Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Walkthrough (NES)

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Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Walkthrough (NES)

~by tankMage (March 2022)

About this Guide 

This walkthrough was a challenge to create. Zelda II’s dungeons are huge and spread out horizontally compared to many other games on the NES. This made creating maps that would fit on a PC monitor or mobile device very difficult. Consequently, the palace maps are cut up into sections and do not perfectly represent the actual layouts of the palaces.

Secondly, this guide tries to cover as much of the game as possible while cutting out inconsequential information. This required leaving out some areas, like the less important caves in Death Mountain or hallways that were optional in the dungeons. I also had to guess at or make up names for some of the monsters that appear in this game. Lastly, there seems to be some disagreement regarding the names of some of the palaces. In such cases, I went with the palace names that appeared in the NES Game Atlas, so what some may call Hidden Palace is referred to as Three-Eye Rock Palace in this walkthrough.


I. Basic Gameplay

    a. Controls

    b. Link’s Stats and Levels 

    c. Skills

    d. Spells

    e. Items


    a. Stick to the Roads

    b. Use Link’s Lives Strategically

    c. Master Sword Combat

    d. Down Thrust is a Valuable Tool

    f. Leveling Up

    g. Running Jumps

    h. Farm Magic Potions When Possible

    i. Red Magic Bottle Trick

III. Walkthrough

    a. Rauru and Parapa Palace Area

    b. Parapa Palace

    c. Powering Up for Midoro Palace

    d. Midoro Palace

    e. The Island Palace

    f. Powering Up for the Maze Palace

    g. Maze Palace

    h. The Palace on the Sea

    i. Exploring Southern Hyrule and Finding Three-Eye Rock Palace

    j. Three-Eye Rock Palace

    k. Preparing for the Great Palace

    l. The Great Palace

IV. Monsters 

    a. Extremely Dangerous Monsters

    b. Dangerous Monsters

    c. Moderately Dangerous Monsters

    d. Low Threat Monsters

V. References

I. Basic Gameplay

This section covers basics like controls, items, and Zelda II’s level system. 

a. Controls

Players will have to learn two fairly simple control schemes in Zelda II. One scheme is for the overworld and the other is used for side scrolling areas like dungeons and towns.

1. Overworld Controls 

Link travels Hyrule via a top down map of the overworld. Here are the buttons and commands used in the overworld. 

Directional Buttons: The D-Pad moves Link around on the overworld map. Stepping into map tiles with a town, palace, or other icon will make Link enter 

A Button: Activates the Hammer once the player has acquired it.

B Button: Plays the Flute if it is in the player’s possession.

Start: Pauses the game.

Up + A on Controller 2: Brings up the Save Game menu.

2. Side Scrolling Controls 

Entering towns, caves, random battles, palaces, and other areas will change the screen from a top down perspective to a side view. Link can perform different actions in this game mode.

Directional Buttons Left/Right: Makes Link walk left or right.

Directional Button Down: Hold this button down to make Link crouch.

A Button: Jump.

B Button: Attack with Link’s sword.

Start: Opens the Magic Menu/Status window and pauses the game. Use the Directional Buttons to select spells. Press Start again to unpause the game.

Select: Casts a selected spell.

A + Down + B Buttons: Link will point his sword down while jumping after learning Down Thrust.

A + Up + B Buttons: Makes Link point his sword upwards while jumping after learning Up Thrust.

b. Link’s Stats and Levels 

Link has a few extra stats in Zelda II that do not appear in later titles. These stats can be improved upon by gaining experience from combat or by placing a crystal in the statue at the end of one of the six palaces. He also has a Health and a Magic meter. This section explores Link’s stats and the experience system. Keep in mind these stats are only visible in side scrolling mode and cannot be viewed on the overworld map.

1. Health (Life) and Magic (MP)

Link’s health meter is a representation of how close he is to dying. It’s the red bar at the top of the screen, so it’s hard to miss. If it’s full, he can likely suffer a few hits before being defeated. If it’s nearly empty, another hit or two will cost the player a life. The health meter can be extended by finding Heart Containers that are hidden on the overworld map and in caves.* Link can replenish his health by using Life magic, finding a fairy, or resting at a village. At full health, Link’s sword shoots beams that travel a short distance.

