Bucky O’Hare (NES) Passwords

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   Select the password option on the title screen, then choose the appropriate letter of for the password you wish to enter by pressing up or down to cycle through characters. The A button is used to enter the desired character and move the cursor to the next space, while the B button is used to move the cursor back a space. Press the A button a final time once each letter has been entered to begin the game. Bucky O’Hare features a level select system, so the first four stages can be played in any order, but the second half of the game must always be completed in the same sequence. The last three stages are labeled Final 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively, with the very last stage being Final 4. Special thanks to the Every Gamer who took the time to gather these passwords along with the screenshots, check his blog out at: https://everygamerreview.wordpress.com/


Green Planet

Password: 47JZJ

Green and Red Planets

Password: M7VZJ

Green, Blue, and Red Planets

Password: M8KZ3

Final 1: Cell

Password: M8VZ4

Final 2: Salvage Chute

Password: 6QV4K

Final 3: Magma Tanker

Password: M9LZV

Final 4: Escape

Password: M!L6▼

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