Dragon View (SNES) Walkthrough

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Dragon View (SNES) Walkthrough

~By tankMage (July 2019)


Thanks for checking out this guide, which is one of a handful that were written for this obscure title. I have little to say about this walkthrough, aside from the fact that I tried to write a concise, spoiler free guide for people interested in simply running through the game and finding everything there is to find. I often hash over enemy descriptions and other minor details in order to keep things brief, but I have provided a link to a more detailed resource for those who wish to know enemy HP or experience requirements for each level. 


1. Tips

    I. Level Up

    II. Pick Up Enemy Drops

    III. Explore Thoroughly

    IV. Use the Right Weapon for the Job

2. Walkthrough

    I. Hujia

    II. Casdra

    III. Cave of Fire

    IV. Ice Fortress

    V. Keire Temple

    VI. Ortah Desert

    VII. Miraj and the Lion Statues

    VIII. Ortah Temple

    IX. The Emblems

    X. Sektra Swamp

    XI. Orusort and The Forest

    XII. Jade Mine

    XIII. Sektra Temple

    XIV. Neil

    XV. The Badsel Region

    XVI. Mount Badsel (Peak)

    XVII. The Underworld

3. Collectables

    I. HP Container Locations 

    II. MP Container Locations

    III. Weapon and Armor Upgrades

    IV. Magic Ring Upgrades

    V. Weapon Techniques 

4. References and Further Reading

1. Tips

Dragon View is not a particularly difficult game (in fact it gets quite easy towards the end), but there are a few good habits players can cultivate to make their lives even easier. Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the following tips.

I. Level Up

    Dragon View is an action RPG, but your character’s power is still important. While players can (and should) use their reflexes to defeat enemies, being at a decent level will ensure that your attacks deal enough damage to dispatch monsters quickly and that Alex can take a few hits if you slip up. It is generally a good rule of thumb to gain at least two levels every time you visit a new region, so you can deal with the challenges that lie ahead. Luckily, Experience is fairly plentiful in this game and it won’t take long to level up.

II. Pick Up Enemy Drops

Be on the lookout for items dropped by defeated monsters. Many of these items can save Alex’s life or at least raise your odds of success in dungeons. 

Jade- The currency of the realm, looks like a cut gem. Jade comes in a number of different denominations that are indicated by color. Used primarily to buy items like potions.

Heart- Grab these if they appear, because they heal Alex.

Star- Refills Magic Power.

III. Explore Thoroughly 

All sorts of goodies are hidden in the world of Dragon View, so take some time to look around and find things like weapon upgrades.

IV. Use the Right Weapon for the Job

Enemies are often easier to hit with particular weapons and will take more damage from certain types of attacks. The same goes for spells. Keep the following things in mind when fighting the forces of darkness:

-Short, squat enemies and flying creatures are easier to hit with the sword.

-Man sized monsters that stay on the ground are vulnerable to the Hauza.

-Use the appropriate spell on enemies. Fire does a lot of damage to monsters in icy areas. Ice is deadly to fire creatures. Lightning magic can seriously harm dark monsters like reapers as well as enemies in watery areas.

-The Hauza technique is really powerful and effective on bosses. It can also mow down weaker monsters in a single hit.

2. Walkthrough

    Welcome to the walkthrough, which happens to constitute the bulk of this guide. In order to make this walkthrough readable, I split the game up into sections based on the main city of each area the player visits. In cases where there is no city, I named the section after the location of the main objective or the general region. Larger dungeons, like the Fire Cave, also have their own sections. I tried my best to avoid spoilers, but this means certain plot related events are purposely left vague. The default name for the hero, Alex, is used for this guide, so keep this in mind if you choose to give him another name.

I. Hujia

The Hujia region is where it all begins. The enemies here are weak and Alex should have no problem slaying them once he reaches level 3. It’s a good idea to take some time to earn Jade so you can buy an important item in town as well as get used to the controls. 

a. Rysis and the Arsenal

    The game starts out in Rysis with the hero, Alex, practicing his sword play. After some dialogue, Alex will be transported to the Arsenal in search of Qunos. Take a moment to get used to moving before going through the door at the top of the screen. A lizard man will be running about in the next hallway, either jump away from him to avoid his charging attack or nail him with a quick sword swipe. It’ll take a couple more hits to kill him, so stay on your toes. Look for another doorway to the right after you defeat the lizard man and use it to enter the next room, where you will find Qunos.

    Alex will return to Rysis after a conversation with Qunos and a brief scene involving Argos will take place. Eventually, you will be able to fully control Alex again. Rysis is small and the only thing of note here is the Dragon Temple near the exit. Talk to the monk on the right for free healing and to save your game. The monk on the left will give you some info. Feel free to explore Rysis and get some basic information on the game. Leave town via the gate to the left near the Dragon Temple when you are ready to move forward.

b. The Arsenal (Revisited)

Items: Hauza 

Upon leaving Rysis, you will find yourself in a psuedo-3D world map. Press the R Button to bring up a map of the area. Hujia is near the center of the map and the Arsenal is north of the city of Hujia. Travel to the Arsenal and search the chest in the room where you found Qunos to get the Hauza, a powerful boomerang-like weapon.

c. Hujia

Shop: Silver Arrow (5j), Potion (100j), Magic Crystal (200j), HP Container (200j)

Items: Key

    The town of Hujia is directly south of the Arsenal. Speak to the residents of this town to learn about the landslide blocking the Galys mountain pass. Take note of the building on the far right side of town, which has two chests that you will be able to open later on. You should also talk to Randy who lives in the same house to get some more info. The man in the red cloak standing in front of Randy’s house will offer to sell you something for 200 Jade. Raise money to buy the item if you do not have enough, because it’s an HP Container which will increase your maximum life.

    Walk through the alley to the north near Randy’s house to reach the upper part of town. Here you will find Tylon’s Bomb shop, whose entrance is blocked by an irate woman. Tell her the mountain pass is blocked when the option comes up, which will get her to move out of the way, then step inside Tylon’s shop. Tylon will inform you that he has no dynamite to make bombs and he needs you to go to the Storehouse to get the dynamite. Alex will be given a Key so he can complete his new mission. Exit Hujia and look for the Storehouse in the southeast corner of the map.

d. The Storehouse

Items: Armor Energy, Key, Potion, 200j, Dynamite

    Walk right and press against the door to use the key to open it. Watch out for the pair of giant scorpions and a moth in this room. On the far right side of the room you will find a chest that has Armor Energy inside. Go through the door at the top of the screen near the chest and get ready to fight a pair of headless soldiers. Use hit and run tactics to dodge their attacks or (better yet) use the Hauza on them. A box that contains another Key will appear when you defeat them. Exit the room via the door to the right and kill the scorpions and moths in the next hallway. On the right side of the hallway you will find a Potion.

    Return to the hall where you found the Armor Energy and walk into the gap in the foreground (which is actually a door) just left of the chest to get to the next section. The doors will slam shut behind you when you step inside, but they will open after you kill the scorpions and moths in the room. Two more headless soldiers wait in the small room ahead, kill them, then open the door to the north with the Key. Once again, the doors will snap shut when you enter the next room, so defeat the soldier and moth to get them to open again. Take a breath before entering the room to the right, your first boss awaits.


Boss 1: Piercia 

    This extra huge scorpion packs an extra mean sting, but you really have to watch out for its charge attack. Alex will lose quite a bit of health if the boss hits him (unless you are level 6 or 7) so try to jump around to stay away from the beast as it barrels towards you. The Hauza is a good choice in this fight, because it deals higher damage than the sword and keeps you out of the stinger’s reach, but you have to make sure Alex is standing on the same plane as the boss for it to connect. Use a potion if your life drops below 50% and aim carefully to defeat this boss. Here are a few more tips for fighting Piercia:

-Piercia is only vulnerable when her tail is lowered.

-Be ready to jump away from a charge attack after hitting the boss.

-The Hauza can hit the boss even when it is off of the screen.

-Stay away from the walls, because you can potentially be pinned and comboed to death.


    Go through the door in the upper right-hand corner of the chamber and you will see a chest that will give you 200j. Look for a stack of flat boxes to the right of the chest and walk over the one marked “Dynamite” to acquire the Dynamite. It’s time to say goodbye to the Storehouse by leaving the way you came.

e. Hujia (Revisited)

Items: Casdra Map, Bomb x10

    Give the Dynamite to Tylon, who is waiting in his shop after you make your way back to Hujia. Tylon will need time to make the bombs, so leave his shop. The woman standing in front of the shop will give you a Casdra Map as you emerge from it. Pay a visit to the item shop and the girl behind the counter will talk to you briefly. See Tylon again after your conversation and he will give you 10 Bombs, which are waiting on the table to the left. Save your game and double check your supplies before setting out for Galys Pass.

f. Activating the Warp Star

Check your map and you will see a star shaped symbol southwest of Rysis, this is the teleportation star the monk mentioned earlier. Head over to it and stand in the center to activate it. You cannot use the Warp Star to go anywhere right now, but later on it will prove to be a time saving shortcut. 

g. Galys Pass

Items: Fruit, HP Container

Note: Be mindful of the pitfalls here; Alex will suffer damage if he falls from a ledge or into a hole.

    Galys Pass is far to the northeast of Hujia. Climb the steps at the entrance and kill the four moths on the next screen, then go left. Walk across the narrow ledge towards a tree. Whacking the tree with the sword may cause it to drop Fruit that can be sold for a modest sum, used as an item to heal some HP, or traded later on. Collect about 20 fruits (or more if you have the patience) since they will come in handy down the road. If you enter the cave by the tree, you will find an HP Container that you cannot reach yet. Fear not we will get to it soon enough.

    Return to the area where you fought the moths and walk right, then climb up a second set of steps. Take care of the moth waiting at the entrance and carefully make your way to the left. Look out for falling boulders. You’ll hear the sound of the boulders tumbling down the mountain and see pebbles falling before the rocks crash down on you, so try to run to the left when you have an opening. A huge boulder blocks your way through this area, use a Bomb to destroy it and continue moving left.

    Eventually, you will come to another staircase that leads to a treacherous area with more falling rocks. Wait for an opening and walk right. Jump over the skeleton crushed by a rock and keep to the right to exit the area. You’ll come to an opening in the mountain to the north, which is really a set of steps leading down. Hit the tree next to the steps to get more Fruit. Do the same for the tree at the bottom of the steps after you slay the two moths in this section, then go right. Climb down some more steps and kill two more moths. Enter the cave to the left and you will be able to collect the HP Container from before. Standing on the switch will also create a shortcut. Exit the cave the way you came and walk left, then go down a final set of steps to reach the Casdra region.

