Arcus Odyssey (Sega Genesis) Walkthrough

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Arcus Odyssey Walkthrough

~by tankMage (June 2017)


   Arcus Odyssey is an arcade style Action RPG that allows players to choose from four unique characters and team up with a friend. This guide is designed to supply the reader with detailed descriptions of stages, playable characters, and bosses. Character specific advice for stages and boss fights have also been included in this walkthrough. At the time this guide was written, information on Arcus Odyssey was scarce and all of the proceeding advice is based primarily on my own experience and observations (I did use Renolan’s FAQ as reference. For more info see Part 7 of this walkthrough). Consequently, you may find better ways (or methods that fit your own skills) to approach this title. It also should be noted that I did not have access to spell and monster names, so I was forced to fabricate working names for many of the things that appear in this title, which may cause confusion if you happen to have access to the manual.


1. Controls

2. Items

3. Playable Characters

a. Jedda

b. Erin

c. Diane

d. Bead

4. Points

5. Tactics

6. Walkthrough

a. Act 1

b. Act 2

c. Act 3

d. Act 4

e. Act 5

f. Act 6

g. Act 7

h. Act 8

7. References

1. Controls

D-Pad: Moves player character in four cardinal directions and diagonally.

C Button: Character will attack with weapon when pushed and guard if C is held down.

A Button: Brings up inventory and is used to select items/spells.

B Button: During  gameplay, the B Button will activate the selected item or spell.

Start: Pauses the game.

Casting Spells: Bring up the inventory and push up to select the top window, which displays your current stock of magical power crystals. You can select the level of spell you want to cast by pushing left or right on the D-pad to highlight the available crystals. The highest level of spell that can be cast is five, which uses the same number of crystals. Not every character can cast high level spells and many can only cast 3rd or 4th level spells. Once you have selected the spell level you want, hit B to confirm. Select the “M” icon on the left hand side of the inventory screen to ready a spell.

2. Items

Magical Power Crystal: Allows player to cast a spell, disappears upon use. Up to six can be held at a time.

Fire Ring: Balls of energy follow you around and damage any monsters they touch. Will eventually vanish after hitting enough enemies. Multiple rings can be active at once, greatly increasing the number of fireballs on screen. The effect is prone to disappearing once you leave an area, however.

Lamp of Life: Heals hero when used.

Medicine of Regeneration: Partially heals hero when picked up.

Magic of Elemental Summoning: Calls forth spirits that attack everything on the screen (excluding the heroes).

Potion of Invincibility: Makes the player character immune to damage for a short time.

Herb of Purification: Cures Poison.

Anti-poison Herb of Wizardry: Cures mute status.

Doll of Life: Resurrects player upon death, works automatically.

Power Up Gem: These are usually dropped by bosses and change color from red to blue every couple of seconds. Grabbing a red gem will upgrade your weapon, while grabbing a blue one will grant you another bar of health. Remember that it only takes three red gems to fully upgrade a character’s weapon and that picking up more red gems will not have an effect. Picking up blue gems after your life bar is maxed out will refill your HP if your are injured.

3. Playable Characters

  The following is a list of the four playable characters in Arcus Odyssey which includes information on their magic, a rating based on how they perform in-game, and an analysis of each character’s talents. Each character is judged by their main weapon, magical ability, and general toughness (primarily defined by starting HP, but other factors affect overall survivability). The highest a character can score in any category is 5 and the lowest is 1. The total rating is an average of the three categories. Please note that I do not know the official names for each spell and made my own up for the purposes of this walkthrough.

a. Jedda (Rating: 4)

   Jedda is a solid choice to play the game with, but you will have to take advantage of his magic spell, “Stone Skin”, to be successful. The swordsman can be tough to use at times, because his mediocre weapon cripples his ability to deal with the waves of monsters he will encounter in much of the game. Fortunately, Jedda is an amazing spell caster and has access to an excellent magical arsenal that in many ways surpasses Bead’s. Magic is limited, however, and those who play Jedda will need to manage their resources carefully to achieve victory.


Level 1 “Stone Skin”: This is perhaps the best level 1 spell in the game. Stone Skin halves incoming damage, effectively doubling Jedda’s life and making items like the lamp and medicine of regeneration more efficient. Not only does this spell increase his defense, but it lasts for the duration of the act or until Jedda is killed, making it an excellent spell to cast at the beginning of each stage. (1 use)

Level 2 “Fireball”: Jedda shoots a fireball that travels in a straight line,then breaks into four smaller projectiles upon impact. Fireball is good for killing mini-bosses and bosses, making it one of the most efficient and reliable offensive spells in the game thanks to its decent damage and high number of charges. (20 uses)

Level 3 “Firebird”: This spell is a powerful boss killer. Upon being cast, Jedda launches a flaming bird that deals high damage and leaves a deadly stream of flame on the ground that can kill many bosses in seconds. Avoid using this on fast moving enemies however, because they will often escape from the second phase of the spell. (10 uses)

Level 4 “Multi Firebird”: This spell is similar to the level 3 magic except that Jedda fires off a firebird in each of the cardinal directions at once. While impressive, it should generally be avoided, because of its high cost and limited applications. (5 uses)

Weapon: 2.5

   Jedda has the worst weapon out of all the heroes. Early in the game his attack lacks both reach and power. Even fully powered up, Jedda’s weapon pales in comparison to those of the other heroes. The sword’s only real strength is its rapid attack speed, which comes in handy if the player can find a safe spot and use it to hammer a boss.

Magic: 5

   Jedda boasts some of the best spells in the game, with his level 1 spell being arguably the single most useful defensive magic. His offensive spells aren’t too shabby either, since they often have a high amount of charges and deal great damage to a single target, making them useful against bosses.

Survivability: 4.5

   Stone Skin makes up for Jedda’s rather poor weapon and makes him the most durable character in the game. Players who use him will have a relatively easy time surviving as long as they manage their magic crystals carefully. (Starting HP: 6)

b. Erin (Rating: 3)

   Erin is almost the exact opposite of Jedda. Her magical abilities are almost negligible and will only come in handy in a few limited situations, while her weapon is extremely powerful. Mastering the use of Erin’s chain whip is essential to a successful campaign. You will not only need to use the whip against bosses, but you will need it’s AoE attack to clear out regular foes as well. Fortunately the chain whip is powerful enough to slay all but the very strongest bosses in just a few hits. Players using Erin will have to rely on items to stay alive and will need to manage their inventories carefully. Healing items are especially important to Erin, since she has little in the way of defensive magic.


