Batman (Turbo Grafx-16) Passwords

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Batman (Turbo Grafx-16) Passwords


After hitting the “Run Button” at the title screen, select the Password option. You will see four Batman sprites which will face a different direction if you hit the 1 or 2 buttons or change into the Joker (whose facing can also be altered) after you hit the 1 or 2 button several times. Just push left or right on the pad to switch to a different sprite. Each password listed here has a screen shot for your reference as well as a written form.

Gotham Stage 8


Batman (left), Batman (left), Batman (down), Joker (right)

Flugelheim Museum Stage 3


Joker (right), Joker (down), Batman (right), Joker (down)

Axis Chemical Factory Stage 3


Joker (down), Batman (right), Joker (right), Joker (right)

Gotham (Revisited) Stage 10


Batman (right), Batman (down), Batman (left), Joker (right)

Gotham (Revisited) Stage


Joker (Up), Batman (Down), Batman (Left), Joker (Left)

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