II. Casdra

If you’ve been following this guide, you will only be about level 6 or 7 when you leave Galys Pass, so don’t be shy about getting into a few fights on the way to Casdra. The town itself is situated on a small island in the northwest portion of the map. Remember to select the Casdra Map when viewing the world map by using the D-Pad and R Button to make navigation easier.

a. Casdra

Shop: HP Container (300j), Magic Crystal (400j), Potion (200j), Bomb (40j), Silver Arrow (10j)

    Take some time to talk to the citizens of Casdra in order to gather clues and plot related information. You’ll meet a girl to the right of the item shop who tells Alex she hid her father’s bow in a nearby cave. The girl’s father can be found in the northwest part of town outside a house, you’ll need to speak to him after retrieving the Bow. I do not suggest buying Potions, Magic Crystals, Bombs, or Arrows here, because they are double the price of the same items sold in Hujia, which you can travel to very quickly via a nearby Warp Star. The merchant in red that you encountered in Hujia is waiting in the northeast part of town; this time he’ll sell an HP Container for 300 Jade. Leave town after you have seen the sights and gathered intel. 

b. North Cave

Items: Bow

The north cave is far too dangerous for you to fully explore at this point, but the Bow is locked in a chest right by the entrance. The cave itself is located northwest of Casdra and it’s not difficult to find if you stay near the mountain range. Whatever you do, stay away from the deeper rooms in the cave or the enemies inside will kill you.

c. Casdra Warp Star

South of the North Cave, you will find the Casdra Warp Star, which will allow you to travel back to Hujia quickly. Do not step in the center of the star unless you want to return to Hujia.

d. Flame Wizard (Optional)

    It’s not necessary to visit the Flame Wizard just yet, though it helps to know where he is for future reference. Go south from the Warp Star for some ways and you will see a hollowed out tree that can be entered. Once inside the fiery cave, keep to the right and jump over the flames moving along the ground. You should move quickly, because fireballs also jump out of the lava pit that flanks the path. Enter the room at the end of the path and talk to the Flame Wizard who says he will help you once you learn fire magic.

e. Casdra (Revisited)

Walk up from the entrance to find the owner of the Bow and say “Yes” when he asks if that’s his bow. The hunter will let you keep the Bow, making it a useable weapon.

f. Lake Cave

Items: Magic Crystal, Potion

    You’ll have to walk quite a ways east of Casdra to reach the Lake Cave. You’re getting close if you see Galys Pass. If you look at the Lake Map, you will see a Warp Star south of the Lake Cave entrance. Activate the star, then walk north to the cave. Inside you will meet Rodister, who tells you to visit Qunos in Rysis to get the Scales that are needed to venture through the Fire Cave. Don’t forget to grab the Crystal and Potion your way out. Use the Warp Star near Casdra to return to Rysis quickly.

g. Rysis (Revisited)

Items: Serpent’s Scales

Qunos will be in the house on the far right side of town. Talk to him to get the Serpent’s Scales then return to Casdra. Have a word with Damme before leaving Rysis if you are interested in getting a hint to a special skill that we will cover in the next section.

h. The Sword Technique

While it isn’t mandatory that you get the Sword tech right away, it’s a lethal attack that can save your hide in a pinch. Go southeast from the Casdra side of Galys Pass as Damme instructs. Look for a tree stump surrounded by square water tiles east of the Lake Cave. If you see a river, you went too far. Inside the stump you’ll find the tablet that will teach you the Sword tech.

i. Preparing for the Fire Cave

    The boss of the fire cave is brutal and it helps to be at least level 11 or 12 before even attempting the Fire Cave. It’s wise to buy 10 or more Silver Arrows for the boss fight. The Fire Cave itself is a good place to level up, especially the room before the boss which has four enemies you can farm for Exp. The truly brave can venture into the swamp north of the Lake Cave. There you will find toad and amoeba-like monsters that are easy targets for the Hauza. While they can kill you in two hits at level 10 and are barely damaged by your attacks, they are worth the effort. Patient players will find that these monsters drop over 1000 Exp, which is enough to level up on very quickly. Galys Pass is also a good place to level, because you can collect fruit while you’re at it.

III. Cave of Fire

Items: MP Container, Sword Energy, Ring of Fire

a. Cave of Fire First Floor 

    The Fire Cave is south of Casdra, but you will have to head east a bit and through a narrow valley to reach it. You will know you are getting close when the terrain turns reddish brown. Use your Scales sparingly in this place, because they are needed to douse fires that block Alex’s progress. Equip the Scale after entering the cave and use it to extinguish the pillar of flame to the right of the entrance. There are two doors at the end of the hallway, enter the north door, kill the fire breathing beetle in the next room, and go through the door at the top of the screen. Take care not to touch the fire pit in the next room and proceed through the northwest door.

    A hallway lined with flames is beyond the northwest door, let the fireballs pass before moving forward and go through the door to the right. Spouts of Fire and more beetles block your way forward. Defeat the beetles and use another Scale on the flame pillar to the right, then go through the door at the bottom of the screen. The next hallway is guarded by more beetles and flame elementals. Stay near the bottom of the screen so the jets of fire that come out of the wall cannot hit Alex and hit the flame elementals quickly before they can spit their fireballs at you. Go through the door to the left and use the door at the bottom of the screen in the next room. DO NOT go through the door to the left or you will have to backtrack from the fire pit room. This room is home to a human monk of some sort who will use wrestling moves to fight, but the Hauza will make short work of him. Enter the archway next to the statue on the left to proceed down to B1.

b.Cave of Fire B1

    Use another Scale to put out the flame pillar and go right. Stand to the left of the statue in the next room and push against it to reveal a door. Go inside the room that was concealed by the statue and use the Hauza to slay a fire elemental, then go right. Flames crawl across the floor of this room, jump over them and kill the fire elemental blocking your advance. The next room is to the right, be sure to grab the MP Container before entering the door at the bottom of the screen. Avoid the ground fires in this room and head up the steps after taking care of the elemental, do not go through the left hand door. 

c. Cave of Fire 1F, West Side

    Defeat the wrestler at the top of the steps and head left. Make sure you get the Sword Energy in the next room, you’ll need it. Use the door at the bottom of the screen to get to the next room, dispatch the elemental, then push the statue to open a hidden door to the right. The flame pillar in the next room cannot be extinguished from the floor you are on, so do not waste your Scales on it. Instead, make sure your life is full and carefully step into the hole next to the flame pillar. Hold the D-Pad left while falling and you should land next to the flame unscathed. Now you can use the Scale to douse this fire.

    Enter the door on the left and go through the next door at the top of the screen after dealing with yet another fire elemental. Defeat the wrestler in the next room and go left, then head north through the door originally blocked by the statue. From here, backtrack to the stairs leading back up to get to the room that was blocked by the flame pillar. Now you can get to the door on the right hand side of this room if you carefully walk along the back wall so that you don’t fall into the hole again. Kill the flame elementals and jump over the rolling fire in the next room and go right. The room after that is home to flames that follow the player around, just go through the door to the north.

    Alex will be locked in here, kill the elemental to open the doors and head north again. Four wrestlers await you in the next hallway. Hit them with the Hauza and stay mobile. With any luck you should kill them without taking too much damage. They should drop some health, be sure to grab it. Walk left and make sure you’re healed before going through the door at the top of the screen, because you’re going to fight the boss in the next room.


Boss 2: Efreet 


    Efreet makes the first boss look like a walk in the park. He will frequently make a strange noise, then throw zigzagging flames at Alex or emit fire that travels in a straight line. He will then follow up with an uppercut. It’s a really good idea to be level 12 or higher for this battle, because the boss is so dangerous. Your weapon of choice in this fight is the Bow, which knocks him back a fair distance and takes a good chunk out of his health. It’s necessary to line Alex up with Efreet so that the arrows hit their mark. 

    Should you run out of arrows, the Scale and Sword work well on him, though the former should only be used to get a quick shot in from a distance. The Sword technique can inflict injury on the boss as well, but you need to watch your health more closely if you use it. Those fighting him with the sword will also need to use hit and run tactics, preferably hitting the boss after he charges, then jumping away. Do not use the Hauza, it’s too slow and weak right now.


Go through the door to the right once Efreet is dead and open the box to get the Ring of Fire. You will have to backtrack out of the cave once you get the ring, but this shouldn’t be an issue if you are strong enough to kill Efreet. Return to Casdra to save.

IV. Ice Fortress

a. The Flame Wizard

Items: Fire Ring Upgrade

The Flame Wizard lives in a hollow tree south of the Casdra Warp Star. You’ll have to make your way through a blazing hallway to find him, but it’s far less dangerous than the Fire Cave and is free of monsters. Talk to the Flame Wizard and he will upgrade your Fire Ring.

b. The Snow Field 

    Return to Casdra yet again and look for a building with a star on its door in the northern part of town. Talk to the monk inside who will step out of your way now that you have the Fire Ring. Enter the newly revealed room and step on the star on the floor to warp to the Snow Field. Take care in this new area, the ice golems that patrol the snowy fields and icy caves are dangerous, but a single shot from the Fire Ring will kill them. You can also return to Casdra by stepping on the warp star.

c. To Landslide 

Items: HP Container

You should see a cave just northwest of the Warp Star. Inside you’ll meet a healer who will restore your HP, MP, and save your game for 50j. The steps to the right of the healer lead to a room with an HP Container and an ice wall. Grab the container, but ignore the ice wall. Ignore the pit unless you want to see the rubble blocking the road to Casdra.

d. Small Cave

Items: Hauza Energy

Open your Map and look for a vertical road near the word “Snow Field” that seemingly leads nowhere. Investigating the area will uncover a building made of ice, enter it to find a small cave with a treasure box that contains the Hauza Energy. 

e. Chest Game

Items: MP Container

Travel east from where you found the Hauza Energy and you will see another structure. Inside you’ll meet a man who will allow you to open a chest that contains a random item in exchange for 10 fruit. This game is worth playing at least once, because you will win an MP Container the first time you play regardless of the chest you choose. 

f. Snowfield MP

Items: MP Container

Move east from the chest game then north, then follow the wall north when you reach it. Enter the first cave you see and be ready to fight two ice golems. Watch out for the spiked walls and icy floor. Enter the room at the top of the screen to the left to find another MP Container. 

g. Ice Fortress

Items: Ice Ring, Crystal, Hauza Energy, Temple Map, MP Container

    Go directly north from the Warp Star to find the Ice Fortress entrance, which looks like any old cave. At the entrance, go through the door to the left and use the Fire Ring to melt the ice blocking your way. Don’t waste MP melting the whole ice fence, because Alex can squeeze through the hole made by a single fireball. An imp that will fly around and crash into Alex inhabits the room behind the ice fence. You’ll also have to contend with falling icicles in here, but the sword will at least make short work of the imp. 