Magic allows Link to cast spells. This meter is white and located left of the health meter. Some spells are relatively cheap, only costing about one bar of MP to use, while others can consume most of his magic reserves. Link cannot cast a spell if he does not have enough MP to cover its cost. Players can find Magic Containers hidden in the overworld that increase the magic meter.* MP can be recovered in towns or by picking up red/blue magic jars.

* There are four Health and four Magic Containers scattered around Hyrule.

2. Experience 

Players can view Link’s experience on the top right of the screen. There are two numbers separated by a / that indicate his current experience and how much he needs to improve a stat respectively. For example, the screen displays 50/100. This means the player has accrued 50 exp and needs another 50 to reach the 100 points required to increase a stat. Leveling up can increase Life, Magic, or Link’s attack power, which is represented by a sword. 

Each of the three stats can be raised to a maximum level of 8 and have preset experience requirements. For example, it takes 50 Exp to get Life to level 2, 150 to increase it to level 3, and 400 to reach level 4 Life. The game automatically rotates experience between the three stats, but players can opt to not increase a stat when leveling up by selecting “Cancel” on the level up screen and save the experience to increase another stat. This usually requires players to gather more experience, however.

3. Stats: Sword, Life, and Magic

In the previous part of this section we looked at how the experience system works. Here we will go over the actual stats and how they work. Keep in mind this is just an overview and does not go into the mathematical details of how these stats are implemented in the game.

Sword (Attack): This is Link’s overall attack power. Increasing this stat reduces the number of sword blows it takes to slay an enemy. Consequently, Attack is a really handy stat since making things die faster increases Link’s odds of success. This stat also seems to scale with the Fire spell, which makes the sword shoot fireballs.

Life: The term “Life” implies that it increases Link’s HP (health) but this is not the case. It actually reduces the amount of damage Link takes from monsters. While these two effects are functionally similar for the most part, it’s important to understand that Life levels have a profound impact on the efficiency of the Shield spell. As a result, the defensive boost provided by the Shield spell becomes more potent as the Life stat is increased.

Magic: Decreases the amount of MP needed to cast spells. Spells often start out quite expensive to cast, so this stat can be very helpful. In fact, it is vital to improve the Magic stat, because certain spells are needed to progress through the game.

c. Skills

Link has two special skills he can learn over the course of his adventure: Up Thrust and Down Thrust. Both are pretty useful and necessary to complete the game. 

Down Thrust: Press Down and B while jumping to point the sword downward. Link will bounce around with the sword if he lands on an enemy. When paired with the Glove, Link can use down thrust to break blocks under him. 

Up Thrust: Press Up and B to point the sword up while jumping. Good for hitting enemies above Link and can be used to break overhead blocks if the player has the Glove.

d. Spells

Magic in Zelda II can be used for a number of things that range from damaging monsters to revealing secrets. Link can learn spells from wise men located in villages. 

ShieldRauruShield is probably the first spell you will learn. It goes a long way in reducing the amount of damage Link takes and remains useful from the very start of the game to the very end. Shield is also cheap to cast. Use this spell whenever you have to fight a dangerous enemy or boss.
JumpRotoThis magic effectively doubles the height Link can jump. It’s useful for reaching otherwise inaccessible areas as well as fighting certain enemies. Jump becomes extremely cheap to cast once the player levels up the Magic stat.
LifeSariaRefills about three bars of Link’s health meter. This spell is rather expensive to cast even with Magic at level 8, but it can save your life.
FairyMidoTransforms Link into a fairy that can fly into places that are too high to reach normally. Link cannot defend himself as a fairy. He is also unable to pick up items in fairy mode and this spell is expensive to cast. It’s also worth noting that turning into a fairy and flying upwards will not allow Link to fly back up into areas if he fell into them via a pit.
FireNabooruCasting Fire will make Link’s sword shoot fireballs that travel across the screen. These fireballs seem to do the same damage as a regular sword attack and scale with Link’s Sword Level. Some monsters can only be harmed with fireballs. Fire costs a moderate amount of MP to cast, but becomes fairly cheap at higher Magic levels. Bosses and strong monsters are immune to fire.
ReflectDaruniaCan be cast to block enemy magic and some projectiles like fireballs. This also sends wizrobe spells back at the caster and is the only way to kill a wizrobe. A useful defensive tool. It costs a moderate amount of MP to cast Reflect.
SpellKasutoSpell is a cheap magic to cast and has some interesting effects. When cast in the town of Kasuto, Spell will reveal a secret. When used in combat, it can turn some enemies into bots, which makes it easier to defeat ironknuckles and other dangerous foes. Keep in mind Spell does not work on flying eyes and monsters in the Great Palace.
ThunderOld KasutoThunder is a massively expensive spell that can instantly destroy everything on the screen. It is also needed to defeat one of the late game bosses. Despite being effective, this spell’s huge MP cost makes it impractical to use outside of a few specific instances.

