Daedalian Opus (Game Boy)

Developer/Publisher: Vic Tokai

Release Date: July, 1990

System: Game Boy

Genre: Puzzle 

Players: 1

Daedalian Opus is a puzzle game for the Nintendo Game Boy where players must snap blocks into a frame so that the blocks completely fill the frame. These blocks come in a variety of shapes and the player must work with the sselection he or she is given for each puzzle. Every frame has its own size and shape as well. Consequently, puzzles become increasingly complicated as the frames get larger and more blocks come into play.

Players can rotate the blocks and can place them into the frames in any order. Blocks can also be flipped with the Select Button. Additionally, the player is free to remove blocks that have already been placed. There is also a timer, but it has no effect on gameplay. Daedalian Opus features 36 puzzles that can be revisited using the passwords given at the end of each stage.

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