    In the next room you will be given two choices: a doorway in the center and a set of stairs. Take the stairs to another room with a second set of steps you must ascend; ignore the door on the right. You’ll have three choices here, each one leading to a room with a hole blocked with ice. Two of the holes are not worth investigating, so go through the door to the right. Drop down the hole and continue moving right to another room with an imp. Enter the door at the top of the screen and kill the two imps (or just run from them) then go up the steps. The next hallway is protected by an ice golem, spearman, and spike lined walls. Deal with the enemies if you want and go through the door at the bottom of the screen. Try not to jump in here, spikes adorn the ceiling as well. Get ready to fight another Golem in the next room, then head left to a boss fight.


Boss 3: Frozen Horror


    Equip the Hauza at the start of this fight and ready the bow if you have arrows.* Be wary of the slippery ground in here. The boss will slowly move about the room while ice crystals orbit it. Sometimes the crystals hover close to the boss, other times they extend. Try to sneak under the boss while the crystals are close to avoid getting hit. The bow does great damage, so shoot the boss when you get openings. Occasionally, the Frozen Horror will fire the crystals into the air and they will crash down on Alex, hop around to get out of their way. 

    Damage the boss enough and it will change tactics. The crystals will vanish and a floating eye that shoots lightning in a downward arc will replace them. The eye will track Alex, so stay mobile to keep from taking damage. The body of the boss will reveal a snarling face from time to time and charge at you. Switch back to the sword and jump around, slashing at the eye. The sword’s long reach will often connect with the eye and you will be hard to hit as an added bonus. About ten good sword swipes should kill this thing.

* The fire ring also works well on the boss in the first part of the fight.


    Go into the newly opened door after the boss and collect the Ice Ring, then drop down the nearby hole; you can’t get the MP Container on the other side of the room yet, but you can reach it if you take the following steps. Go through the door to the right at the bottom of the pit and kill the golem. Take the door at the bottom of the screen, kill another golem, and use the Fire Ring to melt the ice fence to the right, then grab the Crystal from the chest. Return to the previous room and push the frozen skeleton to the left, then enter the door it was blocking. Defeat yet another ice golem and go left.

    The next room contains another statue, leave it alone for now and enter the door at the top of the screen. Open the box to get the Hauza Energy. You can smash the pots in this room to get some MP as well. Backtrack to the room with the statue and push it to open a door in the left. The room the door leads to has more golems and a slippery floor as well as a door at the bottom left-hand side of the screen that goes to a small room with two spearmen. Enter the next room which is actually the entrance. 

    Don’t leave yet. Instead, go left and climb the steps back up to the third floor. Enter the room to the right, which is home to the hole you dropped down earlier, then go right through the next two doors to reach the MP Container from before. There’s a hole right above the MP Container, fall down it and follow the path to the entrance, where you will meet a monk who will give you the Temple Map. The room he emerged from leads to a warp point. You can use it to get to Keire Temple, but I recommend returning to Casdra or even Hujia to resupply.

V. Keire Temple

a. The Ice Wizard

Items: Ice Ring Upgrade 

    The Ice Wizard’s home is not visible on the map, but you will find it in the northeast corner of the Snow Field. The best way to get to the Ice Wizard is to follow the road leading northeast. At the end of the road you will see an ice castle. Talk to the wizard inside the castle to get your Ice Ring Upgraded, then return to the Ice Fortress.

b. Teleport to Keire

Return to the Ice Fortress and use the teleporter north of the entrance to go to the Keire region.

c. Ice Cavern

Items: Armor Energy

Your armor could really use an upgrade now, fortunately there’s a cave just northeast of the Warp Star you used to get to Keire. Push the statue blocking the doorway to the left and you can claim your prize: the Armor Energy.

d. Cave West of Keire Temple

Items: Sword Energy

Follow the road east and turn north when it branches out to find another one of those small ice structures. Inside you will be greeted by some ice pillars that are obscuring something, use your trusty fire ring to melt the ice and reveal a chest that contains the Sword Energy.

e. Keire Temple 

Items: None

    You should have no trouble locating the Temple on your map as long as you continue east along the road and turn north when the road bends. The Temple itself is a distinctive dome shaped building that is tough to miss. Inside you’ll meet a blue lizard man guarding the entrance. Use the fire ring or Huaza to eliminate him. The door to the north will take you to a pair of friendly monks who will heal Alex fully and save the game. Do not hesitate to visit the monks if you are injured. Backtrack to the entrance and go through the door to the right. Two wizards will update you on the situation when you enter this room.

    Talk to the wizard blocking the door to the north and he’ll move. Two imps are waiting for you on the other side of the door, your sword should make quick work of them. There’s only one way to go in this room, so walk up the steps. Kill the imp in the next room and go through the door at the bottom of the screen, then have a word with the wizards in the next room. Head west to a room with two lizard men, use the Hauza to neutralize them quickly. Watch out, because the lizards can pin you against the wall in this narrow area if you are not careful. Continue moving west and you will encounter Giza. 

    Another monk will talk to you after the cutscene with Giza. Go through the door he came from and proceed to a straightforward series of rooms protected by lizard men and imps. Keep moving forward and you will come across Professor Methraton. Talk to him to get the Miraj Map. Now you will have to retrace your steps through the Temple and back to Casdra.

VI. Ortah Desert

You may notice stronger enemies now inhabit the Casdra region. Take some time to level up to 20, before pressing onward. This is also a good opportunity to buy supplies from Hujia, where they are cheapest.

a. The Fall

Items: Ring of Lightning

You may recollect the Lake Cave east of Casdra; head over there and continue eastward until you come to a river. At the river, turn north and you will see a waterfall that can be entered like any other area. Inside you will find a box that holds the Ring of Lightning.*

* Note: You can see this area marked clearly on the map if you open up the Miraj Map.

b. The Meadow

Items: HP Container

Turn around and head south after getting the lighting ring. You will eventually reach a cliff face. A few steps to the west you will find a cave entrance that leads to the Meadow. The first room of the Meadow is empty and the second one is home to a few puny lizard men, but the fifth HP Container is hidden in the third room.

c. The Desert

    Go east across the river and you will find the entrance to the desert. You can also explore the river delta to the southeast, but the only thing to see there are the Ruins of Neil, which are unimportant at the moment aside from a temple where you can save. Equip the Ice Ring and travel with caution, because a new enemy lives in the desert: the purple sand worm. Sand worms deal a ton of damage and are hard to hit. Luckily, it is possible to kill them in one or two shots with the Ice Ring; just activate it the moment you see the sand shifting and the spell should take away a huge chunk of the creature’s life.

d. Desert Cave

Items: MP Container

    Walk east along the south wall once you enter the desert and the Desert Cave will soon be visible. Head right after you enter it and defeat the giant scorpion who resembles the first boss in the next room. You’re a lot stronger now and she will go down without a fight. The MP Container is in a room further to the right. It is possible to go deeper into the cave, but you’ll only find a dead end for now, so return to the surface.

e. Wandering Healer

If you walk along the northern wall of the desert in an eastward direction you will see a cave with a pond in front of it. Inside you’ll find another healer who can save your game and restore Alex’s health for 50j. 

f. Quicksand 

Items: None

    Return to the narrow entrance to the desert and stick to its northern border while moving west or follow the main road. Shortly after the border bends north, you will come to a cave with skulls in front of it… this is your destination. There’s an orb you can read to the right of the entrance that will give you a vague clue. You can either go down the steps near the entrance or walk into the next room to check out some lion statues. In the room beyond the statues you’ll encounter quicksand and locked doors. Let the quicksand pull you down…

    After being consumed by the quicksand, Alex will land in a room full of slimes, kill them to open the door to the left. In the next room you will meet a woman who tells you about a sorceress who possessed a special horn. Go through the door to the south after conversing with the woman, then defeat some imps and slimes or just run past them to some steps to the left. Incidentally, these steps lead back to the entrance and can be used to reach the woman as well.

Pro-Tip: The chamber filled with slimes is a great place to gather experience and money, because the slimes can barely hurt Alex. They also drop three items and 735 Exp.

g. Finding the Horn

    Exit the Quicksand Cave when you are ready to look for the Horn. This will require a bit of patience and luck. It’s also a good idea to try searching for the Horn near the wandering healer east of the Quicksand Cave. The woman said the worm that swallowed the Horn is gold, but it’s a reddish color if you ask me. She is also wrong about it being to the north. All you have to do is fight random battles in the desert until you encounter a reddish (or gold) sand worm. 

    Oddly enough, this worm is not weak to ice magic, but the sword will deal decent damage to it. Just walk up to the sand puffs that indicate the worm is about to surface and start slashing. Four or five sword smacks should be enough to kill the beast. Upon dying it will drop a chest that contains the Horn. Save at the healer so you do not have to do this all over again if something goes wrong after you acquire the Horn. Return to the Quicksand Cave with your new treasure.*

*The Horn can be used to get items from several lion statues hidden in the desert. While I recommend visiting Miraj before backtracking for the lion treasures, you can skip to Section VIII if you want them now.

h. Quicksand (Revisited)

Items: None

Equip the Horn and use it like any other item once you are back in the Quicksand Cave. After this you simply have to go right, because the closed door in the quicksand room is now open. It will take you to another room with lion statues that leads to the Miraj area.

VII. Miraj and the Lion Statues 

There isn’t much to see in the immediate vicinity of Miraj aside from a warp star to the west that you should activate. The town itself is easily found by following the main road.

a. Mirage 

Items: Key

Shop: HP Container (400j), Magic Crystal (400j), Potion (200j), Bomb (40j), Silver Arrow (10j)

    The quiet town of Miraj is home to the usual temple and shop as well an important plot related item. The shop and temple are on your right as usual. Further to the right is a fountain and beyond that you will find Yuna’s residence; enter it and talk to her. Yuna will tell you to see Ruth, who lives in the upper part of town. Walk into the alley to the right of Yuna’s house and you’ll find another red merchant who will sell you an HP Container for 400j. If you enter the building next to where the merchant stood and go into the back room, you will meet a wizard who asks you for a magic crystal. Give him one and he will disappear, but he will reward you later in the game.

