are not important.

9. Unequip Gordon before you approach Hilda’s cell. He will leave the party again and you don’t want him taking anything important. Examine the bars to free Hilda and she will leave with Gordon after a brief conversation.

10. Head over to the staircase E. From there you can exit from the Emperor’s throne room where you fought the Behemoth. 


4. Return to Altair

Items: None

Make the long trip back to Altair after rescuing Hilda. Rest up and speak to the soldier at the entrance to town. He will inform you that Hilda, Gordon, and the rest of Fynn have set out to Fynn Castle to battle the Empire. Head out for Fynn to the north when you are ready, because there is nothing to do in Altair.

f. The Battle for Fynn

Now that Hilda is back, the rebels are ready to reclaim Fynn. The party should be prepared to face the Empire after all of the trials they have undergone, but you can always level up a bit in the desert near Palamecia if necessary.


1. The Rebel Camp

Items: None

Head north to Fynn from Altair then go west when you reach Gatrea. There isn’t much to do here aside from talk to a few soldiers as well as Hilda and Gordon. You will be told to infiltrate the castle and destroy the enemy commander, so set out for Castle Fynn, which overlooks the town in the north.


2. Fynn Castle

Items: 1000g x2, 2000g, Aura Scroll, Potion, Werebane, Titan’s Gloves, Break Scroll, Doom Scroll, Toad Scroll

Do not explore the castle. Instead go straight to the boss and take him out so you can explore the castle afterwards without having to worry about random battles. All you have to do is walk straight and go up some steps to find the boss, which will cut a lot of time off exploring the castle later on.

Note: The party will return to Fynn Castle several times in the future. Much of the castle is currently off limits and players can only explore up to point 11 at the moment.

1. Leila will rejoin the party when you speak to her. Give her the Main Gauche and Crescent Sword as well as some basic armor.

2. 1000g

3. 2000Gg

4. 1000g

5. Aura Scroll. Monsters will attack the party when you open this chest even if you have already defeated the boss. The attackers usually consist of a sorcerer and a few sergeants.

6. Potion. This box is also protected by monsters that include wraiths and stunners.

7. Go through the secret passage marked by the arrow to the south to get to this chest and the Werebane it contains.

8. Use the secret passage near the steps to reach this box. Inside you will find Titan’s Gloves.

9. Break Scroll

10. Doom Scroll

11. Toad Scroll

Boss: Gottos

Gottos is absolutely pathetic IF you have the Crescent Sword. A hit from this weapon can put him to sleep and keep him that way throughout the battle. Otherwise you will have to cast the obligatory Blink and Shield spells to screen your party from the massive amounts of damage he can inflict with melee. Offensive magic also works well in this battle as does the Sleep spell if you are fortunate enough to have it. Defeat Gottos and the party will be free to explore the castle and take its treasures without being harassed by monsters.

g. In Search of the Ultima Scroll Part 1: The White Mask

The party will be free to explore the castle and town of Fynn after Gottos is defeated. The game also opens up a bit and players can choose to explore a few places in search of the Masks that unlock the Ultima Scroll. With that in mind, this guide starts with the mask hidden in Fynn Castle, because the party is already in the region.


1. Audience with Hilda

Talk to Hilda and Gordon after defeating Gottos. You will learn three keywords from Hilda when speaking to her: Mysidia, Mask, and Ekmet Teloez. The third word is used to open a secret passage in the castle, which we will get to shortly. The Ultima Scroll is locked away near Mysidia, the party will need to collect two masks and the Crystal Rod in order to obtain the scroll. The first Mask is conveniently sealed in the castle. We’ll worry about the second mask and rod later. You can also talk to Gordon to learn the Ultima Scroll Keyword and get a few hints about the castle. Let’s visit the town of Fynn before looking for the basement.


2. The Town of Fynn

Items: None

Weapons: Werebane 3000g | Trident 5000g | Wing Blade 5000g | Flame Bow 5000g

Armor: Gold Shield 1000g | Titan’s Helm 1000g | Golden Mail 2500g | Gold Plate 1000g

Spells: Dispel 3000g | Mini 3000g | Fog 3000g | Slow 3000g

Items: Potion 50g | Hi-Potion 500g | Eye Drops 100g | Antidote 200g | Cross 1000g | Mallet 2000g | Maiden’s Kiss 2500g | Gold Needle 2500g | Phoenix Down 5000g | Ether 2500g |  Cottage 5000g | Elixir 50000g

You can visit Pavel who lives in the house in the southwest corner of Fynn to find out where the castle basement is by using the Keyword: Eskmet Teloez. As far as weapons and armor go, you should be fairly well armed already if you have been exploring thoroughly. That said, the Gold Plates sold in town are good upgrades and Titan’s Helms are not a bad choice if you are looking for a bit more power. As weapons go, Wing Blades and Flame Bows are great purchases if you do not have them. Teach your mage Slow, and Dispel if you are looking for a few good debuffs. After that, rest up, save the game, and get ready for the basement of Castle Fynn.


3. Castle Fynn’s Secret Passage

Items: Golden Mail, Gold Shield, Gold Plate

This map should be familiar since you just cleared much of the castle out. I’ve included all of the stuff from before, but you will have to refer to Section F, Part 2 if you want to know what’s in the boxes from the parts of the castle you should have explored earlier, because this section starts with point 12 on the map.

12. Examine the upper right corner and you’ll get a message saying “There’s nothing here”. Use the Eskmet Teloez Keyword and a passage will open. Push against the wall to the right to enter a hidden chamber. Follow the passage all the way to the steps labeled L and go down them to reach the basement.

13. Press against the wall where the arrow is to find a secret passage that leads outside. Take a few steps to the next arrow in the south to find a passage that leads to some nice treasure. 

