Cyber Knight (SNES) Albados Maze Map

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Albados Maze

   The final monument is hidden on Albados, the first planet in the Hew system, and a nasty maze stands in between the party and their objective. In my opinion the Albados maze is the most difficult part of the game. Not only do the twisting corridors look nearly identical to one another, but the correct path requires the player to return to the first floor, which is counter intuitive. The following maps only approximate the shape and size of the maze, but will lead the player to the goal.

Entering the Maze

   Just finding the correct cave on this planet can be an ordeal. There are several small caves scattered about the planet’s surface that are not worth exploring. The maze is located slightly southwest of the Swordfish as depicted in the screenshot below.

The Albados Maze

   Bring strong fighters with you, because the enemies here can be deadly. It’s wise to run as often as possible in order to conserve your strength for the boss, which you will have to fight just before checking the monument. The green dotted line on each floor depicts the proper path to your goal. Keep in mind that you will have to take staircase F back up to the first floor and then take staircase G back down to reach the path that leads to the monument on the third floor.

Maps by tankMage (January 2017). Thanks for using our Cyber Knight (SNES) Albados Maze Map!

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