Thanks for an Excellent Five Years!

Long ago, a much younger version of myself sat leafing through the pages of the now defunct Nintendo Power magazine thinking “Wow, I would like to do this!”. At the time I was completely unaware of the fact that someday I would eventually build this site, but I already had the idea firmly planted in my mind that I should always be honest, do my best, and remain focused on the games if I ever got into video game writing. Looking back, I have to admit that I’m not perfect and neither is this site, but I’m always striving to improve. None of this is a surprise, but what has shocked me is the positivity and attention RetroMaggedon has received.

When I first started back in early 2016, I wondered if anyone would use my reviews and guides. It seemed absurd to even imagine someone looking up and using something I wrote. Still, if my work helped even one person enjoy a game more, it would have been worth it. The response to this site turned out to be far greater than anything I expected and I have to thank my fellow gamers for making this dream into a reality. After all, there would be no point in making all of this stuff if no one used it. The only way I can ever possibly repay you is to work harder, continue to improve my work, and remain true to my principals, which is exactly what I intend to do over what will hopefully be another thirty years running this project in whatever form it may take as it evolves.

I also want to thank a few of the many people who have put their faith in me by contributing their hard work into this site: Rontro, The Every Gamer, Grawlix, Manhalt, and Cowboy Yojimbo. Without their efforts, RetroMaggedon would not be what it is today.


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