EarthBound Halloween Walkthrough (SNES) [ROM Hack]

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Earthbound Halloween Walkthrough

~By Grawlix and tankMage (November 2019)


Earthbound Halloween is a ROM Hack of the original SNES RPG, Earthbound. It relies heavily on the story from the original game, which I recommend completing first if you want to understand many of the references in the hack. This walkthrough uses the default names for the characters, which are as follows: Varik, Paula, Jeff, and Poo. We’ve also included a monster drop and item lists in addition to the walkthrough.


1. Walkthrough

a. Twoson 

b. Twoson Sewers 

c. Winters

d. Magicant 

e. The Lost Courage 

f. The Sea of Eve

2. Equipment and Items

a. Armor

b. Weapons

c. Miscellaneous

d. Consumable Items

3. Enemy Drop List

a. Twoson 

b. Twoson Sewer

c. Winters 

d. Onett 

e. Andonuts’ House

f. Andonuts’ Lab

g. Sea of Eve

4. Mysteries 

5. Acknowledgements

1. Walkthrough

This is a step by step walkthrough for Earthbound Halloween. Please note that I use the default names for each hero, which are Varik, Paula, Jeff, and Poo in order of appearance. You can name these heroes whatever you like, but try to keep their default names in mind when using this guide.


a. Twoson 


Part 1: Exploring Twoson 

Items: Sewer Key, Black Helmet, Teddy Bear, Sub Sandwich 

Shop: Cucumber Juice $7, Cup of Coffee $6, Halloween Candy $4, Hamburger $14, Rapier $80, Leather Armor $60, Monster Book $4, Halloween Cookie $7, Garlic Bagel $6, Pumpkin Loaf $16

A brief cutscene of sorts will take place after you name everyone, just leave the room and walk forward to get the actual game to start.

Open the menu as soon as you can control Varik, then equip the Silent Dagger and Leather Armor. Enter the room to the west and talk to Pirkle who will give you the Key to the Sewers. Leave the theatre and head west to the Twoson Department Store, then save your game at the payphone by the escalator. Do not try to fight anything and definitely do not go into the sewer (which is near the Chaos Theatre) before saving. It’s very easy to get killed early on in this game and you’ll lose half your money in the process. 

You may want to visit the shops in the department store while you are here. There isn’t much to buy, since most of the shops refuse to sell you anything, but you can still get stuff from the burger store. Just buy a Halloween Candy in case you need to heal in battle. 

It’s time to leave the department store and explore Twoson a bit. Most of the stores in town have nothing to sell, but you can still use the hospital, stay at the hotel for $50, and buy a few things at Burglin Park, though I recommend holding off on these activities until you have money.

Visit Polestar east of Burglin Park (which is just south of the Chaos Theatre) and search the rooms until you find a gift box with a Teddy Bear inside. This guy can absorb some damage for you, which will make getting those first few levels way easier when it’s time to grind. Talk to the guy with sunglasses in Burglin Park once you have $80 to buy the Rapier. There is a baker near the gate who sells various restorative food items and you may want to get a Halloween Cookie or Garlic Bagel from him if you need some healing items. 

Feel free to check out the town and read the amusing dialogue from NPCs, but be careful near the borders, particularly the roads and paths leading out of town, which are guarded by monsters that can kill you in a hit. Speaking of the roads leading out of town, you can go through the hole in the trees in the northwest corner of Twoson to get a special item, though it’s nothing amazing. Follow the path north of the Twoson sign and you should see a mole. North of the mole, there’s a gap in the trees that leads to a dark forest forest filled with deadly Super Doom Shrooms and Blue Antoids. You should be able to sneak past the Shrooms as long as you keep your distance from them. Follow the path and you’ll find a Black Helmet in a gift box just right of the trail after it bends north. 

There’s a house north of the gift box, but it’s guarded by Antoids and difficult to reach. The only reward for visiting this house is a funny Easter Egg, so it’s safe to skip it if you like. If you’re really set on seeing it, save your game and try to get past the Antoids by fleeing from battle when they attack. The odds of escaping are low, so expect to reset a few times before making it to the house. Return to Twoson when you are finished here.

Finally, there’s a Sub Sandwich in a present on the long road that leads to Threed. Just follow the road southeast of Burglin Park to find the present by some trees to the left. Look out for monsters on the way, though they should mostly be safe to fight at level 1. Hold onto the Sub Sandwich for later, since it heals quite a bit of HP. Do not attempt to go to Threed unless you are really curious about the tunnel, because the ghosts inside will just kick you out.


