Developer: id Software/David A. Palmer Productions

Publisher: Activision

Release Date: October 28, 2001

Genre: FPS

System: Game Boy Advance

Players: 1-4


Control the famed space marine known by fans as “DOOM Guy” in this Game Boy Advance port of DOOM. Players can blast their way through 24 stages packed with demons using weapons that include the Shotgun, Plasma Rifle, Chaingun, and Rocket launcher. Each stage features environmental hazards such as radiation and acid that can be blocked with items like the Radiation suit. Undead soldiers, imps, and even cybernetic demons will attack players as they make their way through the stages.

Many of the doors in DOOM are locked with color coded keycards that players must find in order to progress. There are also a slew of hidden rooms full of weapons and health upgrades. Players can continue anytime using the built in save feature, but this version of the game restricts the user to saving at the start of a stage. Up to four players can participate in a deathmatch or two friends can join forces in co-op using the Game Link cable.

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