Level 1 “Antidote”: This handy spells cures poison which is helpful at times and saves Erin the trouble of lugging purification herbs around. (2 Uses)

Level 2 “Wind Slash”: Upon activation, Erin will fire a wind blade that can pass through enemies. Wind Slash does not stack up to the whip in terms of damage, but can be useful in a few situations where range is absolutely necessary. (15 Uses)

Level 3 “Twister”: Similar to Wind Slash, Twister is a projectile that travels in a straight line that passes through foes. While Twister does slightly more damage than Wind Slash, it also costs more than the level 2 spell and has less charges. (8 Uses)

Weapon: 4

   Erin’s weapon is quite powerful and can kill even bosses in a few hits. She can also whirl her whip in a circle if you tap the attack button a second time just as it extends. Her AoE attack helps keep nearby enemies at bay and makes the limited reach of her whip less of an issue.

Magic: 2

   Good thing Erin has a powerful weapon, because her spells are pretty awful aside from her level 1 Antidote magic. The other two spells are rather mediocre wind based attacks that are only really useful in specific situations. Overall, players using Erin will have little use for offensive magic anyway, since her main weapon is more than sufficient.

Survivability: 3

   Poor magical abilities and the limited range of her weapon make Erin vulnerable to attack within stages, but she is more than capable of demolishing bosses without so much as a scratch. Ultimately players will struggle more with Erin in stages that are densely packed with fast moving mobs, than they would with most other characters. (Starting HP: 7)

c. Diane (Rating: 4.3)

   Diane is perhaps the single most powerful character in the game, but it takes time for her to develop. Eventually, Diane will become an incredibly well rounded character capable of playing through both stages and boss fights with ease thanks to her bow, which becomes highly effective against groups of enemies at higher power levels. The archer’s magical repertoire is nothing to scoff at either, with her level 1 spell, Healing, coming in as a close second to Jedda’s Stone Skin in terms of utility. Diane’s offensive spells are limited in terms of usefulness, however, since her bow will eventually outpace her attack magic’s ability to deal damage. With that said her offensive spells are quite helpful early on and come with a generous amount of charges.


Level 1 “Healing”: Heals Diane completely. This spell is of great use throughout the quest and will most likely be the only magic you use near the end of the game. (1 Use)

Level 2 “Homing Shot”: Diane fires a fairly powerful shot that will lock onto enemies. (15 Uses)

Level 3 “ Exploding Arrow”: This upgraded version of Homing Shot deals even more damage and releases several projectiles upon impact. Also follows targets. (10 Uses)

Level 4 “Arrow Rain”: Diane fires an arrow directly overhead which will produce a series of green fireballs that hit everything in the area in front of her. This spell is good to use against large groups of enemies, but it’s not terribly efficient. (3 Uses)

Weapon: 4.5

   The bow is arguably the best weapon in the game, thanks to its combination of speed, power, range, and ability to hit multiple targets at higher levels. Arrows even bounce off of walls, which can be taken advantage of in many situations. At levels 3 & 4 Diane will fire three arrows that can kill multiple foes or deal heavy damage to a single creature if she is close enough to it to ensure that each arrow hits its mark. The only downfall of this weapon is that it is rather weak at levels 1 & 2, which can make life tough for Diane early on.

Magic: 4

   Diane’s stock of spells would be mediocre if not for her healing spell, which is literally a lifesaver. Her attack magic is ok, but players will have little use for it as he her bow becomes more effective.

Survivability: 4.5

   With an excellent weapon, the Healing spell, and a decent starting hit point pool, Diane is incredibly hardy despite her waifish appearance. The enemies that swarm stages are no match for her bow nor are bosses. When Diane happens to find herself in a bind, she can always fall back on her magic to keep her alive. (Starting HP: 7)

d. Bead (Rating:3.3)

   Bead is the archetypal glass cannon of Arcus Odyssey: he boasts a powerful weapon and a deadly selection of spells, but starts with very low life. The wizard also lacks an effective defensive spell, which means he is far more vulnerable to attack than Jedda and Diane. Those who wish to play as Bead will have to master their weapon and manage their inventories wisely if they want to be successful.


Level 1 “Cure Silence”: Bead may be able to cast powerful destructive spells, but his level 1 spell is nearly useless. Cure Silence removes the mute status effect which prevents the player from casting spells. While this may seem nice on paper, the mute status is extremely rare and you may not even have cause to use the spell throughout the course of the game. (2 Uses)

Level 2 “Inferno”: Torrents of flame spring up from the ground in a cross-like pattern centered around Bead when cast. Deals moderate damage. (15 Uses)

Level 3 “Energy Orbs”: Balls of energy radiate out from Bead and expand outwards in a 360° radius. While each individual orb deals light damage, it is possible to cast the spell in close proximity to a target so that each orb connects with it in an instant, resulting in massive damage. (10 Uses)

Level 4 “Chain Lightning”: Green lighting spurts forth from the caster, dealing massive damage and connecting with nearby enemies. (3 Uses)

Level 5 “Summon Demon”: Calls forth a demon that inundates the entire area with deadly lightning. Inflicts heavy damage, but is not very efficient. (1 Use)

Weapon: 3.5

   Beads staff is a formidable weapon even early in the game, but suffers from a slow rate of fire at long ranges. It’s ability to hit multiple foes is also limited depending on the staff’s level and it’s really only effective against against packs of enemies at level 4. Despite its flaws, the staff has excellent range and players who are ale able to get close to a target can tear bosses to shreds with rapid staff attacks. Unfortunately, it takes a while to for Bead to realize his potential, mainly because of his low life.

Magic: 3.5

   Without a truly useful level 1 spell, Bead struggles to stay alive at some points, which makes him inferior to Diane or Jedda in terms of defense. The wizard’s earth shattering destructive magic helps cover for this weakness, however. In fact, Bead’s spells are powerful enough to fell bosses in a few measly hits (or even kill them outright in some cases) and he is the only hero that can cast level 5 spells. Ironically, Bead’s lack of defensive magic frees up magic crystals for offensive use, which is very helpful in many situations.