Part 2: Leveling Up

With a few items in hand and your game saved, it’s safe to start grinding levels. Go down the road southeast of Burglin Park (past Apple Kid’s hose) and you’ll see enemies. You should absolutely avoid the dinosaurs, because they can kill you in a hit at level 1. Walk away and scroll them off the screen if you see one. The Peer Pressure Puppets, Frankensteams, and Stench Elementals can be defeated, but you’ll really want to fight the Candy High’ds that look like pumpkin headed kids. Candy High’d are the weakest enemies in the game and they always drop Halloween Candy that you can use to recover some HP.

Use the screen scrolling trick to get nasty enemies or groups of monsters to disappear while grinding the low levels. Eat Halloween Candy to heal up and return to the department store to save your game after you gain a level or two. Your trusty Teddy Bear will absorb damage for the first few battles, but don’t count on him lasting very long. Be sure to check the ATM and buy the Rapier when you earn $80. At level 4 with a Rapier equipped, you may start insta-killing enemies like Stench Elementals, which will make the process of leveling up much faster.

Work your way up to level 8 before entering the sewer if you want to play it safe, because the sewer is home to some dangerous monsters. It’s possible to explore the sewers at lower levels, but some bad luck can lead to a game over. Buy some Hamburgers when you’re ready to move on and get rid of any junk you may have in your possession. Halloween Candy and Rulers are safe to throw out. Save your game as well.


b. Twoson Sewers 


Part 1: The Entrance

Items: Garbagecan Lid, Combat Knife, Hawaiian Pizza

Note: You can sell or throw away the Sewer Key after you enter the sewers for the first time.

Examine the sign near the manhole to enter the sewer. The monsters in here are more dangerous than those you fought in town. Violent Vermin and Obsessive Recyclers pack a punch and can kill you in groups unless you are level 8 or higher; Sleepstun these monsters. Putrid Poltergeists can paralyze you, so take care when fighting them. Go down the ladder to the water and climb the next ladder back up to get on the other side of the barrels blocking the path west. Check the trashcan in the small room on your left to get a Garbagecan Lid, which will give you a nice +5 to defense.

Slog back east through the water, past the ladder that leads back up to town and you’ll see a door with some barrels next to it. Further to the east is a ladder that leads out of the sewage, use it to get to the door, which is just to the west. Rifle through the trash can inside the room to get a Combat Knife, which is a bit weaker than your Rapier if you bought one. Leave the room and dive back into the sewage, then continue eastward. A door with a phone next to it will eventually come into view, go up the ladder to the right of it and walk west to get a Hawaiian Pizza by checking the trash can near the barrels. Save at the phone and proceed through the door if you have enough healing items and are about level 8 or 9. 

** Warning**

The second door in the sewers is a point of no return, which is why there’s a phone next to it. Make sure you have everything you want/need from Twoson before entering.


Part 2: The Depths

Items: Moldy Cap

Deadly new enemies inhabit the depths of the sewers. The Evil Ectos and Preemptive Scavengers aren’t too bad, though they can confuse you and drain your PP. On the other hand, the Over Recycleds pose a major threat, especially in pairs, so focus on killing them first. Timestop can freeze Over Recycleds, so use it to get out of a pinch. It’s best to get through this area as quickly as possible thanks to the dangerous foes. To the west you will find a ladder leading down into the bloody water, from there go east and climb up the next ladder you see to reach a gift box that contains a Moldy Cap. 

Go back down into the red stuff after getting the cap and continue east to a small room that may or may not be populated with enemies, so heal up before stepping inside. You can exit and re-enter the room if you feel there are too many foes, but you have to be quick. You also run the risk of slamming into a group of enemies if you leave, so it’s probably better to just fight your way through this room. The trash can in the center of the chamber is empty, so don’t bother with it. Take the door on your right to reach Winters.


c. Winters 


1. Winters and Andonuts’ Lab

Items: None

Winters is filled with dangerous enemies and you’ll need to use the screen scrolling trick to despawn the Remnants (which look like robots) and Monsters who resemble zombies, unless you have a lot of healing items on hand. The old men, Desperate Survivors, are easy kills and you can get a Last Ration from every battle with them, which is very helpful.