    Ruth’s house is a couple screens to the left of the red merchant. Talk to her and she will give you a key. Exit her home and take a few steps to the left to a locked building. Inside you will find the entrance to a cave. Make sure you are at least level 21 before entering the cavern and visit the temple to heal if needed.

b. Underground

Items: Score

    Walk up to the locked building to the left of Ruth’s house and examine the door to open it with the Key. Descend the steps once inside and Alex will end up in a tunnel. Try not to fall into the pit to the right or you will have to walk through a series of rooms to get back to this floor. Fortunately there’s only one way you can go, so you can’t get lost if you fall. Do not go into the door at the top of the first platform, this leads to the bottom of the pit, instead, carefully jump onto the square platform to the right, then head through the door next to it. Two imps await you in the next room, keep your back to the entrance when fighting them so they can’t knock you into the pit. Walk carefully across the moving floor here or it will dump you into the hole. Your only option is the door ahead, so make your way to it.

    Shutters will slam closed behind Alex after he enters the next room and two more imps will assail him. You can fight them if you wish, but ignore the door in the upper right (which leads to back to the entrance to the underground) and jump into the chasm. Avoid the door to the left after falling into the pit and go into the one at the bottom of the screen, then go up the steps to the left of the dragon statues. Head right once you get to the next screen and run across the suspicious looking stone bridge. Do not hesitate or the bridge will begin collapsing and do not engage the imp in this chamber, just keep running.

    Keep moving right and you’ll see three pots that you can break for some HP on the next screen. Carefully inch along the narrow ledge above the pots and let the dragon statue spit his three fireballs before trying to jump onto the ledge to the south. Enter the room to the north after getting to the other side and kill the imps in here to get the shutters to open. Be careful when hopping over the holes in this room or you’ll have to climb back up again if you fall. The next room features a chest, two imps, and a big rock. The rock may seem impassable, but this is just the devs having some fun at our expense and you can easily walk by it. Do not bother with destroying the rock, it contains nothing of value. Open the chest to get the Score, then continue through the door to the left. Climb the steps between the dragon statues and you’ll end up back in Yuna’s temple…

c. Yuna’s Temple

Items: Ortah Map

Yuna will give you the Ortah Map once you reenter the temple. Save and heal up before setting out. Go back through the quicksand cave to reach the desert.

d. Lion Statue 1

Item: Hauza Technique 

    Check your map after returning to the great desert and look for an “X” northeast of the Quicksand Cave. Approach the X and you’ll see a Lion Statue. Play the horn for it to reveal a hidden passage. Go through the door to the south after entering the passage, then take the door to the left to get to a room filled with quicksand.* You will have to kill a purple worm to get the doors to open again. Once again, the Ice Ring’s magic should do the trick. Head into the door to the north after opening it. Examine the stone tablet in here to get the Hauza Technique. Enter the door to the right and jump on the stone table, then jump again to exit the passage.

* Try not to sink into the quicksand or you will fall into another chamber with a second worm.

e. Lion Statue 2

Items: Mirror

    Have a look at the map again and set out for the X southeast of the Quicksand Cave. Play the horn again to reveal another passage. Step into the room south of the stone table in the entrance of this area and continue through a second door to the south. Kill the imps in this next room to open the locked door to the left, but be mindful of the lasers. A new enemy, the mummy, is in the room beyond the door. These guys can throw extending punches that can hit Alex from a few paces away, so use the Hauza or fire magic on them.

    In the room to the north you will encounter a wizard and some imps. The wizard will vanish, reappear, and fire three fireballs at Alex, but he is easy to hit with the sword. Defeat the bad guys and head through the door to the left once it opens. Use the horn to open the door guarded by lions so you can access the room to the north. Inside you will find the Mirror, which will prove useful in the near future. Go left and jump on the stone table to leave.

f. Lion Statue 3

    The third and final lion is just northeast of the second one. It’s also optional since the only thing inside is a guy who will trade you a Magic Crystal for 20 fruit. Play the horn yet again to open the way to yet another passage. Just head right to find the guy after entering the passage.

VIII. Ortah Temple

    Backtrack to the Quicksand Cave. You should see a star on the road after exiting the cave. Play the horn and the screen will flash gold. A new path leading off into the northeast should now be visible. Ortah Temple waits at the end of the path.

a. Preparation

Ortah Temple is a maze with a strong boss at the end. It’s also difficult to leave, so pack some healing supplies and make sure Alex is at about level 25 before entering.

b. Ortah Temple Part 1

Items: Sword Energy, Key

    A blue wizard watches over the first room in the temple. His magic can take a fair chunk out of Alex’s life, so use the sword to cut him down quickly. The magic mirror can block the wizard’s magic attack if you equip and activate it. The room to the right is home to an imp and a quicksand pit. All you can do to proceed is voluntarily let the pit suck you in, just be careful of the wizard in the chamber below. Go inside the room to the right and take note of the minotaur statues that line the upper and lower wall. The statues will strike Alex with their maces when he tries to pass, though sticking to the wall opposite the minotaur will prevent the swing from connecting.

    Descend the steps to B2 after sneaking past the minotaur statues and kill another wizard. Loot the chest in this room for a Sword Energy, then go into the door to the right. You’ll have to face a pair of wizards in this room, but your upgraded sword can kill them in a hit if you are about level 25. A chest holding a Key will appear once the wizards are defeated. Return to the large room just before the minotaur statues and go through the first door to the north. 

Note: If you wish to leave the temple, take the second door to the north and follow the path to a quicksand room. Allow the quicksand to pull you down into the entrance of the temple and walk left to leave.

     There should be a sandworm in the next chamber, which you should be able to dispatch in a hit. Proceed eastward to a hallway with imps and a spiked floor. Take care to avoid the spikes and look for a door on the south wall. It will take Alex to another room with quicksand and a sandworm. Let the sand pull Alex down to a chamber with moving spiked balls and two wizards. Stay in the bottom right corner to avoid the spikes and kill the wizards to open the door, which leads to a corridor lined with minotaur statues. Remember to stick to the wall opposite of each statue to avoid being struck. 

   Beyond the gauntlet of minotaur statues is a hall inhabited by a wizard and imp. Slay them to open the door to the left. You may want to push the statues along the wall to the right to reveal some hearts before leaving the hallway. Look out for the holes in the floor after going through the door, spikes protrude from them. Just ignore the imps here and enter the door to the north. Another pesky wizard is in the room, kill him and push the statue on the left towards the wall to the east to open the door. Equip the Hauza before you enter the next chamber, because a pair of mummies are on the other side of the door.

c. Ortah Temple Part 2

Items: Sektra Map

    Alex will be trapped in the room with two mummies and a spiked ball until he defeats the mummies. Ignore the door to the south, or it will take you back to the beginning and go through the door on the right instead. Pay no heed to the imp in the next chamber and continue right. The doors will close behind you again and you’ll have to deal with a blue wizard. Don’t step on the holes in this room unless you want to get hit by spikes. Head into the next room once the wizard has been slain and jump over the spiked balls to get to the steps to the north. 

    The steps will take you back up to B1, but you will have to run from or fight the three mummies in this room. The door to the south will bring you to a room with a spike pit and a duo of imps, kill them to open the door on your right so you can enter the room beyond. Here you’ll find three more mummies and steps going up to the first floor. Ignore the two foes in this room if you want and enter the door at the bottom of the screen. Another room with lasers mounted on the walls is on the other side of the door. There’s two more imps here as well. Open the door to the left at the top of the screen using the key you found a while back. It will take you to a room with four mummies and shutters that slam closed when you set foot inside.

    Eradicate the mummies and take the door to the north. Try your best not to get sucked into the quicksand in this hallway, because you’ll have a long walk back if you fall. The imps in this room will try their best to stun Alex, so the quicksand can suck him in. Keep jumping and slashing to get through this area safely, then go through the door to the left. Use the Hauza on the gang of mummies and take the door to the south. Kill some more mummies in the next hallway and push the statue blocking the steps towards the right-hand wall. More mummies are at the top of the steps, but you can just go into the room to the south.

    Switch to the sword if you want to kill the wizard and imps in the room after the one with the mummies. You’ll find a clay pot in here that will give you a heart if you smash it. Another laser hallway is on the other side of the door to the left. Traverse this one with care, because you’re near the boss. Double check your health and make sure you’re at least level 25, because this boss is going to put up a fight. When ready, go through the door at the end of the hallway.


Boss 4: Death Jester


    Death Jester can be tough or very easy depending on how you fight him. I prefer using the sword, because it can be swung quickly and can hit this boss more reliably than the Hauza. Jester only has two moves, the first one being a golden crescent he shoots from his staff that can be destroyed with the sword. He’ll float in the air to use this move, so you’ll always know it’s coming when he is hovering. When on the ground he will extend his staff about three body lengths to hit you. This attack can be a problem if you approach him from the same plane, but it can’t hit you if you are above or under the boss.

    The sword can hit Death Jester even if Alex is not totally lined up with him, so try to step up or down when the boss lands and slash him. If you are quick, you can hit him in the air before he fires off his shot which will interrupt the move. Sadly, magic does not seem to work on this guy, so stick to the sword. The Hauza can also work in this battle, but it requires careful positioning and timing. You’ll have to interrupt his magic attack before he fires it if you want to hit him in the air with the Hauza. On the ground, he is far more vulnerable to it, however.


    Head through the door to the right and follow the path after beating the boss. You’ll encounter the dragon lords after a brief walk. Check the room to the left after speaking to them to get the Sektra Map, then return to the dragon lords and examine their alter. They will tell you to go to the swamp before kindly teleporting Alex out of the temple. I suggest saving at Miraj before making any perilous journeys.

IX. The Emblems

    You may have noticed flashing blue emblems that resemble the Tri-Force from Legend of Zelda. Using your Magic Mirror while standing atop one of these emblems wil usually l transport Alex to a cave that holds treasure. At this point in Dragon View, you can easily access four of these emblems and probably should before moving onward, though this section only covers three of them since you’ll find the fourth in the next area. Using the mirror on an emblem can be tricky and you may have to walk over it several times while pressing the A button with the mirror equipped to get it to work.

a. 1st Ortah Desert Emblem 

Items: Sword Energy.