e. Items

Link will find a variety of items over the course of the game. These items vary from important artifacts that are required to solve puzzles to simple magic potions dropped by monsters. This section goes over the various types of items, their locations, and their uses.

1. Artifacts

Artifacts are important tools that are usually hidden in dungeons. Most of these items must be acquired in order to complete the game and can be used infinitely. Artifacts can be viewed in the inventory window by pressing Start.

CandleParapa PalaceIlluminates dark areas
Magic GloveMidoro PalaceSword attacks break certain blocks
HammerDeath MountainBreak boulders and trees on the world map
CrossThree-Eye Rock PalaceAllows players to see invisible flying eyes in Old Kasuto and other places
FlutePalace by the SeaUsed to make the river devil south of Nabooru disappear and reveal Three-Eye Rock Palace
RaftIsland PalaceThe Raft is used to sail to the eastern half of Hyrule
Winged BootsMaze PalaceWith these boots equipped players can walk over certain bodies of water
Master KeyKasutoCan be used to open any door and remains in the player’s inventory after being used unlike standard keys

2. Quest Items

Quest items are temporary items that can be given to NPCs in exchange for various gifts. These items cannot be viewed in the inventory window, so it is important to keep written or mental notes on what quest items you have in your possession. Luckily, the game is laid out in such a way that it is only necessary to keep track of one quest item at a time.

NoteNorth of the river running through Southern HyruleUsed in Saria to open the bridge to Death Mountain
MirrorSariaGive this to a resident to learn the Life spell
Water of LifeCave south of Midoro PalaceGive to a villager in Mido to get the Fairy spell
WaterFound by checking a fountain in NabooruGive this to a woman in Nabooru to enter a house with the Fire Spell
Lost ChildFound in a cave in Maze IslandReturn this child to a lady in Darunia to get Reflect magic

3. Consumable Items

Consumables are single use items dropped by monsters or found in different parts of the game. They range from precious Heart Containers to relatively common magic jars.

1-UpA doll shaped like Link. Increase Link’s reserve lives by 1
Heart ContainerA giant heart. Increases max life by 1 bar
Magic ContainerA big flask. Increases the magic meter by 1 bar
Blue Magic Jar/PotionA small, light blue bottle. Refills Link’s magic slightly
Red Magic Jar/PotionA small red bottle. Fully Restores Link’s magic
Exp BagLooks a bit like a money bag. Can give Link varying amounts of Exp
KeyAn old fashioned key. Used to open dungeon doors
FairyRefills Link’s HP


Zelda II is very different from other games in the series and somewhat unusual as NES games go, so it helps to employ a few techniques that turn the game’s design to your advantage. While it’s important to develop your own strategies, here are a few tricks that can help make life a bit less difficult.

a. Stick to the Roads

Link can be attacked by random monsters while moving around the overworld map unless he is on a road. Try to use roads as much as possible, especially when backtracking after clearing an area, loading a save, or continuing after a Game Over. Doing so will cut down dramatically on the amount of time you have to spend fighting and save valuable resources like magic. Walking onto a road while being chased by random monsters will basically cancel a random battle, because enemies will not spawn on road tiles even if the random battle sprite touches the player.

b. Use Link’s Lives Strategically

Players can die up to three times before having to continue. Link is usually sent back to the room or area he died in as long as he has extra lives and will have full health/magic upon respawning. Continuing, either from a saved game or after losing Link’s last life, will send the player back to the Northern Palace. It goes without saying that having to trudge all the way back from the game’s starting point to finish a palace is really annoying. 

