Adventure Island Cheats (Game Boy)

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There’s only one cheat code for this game and it’s relatively simple. Be sure to wait until Higgins is hit on the head by a coconut on the title screen before entering the code or it won’t work. Once the stage select screen appears, you are free to choose any stage you wish to go to by using the Directional Buttons. Push Start to begin the stage you have selected.

Stage Select

While Higgins is running around on the title screen, press the A, B, and Directional Buttons in the following order:

Right, Left, Right, Left, A, B, A, B 

The game will immediately take you to a stage select screen where you can visit the following levels after you input the code:

Fern Island

Lake Island

Desert Island

Cave Island 

Cloud Island

Volcano Island 

Dinosaur Island 

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