14. Golden Mail

15. Gold Shield

16. Gold Plate


4. Castle Fynn Basement

Items: Knife, Eye Drops, Shirt, Potion x3, Silk Web, Flame Shield, Blood Sword, Flame Mail, Backstabber, Orichaldagger, White Mask

Fynn Basement starts out very easy, but save your MP since this dungeon is rather big. Do not bother with the chests on the first floor, because they contain junk. The Blood Sword (a very powerful weapon that you should hold onto) is hidden in this dungeon so search thoroughly. Aside from that, the monsters are not any more difficult than what you fought in the castle and there is no boss in this dungeon, so it should be fairly simple to complete.

1. Knife

2. Eye Drops

3. Shirt

4. Do not bother entering doors marked A, because they lead to this room, which is filled with random battles.

5. Potion

6. Potion

7. Maiden’s Kiss

8. Silk Web

9. Flame Shield

10. Potion

11. Open this box to get the Blood Sword. Keep this weapon for the end of the game.

12. Flame Mail

13. Backstabber

14. This box has an Orichaldagger inside as well as some monsters. The rhyos that defend this chest are pretty tough thanks to their high HP and ability to cast Blaze 7. Cast Shell to protect your party and be ready to heal.

 15. All of the doors in this place lead to dead ends, except for door F (the second door from the right) which will take you to your objective.

16. The White Mask is locked inside this chest.

17. Stepping on this teleporter will warp the party to the overworld in front of Fynn.

h. In Search of the Ultima Scroll Part 2: The Black Mask

The party’s quest takes them to the far off land of Mysidia, famed for its mages and library. It’s a good idea to take a break of sorts to work on leveling up your party members and spells once you arrive in Mysidia.


1. Finding Mysidia 

Mysidia is accessible via the land bridge west of Altair, though you will need to cross a lake with the canoe to reach it. Better yet, sail southwest from Altair and leave your ship when you see a mountain range with a lake west of it. After crossing the lake, walk south a while and you will see Mysidia.


2. Mysidia

Items: None


Weapon Shop: Power Staff 8000g | Flame Lance 15000g | Ogrekiller 15000g | Ice Bow 5000g

Armor Shop: Ice Shield 5000g | Knight’s Armor 5000g | Thief’s Gloves 1000g | Titan’s Gloves 2000g

Magic Shops: Barrier 8000g | Wall 8000g | Swap 8000g | Holy 20000g | Life 1500g | Faze 1500g | Banish 1500g | Warp 1500g | Fear 800g | Basuna 800g | Esuna 800g | Silence 800g | Fire 400g | Bolt 400g | Ice 400g | Cure 200g | Blink 200g | Shield 400g | Shell 400g

Mysidia certainly lives up to its reputation as the city of mages. Just about every spell in the game is sold here. Holy and Life are the best things to get, but Wall isn’t bad either. Buy any spells that you need, but happened to miss in the past. The weapons and armor are all wise purchases as well. Talk to all the wizards walking around to get some clues on where you need to go and what you need to do next. The steps near the center of town lead down to a goddess statue. You will have to place the White Mask on this statue and the Black Mask on the Doppleganger (which is located in Mysidia Cave) to unlock Ultima. For now, place the White Mask on the statue here, you will have to travel to another area to obtain the Black Mask. Speaking of the Black Mask, one of the mages in town will inform the party that the artifact is hidden on an island to the south.


3. Leveling Up Around Mysidia

You should have plenty of money to buy anything you need in Mysidia and the party is likely strong enough to face the next dungeon. However, I would be remiss if I did not advise you to level up a bit before setting out, even if only to stay ahead of the curve. The Swap spell is great for building HP up if you use it to exchange HP with weak monsters or party members. 

The forest around Mysidia is a decent place to level up your abilities. The dark flans in the forest are resistant to physical damage, which makes it easy to waste turns and grind magic or to purposely take damage to build HP. Try to shoot for about 450-500 HP, at least 10 in weapon/shield skill, and about level 4 or 5 for most of your important spells.


4. Finding the Tropical Island

The Tropical Island, which is more appropriately called the Cave of the Black Mask in some translations, is located in the southern sea. Bring a Cottage or two before leaving for the island. The island itself is easy to locate on the map, because it’s the only tiny island in the game. To find it, sail east towards Kas’ion from Mysidia then south when you see the two peninsulas south of Kas’ion. From there you can sail west and south to find the Tropical Island.


5. The Tropical Island

Items: Eye Drops, Hi-Potion x2, Silk Web x3, Slumber Stalk x3, Poison Scroll x2, Blind Scroll x2, Garlic, 1000g, Thanatos, Sleep Scroll, Phoenix Down, Gaia Drum, Black Mask

Weapon Shop: Demon Ax 10000g | Demon Spear 10000g | Ruby Plate 800g | Gaia Drum 8000g

This dungeon is unique in that it has a shop that sells some demon weapons. It also has a lot of treasure, but as you can see from the list above, none of the loot is that great. Take what you want from the dungeon and hurry down to the boss so you can grab the Black Mask. 

1. Open the box here to get some Eye Drops.

2. Hi-Potion

3. Hi-Potion

4. Ether

5. Silk Web

6. Slumber Stalk

7. Poison Scroll

8. Poison Scroll

9. Blind Scroll

10. Blind Scroll

11. Silk Web

12. The steps labeled D lead to a town of sorts. Visit this place to buy a few items (none of which are better than what you have) and talk to the residents. 

13. Garlic

14. 1000g

15. Thanatos

16. Sleep Scroll

17. Undead will attack the party when you take the Phoenix Down out of this chest.

18. Slumber Stalk

19. Monsters will attack when you open this box. The enemy will likely consist of a few poison toads and wild horns. Defeat them to get the Gaia Drum inside.

20. Slumber Stalk

21. Black Mask

22. Step on this transporter to warp to the entrance to the island.

Boss: Gigan Rhino

Gigan Rhino hardly qualifies as a boss. He will die in a single turn, likely without even getting a chance to take his turn, if you have made any effort to keep your party well equipped and trained. If Gigan Rhino does survive, he will simply perform a melee attack that will most likely fail to penetrate your defenses. Just order everyone to attack and watch him fold.