To the east there’s a path leading down to a tent with a grave by it. Inspect the grave to save your game. Talk to the survivors in the tent to get some free (and very welcome) healing, remember you can return here as much as you like. Take this opportunity to gain some levels. Timestop works really well on both Remnants and Monsters, making them easy prey so long as you stay around the tent to keep your PP up. Try to get to level 12 before moving on.

There’s a path running south just west of the camp, follow it to the murky green lake. The path tends to twist and turn a bit, but you should be fine so long as you keep to the south. Look for a narrow strip of land on the lake edge and take it to a tree filled area. Continue south, then turn west when you hit a dead end. You’ll see a structure that resembles Stonehenge, south of it you’ll find a metallic building labeled “Lab”. Approach the door to enter the lab. Talk to the doctor, then examine the machine to the left. You’ll be given the option “Kill him” after looking at the machine. Hit the B Button instead of A to go to Magicant. You’ll see an ending if you hit A to select the “Kill him” option.


d. Magicant 


1. Magicant

Items: IQ Capsule

Shops: H20 Pendant $60, Fire Pendant $60, Sky Nectar $16, Magic Taffy $24, Cocoon Pizza $36, Power Pspirit $26,  Psycho Pspirit $26

I’d say Magicant is an odd place, but everything in this ROM Hack is odd. At any rate, there are places where you can rest and stock up on goods here, which should be a welcome respite from the gauntlet you passed through. Talking to the Apple Kid look alike to the north of where you spawn will open the path behind him, though I do not recommend going there yet. However, Apple Kid’s advice about finding the Lost Courage is pretty solid.

A shop that sells a variety of items lies to the south. Right now you should get a Power Pspirit and a Psycho Pspirit. Sky Nectar is a decent healing item as is the Cocoon Pizza, so grab them if you’re low on supplies. You can also save your game and withdraw money at this shop.

You’ll find the building that leads to the Courage on the other side of a land bridge to the west, skip it for now and continue west to another building with a nurse hanging out in front of it. The nurse can cure negative status for $100. Talk to the man inside the building by the nurse to heal for free.

Check the gift box left of the nurse to get an IQ Capsule. There’s a lot to see here, but much of it is story related. Go back to the building on the land bridge to look for the Courage when you are ready.


e. The Lost Courage 

This building (which is located near the center of Magicant) features a hallway lined with doors. Make sure you save before looking around, because it’s possible to get stuck, forcing you to reset the game, which can be really bad if you haven’t saved in a while. Be careful with save states if you’re using an emulator for similar reasons.


1. Onett

Items: Cucumber Juice, Hamburger, Garlic Bagel

Enter the first door by the entrance to visit an imaginary variation of Onett. Fake Onett is really dangerous, because the monsters will follow you and block you if you are in a tight corner, making it impossible to escape or progress. You cannot interact with these monsters, so you’re stuck permanently if they box you in. Save your game before exploring to avoid some grief.

The trash can by the building labeled “Game” contains a Cucumber Juice. Almost all of the buildings here are inaccessible, so carefully make your way north. If you see the Burger Shop, check the trash can next to it to get a Hamburger. You may run into some Remember Mes? while walking around. Don’t worry too much if you have to fight one, they are rather weak and always drop a Sky Nectar. 

Take the dirt path west when you hit the treeline or library and follow it as it bends north to a pair of houses (Ness and Pokey’s houses in the original game). Turn south at the fork in the road Ness’s mom is wandering around on. From there you can only go one way until you see Dr. Andonuts. You can open the box near the doctor to get a Garlic Bagel that you probably don’t need. 

To the north you’ll find a phone that will allow you to save and a house that cannot be entered. Head east and examine the meteor. Walk away from the meteor after the scenery changes color and you will be asked if you “hear a girl buzzing around?”. Answer with a “Yes” and get ready to fight the first boss.


Boss: NO, NO, and NO

Composed of three separate parts, NO, NO, and NO can take 3 turns to each of yours, but you only need to destroy one part to defeat this boss. Pick a section and focus on it. NO can hit very hard, potentially killing you in a turn if you are around level 12, but it tends to waste turns, often damaging itself. Cast Sleep Stun Omega to put all of the parts of NO to sleep on your first turn. This should buy you some time to get a few hits in before the boss wakes up. Heal immediately if you take any damage. With any luck, you’ll be able to take NO down on your first try if you put it to sleep and focus on one of its segments. Alternatively, you can just try to run away and hope you get lucky.