Survivability: 3

    Low life and an inability to protect his HP pool make it tough for Bead to stay alive at times. He is also the only character who can’t max out his weapon and HP simply by picking up gems, so players will have to choose carefully and get 10,000 points at least once to get max life. Even with all of his handicaps, conscientious players should be able to survive reasonably well while playing Bead. (Starting HP: 5)

4. Points

   Every 10,000 points will grant your character a 1 point bonus to his/her max life and refill an empty life bar. If you already have ten life bars (the max amount) then getting 10,000 points will fully restore your health.

5. Tactics

Enemy Blind Spots: Many of the foes in this game fire in your general direction rather than aim at you. Standing parallel to a monster (usually about one tile off center) will allow you to hit your target while it’s shots zoom past you. This is especially helpful when fighting larger monsters that take a lot of hits to kill. Keep in mind this strategy doesn’t work against every enemy, especially those that aim their attacks directly at the hero.

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later: Mashing the attack button as you move forward is a surprisingly effective way to deal with enemies in this game, since most monsters take a second to attack and spamming shots almost guarantees that you will kill them before they can react. This tactic works best with characters like Diane and Bead who have long range attacks that can hit enemies before they even appear on screen.

Points Grinding

   In the second act, open the prison and choose either Fureya or Nadira, then return to the section of the dock where you found a magical power crystal in a chest surrounded by anemones (it’s south of the chest that contains the prison key). You can walk from east to west along this dock spamming the attack button and killing the respawning enemies as you go. In ten minutes or so you can grind enough points to have max health!

Take the Power Up Gem First: Bosses drop a gem upon defeat that changes color from blue to red. Grabbing the gem while it’s blue grants more life and grabbing the gem when it’s red makes your weapon stronger. Make sure you pick up the red gem after beating the first 3 bosses that drop gems, because it will increase your chances of survival dramatically.

Life/Spell Restore Exploit: Passwords allow you to start off at the beginning of a level with all the items and power-ups you had upon completing the previous stage. What they don’t record is your current HP and how many uses you had left on a particular spell. This means you can enter a password after completing an act and start off the next act with full life and spell points (given that you had a spell prepared and had at least one use remaining).

6. Walkthrough

a. Act 1: Leaty’s Power

Items: Medicine of Regeneration x2, Fire Ring, Doll of Life, Lamp of Life, Magical Power Crystal x3

Area 1: Ruins

   This area is fairly simple. Just go straight and be ready to destroy some zombies. There are two sandworms in this area that spit rocks, so be ready to block at a moment’s notice and fire back at them. Avoid standing in the sinkhole around the worm while it’s still alive, because it will slowly draw your character towards it. There’s a green statue near the end of this area, take a moment to walk up to it and read the script. After checking the statue, you will have 2 magical power crystals in your inventory, which will be a big help. Go through the opening in the hillside to reach the next area.

All Characters: This walkthrough will generally give character specific advice, but for now the same strategy works for everyone. Get used to moving, shooting, and blocking!

Area 2: Reservoir

   Be ready for some danger. The reservoir is a bit of a maze and there are several items worth finding scattered throughout the area as well as deadly beasts. Try to shoot the hermit crabs before they turn around and fire their shells at you. Fish-like creatures will fly out of the ponds in some spots; either shoot them immediately or evade them by moving a bit. Keep an eye on the floors, because red slimes sometimes rise from the cracks. There are also giant frogs living in this zone. You’ll know one is coming if the ground starts to tremble. The giant frogs will jump forward and flick their long tongues at you, but will miss you if you stand under them, which also presents a good opportunity to blast away at them.

   You may encounter an NPC who gives you some info near the entrance to this area and it’s worth poking around here for some items. A Fire Ring is located near the center of the area, just follow the path north, then make a right. You’ll know you are close when you see a room containing a chest and some red slimes. There’s also some great loot (Doll of Life, Magical Crystal, Lamp of Life) behind and around the two water falls at the north eastern end of the area, just be careful not to go into the tunnel behind them if you want to collect the items. Once you are finished, go behind the northwestern waterfall to fight the first boss.

Jedda: You may have some trouble here, because of his limited range. Take your time and try to hit enemies as soon as you see them. You can also use the corners and walls of the tunnel for cover.

Erin: Use the chain whip wisely here and you should have no problem. Tapping the attack button twice will make her swing the whip around and is a good way to destroy the flying fish or hit the crabs from around corners.

Diane: Pick through this area cautiously. Remember that you can bounce arrows off of walls, which can make it easier to eliminate threats.

Bead: The wizard can blast his way through this area with relative ease, just watch out for enemies like flying fish that attack from unexpected places.

Boss 1: Red Warrior

   This big brute fires orbs at you that bounce off of the walls. Just pummel him to death. Weaker characters may want to use the pillar in the middle of the room for cover; popping out from behind the pillar and shooting him a few times, then going behind it works well. It also helps to keep your distance and block when the boss attacks.

Jedda: Jedda is at a disadvantage in this fight. It’s best to use the pillar trick described above to avoid taking damage and take advantage of his rapid attack speed to defeat the boss. His level 2 magic is also effective in this boss fight, but you may want to conserve your crystals.

Erin: The boss will simply crumble under Erin’s attacks. In fact two solid hits should end him. Grab a power jewel to upgrade the whip.

Diane: The Red Warrior is pretty vulnerable to Diane’s attack, especially since he has a tendency to get hung up on the stone formation in the center of the room and her arrows can easily hit him if banked off the walls.

Bead: You can take this boss out quickly with just a few blasts of magic, just don’t let him hit you.

b. Act 2: A Lost Cave

Items: Magical Power Crystal x3 , Magic of Elemental Summoning, Medicine of Regeneration, Potion of Invincibility,

Area 1: Prison

  This area is a maze of docks sitting above an underground lake. Giant octopi that attack by thrusting a tentacle in your direction, dart throwing frogmen, and anemones that fire energy balls infest this area. Make sure you back away from the anemones, then try to blast them to death off-screen, because their shots are accurate and relentless. Bear to the northwest to find a series of cells. You can talk to the inhabitants to learn of a hidden key.

   Head southeast from the cells to find the key. Begin moving northeast, when you see some anemones follow the path towards a chest to find a magical power crystal, then continue northeast to find another chest guarded by anemones that contains the prison key. Return to the cells to free the prisoners. You can select one to follow you by responding with a “yes” when they ask to join. It’s also important to speak with the character you want first, because they will not offer a second time if you decline. The order of appearance from the bottom cell to the top is: Kahdega, Fureya, and Nadiru. Note: Between Fureya and Nadiru lies a wounded soldier who won’t join you. Kahdega throws powerful axes that return like boomerangs. Fureya fires homing shots, and Nadiru throws exploding darts.