6. Mysidia (Revisited)

With the Black Mask in hand you are ready to complete the next leg of this mission. Return to Mysidia before you set out for the next dungeon in order to sell off any junk you may have, resupply, and get some rest. Place the White Mask on the statue in Mysidia if you haven’t already.

i. In Search of the Ultima Scroll Part 3: Releasing the Ultima Scroll

You almost have the items you need to get Ultima if you have the masks, all you need to do is go through a final cave to place the Black Mask on the Doppelganger and retrieve the Crystal Rod, then go through another dungeon. Easy, right?


1. Seeking out the Cave of Mysidia 

Despite being called “The Cave of Mysidia” this dungeon is a good walk from the actual town. Rest up at the Inn and buy a few Cottages from Mysidia’s item shop before setting out for the cave. Buy some Gold Needles as well, because stone is a common status effect in the Mysidian Cave. Follow the mountain range east of Mysidia then walk southwest through a narrow pass when it ends. The Cave of Mysidia will be at the southernmost end of the circular range. The monsters in this area should be familiar, but they can still hit hard, so use your cottage before entering the cave to heal up any damage you took on the way.


2. Mysidian Cave

Items: Ninja Suit, Gold Hairpin, Power Staff, Flame Lance, Ogrekiller, Potion x5, Phoenix Down, Mute Bell, Gold Needle, Drain Scroll x2, Mini Scroll, Osmose Scroll

This ruin is home to enemies that can turn you to stone, so bring some Gold Needles. There are a few good spells and items in this dungeon. Make sure you get the Ninja Suit and Osmose Scroll in particular. Your primary objective is the Crystal Rod at the bottom of the dungeon.

1. Open this chest to get a Ninja Suit. This armor has high defense; it also boosts agility and evasion. The Ninja Suit is a great choice for characters that do not use shields as it gives them good defense and evade.

2. Gold Hairpin

3. The Firion look-alike standing here is the Dopplegnager. Place the Black Mask from the tropical island on it to make it move so you can enter the door behind it. 

4. Power Staff

5. Flame Lance

6. Ice Bow

7. Ogrekiller. A group of bombs will attack when you open this box.

8. Potion

9. Phoenix Down

10. Mute Bell

11. Gold Needle

12. A Group of ghosts will attack the party if they try to take the Drain Scroll from this box.

13. Mini Scroll

14. Potion*

15. Potion*

16. Potion*

17. Potion*

18. Drain Scroll

19. Osmose Scroll

20. If you take anything from this dungeon, make sure it’s the Crystal Rod, you will need it to get the Ultima Scroll. Warp out when you are done.

*Other guides state that these four chests contain Hi-Potions and Ether, but I only found Potions in them. This could be the result of version differences, human error, or some unknown game mechanic.


3. Seeking out the Mysidian Tower

The Tower of Mysidia is on a crescent shaped isle just north of the city of Mysidia. Remove anything you have equipped on Leila, because she will leave the party when you approach the island. You should also save and get anything you need for a long trip, because you will be stuck in a dungeon for a while. In fact, you will be swallowed by a leviathan before you even reach the tower…


4. Leviathan

Items: Headband, Power Sash, Power Armlet, Diamond Shield, Terra Sword

The party will find itself in the intestines of a huge sea monster. Liela will not be present. You cannot return to this “dungeon” after leaving, so make sure you get all the treasures. Don’t tarry here unless you have Osmose and Cure, because there is no way to rest.

1. The acid that fills the guts of Leviathan will damage your heroes with every step they take through it, so try to keep travel through this terrain at a minimum.

2. Open the chest here to get the Headband. This helmet is surprisingly powerful thanks to its attack bonus and high defense.

3. Get the Power Sash from this chest, it has good defense and a nice bonus to attack.

4. This box contains a Power Armlet, which is another nice piece of gear.

5. The guy standing here will block your way until you show him the Crystal Rod. He also responds to some keywords and reacts interestingly to words like Dragoon. After being shown the Crystal Rod, Gareth will join the party. Gareth is a well equipped, competent fighter, so don’t worry about his gear too much.

6. You can talk to the people here to get some background on the Leviathan.

7. Opening this box will get you a Diamond Shield and a battle with a few shriekers.

8. Terra Sword

Boss: Barrel Worm

The Barrel Worm is another pitiful excuse for a boss that will last maybe two turns against your party if you have set them up properly. That said, it can do around 250 damage to a character wearing the best armor available at this point, so take care. Pummel it with physical attacks and the Holy spell or whatever else you want to use. Cast Blink and Shield to be on the safe side.


5. Mysidian Tower

Items: Staff x3, White Robe, Flame Bow, Flame Lance, Flame Shield, Flame Sword, Flame Helm, Flame Mail, Ice Shield, Ice Gloves, Ice Mail, Ice Lance, Ice Brand, Potion, Spellbinder, Silk Web, Unicorn Horn, Hermes, Flare Scroll, Cross, Hourglass, Ultima Scroll

The tower is located on a small island in the embrace of the larger crescent island. You can use a Cottage to heal up before entering the tower. Firion will use the Crystal Rod to unseal the tower when you get close to it. The tower itself is fairly big and you will have to fight a few tough monsters, but a well prepared party will have no issues.

1. Staff

2. Staff

3. Walk through the hidden gap in the wall right of the chest to get in this chamber. The box itself contains a White Robe, which boosts Spirit; a great item for anyone who uses white magic.

4. Staff

5. There are two chests here. The first contains a Flame Bow and the second has Flame Lance.

6. Flame Shield

7. The lava on this floor will reduce your party’s HP by 1 per step.

8. Flame Sword

9. Flame Helm

10. Flame Mail

11. Talk to the mage standing here and he will challenge you, then transform into the fire gigas. The fire gigas absorbs flame damage, so do not use fire magic on him. Flame weapons are also not a great choice. Cast Blink and Shield to protect your party from his melee attacks. The Holy spell works well on this boss and attacks from the ice bow or ogre killer axe are also effective. The flame gigas is strong, but with 1800 HP he will likely only last a few rounds if your party is prepared for this area. Fire gigas drops various pieces of fire equipment like the flame sword and armor. 

