Cyber Knight (SNES)

Genre: RPG

Platform: SNES

Release date: October 1992 (Japan Only)

Developer: Advance Communication Company

Publisher: Tonkin House

Players: 1

English Translation: Aeon Genesis


   Shortly after completing a mission, a military spaceship known as the Swordfish is attacked by pirates. Outnumbered and outgunned, the ship barely manages to escape by means of it’s jump drive. Unfortunately the damaged ship was flung to a mysterious sector of the galaxy far from Earth in the process of escaping. To make matters worse, the captain and several crew members were killed in the battle. Now it’s up to you to guide survivors back home. Cyber Knight is a Japanese turn based sci-fi RPG that also uses some tactical RPG elements. Players travel from solar system to solar system using the Swordfish as both their base of operations and mode of transportation. There are dozens of planets to explore and plenty of foes to blast with lasers, plasma, missiles and more. Players can choose from six pilots who control mechs in combat that can be upgraded in a number of ways.
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