Body Harvest (N64)

Developer: DMA Design

Publisher: Midway Home Entertainment

Release Date: October 20, 1998

System: Nintendo 64

Genre: Action Adventure/3rd Person Shooter

Players: 1


Body Harvest begins in the year 2016, when the population of Earth has been ravaged by mysterious alien invaders. These aliens have raided planet Earth every 25 years since 1916, setting up impassable barriers around portions of the planet and abducting those trapped behind the barriers for unknown purposes. By 2016, the planet’s population had dwindled to a few survivors hiding out on a space station. When this space station is attacked by the aliens, the protagonist, Adam, flees and uses the Alpha 1 time machine to travel back to 1916 in hopes of stopping the aliens before they can destroy humanity.

Players must defend each time period in Body Harvest from the aliens by destroying them before they can harvest too many humans and by completing various tasks given to Adam. The game will end if Adam dies from taking too much damage or if the meter on the left, which represents abductions, fills up completely. Fortunately, Adam can refill his health by collecting hearts from slain aliens. Adam starts out with a simple laser pistol, but can acquire other weapons like TNT and machine guns. He can also pilot vehicles that range from basic trucks to tanks. Players can save their game between stages to pick where they left off should they decide to take a break.

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