12. Ice Shield

13. Ice Gloves

14. Ice Mail

15. The icy ground on this floor will damage the party when stepped on. It’s possible to walk around the ice in some spots, so look out for clear sections of floor.

16. Ice Lance

17. Ice Brand

18. The mage in this room will transform into an ice gigas. The ice gigas is a good deal stronger than the fire gigas. Equip the flame sword, because the ice brand will not work on this foe. Ice magic is also ineffective. Cast Shell if you are worried about taking damage, because this creature will cast Ice 12 on the party. Fire magic is a good choice in this fight and the ogre killer axe remains useful. The ice gigas may drop a Stop Scroll or Ice brand.

19. Potion

20. Spellbinder 

21. Silk Web

22. Unicorn Horn

23. Hermes

24. Another gigas battle awaits the party here. This time it’s a thunder gigas. Unlike his predecessors, the thunder gigas is rather tough and can put a hurtin’ on your heroes if they are unprepared. His thunderbolt and boulder spells can do significant amounts of damage. Cast Shell and Blink to keep your party safe. Thunder gigas is weak to poison, which you probably don’t have. Luckily the ogrekiller and Holy work well on him. Your warriors may have trouble breaking his defenses if they do not have these spells or weapons. Use Osmose to drain this creature’s MP so you can keep your party healed and maintain an offensive. It’s worth mentioning that this boss may drop a Flare Scroll and some players may wish to leave the dungeon and save so they can try for the scroll multiple times, though there is a chest that has it in this dungeon.

25. Make sure you grab the Flare Scroll from this chest, it’s a very powerful offensive spell if you take time to level it up.

26. Cross

27. Hourglass

28. You’ll have to go up some steps on the left side of this floor (the steps are not clear in the map) to reach this chest. Make sure everyone is healed up before you open this box, because a white dragon guards the Black Robe inside of it. The white dragon hits hard, so cast Shell, Shield, and Blink on your party to keep everyone alive. The Fire spell can kill this boss in one hit and he may drop a pair of Genji Gloves if you are lucky.

29. Enter the second door from the right to get to the next floor. The rest of the doors lead to an empty room.

30. Talk to Mindu and he will open the door for you.

31. Examine the crystals in this room to get a boost to strength, spirit, intelligence, and agility.* The central crystal will give you the Ultima Scroll at long last. Step into the teleporter that opens up after you get the scroll to leave the tower.

*Note: I checked my characters stats before and after looking at the crystals and saw no difference. It’s possible I looked at the wrong character or that there’s some kind of cap on how much the crystals will give you, but I’m fairly certain they do not work on the PS1 version of the game. However, it’s wise to check them anyway, since doing so doesn’t hurt.

j. The Cyclone

With the Ultima Scroll in your possession, you are free to teach the spell to any of your characters. Ultima is white magic, so someone with high spirit should get the spell. The monsters around the world have gotten stronger, so watch out when travelling around Altair and Fynn. The enemies on the overworld drop a lot of good loot and you can farm the sorcerers for spells if you are looking for something like the Drain Scroll. Some of the towns have also been demolished and are inaccessible, though they tend to be rather unimportant places like Gatrea.


1. Castle Fynn

Items: None

You may notice a Cyclone just outside of Fynn. Visit the castle and speak to Hilda. She will teach you the Cyclone Keyword. Too bad they don’t give you many clues and this next part of the game is rather cryptic. You will need to summon the last Wind Drake by going up to the mirror in castle Fynn. 

To get to the mirror, which is marked 17 on the map above, go to the steps labeled D in the southwest corner of the first floor of the castle and follow them up to the mirror chamber. With the Wind Drake on your side you can enter the Cyclone by walking up to it. Make a pit stop in the town of Fynn before going into the storm.


2. Town of Fynn

Items: Ruby Plate, Gold Plate, Gold Hairpin, Blood Sword, Silver Plate, Elixir, Thief’s Gloves, Ninja Suit

First things first, visit the house in the southwest corner of town and talk to Pavel, who is also known as Paul. Use the Cyclone keyword on him and he will tell you to take his treasure, which is hidden in a secret room just to the right of the bed. Open the boxes to get a Ruby Plate, Gold Plate, Gold Hairpin, Blood Sword, Silver Plate, Elixir, Thief’s Gloves, and a Ninja Suit. The Blood sword is especially important as it will come in handy later on. Visit the shop and inn to stock up in preparation for the Cyclone.


3. The Cyclone

Items: Ripper, Diamond Helm, Diamond Gloves, Venom Axe, Defender, Diamond Mail, Zephyr Flute

The Cyclone, or Whirlwind in the NES version, is a big twister just north of Fynn. The Wind drake will take the party into the Cyclone if they step into it with the Wind Drake in their inventory. 

1. Ripper. This weapon can attack twice, which makes it the best knife.

2. Diamond Helm

3. Diamond Gloves

4. Each step across this floor will cost the party 1 HP.

5. Venom Axe

6. Defender

7. Heal up before you touch this chest. This box contains a Diamond Mail and a battle with a few generals. The generals are very dangerous thanks to their high accuracy and attack power. Cast Shield and Blink right away.

8. A green Dragon will attack when this box is opened. Use Blink and Shield right away, because the green dragon can easily kill a party member in a turn or two with its powerful physical attacks. Keep everyone healed up and cut this dragon down with melee. The box has a Zephyr Flute inside and the dragon may drop a Healing Staff.

9. Walk up to the emperor and he will call his goons. The party will have to fight a few royal guards, which should be a breeze. He will send a second wave of royal guards once you win. His highness will fight you himself after you defeat the second wave.

Boss: The Emperor

True to form, the Emperor will be accompanied by a few royal guards and a wood golem. Cast Shell to keep the party safe from the Emperor’s powerful level 10 Bolt spell. He also likes to cast Blink on himself. Luckily, the Emperor isn’t all that strong and he will crumble after taking about 1500 HP worth of damage. 

k. The Dark Knight

The rebels will celebrate at Fynn castle after defeating the Emperor. Sadly, the party will not last long as news of a new emperor will arrive before the festivities end.