   Once you have an ally, it’s fairly safe to explore this place, but make sure you talk to the wounded soldier first. He’ll tell you where to find the key to the northeastern exit. Leave the cell area again and head east, then northwest to find the bridge the soldier mentioned. Step on the bridge to find the key. You can check out the section of the dock near the center of the area to find chests filled with goodies defended by octopi. Once you are done exploring, start walking back to where you found the prison key and head north until you come to a door. Prepare yourself for a boss fight, then enter.

Jedda: You’ll have to be cautious here playing as Jedda. Try to keep moving forward and use his rapid attacks to destroy enemies before they can react if possible. Getting the prison key and choosing Fureya will make your life much easier. You should also use Stone Skin here to mitigate some of the damage you will inevitably sustain.

Erin: The sea anemone-like creatures here pose a real threat to Erin. Have level 2 magic ready to deal with them and you can grab the prison key without much trouble. Fureya or Nadiru make good partners for Erin, because they can lay down suppressive fire.

Diane: This area is a breeze with Diane, since her arrows can destroy dangerous groups of enemies from afar. Kahdega makes a decent complement to Diane, with his highly destructive weapon.

Bead: You shouldn’t have a hard time here playing as the wizard, but his slow rate of fire can be an issue in crowded areas. This stage is a great opportunity to practice pacing Bead’s shots and fighting defensively.

Boss 2: Giant Turtle & King Handagon

   The second boss is slightly tougher than the first and fires darts that spread out or a fireball. The turtle’s pattern is simple and he always aims at the same place, so stand in the northeast corner of the room and hit him. The turtle will always fire two darts, pause, then spit two fireballs. Be ready to block the fireballs, because the turtle aims them at your position. Make sure you aim for its head, because that’s its weak spot. Much of this phase of the battle depends on who you are using and your follower. Position yourself so your friend’s attacks can reach the turtle and end the fight more expediently.

   Heal up if you need to after the turtle is dead, then hop on its shell for a ride. You’ll get a message, then a fishman will pop out of the water and toss tridents at you. He’ll quickly submerge again, so try to hit him ASAP. You can block or dodge if you wish, but a good offense seems to be the best defense in this portion of the fight. At any rate, the battle will end after you kill the fishman and you’ll be transported to the next act.

Jedda: This battle is pretty easy for the swordsman. His quick attacks are good for getting shots in on the turtle, but work even better against the Fishman. Hammering away at the Fishman every time he surfaces guarantees a quick win. Use a Magic Crystal and cast Stoneskin at the beginning of the  fight to minimize the damage Jedda takes, if you didn’t at the beginning of the stage.

Erin: The turtle is a non-issue for Erin. Just be sure to get out of the way of its attacks by going to the right-hand corner near the top of the screen. Erin will need to be a little more careful fighting Handagon however, since it’s easy for him to get shots in on her. Try to dodge his trident and hit him as he surfaces.

Diane: This guy can cause trouble for Diane, since a lot of her shots need to connect in order to defeat him. Positioning your follower so that he/she can support Diane with extra firepower is key to defeating this boss.

Bead: The turtle at the beginning of the fight is trivial for Bead, but you will have to use some finesse when fighting the merman. It’s best to have Bead sidestep the trident and counter attack before the boss can submerge again.

c. Act 3: The Bad Dream

Items: Magical Power Crystal x6, Herb of Purification x3, Anti-poison Herb of Wizardry, Lamp of Life x2, Magic of Elemental Summoning, Doll of Life, Potion of Invincibility, Magical Fire-ring, Medicine of Regeneration x2

Area 1: Pyramid Surface

   The Bad Dream is a massive pyramid full of skeleton raising necromancers, worm-like monsters, and flying creatures that attack suddenly. From the starting point go northwest and climb the stairs. Keep moving to the northwest and climb a second set of steps, then walk along this tier of the pyramid until you find a chest with a Magical Power Crystal. After that, backtrack until you come upon a large stair case. Climb the steps and destroy the necromancers, then head northwest; you should see a doorway guarded by a necromancer. Enter the door and speak to the dark spirit, then grab the sword. Exit the room and move east along the side of the pyramid to find an Herb of Purification. Return to the first set of steps near the starting point and walk along the base of the structure until you see a huge staircase that leads to the pinnacle. Go up these steps and be sure to keep firing to fend off the swarms of flying monsters as well as destroy the necromancer waiting at the top. There’s a building with a small golden pedestal in front of it, placing the sword on the pedestal (just walk onto it to do so) will open the door, but let’s explore the outside of the pyramid a bit more. Head west from the building and go down the steps, you should see one of the prisoners from earlier, who will give you some info. Go east from the steps and you will see an open door that leads to a room filled with goodies. Grab what you want and save the rest for later. Go back to where the prisoner stands, walk down the steps, and follow the platform to find a Magical Fire-ring. Now go back to the top of the pyramid and enter the door.

Area 2: Inside Pyramid

   Walk across the bridge, enter the next door and get ready to fight. This area is filled with axe throwing knights and magic shooting monsters that can silence or poison you. Go south and east to find a room with open sarcophagi and two chests that contain a Magical Power Crystal and Lamp of Life. Northeast of that room are two chests containing an Herb of Purification and Medicine of Regeneration. There’s another chest near them tucked into an alcove that holds another Magical Power Crystal. Directly to the east is a chest with another Medicine of Regeneration. Go south and to the west and you’ll find an Anti-Poison Herb of Wizardry. Now walk northeast until you come to an open door in the upper northeastern quadrant of the room and enter it. You’ll enter a room with an arrow shaped platform that holds the sword ambition. Leave this room after picking up the sword.

   Head northwest and open the door by walking into the pedestal and placing the sword of ambition on it, then enter the room. You’ll come to a series of chambers separated by hallways. These rooms are filled with mummies and killer plants, blast away at them and go northeast until you see a doorway, enter it to get the sword of Darkness. Dark lords will surround you and drag you and your companion away, then separate the two of you. A nasty arachnid waits in the room you are taken to, avoid its shots and counter it until you kill the beast, then go through the archway. You’ll enter yet another chamber. Go northwest and grab the sword of the fighter, then go back to where you entered and find the door to the southeast. Enter, walk across the bridge, and stand on the pedestal to open the door. You’ll find yourself in the sarcophagus room. Walk north and then west a bit until you see a monster guarding a door. Kill it to reveal a pedestal. Open the door and enter. You’ll find a sword of peace here, but be ready to dodge the boulders that smash through the wall after you grab it. Now return to the main room. Go southeast a bit until you find the last closed door and open it.

