Zone of the Enders (PS2)

Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Japan

Publisher: Konami

Release Date: March 1, 2001

System: PlayStation 2

Genre: ARPG

Players: 1-2


Zone of the Enders revolves around the adventures of a boy named Leo Stenbuck who becomes the unlikely pilot of an advanced mech known as Jehuty when the Jupiter colony he lives on is attacked. Leo is initially tasked with transporting the Jehuty to a freighter bound for Mars, but is drawn into a war as the story progresses. 

While primarily an action game, Zone of the Enders uses a number of RPG mechanics. Players can explore the game using a map system and can choose to engage enemies or attempt to avoid encounters. The Jehuty can fly in three dimensional space, so battles and exploration tend to be dynamic as the player flies around in open space.

The Jehuty starts with a basic gun and energy sword that can be charged up to deal extra damage. Players will also find a number of upgrades for the mech that include the Halberd and Homing Missile. Players will gain experience upon defeating enemies and the Jehuty will level up. Each new level improves the mech’s offensive and defensive capabilities. 

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