Walk north after defeating NO, examine the grave and Paula will join. Make sure you equip her Fire Pendant and Frying Pan right away.


2. Andonuts’ House

Items: Ribbon, Star Shield

Note: Buy two H20 Pendants, a bunch of Cocoon Pizzas, a Magic Taffy or two, and a Power Pspirit for the boss fight before entering this area. Try to get Paula to level 9 or even 10 so she has enough HP to survive a bad hit.

Leave the building after getting Paula and do some shopping. Save and heal up while you’re at it. Give Paula the Black Helmet if you still own it, then return to the building that leads to Onett. Walk all the way to the left and enter the door next to the bear to access the cave.

Most of the enemies in here are fairly weak, which is good since Paula is fragile at this point. However, the Desire Dogs are dangerous and you will want to use the Flame spell to destroy them. There’s nothing in the gift box to the east, so just head for the doorway beyond it.*

* According to the guide written by the creator of Earthbound Halloween, there’s a Silver Watch in this box, but I’ve had no luck finding it.

Talk to the people in the first room of the house if you like and go into the next room to the right. Fight the monster, then open the gift in here for a Ribbon. Have Paula wear it for a good defense bonus. There are two doors to the right that lead to the same hallway.

In the hallway, go in the first room on the right. You should end up in a blue office. Open the box behind the desk to receive a Star Shield. Equip the Star Shield on Varik and give the Garbagecan Lid to Paula, who can wear it for some much needed defense.

Return to the hallway and go east through a series of rooms. You’ll eventually come to a bedroom with a woman standing in it. Talk to her, then leave through the door you used to enter the room. 

Varik will be transported to another room that looks similar, except that it has a phone, Dr. Andonuts, and a Revitalizing Machine that will restore your HP/PP. Save your game and exit the room to reach another strange room. Jeff stands on a platform in this room, equip your H20 Pendants before talking to him. After a brief conversation you will battle Dearkhart.


Boss: Dearkhart

This boss is really deadly thanks to his freeze magic and powerful soul pierce attack. Soul pierce can hit both heroes and deal about 40 damage a piece, while freeze can deal 70 damage. With the H20 Pendant equipped, freeze should only do about 2 damage. He also casts PSI Magnet, which will drain your PP. Use the Power Pspirit at the start of the fight, then have Paula cast lightning. If you’re lucky, the lightning will hit the Dearkhart for about 80 damage. Varik should use Cocoon Pizza to heal everybody or hit the boss with regular attacks. The Power Pspirit will also help with damage output, since the boss will take about 20 damage for each party member it hits. Keep healing and casting lightning or using physical attacks, eventually you will defeat Dearkhart. Jeff will join once you are victorious.


3. Andonuts’ Lab

Items: Gold Watch, Vital Capsule, Caledfwlch, Sol Armor, Nerd Glasses, Hawaiian Pizza

Note: The monsters in the lab are really tough compared to what you’ve fought in Magicant so far. Timestop Omega is great for freezing them. Do not be afraid to use it constantly, because magic butterflies that restore PP are common in the lab. The experience from these creatures will also help buff your party for the coming challenges.

Give Jeff some equipment if you have spare stuff. At the very least make sure he is using the Pop Gun and H20 Pendant he starts with. By now you may have noticed that Paula and Jeff are rather fragile. Experience is hard to come by in this game, but I recommend grinding a bit to get Jeff to level 10. You may also want to stuff your inventory with Magic Taffies as well, because you’re going to need a lot of magic.

Go back to the building where you found Jeff and Paula. The door on the far left is no longer blocked by the bear, step inside and have a look around the museum, then go up the stairs to the west. Talk to the doctor and he will allow you to enter the lab.

Look for a door to the east after entering the lab. Monsters will probably attack you on the way, use Timestop on them. The door leads to a small room with a trash can, search the trash to get the Gold Watch for Jeff.

Return to the previous area and climb down the ladder, then walk west to another ladder. Go into the room at the bottom of the ladder and take the Nerd Glasses and Hawaiian Pizza from the trash cans.

Climb back up to the main path, then go west past a conveyor belt. Climb up the ladder just west of the conveyor and enter the room at the top. Examine the trash to get a Vital Capsule, Caledfwlch, and Sol Armor. Go back down the ladder and enter the room at its base to get a Magic Butterfly that will restore your PP. Remember where this room is and come back here if you need PP, the butterfly always respawns.