Jedda: Stoneskin is a must for this stage. Once your follower is taken, Jedda must rely on his weapon alone, which makes him vulnerable. Fortunately, there’s plenty of magic crystals here, so a single cast of stoneskin shouldn’t hurt.

Erin: Life will be easy at first for Erin, since her follower can help her pick off distant enemies, but you should take time to practice her whip spin, which will be your primary defense through much of the game. Basics like blocking and dodging also become more important here, since you will have to deal with hordes of far fast moving enemies in the near future.

Diane: The archer may encounter some problems in this area, because she has trouble killing crowds of enemies early on, especially the necromancers. It’s best to keep shooting every step of the way here to destroy distant monsters before they can harm you. Bead: Watch your health here, since this is a long stage. You may want to save the treasure room for later in case you run low on supplies.

Boss 3: Yodi

   This guy is an easy target, but you’ll have to deal with his summons. The Magic of Elemental Summoning is a good way to clear the screen of Yodi’s minions and damage him, if you find yourself getting overwhelmed. Blast away at this boss and watch your life. You may have to reposition yourself from time to time to avoid taking too much damage.

Jedda: You will probably eat a lot of damage here. If you cast stoneskin, you will most likely have little trouble with the boss, just watch your health and heal up if needed. Jedda’s level 3 spell can end this battle quickly, since Yodi moves slowly and the flame the spell leaves behind will damage him severely.

Erin: Yodi can’t stand up to Erin’s whip for long. Her whip spin move is great for destroying the creatures this boss summons while simultaneously dealing damage to him. In fact this fight will last maybe five seconds and you will not even have to move once you find a comfortable position in the center of the room from which you can mount your attack.

Diane: Yodi constitutes quite a threat to Diane thanks to his summons, which can easily overwhelm her. Use level 4 magic on this boss to help clear the summons when needed. Hit him with rapid fire arrows when the room is relatively clear. Standing behind Yodi can also make the fight easier. Be sure to take the red power up to unlock Diane’s triple shot.

Bead: Prepare Bead’s level 3 spell, stand as close to Yodi as possible, cast spell, win. Seriously, it’s that easy.

d. Act 4: The Wicked Flame

Items: Magical Power Crystal x2, Magical Flame Ring, Medicine of Regeneration, Lamp of Life, Herb of Purification.

Area 1: Fire Maze

   You will start out in front of a door blocked by flame. Your goal is to extinguish the fire so you can move on. Take a few steps east and go up the stairs to enter the main part of the maze. One of the other characters waits for you just above the steps and will give you a hint. Essentially, there is a stream running through this area that is blocked by several burning dams and you will need a special water statue to destroy them. Take the easternmost path and follow it north to find a Magical Power Crystal. There’s also a Magical Fire Ring waiting on the next path which is slightly to the northeast.

   Be careful of the enemies around here. Fast moving giant roaches scurry about, so make sure you are unleashing a steady stream of attacks as you press forward. There are also flying lizards that emit a stream of flame when destroyed and dragons that pop out of the ground and shoot fireballs in three directions. You can spot the dragons even when they are under the surface by their shadows, though they cannot be hit while under ground.

   This level is fairly easy to navigate aside from the swarms of monsters, so I won’t go into great detail here. Just head north through the path that is right above the steps near the start point. Eventually you’ll come to a winding corridor that has dragons scattered throughout it. Follow the corridor until you reach a door in the center of the maze-like area. Equip a good spell, because you have a fight ahead of you.

Area 2: Shrine

    Two Dark Lords wait in this area. They’ll tell you that you can leave and they’ll spare your life if you do so. Do not answer “yes”, because you will lose a chunk of life and get attacked anyway. Answer “No” and get ready to fight.  Run to the lower left or right corner of the room and start blasting one of the Dark Lords until you kill it. This is a good place to use an offensive spell (unless you are Erin, whose weapon alone will suffice) to dispatch these guys quickly. Otherwise, you may eat some damage. If you can’t or don’t want to use magic, take advantage of the duo’s slow movement speed and use hit and run tactics.Once the mini bosses are finished, grab the glowing figurine (The Watergate charm) on the pedestal and leave.

Area 1 (Revisited)

   Leave the winding corridor and look for the large pool of water with a grate over it (it’s just south of the corridor entrance). You should see a stream blocked by a board with a fire sitting on it (don’t ask me how that’s supposed to work) just past the pool. Now that you have the statue, your attacks will destroy the barriers, so take a shot at the first one to put it out of commission and follow the stream south to the next blockade. Cross the bridge that will take you west and you’ll see the barrier: blast it and move further west. Follow the stream west, then south to find another dam. You know what to do. Now backtrack a bit by heading back east, then south until you see another barrier by a bridge, destroy it. Follow the path south and then take the path by the steps and you will see the final barrier. Go down the steps after destroying the last dam and enter the room now that the flame is gone.

Jedda: Once again, use Stone Skin, which is especially important here, because of the dense monster population. Prepare the level two spell for the mini boss and save some shots for the stage boss, you should have plenty left over.

Erin: The critters around here move fast, which can be a problem for Erin. Blocking generally isn’t very helpful here since must most of the monsters in this act rely on contact damage so you’ll have to either kill incoming monsters before they hit you or get out of their way. Level 2 or 3 magic can help a bit in this area if you need something to pick off the enemy from a distance, but as usual, you’re best off relying on Erin’s weapon.

Diane: This stage is trivial for Diane if you have been collecting red gems from the bosses. Her triple arrows will bounce around the narrow hallways, wreaking havoc and defeating anything in their path.

Bead: The countless enemies that scamper around this act pose something of a threat to Bead thanks to his slow attack speed. Proceed carefully through this stage and be conservative with your shots.

Boss 4: The Thing

    I don’t know what this monstrosity is called, so I dubbed it “The Thing”. Try to stay to on its flanks to avoid its frontal attack. It’ll also shoot a pair energy balls at you every second or so, so either step out of the way or block them. Magic works great on this boss, so nuke it if you have some left. Otherwise, hit it with your weapon and collect the power gem it drops. As usual, I recommend taking the weapon upgrade upon victory.

