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Release Data

Publisher: NEC

Developer: Sunsoft

Platform: Turbo Grafx-16

Release date: October, 1990 (Japan only)

Genre: Action

Players: 1


Batman for the TG16 is an action game based off of the popular film and released only in Japan. Players control Batman, who must navigate a number of isometric stages that are loosely modeled after events from the movie. The goal is to collect a preset number of items (or in some cases plant bombs or clean vandalized paintings) that are scattered throughout each stage before the timer runs out. The Joker has sent his thugs to impede Batman, so players must be ready to avoid fast moving enemies or take them out with batarangs. There’s plenty of items scattered around that will boost our hero’s attack speed, batarang range, and even clear the screen of enemies when picked up. One hit from a bad guy will kill the Caped Crusader, but you can gain extra lives by racking up points. Continues are also unlimited and players can pick up where they left off using passwords.


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