Follow the road leading out from the Quicksand Cave as if you were going to the lion statue that occupies the road. Walk past the statue while sticking to the road and you’ll eventually come to the first emblem. It is not visible on the detailed map, but it’s in the southeast corner of the desert if you look at the world map. The mirror will transport you to a small cave that holds a Sword Energy. There is a second emblem in this desert, but you cannot access it until you have a certain item.

b. Lake Region Emblem

Items: Hauza Energy

This emblem is not easy to find since it’s in the middle of nowhere. Remember the stump where you learned the sword technique that’s just off the western road? The emblem is slightly southwest of it. Stand near the stump and turn so that your compass needle is pointing southwest, then walk a bit and you will see the emblem. Inside you will get a Hauza Energy.

c. Snowfield Emblem

Items: Ice Ring Upgrade

The Snowfield is a long way from Ortah, but the emblem is the easiest to find. Head north when you teleport into the area from Casdra. If you check the map, the emblem is just above the “W” in the word Snowfield, next to a branch of the road that runs diagonal. The wizard in the emblem cave will upgrade your Ice Ring.

X. Sektra Swamp

It’s time to depart from Ortah Desert (or the Snow Field) and head off to Sektra Swamp. The Swamp is north of the Lake Region, so head west from Casdra or east from Ortah to get to the Lake. 

a. Wet Cavern

Items: HP Container, 1000j

    You can enter the swamp from the east or west, but the main road ultimately connects the two branches. If you use the road, follow it north until you come to a fork. At the fork, go west and you will see the entrance to the wet cavern. Once inside the cave you will meet a blue wizard who will ask you if your feelings are hurt after he mocks you. Say “yes” and he will challenge you to slay 100 demons in exchange for an HP Container. These foes must be fought in random overworld battles for them to count. Luckily, the swamp is a great place to fight and level up, plus you can always revisit the cave and break the clay jars to the left to get some extra life.

    Talking to the wizard after you accepted the challenge and before you’ve killed 100 demons will elicit a variety of responses. He will also tell you how many monsters you have left to kill, which is quite helpful. Stay near the cave and try to keep count as you battle the demons. Monsters killed in dungeons will not count towards your kills. If you happen to give the wizard the wrong answer or touch the chest, he will disappear. Leave the cave and return, which will reset the wizard, if this happens.

    If you use a bomb on the back left wall (it’s discolored and cracked looking) it will crumble, allowing Alex to go deeper in the cave. The area is a long hallway with spiked floors and imps. At the end of the hall you will find a box that holds 1000j.

b. Hollowed Out Tree 1

Items: Lightning Ring Upgrade

Go northeast from the Wet Cavern to a tree stump that is just off of the road leading from the Sektra Temple. The wizard inside will upgrade your lightning ring.

c. Sektra Emblem

Items: Lightning Ring Upgrade

Directly east of the stump you visited to get a lightning ring upgrade is an emblem. Use the magic mirror while standing on the emblem to enter a chamber that is home to a wizard who will upgrade your lightning ring again.

d. Hollowed Out Tree 2

Items: Big Bag

Head southeast from the emblem to another tree stump. The wizard inside will offer you a Big Bag in exchange for 50 fruit. The bag upgrade makes it possible to hold a greater number of potions, magic crystals, bombs, and arrows. Return to Galys Pass and strike the trees there with your sword to collect fruit if you need it.

e. Hollowed Out Tree 3

There’s yet another stump north of the one where you got the bag upgrade. The person inside will trade a potion for 10 fruit.

f. Wandering Healer

Look at your Sektra map, there’s a branch of road just southeast of Sektra Temple that leads to what appears to be a dead end. A cave actually occupies the dead end. The healer inside will save your game and restore your HP/MP for 50j.

g. Sektra Warp Star

West of Sektra Temple you’ll find a warp star that can’t be seen on the map.

h. The HP Containers

Items: HP Container x3 (600j, 800j, 1000j)

Note: I only recommend getting these containers from the merchant if you need the health boost or if you want to fully power up Alex. The 2400j these things cost can be used to buy potions, which you should be able to carry 5 of if you found the large bag, thus saving a lot of time and effort.

    With the Sektra Warp Star activated, you may want to do some backtracking to the previously visited towns of Hujia, Casdra, and Miraj where you will find the red merchant from before. Travel to Hujia first, where you will find him on the far right side of town, and buy an HP Container for 600j. Now head to Casdra where you will find him in the upper right corner of town. This time the HP Container will cost 800j. Finally, set out for Miraj and buy the last one for a staggering 1000j. If you are unsure of where the merchant is, you can always talk to the girl in pink standing in his spot, who will hint at his current location.

XI. Orusort and The Forest 

Only half of the Sektra region is visible on the map and you will have to find the town of Orusort without it. Luckily the main road leads to the town, so the journey is not overly difficult. You can also explore a forest tucked away in the northeast, but I advise saving at the healer or in town before attempting the area.

a. Orusort

Shop: Magic Crystal (600j), HP Potion (300j), Bomb (60j), Silver Arrows (20j)

    Head east from the Warp Star near Sektra Temple and you’ll see more road. Follow the road until it breaks into two and turn south. Continue along this portion of the road as it twists and turns. Eventually, the path will straighten out and you will see Orusort. The shop here is expensive, but it may be worth buying a few potions for the sake of convenience. Talk to all of the villagers to get some info on the Jade Mine. You should also visit the southern section of town by going through a gap in the foreground in the area just after the shop. A young woman in a house in the southern part of Orusort will ask you to save Fess from the mine, giving you your next mission. A professor lives in the northeastern corner of Orusort, he’ll tell you about a machine hidden in the mine that can be used to access Sektra Temple.

b. The Forest 

Items: MP Container, Fruit

Note: Striking some of the trees in the forest will reveal fruit.

    The Forest is cleverly hidden in a valley between the swamp and desert. From Orusort go east and stick to the wall. If you move along the wall a bit and check your map, you should see the marker in a valley. Keep following it and the valley will become very narrow. After a long walk you will hit the ocean. The entrance to the forest should be on the north wall. 

    Get ready for some tough enemies. If you followed this guide and are about level 29-31, you should be fine, but the ax wielding giants in the woods can still do some respectable damage. There’s also teleporting moths in here, though they are mostly just a nuisance. Kill the moths at the entrance and go though the arch made out of tree branches to a clearing filled with giants. Use the Hauza on these guys and go right. Defeat some more giants and continue to the end of the line, then go through the last archway to the north. You’ll find an MP Container in the next area. 

XII. Jade Mine

The easiest way to get to the Jade Mine from Orusort is to walk north along the eastern border of the swamp. 

a. Jade Mine Part 1

Items: Bomb x3

   Try not to fall in the pit on either side of the narrow bridge in the entrance while walking towards the door at the top of the screen. In the next room you’ll see a statue sitting on a switch that causes a bridge to extend. Push the statue into the chasm and get off of the switch to activate the bridge. Jump over the switch to land on the bridge so you can safely cross. Enter the door to the east and you will meet a miner who says you can destroy cracked floors with a Bomb. 

    Fall down the hole in this room if you need some bombs, if not proceed to the next paragraph. You’ll have to fight two black lizardmen at the bottom of the hole. The black lizardmen can use some lethal flying attacks, so equip the Hauza and move around vertically to stay safe. A chest with a Bomb will appear once the reptiles are history. Go through the door to the left and it will shut behind you after you set foot in the hallway. Four more lizards are in here, so take care and use ice magic if you are in a pinch. Head west and enter the room to the south to fight two more lizardmen. Killing them will unlock a chest with another Bomb. Return to the hallway and climb the steps back to the bridge.

   The room beyond the miner has a cracked floor and some imps, but do not bother bombing it. Enter the room to the right instead and be careful not to fall in the large chasm or you’ll have to climb your way out…oh and look out for the imp in here. This may seem like a dead end, but you can actually enter a room to the south if you walk down while standing next to the chasm. Step inside the room to the left (avoiding the imp and the chasm here) and get ready to fight another lizard duo. Loot the chest that materializes after evening is dead to get a Bomb, then continue onward through the door to the left. The door will slam behind you and a few imps will attack, kill them and go into the room to the south.

b. Jade Mine Part 2

Items: None  

    More imps and another cracked floor occupy this chamber. Use a Bomb on the floor and jump into the hole. Take out the slime after you land and go through the door to the right; do not go through the door to the northwest or you will have to backtrack to the room you just came from. You’ll have to kill the slimes in this hallway, because both shutters will close once Alex is inside. Keep going right once the slimes are gone and the shutters are open again. Go up the steps in the small room behind the hall and kill the black lizardman, then enter the room to the northeast. 

    Alex will find himself on the other side of the chasm room from before. Go into the archway at the top of the screen, then turn right to enter a hallway with a cracked floor. Kill the imps in this area and bomb the floor, then jump into the newly opened pit. Talk to the man lying on the ground, who turns out to be Fess (how did he get down here!?) and kill the weak monster that attacks. Fess will give you a hint about the device in the mine if you talk to him again: “Red, Blue, Green”. Enter the door to the right when you are done.


Boss 5: Mine Demon


   You may recall Efreet from the fire cave. This guy looks and moves like him, but is quite a bit stronger. If you are about level 30 and have a level 5 sword, you can beat this guy into the ground easily by jumping and swiping at his face or by using the Hauza technique. The small room is both a blessing and a curse, because the Mine Demon will have difficulty projecting his attacks in the same manner as Efreet. On the same token, his close range attacks are more likely to connect. Jumping and striking the boss will make it more difficult for him to track Alex. If you are having trouble, use the Ice Ring from a distance. Standing in the upper left corner between stalagmites and stalactites will   provide Alex with a safe haven from which he can cast spells. Go in for the kill once you’ve softened the demon up.


c. Jade Mine Part 3

    The room next to the Mine Demon’s chamber has three minotaur sculptures with switches under them. Using your magic rings will get the switch of the corresponding color to glow. Hence, the Ice Ring will make the blue switch glow, the Fire Ring illuminates the red switch, and so forth. However, it is not mandatory that you use the rings. In fact you simply need to step on the central switch, then the left one, and finally the one on the right to activate the machine.

    Go back to Fess’s room and you will find the door to the south open… well I guess that’s how he got down here. At any rate, go inside and go west until you get to a door at the top of the screen, then start going north two screens. You’ll come to a room with lizardmen in it (if you haven’t already cleared it) and a door to the left. Walk left for a while, then go up the steps to get back to the entrance and the relative safety of the world map.

XIII. Sektra Temple

Visit Orusort to save and re-provision before setting out for Sektra Temple. The temple is easy to locate on the map, just be sure to approach it via the main road, because the light bridge will only activate if you walk up to it from the road.

a. Sektra Temple Part 1

Items: Key x3, Crystal

    There’s only one other doorway in the entrance to the temple, so go right to get to the next room. Two Alex clones will rise up from the water as soon as you enter this chamber. The Hauza is sufficient to defeat them. Press eastward to another watery room with a treasure box. The water is deep enough to harm Alex (who apparently never learned to hold his breath) but the Ice Ring can freeze it, allowing for safe passage. Cross the frozen pond to get a Key from the chest, just be quick about it or the ice will melt. The next room, which is to the north, has a curious dome in it that can also be frozen; ignore it for now and go left. 

