Dragon View (SNES)

Developer: Infogrames

Publisher: Kemco

Release Date: November 1994

Genre: Action Adventure/RPG

Platform: Super Nintendo

Players: 1


    Dragon View follows the adventures of a young warrior named Alex who has set out on a quest to rescue his girlfriend, Katarina, from an evil sorcerer. Over the course of his journey, Alex will learn that Katarina’s abduction is part of a much deeper plot that will take him to the far corners of Keire. While Dragon View uses an RPG style leveling system, the player is free to move around and attack enemies at will in a 2D environment. A 3D first person perspective is used for the world map. In order to complete his mission, Alex will have to explore dungeons filled with monsters and solve puzzles. Many dungeons contain powerful artifacts such as magical rings that allow Alex to cast spells and upgrades for his weapons. Alex has access to two main weapons, the sword and the boomerang-like Hauza that will help him battle his foes. He’ll also find bombs and other tools that will let him clear paths through the more treacherous parts of Keire. Dragon View is about twelve hours long and features a variety of towns to explore in addition to its dungeons.

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