Jedda: If you used his level 2 spell on the sub bosses and have some left, use it here. Three hits will kill this boss. Otherwise, take advantage of Jedda’s rapid attacks and stay on the beast’s sides.

Erin: Once again, this boss will die after maybe 3 or 4 lashes from Erin’s whip. Just stay on the boss’s flank and the fight will be over before you know it.

Diane: It will take the archer a few seconds to kill this boss. Just keeping shooting (you don’t even have to aim if you have triple arrows) and move around to make yourself a hard target. Magic can hurry this fight along, but it’s not really necessary.

Bead: It’s best to use your weapon on this creature and save your magic for later stages.

e. Act 5: The Arrival

Items: Magical Fire Ring x2, Lamp of Life, Medicine of Regeneration, Magical Power Crystal x3, Doll of Life, Potion of Invincibility

Note: The game will become much more difficult after this stage. I recommend stocking up on useful items like Lamps/Dolls of Life and Potions of Invincibility for the trials ahead. You may also want to conserve your Magical Power Crystals.

   This level is fairly simple, but the enemies here are numerous. Go north, then west when you see the chest to grab a Magical Fire Ring. Then press further northwest until you come to a row of cells with a friendly dark spirit waiting in one that will explain the situation to you. Once you are done talking, head east. You should see two monsters standing side by side, their names are Vortek and Keyami and one of them will join you if you answer “yes”. I prefer Keyami over Vortek, because his attacks spread out, while Vortek’s attacks tend to be more concentrated. Make sure you walk up to the one you want first in order to select who joins you.

   The monsters will explain to you that there are several mirrors that must be destroyed in order to move on. You’ll need to destroy a massive crystal in a shrine first, however. Go west from where you picked up your new ally and you will see a green creature waiting for you. Prepare to fight before taking to it. This guy will rush you, so take a couple steps back and rapidly attack him. A few good hits from you and your partner should do the trick. Take the path behind your slain enemy and turn east when you see the mirror. You will see a semi transparent pathway, take it east some more until you come to a small square building. Enter it and destroy the crystal inside.

    Now that the crystal has been destroyed, you can break the mirrors. Backtrack until you come to the first mirror and smash it with a few attacks. Now go back to where the crystal room is and follow the southern path to find a Lamp of Life. Return to the crystal room area again and go west to get a Medicine of Regeneration and destroy the mirror just north of the chest while you are at it. Go west from the crystal room and then head north to find the next mirror. Now go west until you hit the end of the platform to find another mirror to smash. Now go north and take the next turn west until you see a ramp with a chest holding a Magical Power Crystal. Northeast of that chest is another Magical Power Crystal, just north of this chest is another mirror.

   Head back east towards where you destroyed the mirror at the edge of the platform. Follow the path further east to find a chest containing a Doll of Life (You may want to chuck any non essential items you have in favor of the doll). Now take the path north of the doll to find another green monster waiting for you. Use the same tactics to kill him and go north to get another chest with a Medicine of Regeneration in it.

   Take the path west until you see rather large semi transparent platform with a rectangular opening in it. The are two chests on this platform; one contains a Magical Fire Ring, the other a Magical Power Crystal. Go east and north to find a Potion of Invincibility, then take the steps to the north and prepare to fight the boss.

Jedda: You know the drill: use Stone Skin right off the bat. You may want to consider readying your level 2 spell for the green guys and the bosses. By now, Jedda’s range issues are a thing of the past if you have been taking weapon upgrades, so try to nail enemies before they even appear on screen.

Erin: This is another easy act for Erin, but you will need to have polished your general gameplay skills somewhat to do well here. Both followers are good choices for Erin, since they solve her range issues.

Diane: Another easy stage for Diane, just keep shooting and you’ll be fine.

Bead: The staff should be maxed out at this point, which is good, because you will need all the firepower you can muster. The various creatures in this area should prove trivial, especially with the help of a follower.

Boss 5: Ginoban

This boss fight consists of two parts, the first being a serpent, the second a demonic creature.

Part 1

   This part is easy, just stand in the upper left corner and shoot the serpent’s head. Every now and then he will unleash an AoE attack, so be ready to block. Fortunately, the AoE projectiles move slowly and are easy to react to. Try to make sure your follower is lined up so you can both hit the serpent.

Part 2

   This one is tougher than the serpent. He’ll fire two wide frontal shots and two twisters that track you. On top of that he sometimes shoots quills that fan out and his wings protect him from damage when they are closed. Try to bait Ginoban into going to the southern end of the room and circle behind him. Hit the boss a few times and re-bait him if you must to avoid getting pinned. I strongly advise using a powerful spell here, just be sure to aim carefully so he can’t block it. Killing the boss will earn you a power up gem. Your weapon is probably maxed out at this point, so take the blue gem.

Jedda: The swordsman performs well in this fight. Try to get close to the bosses to take advantage of his rapid fire. Better yet, use magic and end the battle quickly.

Erin:  Players using Erin will destroy both phases of the boss with little trouble, just make sure you are careful when trying to get within whipping range of both Ginoban and the serpent, since you probably want to avoid unnecessary injury.

Diane: The archer has a tough time damaging Ginoban, but the serpent should be a cinch. Getting behind Gino will make this fight easier and your follower can help inflict damage on him as well. Try not to use magic here, since Diane will really need it for the next act.

Bead: Use the staff to destroy the serpent. You can opt to use level 3 magic on Ginoban to kill him quickly, just try to time your spell so that he doesn’t block its effects.

f. Act 6: Dark Minions

Items: None

   This act is a gauntlet of nasty mini-bosses. Do not hesitate to use a few items and/or spells here, but be careful not to totally exhaust your supplies. Since this stage is just a linear set of rooms, I am only going to give instructions on how to fight each mini-boss.

Mini-Boss 1: Living Statues

   There are three huge statues in the first room that fire shots at you. They will either spit a fireball that moves in a straight line or an orb that is aimed at your position and breaks into four fragments upon contact with an object. Do not try to block the orbs, you will

suffer damage anyway. Keep moving so the orbs can’t hit you and get a few shots in on the statues when you see an opening. These guys can’t move, so try to position the screen so you can only see one of them at a time, which makes life a bit easier.