Continue down the hallway west of the magic butterfly room. Several enemies guard this hallway, but you can get to a room with a Revitalizing Device and a phone if you can bust through the baddies. Make sure everyone is about level 12 before going through the door next to the Revitalizing Device. Give Varik any Magic Taffy and Coccoon Pizzas you have before going forward. Examine the Mr. Saturn head in the next area to start the battle with Phaze Destrortur.


Boss: Phaze Destrortur

Phaze Destrortur has powerful melee attacks that can nearly kill most of your party members in a single blow. It can also use a thunderbolt attack that deals upwards of 40 damage to everyone and cast lightning, which can outright kill one of your heroes if it hits. This boss is protected by a shield that reflects physical damage back onto the attacker, so take care using melee attacks. It casts PSI Magnet as well, though this will be the least of your worries.

Have Paula use PSI Shield Omega on the first turn. PSI Shield Omega will reflect Phaze Destrortur’s deadly lightning spell back onto him if he chooses to cast it. The shield will collapse if hit, but you can have Paula recast it. Varik should concentrate on using Cocoon Pizzas and keeping Paula’s PP topped off. Jeff’s HP Sucker will be your main line of offense in this fight. It does 70-100 points of damage to the boss, which will kill it in about six turns if you’re lucky. You can have Paula cast Freeze Beta if your shield is up to dish out some damage and possibly stun the boss. Do not bother with physical attacks in this battle, because things can go really badly if you get a critical hit while Phaze Destrortur still has his shield.

Have a word with Andonuts after the battle and Poo will join the team.


f. The Sea of Eve


1. Northern Magicant

Items: Hair Gel, Sword of Kings, Cloak of Kings, Hawaiian Pizza

Remember the path where you spoke to Apple Kid when you first got here? Return there. If you’re having trouble finding it, it’s north of the shop in Magicant. Follow the path north, ignore the first branch you see leading right and continue north to get the Sword of Kings from the box. Go south after grabbing the sword and take the path I told you to ignore earlier.

There’s a present to the south that you should see after walking east a bit, take the Hair Gel from it. After getting the Hair Gel, make your way along the path as it goes north, then bends west. On the way you will find a box that holds the Cloak of Kings, make sure you have Poo equip it as well as the Sword of Kings.

The road will turn again after you get the Cloak, this time it will lead south, then east. Open the box you see on the way for a Hawaiian Pizza. Just keep moving along the path, taking out enemies as it twists and turns. Eventually you’ll come to a dead end with a tentacle rising out of the ground, examine it to get to the next area.


The tentacle is a point of no return, make sure you are done with Magicant before moving forward.


2. Sea of Eve

Items: Franklin Badge, Planet Buster, Neutralizer, Brain Food Lunch

Note: Varik (and possibly the other heroes) can become “homesick” here, which will cause him to waste turns. Use the Chicks that hatch from Fresh Eggs dropped by the monsters in this area to cure it.

This area may look glitched out, but it’s apparently like that for everyone. At any rate, open the box to the south of where you start to get a Franklin Badge. Take a few steps west, just past the black squares to the north, then go up. Walk east to a long squiggly bridge (sorry, it don’t know how to better explain this weird terrain) and open the box to the south that was visible from the entrance area. The box contains the Planet Buster, have Varik wield it.

Make your way north after opening the box with the Planet Buster and walk over the black square to get to the next section of map. Search the box to the north to get a Neutralizer, then head west to the purple wall covered in hieroglyphs. Push westward and take a Brain Food Lunch from the gift box on the way. Eventually you will run into a walking hieroglyph that will transport you to another part of the area.

Examine the Mr. Saturn statue near the entrance to heal up and save your game. You can also stay near this area and grind levels, using the statue to heal when necessary. Get your party to roughly level 20 before trying to proceed, the enemies in this area are strong and will use powerful spells like PSI Rockin’. 

The road only goes one way, so take it to a silver orb. There are plenty of Magic Butterflies around here and you can get them to respawn by moving the screen if you really need PP. Cocoon Pizzas dropped by Giegue Leagues will also help sustain the party. The orb will teleport you to a large chunk of land that leads to a second orb. Keep following the path after touching the second orb and eventually you’ll come to a cave mouth with a phone placed next to it, use it to save. Inside the cave you will meet Amalgamates, one of the deadliest foes in the game. An Amalgamate can easily wipe out your party with its thunderbolt and PSI Rockin’ abilities. Use Freeze magic and Jeff’s HP Sucker on these guys. With any luck, Freeze will stun them, allowing you to get a few hits in. PSI Shield Omega can also help protect the party to some extent.