1. Fynn

Talk to the Queen after the cutscene and she will teach you the Palamecia keyword. Use it on her and Gordon for some info on the impregnable fortress in the desert. Gordon will hint that the thief, Pavel, knows how to break into the fortress. Head over to the house in the southwest corner of Fynn and talk to Cid, who happens to be hanging out in Pavel’s house. Cid will give you the Airship. Speak to Pavel again and he will tell you the only way to access Palamecia Castle is to fly there in the Airship. Set out for Poft to get the Airship.


2. Poft

Sail over to Poft and you will find the Airship waiting for you in its dock. Buy any Elixirs you may want and rest up for the next dungeon. You should also save your game, because you will not be able to leave Castle Palamecia once you enter.


3. Palamecia Castle

Items: Diamond Plate, Garlic, Hourglass, Knife, Buckler, Thunder Spear, Saint’s Spirit, Slumber Stalk, Mage’s Staff, Healing Staff, Spellbinder, Sunblade, Elixir x3, Hellfire, Zephyr’s Flute

**Warning** Gareth (Ricard) leaves the party in Palamecia Castle, so do not leave anything important on him. 

Palamecia Castle is just east of the Colosseum. Fly the Airship over to the castle and land on the top half of it to enter. It’s impossible to leave this dungeon after you’ve entered it, so make sure you are well stocked. The monsters here are dangerous, but they also drop good equipment. Generals are among the most deadly enemies you face here, because they have high attack power and HP. If you have enough money and supplies you can farm generals and lamia for powerful items like the rune axe and ribbon. 

1. Take a few steps north after entering this room and you will drop through a hidden hole (labeled B on the map) that will send you all the way down to the first floor.

2. Diamond Plate  

3. Garlic

4. Hourglass

5. Knife

6. Buckler 

7. Thunder Spear. The Fallen Emperor will attack the party when you take the spear. He’s not particularly dangerous as long as you keep up a good offensive and heal before touching the box.

8. Saint’s Spirit

9. Slumber Stalk

10. Mage’s Staff

11. Healing Staff

12. Spellbinder

13. Open this box to get the Sunblade. You will also have to fight a lamia and a few coeurls. 

14. Elixir

15. Elixir

16. Elixir

17. Hellfire

18. Zephyr’s Flute

19. Take anything you want to keep off Gareth, because he will leave the party when you talk to the guy on the throne. Walk up to Leon and watch the cutscene that takes place. The party will leave Palamecia automatically.

l. Destroying the Empire 

The party will be transported to Fynn after the Emperor reappears. Leon will join the team after a brief conversion. He will be quite strong, but you may want to train his weapon skills and stats up a bit. Leon’s primary weakness (aside from not being much of a magic user) is his low agility and evasion, which all but ensures that enemies still hit him hard and frequently. Give Leon a shield to increase his survivability. You can train his agility by removing his armor.


1. The Final Grind

There are only two dungeons left at this point in the game. Take some time to get your party up to snuff. Try to get your weapon/shield skills up to 11 or 12 and make sure everyone has around 1500 HP. The area around Mysidia is a good place to grind, because many of the monsters there cast high level HP/MP draining spells and you can build up those stats very quickly.  

Level up important spells like Cure, Ultima, Blink, Osmose, Shield, and Shell. Leon is fairly strong, but you may want to build up his weapon skills and customize him before you move forward. This is also a good time to sell off any extra gear and unwanted items as well as stock up on elixirs.


2. Fynn Castle

Hilda will tell you about the Jade Passage (also known as the Jade Portal) and you can learn that it is associated with a lake near Mysidia by asking about it. Make sure everyone is ready and you have a few Elixirs before setting out. You should also visit Castle Deist to get a powerful weapon before entering the Jade Passage.


3. Castle Deist and the Excalibur

Items: Excalibur

Talk to the lady in Castle Diest and ask about the Dragoons. She will leave the castle and give you the mighty Excalibur as a parting gift.


4. The Jade Passage

Items: Hellfire x2, Diamond Mace, Notus, Cat Claws, Rune Axe, Backstabber, Yoichi’s Bow, Aegis Shield, Dragon Mail, Holy Lance, Hi-Potion x2, Protect Ring

Magic Shop: Doom 10000g | Berserk 10000g | Haste 20000g | Flare 40000g

Note: The party will start in a slightly different room in the PS1 version of this game, just walk south to enter the first floor.

Also called the Jade Portal, this dungeon leads to Pandemonium, the final enemy stronghold. It’s not easy to leave once you enter, so make sure you are 100% prepared and save before setting foot in this place. The Jade Passage itself is far east of Mysidia and looks like a giant pit.

Note: It’s possible to walk or Warp out of the Jade Passage and Warp out of Pandemonium in the PlayStation version of this game. 

1. Hellfire

2. Diamond Mace

3. Hellfire

4. Notus

5. Open this box to get Cat Claws and fight a blue dragon. Like all dragons, this one can deal a lot of melee damage. It also casts level 16 thunder, so it is wise to protect your party with Shell, Safe, and Blink.

6. Walk across the waterfall here to get to the other side. Each step will deplete the party’s HP by 1 point.

7. The Rune Axe in this box is guarded by a king behemoth. Use Shield and Blink to protect against the behemoth’s powerful physical attacks.

8. Examine the tile behind this waterfall to find a hidden spell shop that sells Doom, Berserk, Haste, and Flare.

9. Backstabber

10. Yoichi’s Bow, the strongest of the bows, is kept in this chest, but you will have to fight a red dragon to get it. The red dragon is considerably tougher than its relatives and you will find that weapons like the Sunblade and Thunder Spear are all but ineffective against it. It also hits like a truck, so make sure you cast Shield and Blink. Ultima is also very helpful in this battle.