    Kill the swamp monsters and open the chest to obtain a Crystal. You can explore the two rooms to the north if you wish, but there’s only a few monsters and a hint about using ice magic. Use the key to unlock the door to the left in the room where you found the crystal. You’ll encounter more deep water that must be frozen with the Ice Ring on the other side. Quickly cross the icy floor and open the chest in the center of the hall for a second Key, then continue going west. It’s not necessary to freeze the water in this next room, but you will need a key (which you should already have) to unlock the door at the top of the chamber. You may also want to destroy the clones in here for some possible MP before moving on.

    This room is guarded by water elementals that behave like their fiery counterparts. Go through the north door and take out another clone, then go west to a room with some swamp monsters. There’s also a jar with a heart inside it here. The only way to go is north, so take the steps to a large watery hallway. Use ice magic to freeze the water and cross quickly, because the fountain that occupies the center of the hall is quite hazardous. Enter the door to the right and use ice magic again to freeze the fountain, then jump onto the frozen water spout. Jump a second time to go through a hole in the ceiling that leads to a room above, then go inside the chamber to the right. Kill the clones to make a chest spawn and take the Key from it, then drop back down the hole to return to the fountain room.

b. Sektra Temple Part 2

Items: 200j, Key x3, Glove, MP Crystal 

    Step into the doorway at the bottom of the screen in the fountain room and kill the enemies in the chamber on the outside to get the doors to open. Head over to the room on the right and cast ice again to freeze another fountain so you can jump up to the Crystal. The next chamber is home to some monsters and a box that has a nifty 200j inside. Enter the doorway to the south after collecting your prize. You can kill all the enemies in this hallway or just run west to the next chamber. At any rate, you can only go north after passing through the hallway. Doing so will take Alex to B2.

   The first room in B2 has a canal running through it. Take a dip in the water and go through the archway on the right to get to a room guarded by fireball spitting dragon statues. Enter the archway between to two statues to find a Key and another dragon statue. Return to the canal room and go through the arch to the left, then go down the steps to B3. Kill the clone near the entrance and use the door to the left. Doing so will take you to a curious room with a statue and some bars that block a floodgate. Freeze the water and push the statue to reveal a keyhole. Alex will use a key to open the gate if you touch the keyhole. Now go back to the previous room.

    The water in here is shallow enough to traverse, so go right and enter the low doorway. Hop onto the high ledge by the door on the left in the next room to get to a hallway with a Key. The rest of the hallway is inaccessible for now so go back to the room you just came from. Drop back into the water and enter the room to the north. A massive waterfall dominates this chamber. Press against it to find a hidden door. Defeat the water elemental in the room behind the waterfall and continue right to a hallway filled with monsters that will have to die in order to open the doors. 

    Step inside the room to the southeast. Slay the monsters in this room and push the statue to the left to get some MP. Go into the room south of the statue and Alex will turn up in the hall where you got the key earlier. Use a key to unlock the door to the right and enter another fountain room. Time your ice spell carefully so that the fountain freezes when the spouts are high enough to jump up into the next room from. 

    Enter the room to the south and dispatch the monsters in the hallway, then drop into the water so you can go through the arch to the left. Defeat the elementals and keep going left. You’ll be locked in the next room with some swamp monsters and fireball spewing statues, kill the creatures and open the box to the left. Alex will acquire the Glove from the chest. Now he will be able to move heavier objects. Go back to the previous room and enter the archway in the northeast corner, then continue through another archway to the north. This will bring you to a familiar looking room with dragon statues. Enter yet another archway between the statues and open the chest to get another Key.

c. Sektra Temple Part 3

Items: Hauza Energy

    With the key and glove in your possession, go back to the room with the bars and running water, then go through the door to the east. This should bring you back to the chamber with the hole you entered the area from. Unlock the door in the northeast part of this chamber and eliminate the monsters in the hallway beyond. Now that you have the Glove, you can push the heavy statue away from the steps leading up. Jump through the waterfall in the hallway at the top of the steps after dealing with the elementals and open the locked door.

    Two fountains occupy the next room. Freeze the fountain on the left and climb up it to reach another room with an elemental. To the south is a hall with a flowing river and a pit. The pit will simply take you back to the room with the waterfall and locked door if you fall into it. Use the ice magic to freeze the river if you think you will have trouble wading through it and open the chest by the far right wall to get the final Hauza Energy. Return to the room with two fountains and freeze the one on the right to climb up to the next room. From here go right and kill more swamp monsters, then heal Alex before going south to the boss room, which is just past a room with an elemental.


Boss 6: Water Dragon


    The Water Dragon’s move set is fairly simple. He will fly around the room a bit, then dive into the water. After that, he’ll spit water at Alex and submerge again. He’ll repeat the process until the conclusion of the battle. The sword and the Lightning Ring work well on this boss. You can also employ the Hauza if you are good at lining up its shots. Only the dragon’s head is vulnerable, so aim carefully. Players below level 30 should take care when battling this guy, since he will have an easy time crashing into you and Alex’s innate defense is an important factor in mitigating damage. You’ll also have to use lightning with care, because he tends to fly out of its range.


d. Sektra Temple Part 4

Items: Soldrak 

Go through the door on the left when the boss is dead. The Dragon Lords will speak to Alex and powerup his pendant. Your next stop is back in Hujia. Go south, then west to exit the temple. 

XIV. Neil 

The Warp Star east of the Sektra Temple will take you back to the lake region. From there you can go west to the Casdra Warp Star or cross Mount Galys to get back to Hujia.

a. Hujia (Revisited)

Items: Breeze Map, Fairy Statue

You’ll find this town much changed since your last visit. Go to the house on the far right and open the chests to acquire a Breeze Map and Fairy Statue. Upon receiving the statue, Alex will be told to visit the village of Neil. 

b. Rysis (Revisited, Optional)

Items: None

Visiting Rysis is not at all necessary, but there is some new dialogue to read if you are curious.

c. North Cave (Revisited)

Items: 1000j, MP Container

    Remember the cave where you found the Bow so long ago? Use the Warp Star just west of Rysis and walk north to find the cave again. The once impossible foes in here should be manageable and the Glove will allow Alex to move the statue in the northern room. Behind the statue, you will find a hallway with two sealed doorways that must be blown up with a bomb. The first spot you must bomb is directly across from the entrance to the hallway and leads to a chest with 1000j. Blow up the rock to the right and you will get an MP Container.

d. The Town of Neil

Items: None

    Go east from Casdra and cross the river beyond the lake region as if you were going to the desert. Swing south after crossing the river and you will arrive at Neil after a long journey. The temple here offers the usual services, but the town is largely abandoned. Enter the building on the far right and read the note on the table. Two youths will ask you to go to an old stump to the northwest to save their grandfather after you read the letter.

e. Neil Warp Star

The Neil Warp Star is just east of town, be sure to activate it if you want to fast travel to Miraj for some reason.

f. Old Well

Items: HP Container

Note: Bring a few arrows to this dungeon.

    You’ll find the stump northwest of the town of Neil at the end of the road just like the kids said. By now you should be familiar with the bridge switches from earlier areas. There’s another one of these to the right of the Old Well entrance. Push the statue off of it and jump over the switch to get to the room to the right. A tablet occupies the center of the next room, but it is illegible, so go in the southern chamber and kill the giant guarding the western door, which is the only option you have if you want to proceed.

    Now go south two rooms (watch out for the lizardmen in the first of these rooms) then east after killing the slimes in the second room. Defeat the giant in the next room and go north to a chamber with two dragon sculptures. Go through the door to the right and jump down the hole, then ascend the stairs to the right. Another giant guards the room at the top of the steps, but you can skip past him and through the door to the right. Defeat the slimes in the next area and go north to a room filled with lizardmen.

    Enter the room to the north after dealing with the lizardmen and open the box for an HP Container. Now go back through the hallway and down the steps. Go through the door to the north to a room with some stairs going up and a slime. Climb the steps to an area with a pit and a stone dragon on the right-hand wall. Shoot the dragon with your bow to make a bridge appear, then enter the next room. Talk to the old man to exit the dungeon.

g. Neil (Revisited) 

Items: Blessing

Ogma will turn the Fairy Statue you found in Hujia into a live fairy called Blessing after you rescue him. Save your game and set out for the Forest of Illusion.

h. Forest of Illusion

Items: Badsel Map

Note: Try to collect 50 or more pieces of fruit while you are in the forest, you’ll need it later for an armor upgrade.

    The Forest of Illusion is southeast of Neil, near the coast. Usually I provide detailed instructions on how to navigate each area, but this is unnecessary in the case of the Forest of Illusion. Equip the Blessing and the Fairy will show you which way to go, making it impossible to get lost if you use it on every screen. The enemies in here are also weak at this point if you are at least level 32 and have level 5 weapons. You will often find fruit in the branches of trees here and it’s still worth picking this stuff up. At the end of the forest you will meet a goddess who will give you the Badsel Map.

XV. The Badsel Region

You’ll immediately enter Mount Badsel after emerging from the Forest of Illusion. Luckily this area is not difficult and there are friendly NPCs that offer Alex their services.

a. Mount Badsel

Items: Jade, HP Container

At the top of the steps that serve as the mountain’s entrance, you will see two paths, with one going left and the other leading off to the right. There’s also a cave across from the stairs, the wandering healer in the cave can replenish your life and save the game. The left path is the way to go if you want to simply go through the area, but there are a few bonuses if you go right, though nothing terribly valuable is hidden there. With that said, I’ll put separate directions for the right path after the left path for those who wish to explore it, though there’s only a little bit of Jade and a chest game at the end of the road.

The Weastern Path

    To the left of the healer’s cave you’ll see a stone that can be broken with the lightning spell for some Jade. On the next screen to the west you will encounter a stone blocking a cave. Use lightning again to break the rock and go inside to find a shop with over priced goods. Go back one screen to the right and up the stairs to an area that’s home to a few moth creatures. Head right and destroy the two giants in the next area. You can also crush the rock here to get more Jade.

    Go in the cave to the right after slaying the giants and you’ll see an HP Container that is currently inaccessible; proceed through the door to the north. You’ll have to go west over a series of pits that will take you to a series of enemy infested, but otherwise empty chambers, that lead back up to the entrance if you fall into one of the holes. Look out for imps that will try to knock you into the pits. The next room is also filled with imps and you’ll need to kill them so you can cross the rope bridge to the left in peace. It should not be difficult to cross these bridges despite their rickety appearance as long as you jump onto them carefully. Be very careful in the room beyond the rope bridges, the floor moves and there’s a blue giant that will try to knock Alex into the chasm. Use lightning magic to destroy the giant so you can enter the room to the west safely.

