Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (DS) Save Files

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Download Save File: CastlevaniaDawnofSorrowNormalModeSaves.7z


This file contains three saves made at various points in Normal Mode as follows:

Early Game: Demon Guest house, 30% complete. Weapons and Armors include Durandal, Halberd, Justaucorps, and Elfin Robe. Soma is Level 25 with about 19k Gold. Souls that include Witch, Lilith, Balore, Malphas as well as many more.*

Mid Game: Subterranean Hell, about 50% complete. Save contains the following weapons and armors: Mjollnjr, Balmung, Justaucorps, and Chain Mail. Soma is level 40 and has about 33k gold. Includes maxed out Witch Soul, Malphas, Balore, Rahab etc.*

End Game: Clear save file made at the Abyss. Soma has many of the best weapons including Claimh Solais, Muramasa, Kaiser Knuckle, Gungner, and more. He also has armors that include Dracula’s Tunic and a variety of accessories. Soma’s level is 65 and he has about 111k Gold. This save isn’t perfect and players can still farm many souls and items from monsters.*

*Note: The items and souls in these save files are too numerous to list here, so only a few of them are mentioned.

Emulator: RetroArch-Win64 (DeSmuME)

Download Save File: CastlevaniaDawnofSorrowJuliusModeSaves.7z


Three saves for Julius Mode made at different points in the game, which are listed below. These files also contain a cleared Normal Mode save, so choose the second save slot to load Julius Mode.

Julius Mode Level 26 Dark Chapel Bosses Defeated: Flying Armor and Balore
Julius Mode Level 36 Pinnacle Bosses Defeated: Flying Armor, Balore, Puppet Master, Rahab, Gergoth, Malphas, Dmitrii, Zephyr
Julius Mode Level 95 Abyss All bosses except the final boss defeated

Emulator: RetroArch-Win64 (DeSmuME)

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