11. Open this box to get the mighty Aegis Shield.

12. Dragon Mail

13. Holy Lance

14. Hi-Potion

15. This chest contains a Protect Ring, which defends its wearer against instant death effects. While not very strong, this ring can serve a magic user well, since you probably don’t want your main healer getting instantly killed by a spell.

16. Hi-Potion

17. This teleporter will take you to Pandemonium.


5. Pandemonium

Items: Ether, Eye Drops, Genji Gloves, Masamune, Genji Helm, Ribbon, Genji Armor, Sage’s Wisdom, Hellfire, Acid Bottle

Pandemonium is the final leg of the journey. As one would expect, the place is full of deadly enemies like death riders. It’s also home to several powerful mini-bosses.

1. Ether

2. Eye Drops

3. This chest has the best gloves in the game, the Genji Gloves, but you will have to fight zombie Borghen for them. This incarnation of Borghen is considered undead, so do not use draining spells on him. He also casts Flare 16, which can do about 700 damage, but isn’t very strong aside from that.

4. To reach the treasure chest in this secret room, you will have to enter this floor through door D. After that, walk north to the very top of the room and head east through two secret passages as shown on the map. You should find yourself in a square chamber with a pillar in the center. Push against the lower right hand wall to find a final secret passage that leads to a chest that holds the Masamune, the most powerful weapon in the game. This chamber seems to contain scripted battles with ice gigas and blue dragons, so be careful.

5. This box holds the Genji Helm, Final Fantasy II’s strongest helmet. You will be attacked by tiamat upon taking the helm. Tiamat uses Toxin and Thunderbolt 16 as well as melee attacks, but it’s not terribly dangerous. Do not cast elemental spells like Fire and Ice on this boss, because it will absorb them.

6. Go through the door marked F to get to this chest and the teleporter in this room.* You will need to fight Astaroth to get the Ribbon in this box. Astaroth can be very dangerous, because she casts Doom and Drain 16. Hopefully you have a Protect Ring on your most important character to ward off Doom.

*Don’t hop on the teleporter until you take both treasures from this room if you want to avoid backtracking.

7. Opening this box will initiate a battle with Beelzebub and earn the party a nice suit of Genji Armor. Beelzebub is similar to Tiamat in terms of stats, but can cast Dispel to remove buffs from the party. 

8. To access the teleporter labeled I, which leads deeper into the castle, you will have to go through door G and head west (going through a few secret passages as shortcuts) and step onto teleporter H.

9. Sage’s Wisdom

10. Hellfire

11. Acid Bottle

12. The final battle with the Emperor is up ahead. It’s worth noting that this room differs from that of the PS1 version of the game in that it’s just a black space. I’ve also marked the section of the map that this chamber is located on with a red outline to indicate that it is a room. Regardless of what version you are playing, the party will find the last boss by walking north from the teleporter. Heal up before fighting him. Players who want to kill the Emperor without much of a fight should equip at least one of their heroes with a Blood Sword.

Boss: The Emperor

The Emperor has grown much stronger since you last fought him. He can cast Flare 16, which can reduce a target’s HP by about 800, Curse 16, and Slow 16. He also casts a spell called Starfall 10, which can hit the entire party for upwards of 300 HP. Finally, this boss can drain life from your heroes with his melee attack, healing himself in the process.

As defenses go, the Emperor has about 15,000 HP, high physical defense and resists just about every type of magic. He also absorbs Death, so do not cast Doom on him.

Cast Shell right away to counter the Emperor’s magical onslaught. After that, cast Blink and Shield to keep him from sucking HP from your party with melee attacks. Have your fighters hammer him with their own melee attacks and keep everyone healed with the Cure spell. Use a Phoenix Down or Life spell to resurrect anyone who dies, because the battle can really drag out and even end in tragedy if you lose someone. The Blood Sword (which this guide recommended hanging onto long ago) is insanely effective against the Emperor and can do upwards of 4000 damage to him per hit in the hands of a skilled swordsman, so equip it if you have it. 

The game will end once you defeat this last boss, so congratulations on completing Final Fantasy II!

VII. Spells, Weapons, and Armor

The following is a list of weapons, spells, and armor that can be found throughout the game. I included their stats so players can figure out what items they want to use. The names of all of these items are from the PS1 translation, so they may vary in other versions.

a. Spells

1. White Magic

1. Cure: Restores HP

2. Blink: Increases Evasion

3. Shield: Raises Def

4. Shell: Boosts Magic Def

5. Life: Revives fallen ally. More HP on revive as it levels up.

6. Faze: Reduces MP of target.

7. Banish: Remove enemy from battle or go up one floor outside of battle.

8. Fear: Force monster to flee.

9. Basuna: Cure temporary status effects. Can cure wider range of effects with each level as follows:  Venom, Sleep, Silence, Mini, Paralyze, Confuse*

10. Esuna: Heals permanent status ailments. Can cure a wider range of effects with each level as follows: Poison, Curse, Dark, Amnesia, Toad, and Stone. Small chance of reviving KO’d allies at level 7.

11. Silence: Target is unable to use magic.

12. Dispel: Removes positive status effects.

13. Fog: Can cause its victim to forget spells.

14. Slow: Reduces accuracy.

15. Barrier: Raises resistance to elemental damage. More elemental resistances with each level as follows: Matter, Fire, Mind, Lightning, Death, Poison, Body, Ice.

16. Wall: Reflects spells.

17. Holy: Powerful damage spell, extra effective vs. undead.

18. Ultima: Powerful direct damage spell, only one scroll is available. 

19. Teleport: Escape dungeon. Reduces HP.

20. Mini: Shrinks target, lowering attack power.

*Note: Some sources claim Basuna cures charm at higher levels.

2. Black Magic

1. Fire: Inflicts fire based damage.

2. Ice: Inflicts ice based damage.

3. Bolt: Inflicts lightning based damage.

4. Warp: Removes party from dungeon or monster from battle. Reduces caster’s HP when used to escape dungeons. Higher mastery increases the odds of warping an enemy from combat. 