Mini-Boss 2: Spiders

   This room holds four spiders that spit poison at you. If that’s not bad enough they can trap you in a web if the white threads they launch hit you. Luckily, the threads have a limited range and you will be safe if you keep your distance. You may want to use magic or a Potion of Invincibility here. Otherwise, take your time and try to keep them in a bunch so they cannot surround you. The spiders turn slowly and tend to be vulnerable at their flanks, so try to stay on their sides if you must get close to them.

Mini-Boss 3: Giant Worms

   This room is home to four giant worms that will burrow into the ground as they approach, then pop up to fire a fast moving ring at you. Once again, magic is probably a good choice here. You can also kill them with your weapon, but make sure you fire at them just as they surface, then take a few steps parallel to the monster to avoid its projectile. Be sure to aim for the base of the worm, because your shots will miss them if you don’t.

Mini-Boss 4: Follower

   Remember the person you rescued from prison in Act 2? Well, they are waiting here to fight you. Your opponent will vary depending on who you chose in the second act. This fight isn’t particularly tough, but you may want to use a few power crystals and a spell here, especially since a couple of shots will end the battle quickly, leaving you with more spells to use on the boss. You can also “face tank” the enemy here if you have plenty of life, which basically means standing still and concentrating on damaging your foe (you can get your life refilled right after the battle, so taking hits isn’t too much of a concern here). Otherwise, be careful how you fight each enemy. Here are some tips for each follower:

Nadiru- Try to stand just to the right of her sprite, so her darts miss you, but your shots still connect. You will have to dodge out of her way, because she will press forward as she fires on you. She will actually take damage from the exploding darts if one of the pieces of shrapnel connect with her.

Fureya- You’ll want to defeat her quickly, because her magic will home in on you. If you have a decent amount of HP, this battle will be easy, otherwise you may want to use an invincibility potion.

Kahdega- Possibly the easiest follower to defeat, just watch out for his flying axes which will come back the way they came.

   Once your foe is down, be ready to shoot, because an orb that fires spread shots will rise from the body. Afterwards, you will get some dialogue. Answer “yes” to get your life replenished.

Jedda: As usual, Jedda will encounter some problems in this act and Stone Skin does a world of good. You may also want to sacrifice some crystals to use his level 2 & 3 spells.

Erin: You’ll have to really be careful here, especially when fighting the spiders (avoid getting in front of them). Try to avoid swinging the whip sound when fighting the mini bosses and instead concentrate on taking them down one at a time in each room.

Diane: With a decent stock of magic crystals and a fully upgraded bow, Diane can clear this act with relative ease. The trick is to get close to each mini-boss and fire at it rapidly so that all three arrows hit it.

Bead: Bead’s destructive abilities really come into play here. His weapon alone is enough to lay most of the mini-bosses to waste. Just take the precautions outlined in the general description of the act and you should be able to clear the stage without much trouble.

Boss 6: Slithe

   Slithe uses a lot of frontal attacks, namely a stream of blue flame and a fire orb. He also fires two homing shots at a time, which can be dangerous. A hit and run tactic works well in this fight. Magic is highly effective as usual. Do not be afraid to use a few items or spells here, because this is one of the final stages.

Jedda: Level 3 magic works wonders on slithe. If you are forced (or choose) to attack with to your weapon, be ready for a tough battle. Slithe can absorb a ton of damage, so you’ll have to be a master of blocking and dodging to survive.

Erin: Slithe constantly moves forward and away from the whip’s strike point, which means this fight won’t end as quickly as you are accustomed. Pound away at this boss and watch your health.

Diane: You can essentially stand in one spot and blast Slithe with arrows. Keep an eye on your life and cast the heal spell when needed or pop a potion of invincibility. For those who prefer fighting with some finesse, stay on Slithe’s sides and hit him at close range.

Bead: Slithe can absorb a lot of punishment, magic can cut down on his life pool quite a bit, but you will probably need to use to your staff to finish him off.

g. Act 7: Nightmare Castle

Items: Magic of Elemental Summoning, Medicine of Regeneration, Doll of Life, Lamp of Life, Magical Power Crystal x3, Purification Herb

Main Area

  Go to the eastmost corridor and speak to the adventurer there (who you encounter changes depending on who you picked as a follower earlier) to get some info on this area. Watch out for the scorpions here, they fire poisonous projectiles. Go to the central corridor and follow it north until you reach an open room filled with scorpions. Take the eastern passage and follow it as it turns north. Enter the doorway and be prepared to fight…

Yodi (Revived)

   Don’t even bother trying to harm Yodi, he can’t be damaged. Instead run to the back of the room and strike the giant mummy as quickly as possible. Destroying the mummy will lay Yodi to rest permanently. If you are quick enough, you can do this section without taking damage.

Main Area

   Leave Yodi’s room and head back to the open room with all the scorpions. Go north to the ribcage bridge and grab the Magic of Elemental Summoning in the chest. Go north a bit more and you will see some steps that lead to a strange room. Follow the hallway and go up the steps. This may seem like another area, but it’s just a different portion of the main area. You’ll find a Medicine of Regeneration and a Doll of Life in the boxes just east of the stairs. Go west to find a Lamp of Life and a doorway that leads to the next mummy.

Ginoban (Revived)

   Run past Ginoban like you did Yodi and take cover behind the brazier next to the mummy to avoid the boss’s attacks. Attack the mummy rapidly as you did before to end this fight. Now leave the room and return to the main area.

Main Area

   Go back through the red hallway, cross the ribcage bridge and turn into the corridor just west of it. Follow the corridor west to get a Magical Power Crystal. Now follow the corridor north and go up the steps and turn west at where the road forms a “T”. Follow the hallway as it turns southwest and pick up the Magical Power Crystal in the chest that is positioned just north of the doorway. Enter the doorway to find the final mummy.

Slithe (Revived)

   Once again, run past the boss and nail the mummy with a rapid barrage of attacks. You can hide behind the brazier, but Slithe’s attacks seem to penetrate it. No matter, a few good hits will reduce the mummy to dust and put an end to Slithe. Leave.

Main Area

   All of the enemies are gone now that you have eliminated the mummies. Go back to the T in the road and take the eastern pathway this time. Keep following it and you will see a box with a Purification Herb, which you don’t really need at this point. Now follow the path further east for a Medicine of Regeneration and then south to find the boss…

Jedda: The swordsman is at an advantage here thanks to the narrow hallways. Advance cautiously and blast away to destroy the deadly scorpions before they can pose a threat. Jedda even has the upper hand in the mummy rooms thanks to Stone Skin and his ability to attack rapidly, which should mitigate much of the danger of these fights.

