Adventure Island (Game Boy)

Developer/Publisher: Hudson 

Release Date: February 1992

System: Game Boy

Genre: Platformer 

Players: 1


Adventure Island is a Game Boy adaptation of the NES classic, Adventure Island II. Master Higgins’ girlfriend, Leilani, has been kidnapped by an evil witch doctor and taken to an island in the South Pacific. Higgins will have to trek through eight islands that are riddled with traps, snakes, spiders, and many more dangers to save his girl. Luckily, Higgins will find stone axes, skate boards, and even dinosaurs that will aid him in his quest.

As a platformer, Adventure Island requires players to jump over dangerous pits, rocks, and even campfires. This game also features an energy meter that depletes slowly as Higgins runs through each level. Higgins will die if he runs out of energy or touches an enemy. Lucky for him, there’s fruit that replenishes his energy scattered throughout each stage. Players will also find the previously mentioned axes, skateboards, and dinosaurs hidden in eggs. The ax can be used to defeat enemies from a distance, the skateboard will give you a speed boost, and the dinosaur will let Higgins ride on its back. Players can also save some of their Powerups and take them into later stages.

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