5. Swap: Switches the target’s HP with that of the caster, great for building HP.

6. Poison: Damages the target with poison.

7. Blind: Greatly lowers the target’s accuracy.

8. Berserk: Increases attack power.

9. Muddle: Confuses the victim.

10. Break: Turns target to stone

11. Doom: Instantly slays target

12. Curse: Victim inflicts less damage and receives more damage

13. Drain: Siphons HP from the target, damaging it and transfers the same amount of HP to the caster. Effects reversed for undead

14. Osmose: Drains MP from target and gives it to the caster. Effects reversed for undead

15. Flare: Powerful direct damage spell

16: Haste: Boosts number of hits target can get with melee or bow attacks

17. Stop: Paralyzes victim

18. Stun: Paralyzes victim, more likely to work on living targets

19. Toad: Transforms target into a toad, making them unable to cast spells or fight effectively

b. Weapons

There are six weapon types (technically seven if you count fists) in FFII. This section covers their stats and abilities.

1. Axes

Axes have high damage at the cost of accuracy. They outpace swords for much of the game, but become less powerful later on.

1. Axe

Attack: 10

Accuracy: 55%

Notes: None

2. Battle Axe

Attack: 15

Accuracy: 45%

Notes: None

3. Mythril Axe

Attack: 22

Accuracy: 45%

Notes: None

3. Demon Axe

Attack: 27

Accuracy: 45%

Notes: None

4. Ogre Killer

Attack: 58

Accuracy: 50%

Notes: Extra damage vs. Ogres

5. Venom Axe

Attack: 76

Accuracy: 55%

Notes: Poisons target

6. Rune Axe

Attack: 95

Accuracy: 60%

Notes: Casts Fog when used, effective vs. magic users

2. Bows

Bows can attack from the back row. They start out very weak, but the high tier bows are on par with many other weapons.

1. Bow

Attack: 1

Accuracy: 50%

Notes: None

2. Longbow

Attack: 5

Accuracy: 40%

Notes: None

3. Mythril Bow

Attack: 13

Accuracy: 40%

Notes: None

4. Shade Bow

Attack: 25

Accuracy: 0%

Notes: Can blind enemies

5. Flame Bow

Attack: 42

Accuracy: 47%

Notes: Fire damage

6. Ice Bow

Attack: 56

Accuracy: 50%

Notes: Ice damage

7. Yoichi’s Bow

Attack: 90

Accuracy: 75%

Notes: Use in battle to cast Berserk

3. Knives

Knives have high accuracy, which makes them highly reliable. Their low damage is an issue, though characters with high strength can work around it. The Ripper is an especially noteworthy weapon, because it gets two attacks. 

1. Knife

Attack: 3

Accuracy: 75%

Notes: None

2. Dagger

Attack: 7

Accuracy: 65%

Notes: None

3. Mythril Knife

Attack: 14

Accuracy: 67%

Notes: None

4. Main Gauche

Attack: 32

Accuracy: 70%

Notes: Increases Evasion

5. Orichaldagger

Attack: 50

Accuracy: 72%

Notes: None

6. Ripper

Attack: 69

Accuracy: 75%

Notes: Two attacks

7. Cat’s Claws

Attack: 86

Accuracy: 80%

Notes: None

4. Spears

Spears have a good balance of damage and accuracy. Later on they become notable for their elemental damage.

1. Javelin 

Attack: 6

Accuracy: 65%

Notes: None

2. Spear

Attack: 11

Accuracy: 55%

Notes: None

3. Mythril Spear

Attack: 18

Accuracy: 55%

Notes: None

4. Trident

Attack: 30

Accuracy: 57%

Notes: None

5. Demon Spear

Attack: 42

Accuracy: 60%

Notes: None

6. Flame Lance

Attack: 54

Accuracy: 62%

Notes: Fire elemental

7. Ice Lance

Attack: 66

Accuracy: 65%

Notes: Ice damage

8. Thunder Spear

Attack: 78

Accuracy: 67%

Notes: Thunder elemental, casts Bolt 16 if used in battle

9. Holy Lance

Attack: 90

Accuracy: 70%

Notes: Holy elemental, casts Holy if used in battle, but may break if used

5. Staves

Staves have a surprising amount of power at higher levels and often have special properties. In general, they have decent damage and accuracy. The Healing Staff is particularly useful thanks to the fact that it heals its target. 

1. Staff

Attack: 4

Accuracy: 70%

Notes: None

2. Mace

Attack: 9

Accuracy: 60%

Notes: None

3. Mythril Mace

Attack: 16

Accuracy: 60%

Notes: None

4. Werebane

Attack: 28

Accuracy: 62%

Notes: Strong vs. werebeasts

5. Mage’s Staff

Attack: 40 

Accuracy: 64%

Notes: Bolt damage, casts Bolt when used in combat

6. Power Staff

Attack: 53

Accuracy: 66%

Notes: None

7. SpellBinder

Attack: 64

Accuracy: 68%

Notes: Poison damage, cast Venom on random target when used

8. Healing Staff


Accuracy: 70%

Notes: Heals target

9. Diamond Mace

Attack: 90

Accuracy: 75%

Notes: None

6. Swords

Swords are the strongest weapon type in the game. Not only do they have high damage and accuracy, but many swords have special properties that make them useful in a variety of ways. The Blood Sword, Crescent Sword, Defender, Sunblade, and Masmune are all exceptional weapons for when you get them.

1. Broadsword 

Attack: 8

Accuracy: 60%

Notes: None

2. Long Sword

Attack: 13

Accuracy: 50%

Notes: None

3. Mythril Sword

Attack: 20 

Accuracy: 50%

Notes: None

4. Ancient Sword

Attack: 25

Accuracy: 10%

Notes: Curses target

5. Crescent Sword

Attack: 30

Accuracy: 10%

Notes: Puts target to sleep

6. Wing Blade

Attack: 42

Accuracy: 56%

Notes: None

7. Blood Sword

Attack: 0

Accuracy: 0%

Notes: Absorb HP, effects reversed for undead

8. Terra Sword

Attack: 52

Accuracy: 58%

Notes: None

9. Flame Sword

Attack: 63

Accuracy: 60%

Notes: Fire elemental

10. Ice Brand 

Attack: 72 

Accuracy: 62%

Notes: Ice elemental

11. Defender

Attack: 78

Accuracy: 64%

Notes: Boosts Evasion

12. Sunblade

Attack: 83

Accuracy: 65%

Notes: Effective against undead

13. Excalibur 

Attack: 100

Accuracy: 75%

Notes: None

14. Masamune

Attack: 150

Accuracy: 90%

Notes: Strongest weapon

c. Armor

Final Fantasy II features shields, helmets, body armor, and gloves that raise defense. Many of these pieces of gear affect Evasion negatively and have special properties.