Erin: The narrow hallways here work in Erin’s favor, just keep swinging that whip around to destroy the monsters that infest this area.Try to be mindful of the exploding lumps that line the walls in some places, since you can be hit by the projectiles they release. Antidote magic is also nice to have in this act since you can easily be poisoned by a stray shot from a scorpion.

Diane: The archer will breeze through this area, just shoot constantly and make sure you get close to the mummies to destroy them quickly.

Bead: At this point, the wizard should have a decent HP supply and a mighty weapon, but you still need to fight carefully to stay alive here. Lucky, Bead can destroy the mummies in seconds, which makes the stage more bearable.

Boss 7: Slime Monster

   This creature surfaces from the floor to fire a shot and then submerges again. Sometimes it will spawn an orb that fires projectiles in a spiral pattern, which can (and should) be destroyed quickly. You can only harm this boss when it rears its ugly head, so fire away when it surfaces and be ready to block its projectile. Try to keep a few paces between you and the creature, because it can harm you via contact damage even when it’s submerged. You can also use magic to hurry this fight along, but try to use a cheaper spell, since greater challenges await in the next act. A few good volleys of magic or from your weapon will destroy this monstrosity and end the act.

Jedda: The swordsman shines here just like he did throughout the rest of the act. As usual, you should have Stone Skin active and be ready to attack this boss rapidly. Jedda’s rather mediocre weapon damage should not be a problem here even though the boss is immune to attacks for brief periods of time, because it doesn’t have much life. Of course you can use magic to end this fight really quickly if you have a surplus of crystals.

Erin: The fact that this thing submerges makes it harder to kill with Erin than most bosses. Luckily, her AoE attack is good for destroying the bullet spewing orbs it produces.

Diane: This boss is trivial for Diane, just stay mobile and hit him at close range.

Bead: Hammer this thing with the staff at close range and this battle will end quickly.

h. Act 8: The Full Moon

Items: Magical Fire Ring, Potion of Invincibility, Medicine of Regeneration x2, Magical Power Crystal, Lamp of Life

   This is the final level, so don’t be afraid to use some items if the need arises. The stage itself is fairly straightforward and easy to navigate, because it’s just a series of parallel platforms connected by staircases. You can find the items listed for the level by exploring each platform. Enemies are abundant here and you will have to watch out for flying crystals that smash into you, mutated horrors that spawn maggots, and silver cylinders that fire four way shots. To find the last boss, run north up the staircases and you will get to her rather quickly.

Jedda: You’re probably sick of me telling you to cast Stone Skin, so I won’t remind you…Oh crap, I just did. Anyway press forward quickly here. As usual, Jedda’s limited weapon spread is a liability here, so try to make yourself a hard target and be aggressive.

Erin: This place is absolute chaos. Erin is best off climbing to the end of the stage as quickly as possible, destroying everything in her path in the process. Poking around this place is not advisable unless you absolutely must have the items scattered around the platforms, because you will just expose yourself to danger by exploring.

Diane: The monsters in this area are quite threatening. If you have a full inventory, go up the steps to the boss ASAP, otherwise keep firing and try to pick up some loot. The primary nuisance in this area are the spinning cylinders, which will absorb Diane’s shots acting as a sort of tank for other creatures.

Bead: You can survive here better than most other characters, so stock up on anything you need for the final battle.

Boss 8: Castomira

   The dark sorceress herself waits at the end of this stage. She’ll ask you some questions, answer “No” to both or you will get hit with the silence status effect, which can cost you this fight. You’ll have to fight Castomira’s three forms after the dialogue, so use every weapon at your disposal.

Phase 1

    Castomira’s first form is easy to deal with. She’ll fire orbs in each of the four cardinal directions that break apart into clusters of smaller projectiles. She may also teleport around if you let her live long enough. Rapidly attacking her with a powerful spell or your weapon is a good way to quickly end this portion of the fight. You may want to use a potion of invincibility to conserve your own HP here, though it probably isn’t necessary.

Phase 2

    After defeating her first form, the boss will turn into a serpent that spews fire in your direction, fires spread shots, and crescents that partially track you. A good offense is a strong defense here. Use a spell and fire away to destroy her serpent form quickly. You can try to use hit and run tactics here, but her attacks come fast and it’s easier to just destroy her quickly, even if it means using a healing item (this is the end of the game, so why not?).

Phase 3

   Finally, Castomira will turn into a horrible demon thing. She’ll release pentagrams that circle her and fire lasers that go off in one direction, then hone in on you. Keep your distance and move around to avoid damage. Hit this boss with everything you got, whether it’s your best spell or your weapon and you will defeat her with ease. Potions of invincibility work wonders here.

Jedda: Level 3 magic will win the day here and you should have enough crystals to recharge the spell if needed. Jedda can take Castomira’s first form out pretty quickly with his weapon, so consider using it if you are short on magic crystals. You can even hammer the second form to death with his weapon, but watch your health. The final form almost necessitates the use of magic if you fight it with Jedda, but you can squeak by if you are good at blocking/dodging or have a decent stock of items.

Erin: Castomira’s first two forms cannot stand up to the power of the chain whip very long and players should have little trouble dispatching them. The boss’s final form can absorb quite a bit of punishment, even from the chain whip, but you should have enough healing items to out last her. Avoid using the whirl attack during these fights, because it will deal less damage than the standard attack.

Diane: You should have more than enough healing spells and items to win this battle. Take advantage of the size and poor mobility of the bosses to hit them with arrows at close range.

Bead: You can lay waste to Castomira’s first two forms in seconds with magic and the staff, but her final form will take some effort to kill. You may want to save all your magic so you can spam level 2 and 4 spells at the final boss in order to end the battle in an expedient manner.

Congratulations!!! You best the game once Castomira is defeated, so enjoy the final cutscene.

7. References

   This title is rather obscure and information for it is scarce, as a result, this walkthrough is based almost solely on my own empirical testing and experience. The only work that I used as a reference (primarily to check the accuracy of my own observations) is Renolan’s walkthrough, which is of good quality and approaches the game somewhat differently than this guide. I encourage anyone who has questions about Arcus Odyssey that this guide fails to address or those who would simply like an alternative opinion to visit Renolan’s walkthrough at Gamefaqs via the following link:

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