    Two more giants await Alex on the other side of a large pit in the next room. Hit them from afar with the Hauza, then jump over to the left-hand side of the room. You should see a doorway to the south, go through it to another room that has a giant near the entrance. Jump over the pit so you can go to the next screen on the right. Kill the imps in the next room before attempting to cross the series of narrow ledges. To the right you’ll find yet another hall with a moving floor and a giant. Keep to the northern half of the hall and try to hit the giant with the Hauza, then step into the conveyor while still sticking to the wall. You’ll have to jump to a ledge to the south to avoid being dumped into the abyss, then head right to get the HP Container.

    Drop into the pit to the right and kill the two giants below, then go north two screens to get back to the upper floor. From here go south to exit the cave. Go left two screens and down the steps. Next head right and take the first set of steps to the south that you see. Walk west and kill the moth before attempting to shimmy across the narrow ledge, then use lighting to destroy the boulder blocking the way. Kill another moth and continue west. Climb the two flights of steps to another narrow passage. Destroy the moths here so you can cross safely and go right one screen.

   Two giants guard the path, defeat them and press onward past a dead tree and boulder that hides no treasure. At the end of the line you will see a healer’s cave and steps leading down. After going through all of the trials of the mount, you may want to pay the 200j for healing and should definitely save. Descending the steps will take you to another giant and a boulder you can cast lightning on for some Jade. The next screen to the east features a set of steps that will take you to the exit and the world map.

The Eastern Path (Optional)

    Go east from the healer’s cave, then go down the steps. Jump over the small platforms and climb another set of steps to your right. You should see a giant rock to the left, use your Lightning Ring on it and it will split apart, revealing a cache of Jade. Ascend the stairs on your right and take out the giant, then use lightning magic again to split the rock to the right. Enter the cave if you want to play the chest game.

b. Blue Wizard’s Cave 

Items: HP Container

Northwest of the Mount Badsel exit you will find a cave. If you helped the Blue Wizard in Miraj by giving him a Magic Crystal, he will give you an HP Container.

c. Giant Boulder (South)

Items: Fire Boots

    Northeast of the blue wizard’s cave you’ll find a giant boulder, which is conveniently marked as an X just below the name Mt. Badsel on the map. Bump into the boulder to reveal the opening to it and be ready to fight a pair of samurais as soon as you enter. Like the enemies in the Snow Field, these guys throw their weapons and spin around, but the Hauza can cut them down to size. Enter the room to the north and go up another screen to a chamber with a giant boulder blocking the door. Cast lightning to remove the boulder.

    In the next room you will see a blue giant on the opposite side of a pit. Kill him with the bow, magic, or Hauza and the bridge will extend allowing you to enter the next area. Take out the blue giant and go south. The doors will shut behind you in this chamber and you’ll have to defeat two samurais to get them to open. Beyond the southern door you will meet another blue giant. To the right is a room with a chest that holds the Fire Boots, which will prove exceedingly useful. Backtrack to exit the boulder.

d. Mount Badsel Emblem

Items: Armor Energy

Go northeast from the giant boulder where you found the Fire Boots and you will see another blue emblem. Use the magic mirror and talk to the wizard, who will ask for 50 fruit in exchange for an armor upgrade. You can also destroy the rock by the Armor Energy chest to get some life.

Note: The Forest of Illusion has fruit that’s fairly easy to acquire and in close proximity to Mount Badsel.

e. The Mountain Pass

Items: HP Container

Follow the road to a cave in the north. Destroy the boulder blocking the way to the stairs, then strike the tree to the west to get an HP Container.

f. Giant Boulder (North)

Items: HP Container 

Head east from the Mountain Pass and you’ll see a road that leads to another boulder. Bump into it to reveal the entrance and use a Bomb on the cracked floor inside. Drop down the newly opened hole and slay the samurai at the bottom. Deal with two more samurai in the room to the right and walk up the steps. Take to HP Container next to the steps, then go through the door to the left, which will take Alex back to the mountains.

g. Giant Boulder Chest Game (Northeast)

Continue going east after getting the HP Container from the giant boulder and you will see another boulder just off the road. There’s a chest game that costs 10 fruit to play and you’ll also find a rock that will give you hearts if destroyed with lightning.

h. Dead End

Items: 1000j, Hauza Technique 2

    Keep going east from the chest game boulder to a cave at the very end of the valley. A rather odd blue wizard will ask you for 10 fruit in exchange for a tip, but there’s no point in giving it to him. Go up the steps by the wizard and clear out the green boulders with a level 2 or 3 lightning spell. One of the boulders will give you some MP stars to refill your energy. Go right, taking care not to fall into the hole and cast lightning 2 again to clear the boulders blocking the way. One more rock blocks the way in the room to the east, destroy it and bomb the northeast wall to create an opening.

    Do not waste any bombs on the wall across from the entrance to the hallway, the wall will not break despite its cracked appearance. Use lightning to obliterate the rock to the west and open the box for 1000j. Afterwards, strike the wall on your left with the sword to clear some rubble away, then use a bomb to blow a hole in the wall. The grey wizard on the other side will upgrade your Hauza technique, making it use less HP!

i. 2nd Ortah Desert Emblem

Items: Fire Ring Upgrade

Note: You can wait until going through Badsel Peak to get this item, because the peak will take you to a cave that leads to Ortah Desert.

    You will have to backtrack all the way to Ortah Desert to get the Fire Ring Upgrade. The emblem is also difficult to find, being positioned halfway between the southern and eastern lion statues with no road near it. The easiest way to find the emblem is to go to the eastern lion statue and walk southwest as if you were going to the bend in the road just past the southern statue. Make sure you have the Fire Boots and a few potions before entering. It’s not a bad idea to save either. Go right until you come to a room with a beefed up version of Efreet. This guy can hit hard even if you are level 35 and have level 4 armor, so have your potion ready. Use the Hauza technique to kill him and enter the northeast door. 

    Kill or run past the fire slimes in this room and go through the door on the left. The next two rooms are home to flames that travel across the ground and fire elementals. Take the southern door in the second room and follow the path to a chamber with a wizard. Talk to him to get the Fire Ring Upgrade, which should max out the ring. The door at the bottom of the screen will take you back to the entrance.

XVI. Mount Badsel (Peak)

The second half of Mt. Badsel is north of the entrance to the region. Follow the road until it branches out and take the eastern path to find the cave that represents the area. It also shows up on the map as a cave opening to the right of the words “Mt. Badsel”.

a. Mount Badsel (Peak)

Items: HP Container

    Destroy the green rock blocking the steps with level 2 lightning and go up the steps. Kill the two giants guarding the area and climb the steps to the left. There’s a boulder on the next tier of the mountain, destroying it will reward you with some Jade. There’s also a giant here, kill him and look for a cave right of the boulder if you need a healer who can save your game. If not, go west and beware the falling rocks in this area. Kill the giant and go down the steps, if you’re quick you won’t even see the falling rocks.

    Continue down the steps on the next screen and you’ll see an HP Container that is just out of reach. Head west and ascend the first staircase you see, then destroy the green boulder blocking the cave with lightning 2. Once inside, bomb the cracked floor and drop into a room with a dragon statue and samurai. You’ll have to kill the samurai to open the shutter to the right. From there go through the southern door and the HP Container is yours. In fact, this is the next to last HP Container in the game if you have found the others.

    Re-enter the cave and take the door to the north, which leads all the way back to the upper floor of the cavern. Now go back down the steps and go west one screen. From here you’ll have to go up a few flights of steps to a ledge plagued by more falling stones. To the east you’ll find more steps to scrabble up. The next area has falling rocks and pitfalls you have to watch out for, so go east very carefully. You’ll come to another screen that is also home to narrow ledges Alex has to hop over and the rocks will continue to rain down from the sky. Keep going east and descend the steps quickly to escape the reapers that guard the area.

    A giant waits by the green boulder at the bottom of the steps, slay him and smash the boulder for some hearts. Walk down the steps to the right and get ready to fight a reaper before trying to negotiate the pits to the east. Cast the lightning spell if you want to kill the reaper quickly. The next screen over features yet another set of steps going up. Climb them and a second set of steps, then go left to (you guessed it!) a set of steps. At the top you’ll meet a giant hanging out by some skeletons, do what you want with him and enter the cave to the west. 

    From the entrance of the cave, go into the room on the right and take note of the cracked floor. The easiest way to deal with this room is to toss a bomb on the ground, which will clear out the weak spots and allow you to cross unhindered. If you fall you’ll have to get back to the entrance through a long series of rooms. Step inside the room to the north after crossing the cracked floor and grab the MP Container. With this you should have max MP, which is 18 stars in total. Go back to the exterior of the mountain.

    Walk over to the left and you will encounter three reapers and some steps, go up the steps to a screen with three more reapers. Continue eastward. Alex will have to deal with even more reapers here and it’s best to just break for the steps. Of course, this next area is populated by a pack of reapers, but you can flee up the steps to the left or knock them out with lightning. You’ll finally come to a cave at the summit, run inside before the reapers get Alex.

b. Badsel Peak Cave

Items: Armor Energy

    A friendly wizard is a screen north of the entrance to the cave. He’ll ask if you have the Fire Boots, which you’ll need if you plan on surviving this place. Take the door to the right first, it leads to an armor upgrade. The path is straightforward, so I won’t go into much detail, just watch out when you get to a room with an imp and three fire slimes, because the room beyond is home to another reincarnation of Efreet. This time he is much stronger than he was in the past. Get close to him and use the Hauza Technique, if timed well it can hit him two or three times, taking massive chunks of his life out with a single use. Have a Potion ready so you can heal if need be. Luckily, Efreet will drop some hearts when he kicks the bucket.

    Keep going forward and you’ll come face to face with another efreet in a smaller room, use the same tactics on him. The room he was guarding has the final Armor Energy. Retrace your steps back to the blue wizard and head through the door on the left. A new enemy, the demon knight waits in the next hallway. These guys will block frontal attacks with their shield, so sneak behind them with the sword to kill them or hit them with the Hauza tech. Watch out for their extending mace attack. Go down the two flights of steps to the west (killing another demon knight on the way) and you’ll end up in a room with two underworld samurai. Use the Hauza to take them out and go right.