1. Shields 

Shields are equipped in the hand and increase Defense as well as Evasion. They become more effective as the player gains Shield Skill. Many shields resist the effects of various enemy attacks.

1. Buckler

Def: 1

Evasion: +4%

Notes: None

2. Bronze Shield

Def: 2

Evasion: +5%

Notes: None

3. Mythril Shield

Def: 3

Evasion: +6%

Notes: None

4. Gold Shield

Def: 4

Evasion: +7%

Notes: Resists Poison

5. Ice Shield

Def: 4

Evasion: +7%

Notes: Resistant to Ice

6. Flame Shield 

Def: 4

Evasion: +7%

Notes: Resists Fire

7. Dragon Shield

Def: 5

Evasion: +9%

Notes: Resists Elemental Damage

8. Aegis Shield

Def: 6

Evasion: +10%

Notes: Strong vs. Special Attacks

2. Helmets

Helmets offer a fair amount of protection at the cost of some Evasion. Many helms have special properties that make them useful for more than just Defense. For example the Titan’s Helm and Head Band both increase melee damage, which makes them good for fighters.

1. Leather Cap

Def: 1

Evasion: -2%

Notes: None

2. Bronze Helm

Def: 2

Evasion: -5%

Notes: None

3. Mythril Helm

Def: 4

Evasion: -5%

Notes: None

4. Titan’s Helm

Def: 6

Evasion: -13%

Notes: Strength +10

5. Ribbon

Def: 10

Evasion: 0

Notes: Resistant to special attacks

6. Gold Hair Pin

Def: 11

Evasion: -2%

Notes: Resist Lightning

7. Head Band

Def: 12

Evasion: -2%

Notes: Increases Attack power

8. Flame Helm

Def: 13

Evasion: -14%

Notes: Resist Ice

9. Diamond Helm

Def: 17

Evasion: -18%

Notes: Resist Bolt

10. Genji Helm

Def: 30

Evasion: -31%

Notes: Strongest helm

3. Body Armor

Chest pieces and clothing grant characters the bulk of their Defense. The Ninja Suit is of special importance for Evasion characters that do not use shields.

1. Leather Armor

Def: 2

Evasion: -6%

Notes: None

2. Shirt

Def: 1

Evasion: -5%

Notes: None

3. Copper Plate

Def: 5

Evasion: 5%

Notes: None

4. Bronze Mail

Def: 5

Evasion: -14%

Notes: None

5. Silver Plate

Def: 10

Evasion: -5%

Notes: None

6. Mythril Mail

Def: 10

Evasion: -14%

Notes: None

7. Ruby Plate

Def: 15

Evasion: -5%

Notes: None

8. Golden Mail

Def: 15

Evasion: -19%

Notes: Resist Poison

9. Golden Plate

Def: 22

Evasion: -5%

Notes: None

10. Knight’s Armor

Def: 22

Evasion: -26%

Notes: None

11.Power Sash

Def: 25

Evasion: -5%

Notes: Strength +10

12. Flame Mail

Def: 29

Evasion: -33%

Notes: Resist FIre

13. White Robe

Def: 30

Evasion: -5%

Notes: Spirit +10

14. Black Robe

Def: 35

Evasion: -19%

Notes: Intelligence +10

15. Ice Mail

Def: 36

Evasion: -40%

Notes: Resist Ice

16. Ninja Suit

Def: 40

Evasion: 0

Notes: Agility +10

17. Diamond Mail

Def: 43

Evasion: -47%

Notes: Resist Bolt

18. Diamond Plate

Def: 43

Evasion: -5%

Notes: None

19. Dragon Mail

Def: 50

Evasion: -54%

Notes: Resist Elemental damage

20. Genji Armor

Def: 70

Evasion: -79%

Notes: Most powerful amor

4. Gloves

The various pieces of arm armor in this game increase defense at a small cost to Evasion. 

1. Leather Gloves 

Def: 1

Evasion: -3%

Notes: None

2. Bronze Gloves

Def: 3

Evasion: -8%

Notes: None

3. Mythril Gloves 

Def: 6

Evasion: -8%

Notes: None

4. Thief’s Gloves

Def: 15

Evasion: -3%

Notes: +10 Agility

5. Titan’s Gloves

Def: 15

Evasion: -17%

Notes: Strength +10

6. Protect Ring

Def: 18

Evasion: -3%

Notes: Protects from instant Death

7. Power Armlet

Def: 19

Evasion: -3%

Notes: +10 Strength

8. Ice Gloves

Def: 20

Evasion: -22%

Notes: Resist Ice

9. Diamond Gloves 

Def: 25

Evasion: -27%

Notes: Resist Lightning

10. Genji Gloves

Def: 45

Evasion: -47%

Notes: Best gloves

VII. References

The links below are sources I used when writing this walkthrough. The bulk of this guide is the product of my own experience and observations, these resources served to fill in a few knowledge gaps and as a comparison to my own work. They are also helpful, since some of them cover things that were left out of this guide.

Cyril’s FF2 Guide is a good source of general info and useful walkthrough. This served as a reference for weapons and spells. Also features a good bestiary.

FF2 Magic list was used for details on spells.

This walkthrough also used Action’s Final Fantasy Walkthrough as a reference for general advice.

As with most of my map walkthroughs, this wouldn’t have been possible without resources from VGmaps, so give them some love.

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