A New Logo for a New Era

Here’s a logo I came up with for 2021 and beyond. It’s styled after one of my favorite franchises, Mega Man. RetroMaggedon has grown a lot over the past year, so I wanted to change the look of the site a bit. I’m probably going to keep this one up for a few years, because I finally feel like I have gotten to the point where I kinda sorta almost know what the hell I’m doing and I consider this a new era for this site. I’m not exactly sure how a new banner relates to that, but it just seems right if that makes sense. I’ll also add that I don’t really plan on changing how I do things in any radical way. My plan was for this to be an old style website that was mainly focused on providing gamers with useful info for their favorite games and that allows them interact with the site freely. There’s no reason to change something that works, so I’ll just stay focused on providing everyone with passwords, saves, cheats, and walkthroughs as well as the occasional review. As always, thanks for all the support you have shown just by visiting this site!


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