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Release Data

Developer: Kid

Publisher: Taxan

Release Date: January, 1991

System: Game Boy

Genre: Shoot ‘em Up

Players: 1


Burai is an ancient army of biomechanical mutants that have spent thousands of years amassing their forces to conquer the galaxy. Only you stand between the mutants and galactic domination in Burai Fighter Deluxe for the Game Boy. Players fly through five autoscrolling stages filled with monsters and blast their way to the boss in this horizontal shooter. Power Ups like lasers grant the player extra firepower and increase his or her survivability. Bombs that wipe the screen clear of foes can be used in difficult situations, but players are given a limited supply of them. Power Ups are often dropped by enemies or found laying around levels.

Touching an enemy or projectile will result in instant death and loss of one of the several lives players are given to attempt the game with. Extra lives can be obtained during gameplay. Burai Fighter Deluxe varies from many horizontal shmups, because it allows players to aim their weapon in eight directions, making it possible to shoot at enemies from various angles. It also features traps like falling rock floors in addition to enemies and stage bosses. Players can attempt this game on three different difficulty levels and continue using a password.


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