    Piercia is waiting in the room after the samurai, but a couple of hits should be enough to defeat her. Enter the door to the south and kill another giant scorpion, then continue to the right to a fiery area. The path is pretty simple, just kill some slimes and go in the only direction available that isn’t backwards. Eventually you’ll meet another super Efreet, this time his attacks will not have as much bite thanks to your new armor. The room he was defending has a teleporter that will take you to the next area.

c. Desert Cave

Items: 1000j, HP Container, Sword Technique 2

    Though it will not be readily apparent, you will be transported to the Desert Cave in Ortah after stepping on the teleporter. The hallway to the right is filled with fire slimes, so dispatch them quickly and enter the door to the northwest. The next room has two exits, take the one on the left first, since it leads back to the desert and a few goodies. Push the statue in this room after slaying the fire slimes to open the shutter to the left and enter it. The next few rooms are filled with fire slimes and elementals, just keep pushing left and you’ll find a staircase leading up to a room with two dragon statues flanking the entrance.

    The hallway to the right may be familiar, as it is occupied by a statue you could not have moved the first time you came here.  The door across from the statue will take you to Ortah Desert, push the statue and step inside the room beyond it. Beware the demon knights that will pounce on you as you enter the room and go right to a hallway with another Piercia clone that will die in a hit or two. The room to the east has a chest that contains 1000j.

    Now go left through a series of rooms guarded by demon knights and wizards. You have to kill the pair of wizards after the demon knight room to open a shutter on the north wall. In the next room you will have to deal with another demon knight. The jars to the right have MP stars inside them. Use a bomb on the cracked wall at the top of the screen to make a doorway. Step inside and use the Hauza on the samurai in the hallway then open the chest to get the final HP Container. Before leaving, strike the right-hand wall with the Sword to clear away some debris, them bomb the closed door. Another Piercia waits behind the door, but it’s an easy kill. A wizard is in the room to the right of Piercia, talk to him to upgrade the Sword Technique. 

    Backtrack to the dragon statues to the west of the movable statue, then return to the crossroads near the teleporter and take the northern path. In here you will find a multicolored portal that leads to the underworld entrance. I recommend familiarizing yourself with the route from the underworld to Ortah Desert so you can resupply if needed. In fact, buy some potions and MP crystals as well as anything else that may seem useful before entering the portal.

XVII. The Underworld

Alex’s arrival at the Underworld marks the beginning of the end for Dragon View. Take some time to level up to 38-39 and make sure you have a few potions on hand. Remember you can always heal and save the game for free at the entrance of the Underworld.

a. Underworld Cave 

Items: None

Walk west from the portal and a scene involving Argos will take place. Alex will have access to a Healing Circle that will replenish his HP/MP for free and allow him to save his game after speaking to Argos. 

b. Giza’s Palace 1F

Items: None

    Giza’s Palace is the only structure in the underworld and it’s located almost directly east of the Underworld Cave, so it’s hard to miss. Go through the trippy looking portal to the right after you step inside, then kill the imps in the hallway to get the shutters to open again. The next portal you want to take is on the upper right side of the screen. A gold demon knight and imp will greet you, slip past them (or kill them) and step in the portal in the northeast corner. All you need to do in the next area, which is home to another gold demon knight, is go up the steps to the second floor.

c. Giza’s Palace 2F

Items: None

    Strange, multicolored globs slide along the floor at the top of the steps. They are invincible as far as I can tell, so jump over them to avoid harm. Step into the portal to the south and you’ll end up in a room with a shutter, a wizard, and a reaper. Casting lighting can soften these guys up a bit, since you need to kill them to proceed. Go south to a hallway with a distorted floor. Try not to fall down the pits in here or you’ll have to backtrack through a series of monster filled rooms and no one wants to do that. Patience is key here, because the floor will return to normal for a few seconds if you wait. Go through the passage to the left after crossing the hallway.

    The doors will snap shut behind Alex, trapping him in a room with more blobs and imps. There’s also a heart hidden in a jar here. Kill the imps and the portals will open again, allowing you to go into the one to the left. Another hallway with a shifting floor waits beyond the portal. Be careful when jumping over the chasm, because it’s pretty big. The edge of the floor near the portal is a fairly safe place to jump from. The only way you can go is through a door to the right, which leads to a pair of reapers and a wizard, luckily you can just ignore them and go through the door to the north.

    Go west through the next hallway; hop over the blobs and swipe at the reapers or just try to jump past everything. Two wizards occupy the next chamber and they can be annoying. Just try to slash at them quickly to get the doors to open so you can go through the portal at the top of the screen. The final shifting floor hallway is on the other side of the portal. Take your time and jump when the floor is less distorted, because the shape of these platforms can be very misleading. The room to the right has some more blobs, jars filled with hearts, and the steps leading down to the final area.

d. Giza’s Palace B1

Items: None

    Continue down the stairs, ignoring the imp, to B1. A gold demon and some magical volcanoes guard the landing at the bottom of the steps, but you can just bypass them and enter the portal to the south. Kill the wizards in the next chamber and go south again. You’ll be trapped in the next hallway with a few demon knights and a wizard, but the Hauza technique can make short work of them. Enter the eastern portal and hop over the volcano to the steps leading down to the next part of the palace.

e. Giza’s Palace B2

Items: None

    Two more wizards will assail Alex as he emerges from the stairs. Ignore them and go through the door to the southwest. Volcanoes line the small chamber, but they should not be trouble, since all you need to do is walk down to the portal. You’ll have to kill several imps in the next room if you want the doors to open. There’s also a mini-volcano mounted on the wall to the right, so step away from it. Enter the left-hand portal and deal with the gold demon knights, then move onto the next hallway. Kill the Efreet (who should be laughably weak) in this hallway and go into the next portal. Check your health, because the final battle will commence in the room to the right.


Boss 7: Giza


    Giza is one tough enemy, who will use both melee and ranged attacks. At close range, he will swipe at Alex with his claws, dealing moderate damage. His long range attacks are generally more lethal. Sometimes he will somersault into Alex or fire a dragon shaped bolt at him. His most damaging standard move is a shockwave that travels along the ground. Your level will greatly determine the difficulty of this match. At levels 37-39 it should be manageable and those near level 45 will find it rather easy.

    Do not bother using magic on Giza, equip the Hauza and hit him with the Hauza technique. Try to hit him with the actual projectile part of the technique and not the spin, since the spin does less damage. If you stand about a body length away from Giza when you launch the Hauza, you should be able to get a bonus hit when it comes back if you’re lucky. Have the magic mirror ready and keep it active to block Giza’s spells. This is especially important for nullifying his desperation attack, which is a more deadly form of the dragon bolt that he will start to use at about half health. Use a potion if your life gets near 50% to keep Giza from wiping you out in a shot. 

 f. The End 

The game is officially won when you reduce Giza’s health to Zero. Enjoy the ending and watch the credits, there’s a bonus scene after they finish rolling.

3. Collectables

Below are lists of all of the upgrades you can find in Dragon View, along with a general description of their whereabouts.

I. HP Container Locations 

HP Container 1- Hujia, sold by merchant in red for 200j

HP Container 2- Galys Pass

HP Container 3- Casdra, sold by merchant in red for 300j

HP Container 4- Show Field, To Landslide

HP Container 5- Meadow, southeast of the Lake Cave

HP Container 6- Miraj, sold by merchant in red for 400j

HP Container 7-  Wet Cavern (Sektra  Swamp) kill 100 demons 

HP Container 8- Red merchant in Hujia, 600j*

HP Container 9- Red merchant in Casdra, 800j*

HP Container 10- Red merchant in Miraj, 1000j*

HP Container 11- Old Well cave by Neil

HP Container 12- Mount Badsel

HP Container 13- Wizard’s Cave, Mount Bedsel region

HP Container 14- Mountain pass, Mount Badsel region

HP Container 15- Badsel Boulder, north

HP Container 16- Mount Badsel

HP Container 17- Desert Cave, Ortah

* These can only be bought after you have purchased the first three containers from the red merchant.

II. MP Container Locations

MP Container 1- Fire Cave, B1

MP Container 2- Won from chest game in the Snow Field

MP Container 3- Found in Ice Fortress 

MP Container 4- Located in a cave along the southern wall of the desert

MP Container 5- Hidden in the secret forest in a narrow valley between the desert and swamp

MP Container 6- Blow up a boulder in the north cave near Casdra to find this.

MP Container 7- Mount Badsel cave

III. Weapon and Armor Upgrades

Sword LV 1- ATK 15, Alex starts with this equipped

Sword LV 2- ATK 25, Fire Cave 1F, West Side

Sword LV 3- ATK 35, Small building west of Keire Temple

Sword LV 4- ATK 45, Ortah Temple B2

Sword LV 5- ATK 55, Emblem in southeast Ortah Desert

Hauza LV 1- ATK 20, Found in the Arsenal

Hauza LV 2- ATK 30, Small Cave, Snow Fields north of Warp Star

Hauza LV 3- ATK 40, Ice fortress 

Hauza LV 4- ATK 50, Lake Region emblem

Hauza LV 5- ATK 60, Sektra Temple before boss

Armor LV 1- DEF 10, Alex starts with this equipped

Armor LV 2- DEF 20, Found in Storehouse chest

Armor LV 3- DEF 30, Ice Cavern, Keire

Armor LV4- DEF 40, Badsel Emblem, trade for 50 fruit

Armor LV5- DEF 50, Cave to the Underworld

IV. Magic Ring Upgrades

Fire LV 1- ATK 20, Reward for defeating Efreet in Cave of Fire

Fire LV 2- ATK 30, Awarded by the Flame Wizard who lives south of Casdra Warp Star

Fire LV 3- ATK 40, Ortah Desert Emblem

Ice LV 1- ATK 10, Found in a chest in the Ice Fortress

Ice LV 2- ATK 20, Snowfield 

Ice LV 3- ATK 40, Snowfield emblem

Lightning LV 1- ATK 10, Found in Waterfall cave east of the Lake Cave

Lightning LV2- ATK 20, Upgrade by a wizard the Sektra Swamp tree stump 

Lightning LV3- ATK 40, Under emblem east of Sektra Swamp tree stump

V. Weapon Techniques 

Sword Level 1- In stump near the lake cave

Sword Level 2- Ortah Desert Cave after Underworld is opened

Huaza Level 1- Under lion statue in Ortah Desert 

Huaza Level 2- Dead End cave in Badsel 

4. References and Further Reading

Unfortunately there is little written about Dragon View and this walkthrough is one of a handful. That said, those that exist are written quite well and make excellent companion pieces to this guide. I especially recommend Admiral’s walkthrough, which can be found via the link below.


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