Make your way to the upper left corner of the cave and talk to the woman to get to the next area. Don’t worry too much if you die here, you’ll respawn at the phone outside of the cave if you saved there. Don’t be shy about using healing items either, you’ll be able to buy plenty of powerful items very soon.


3. Twoson???

Shop: Brain Food Lunch $100, Hawaiian Pizza $238, Fire Pendant $60, H2O Pendant $60, Power Pspirit $26, Psycho Pspirit $26, Horn of Life $90

This strange place looks and sounds a bit like Twoson, if Twoson were a clearing in the forest. Use the phone in the northwest to save your game. DO NOT examine the tentacle by the bus sign to the southeast unless you want to return to Magicant and walk all the way back here. There’s also an ATM and a guy selling all sorts of marvelous healing items in the northeast part of this area. Stock up on Brain Food Lunches, Horns of Life, and Hawaiian Pizza while you’re here.


4. The Final Battle

The last boss will obliterate your party, even at levels upwards of 20 if you are unprepared. Make sure everyone has a Fire and H20 Pendant in their inventory, even Poo. Equip the Fire Pendant first. Stock up on Brain Food Lunches and Hawaiian Pizzas as well. Enter the gap in the trees to the northwest if you’re still in Twoson???, then follow the path north until you reach the last boss.


5. Id 

This creature is the first part of the boss fight. Id will not attack you, so just bash it to death. Use a Psycho Pspirit if you have one or have Paula cast PSI Shield Omega before the fight ends to prepare the party for the upcoming struggle. Be sure to refill her PP if she casts the spell.


6. Dr. Andonuts

Andonuts can inflict absurd amounts of damage, but he is easily foiled by PSI Shield or Psycho Pspirit. Make sure you keep your psychic shield up throughout the fight and it will reflect nearly everything he throws at you. In fact, you only need to actually attack him when he switches to physical attacks. 

While Andonuts seems to use a set pattern of abilities that will change as he takes damage, I’m not sure if the pattern is random or not, so pay attention to what he says each turn and adjust your tactics accordingly. Andonuts will probably start off by casting PSI Rockin’, which your shield will reflect if you have it up from the fight with Id. If not, cast PSI Shield Omega right away or use a Psycho Pspirit. This will cause his spell to rebound onto him, likely dealing enough damage to get him to switch modes in a turn or two. Use a Cocoon or Hawaiian Pizza if you take any damage.

Andonuts will use fire attacks after he takes a few hits, equip Fire Pendants, because he will use stuff like Flame on your party. He will also hit the entire party with a Fire based physical attack, though it won’t affect you much with Fire Pendants equipped. Your shield will reflect his spells, so keep it up and keep Paula’s PP topped off. Use healing items after taking a few hits to keep everyone at full health and get some physical hits in when you can. Do not waste PP on offensive spells, you’ll need all the PP and/or Horns of Life you can muster later on.

After getting battered a bit more, Andonuts will use deadly ice based attacks, so switch to H2O Pendants as soon as he says he will freeze you. His ice based melee move can do upwards of 600 damage unless you have an H2O Pendant on. He’ll also cast Freeze spells that the shield will reflect onto him, so keep that PSI Shield Omega up.

Eventually, Andonuts will say he will use his ultimate psychic attack. It’s vital to make sure your shield is up by casting PSI Shield Omega or using a Psycho Pspirit, because this spell can wipe you out. It will take the doctor a few turns to prepare the spell, so do whatever you need to protect yourself in the meantime. Once a few turns pass, he will cast PSI Bitchkill Omega, which will bounce off your shield and deal 20,000 points of damage to him. Imagine that hitting one of your unprotected heroes!

After having his ultimate move reflected back to him, Andonuts will use plain old physical attacks that Diamondize their victims and deal about 40-50 damage depending on your defense. Cast the Cleanse spell that is second to last on the list (I think it’s Cleanse Delta) next to Omega to clear the Diamondize status or use a Horn of Life. Remember, only Poo and Varik can cast this spell, so use the Horn of Life if they are out of PP or disabled. Use your physical attacks to finish the doctor off. He should drop after about four more turns if you can keep an offensive up.

Congratulations, you’ve beaten Earthbound Halloween!

