Bruce Lee: Return of the Legend Cheats (GBA)

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Bruce Lee: Return of the Legend Cheats (Game Boy Advance)


Players can enter a variety of codes that change gameplay into Bruce Lee: Return of the Legend. To enter any of the cheats listed below, press Start on the title screen to go to the Select a Slot screen. Hold the L Button while entering the codes below to activate them. A jingle will play every time a code has been entered properly.

Unlock Gameplay Modes

Enter the codes below to unlock new difficulty modes.

Director’s Cut

This mode has tougher enemies and slightly different stage arrangements.

Up, R, Select, R, Up, Select, Select

Time Challenge

This adds a Timer to each level. It’s Game Over if the Timer reaches zero before you finish the stage.

Up, Down,Up, R, Up, Down, Select


Gallery mode allows players to view all of the cutscenes without going through stages.

Down, Up, Down, R, R, Select, Left

God Mode Cheats

These cheats will make the player super powerful.


Enter this code to become immune to damage.

Down, Down, R, R, Up, Up, Select

Infinite Weapons

Keeps melee weapons from breaking and gives ranged weapons infinite ammo.

R, Up, R, Up, R, Up, R

Change Enemies

The following codes allow the player to replace the enemies in the game with those listed below. Do not use this with save files you want to keep, because you will have to erase the file if you wish to reset enemy placement to its default.

Big Thug

Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right


Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left


Right, Right, Right, Right, Right, Right, Right

Randomize All Enemies

Up, Right, Down, R, R,Select, Left

Unlock Outfits

Enter the codes below and start a new game to use your new outfits.

Bruce ‘73

Right, Down, Down, R, R, Select, Left


Right, Up, Down, R, Up, Select, Left


Right, Up, Up, R, R, Select, Left

The preceding cheats, which originally appeared in Nintendo Power Magazine, have been compiled and transcribed to this site for the sake of posterity as well as for the convenience of our visitors. They have been tested thoroughly for accuracy. Feel free to contact us if you have problems getting these cheats to work or know something we do not.

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