Body Harvest (N64) Cheats

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Body Harvest (N64) Cheats


To enable cheat mode enter your name as ICHEAT. Enter the codes below during gameplay to activate the cheat or cheats you want to use. Entering the same code twice will deactivate the cheat. Commands like “C Up” and “C Down” refer to the Camera Buttons on the Nintendo 64 controller, while Left/Right/Up/Down refer to the D-Pad.

Note: A number of cheats have been excluded from this list, because I could not get them to work. See the link at the end of this page for a full cheat list on another site.


Make sure your name is entered as ICHEAT before using these codes or they will not work.

Upgrade WeaponsC Down, C Up, Up, Z, Z, Left, C RightIncreases weapon power
Unlock All WeaponsA, Right, C Down, C Right, C Up, A, LeftGives Adam every weapon
ArtifactsUp, C Down, C Right, Z, Up, LeftPlaces all artifacts for the time period in your inventory
Bad Adam CheatC Left, C Right, A, C Down, C Right, LeftChange Adam’s costume color to black
Refill Health and Fuel Down, Up, Right, A, B, Left, C Right Fill health and refuel current vehicle
Fat Legs Left, A, Right, Down Increases leg size
Game OverB, Left, C Right, C Right, DownInstant Game Over
Stick MorphB, A, C Up, A, C Up, ABecome tall and skinny
Dundee CheatDown, Up, C Up, Down, C Right, C RightMakes Adam dance
Change Harvester into MutantC Down, Up, Z, Z, C Right, RightChanges nearest Harvester into a mutant
Fat Legged AliensLeft, A, Right, DownIncreases the girth of alien legs
Blouse CheatZ, C Right, C Right, B, Left, C RightChanges blouse size

These cheats first appeared in Nintendo Power and Tips and Tricks Magazine. They have been tested and should work if entered as instructed. Please contact us if the cheats above do not work or if we missed something.

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