2. Equipment and Items

There’s a variety of unique items and pieces of gear in this game. Many of these items can be equipped and are sorted into the categories below. Some items are only usable by certain characters and I’ve put initials next to each wearable item to indicate who can use it. Please note that almost all weapons and armor will reduce Poo’s stats to 0, even though he can use them, with the exception of the Sword of Kings, Cloak of Kings, H2O Pendant, and Fire Pendant. The abbreviations are as follows:

Varik (V)

Paula (Pa)

Jeff (J)

Poo (Po)

Everyone (All)

a. Armor 

Fire Pendant (All)

Defense: 8

Effect: Resist Fire

Acquired: Magicant Shop 

H20 Pendant (All)

Defense: 8

Effect: Resist Cold

Acquired: Magicant shop 

Leather Armor (V)

Defense: 15

Acquired: Varik starts with this in his inventory.

Garbagecan Lid (All)

Defense: 5

Acquired: Twoson sewer trash can

Star Shield (V)

Defense: 6

Acquired: Dr. Andonuts’ House

Gold Watch (All)

Defense: 5 

Acquired: Andonuts’ Lab

Sol Armor (V)

Defense: 17

Effect: Resist Fire.

Acquired: Andonuts’ Lab

Cloak of Kings (Po)

Defense: 18

Acquired: Northern Magicant

b. Weapons

Silent Dagger (V)

Offense: 10

Acquired: Varik starts with this in his inventory

Rapier (V)

Offense: 16

Acquired: Bought at Burglin Park, Twoson for $80

Combat Knife (V)

Offense: 14

Acquired: Found in a trash can in the sewers

Frying Pan (Pa)

Offense: 10

Acquired: Paula’s starting weapon

Pop Gun (J)

Offense: 18

Acquired: Jeff’s starting weapon

Caledfwlch  (V)

Offense: 18

Acquired: Andonuts’ Lab

Sword of Kings (Po)

Offense: 15

Acquired: Northern Magicant

Planet Buster (V)

Offense: 20

Acquired: Sea of Eve

c. Miscellaneous 

Black Helmet (All)

Defense: 1

Effect: Protects against Whiteshock.

Acquired: Forest north of Towson

Moldy Cap  (All)

Defense: 3

Acquired: Twoson Sewers 

Ribbon (Pa)

Defense: 10

Effect: Luck +60

Acquired: Dr. Andonuts’ House

HP Sucker (J)

Effect: Drains HP from an enemy and gives it to the user when activated in combat

Teddy Bear

Effect: Can absorb damage for party members, but will be destroyed after losing all of its HP.

Nerd Glasses (J)

Defense: 10

Acquired: Andonuts’ Lab

Hair Gel (All)

Defense: 4

Acquired: Northern Magicant.

Franklin Badge 

Effect: Reflects lightning attacks when held in inventory.

Acquired: Sea of Eve

Neutralizer (J)

Effect: Removes shields and stat changes when used by Jeff in combat.

Acquired: Sea of Eve

d. Consumable Items

Bottle of Water: Replenishes some PP.

Brain Food Lunch: Heals 300 HP and 50 PP.

Chick: Cures homesickness. Hatches from fresh eggs.

Cocoon Pizza: Heals entire party for 40 HP.

Cucumber Juice: Restores 6 HP.

Cup of Coffee: Restores 12 HP.

Fresh Egg: Restores 80 HP when eaten, can hatch into a Chick.

Garlic Bagel: Heals 30 HP.

Halloween Candy: Restores 6 HP.

Halloween Cookie: Recovers 6 HP.

Hamburger: Heals 50 HP.

Hawaiian Pizza: Heals 300 HP for entire party.

Horn of Life: Revives a fallen ally, cures most status ailments.

IQ Capsule: Raises IQ.

Last ration: Recovers 40 HP.

Magic Taffy: Restores 30 PP.

Monster Book: Read this for a brief description of enemy types and their weaknesses.

Power Pspirit: Creates a shield that will halve physical damage for three hits.

Psycho Pspirit: Creates a shield that will reflect three magical attacks before disappearing.

Pumpkin Loaf: Restores 80 HP.

Ruler: No apparent use.

Secret Herb: Cures colds, sunstroke, sleep, crying, paralyzed, strange feeling, diamondized, and revives unconscious allies.

Sky Nectar: Recovers 60 HP.

Sub Sandwich: Recovers 120 HP and boosts walk speed for a second.

