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Release Data

Developer: ChunSoft

Publisher: Enix

Release Date: September, 1990

Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System

Genre: RPG

Players: 1


Dragon Warrior II (also known as Dragon Quest II) is a turn based RPG for the NES that was released in 1990. As a direct sequel to the original, this game takes place several hundred years after the events of Dragon Warrior. An evil sorcerer known as Hargon is poised to conquer the world after destroying the kingdom of Moonbrooke. It is up to the descendants of Erdrick to seek out Hargon and defeat him before he accomplish his sinister goal. There are three playable heroes that can equip a number of weapons and cast spells. Combat is turn based and players will earn experience and gold for defeating monsters. In order to defeat Hargon, players must explore the world and collect various artifacts that can be used to dispel the illusion protecting his fortress.


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