Tin of Cocoa: Condiment, heals 6 HP when used alone.

Tiny Ruby: Poo starts with this. No apparent use.

Toothbrush: Chance to paralyze enemies in battle.

Vital Capsule: Increases vitally.

3. Enemy Drop List

Enemies will sometimes drop items upon defeat. In cases where the monster always drops an item, 100% appears in parentheses next to the drop. Some items seem to have very low drop rates and we were unable to get every monster in the game to give up loot despite hours of testing. 

a. Twoson 

Candy High’d: Halloween Candy (100%)

Frankensteam: Ruler 

Kid Eating Dinosaur: Moldy Cap

Peer Pressure Puppet: Garlic Bagel 

Stench Elemental: Toothbrush

b. Twoson Sewer

Evil Ecto: Unknown

Obsessive Recycler: Secret Herb

Over Recycled: Unknown

Preemptive Scavenger: Unknown

Putrid Poltergeist: Hawaiian Pizza

Violent Vermin: Unknown

c. Winters 

Desperate Survivor: Last ration (100%)

Monster: Unknown

Remnants: PSI Carmel

d. Onett 

Remember Me?: Sky Nectar (100%)

e. Andonuts’ House

Anxiety Attack: Teddy Bear

Desire Dog: Tin of Cocoa

Ghost Kin: Pumpkin Loaf

f. Andonuts’ Lab

Uberhaunt: Pumpkin Loaf

Vladula: Psycho Pspirit 

Psycho Source: Unknown

g. Sea of Eve

Trandimension Terminate: Fresh Egg

Brain Buster: Teddy Bear

Giegue League: Cocoon Pizza

Amalgamate: Unknown

4. Mysteries 

There are a few things about Earthbound Halloween that we could not figure out, despite our best efforts.

1. The Silver Watch

According to a walkthrough written by Radiation himself, there’s a Silver Watch in the lost courage portion of Magicant. As I understand it, it’s in the cave area behind the second door just after you get Paula and before you get Jeff. Unfortunately, that box is empty. After reloading the game several times and opening the box, it always turned out empty. It’s possible that I misunderstood this portion of his guide or an emulation bug prevents it from appearing, but it’s also possible that Radiation made a mistake and the watch is not in the game.

2. Super Doom Shrooms and other super deadly enemies around Twoson

There are several ultra powerful monsters around the borders of Twoson that were presumably designed to prevent players from exploring certain areas. We were unable to defeat these enemies, let alone find out what they drop. It is likely impossible to defeat these creatures without getting to a very high level, cheating, or having a bout of extremely good luck with Sleepstun. I’ll try to test these creatures in the future, but for now, they remain a mystery…

3. Paula and Jeff’s Ultimate Weapons?

You may notice that Paula and Jeff are basically stuck with their starting weapons throughout the game, while Poo gets the Sword of Kings and Varik gets Planet Buster. It’s possible that more weapons for Paula and Jeff exist…. Though we have yet to find them.

4. What do Amalgamates Drop?

We spent quite a bit of time gathering drop info for monsters. Try as we may, some enemies refused to drop anything, most notably the Amalgamates near the end of the game. It’s highly possible that some of these monsters drop special items, given the low 1/128 drop rate for certain items in the original Earthbound.

5. Unreachable Boxes

You may notice two boxes in the second part of the Sea of Eve. We were unable to reach them, let alone open them to see their contents. Is there a way to reach them? What’s inside? The world may never know.

5. Acknowledgements 

First and foremost, I would like to thank my co-author, Grawlix who spent many hours battling the denizens of Earthbound Halloween to compile the drop list. I’d also like to thank Radiation for making this excellent hack as well as for making it available. Lastly, but most importantly, I thank you, my illustrious reader for using this guide, without you there would be no point in creating this stuff in the first place. Below are some links to resources that have helped in the creation of this walkthrough or made it possible to begin with.

Grawlix also writes movie reviews, which you can view by clicking the link below:

Radiation wrote a guide to his own ROM Hack. While it glosses over a lot of stuff, he handles a lot of situations in this game a bit differently than I did and it could be argued convincingly that there’s no better source for game advice than its creator. The guide is a bit uncommon, but it can be found on Earthbound Central via the link below.

You can find a copy of the Earthbound Halloween patch below. Keep in mind this is only the patch and you’ll have to find a copy of the game some other way for legal reasons.

Thanks for using our Earthbound Halloween Walkthrough!

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