Always make sure you have three lives before entering a palace (unless you really know what you are doing) to reduce the chances of having to continue. You will also find 1-Ups scattered around the overworld. Save these 1-Ups for the final palace (a point I stress throughout this guide) and do not save your game after you collect them, because they do not respawn.

c. Master Sword Combat

Unlike other Legend of Zelda games, players have to rely almost solely on the sword to battle monsters in Zelda II. There are a few exceptions, like the Fire and Thunder spells, but these options have limited utility. Learn to block enemy projectiles and weapons with the shield by standing or ducking in such a way that the shield is lined up with the attack you wish to block. You should also get used to stabbing monsters with the sword. Many foes will try to evade Link’s attacks or block them with their own shields. Ducking and/or stepping forward as Link stabs increases the likelihood that your attacks will find their mark. Jump stabbing (jumping and thrusting at an enemy) is a great way to get around the shields of lizard men and ironknuckles. 

d. Down Thrust is a Valuable Tool

Down thrust will become a major part of your arsenal once you acquire it. The ability to dive bomb monsters with the sword allows Link to take advantage of their blind spots and kill them without taking damage. Down thrust can also be used to bounce off of monsters and run away from them in situations where the player wishes to avoid a fight. It’s also possible to pass through monsters in corridors with low ceilings by down thrusting through them.

f. Leveling Up

While the action aspect of Zelda II is important, players also have to keep its RPG mechanics in mind. A single level in any of the stats can drastically alter outcomes. For example, increasing the Sword stat from 1 to 2 has a dramatic impact on the number of hits it takes to slay low level monsters, so take some time to defeat enemies and gain a level or two if you are having trouble. You can also cancel a level up and save the Exp if you want to improve a specific stat. For instance, let’s say you get enough Exp to increase the Life stat, but you really need to improve the Magic stat. Canceling the Life level can actually cut down on the amount of grinding you need to do to get the Magic level you need, since the Exp needed to increase Life will be applied to Magic.

g. Running Jumps

Not to be confused with jumps made with the Jump spell in effect, running jumps use momentum to clear monsters or find purchase on high platforms. Usually, Link can jump a height of about three blocks. Running before jumping makes it possible to land on platforms and structures that are four blocks high. Using this trick can save players MP, since it makes it possible to climb up to places that would otherwise require use of the Jump spell.

h. Farm Magic Potions When Possible

It is very easy to run out of MP in this game, which can be a real problem in palaces. Fortunately, there are many places players can farm magic potions. These spots are occupied by small monsters that respawn like bots or myu. You can run back and forth in these areas and slay these monsters as they respawn. Small monsters will drop either a blue magic jar or Exp Bag after every sixth kill. This is a rather tedious way to refill magic, but it can save a palace run.

i. Red Magic Bottle Trick

Red magic bottles dropped by tough monsters or hidden in statues fully refill Link’s MP, but it’s possible to squeeze even more juice out of them by casting a spell just a split second after grabbing a red magic bottle. If timed correctly, the MP bar will keep filling to make up for the MP used by the spell. This trick is usually done with the Life spell, which makes it great for getting an extra heal from Link’s MP.

III. Walkthrough

This walkthrough uses maps. Important points are marked on the map with numbers and you can find the instructions that correspond to each number below the map along with an overview of the area. Due to the huge size and confusing nature of the Palaces that appear in Zelda II, I had to heavily edit the maps to get them to fit into a usable format. It was also necessary to break the maps into pieces. While this makes the palace maps more concise, it’s important to remember that the maps in this walkthrough do not match how they are laid out in the game. Rather, they are organized so the player can navigate the palaces and get what he or she needs in a step by step manner. Readers looking for maps that reflect the layout of this game more precisely should refer to the resources listed at the end of this guide.

a. Rauru and Parapa Palace Area

Link begins his quest in the North Palace not far from the town of Rauru and the Parapa Desert. There are several useful items he can gather that will help him explore the palace to the north and weak enemies to fight in this area.

Items/Spells: 50 Exp Bag, Shield Spell, Heart Container

1.Link’s journey begins in the North Palace where Zelda lies slumbering. Walk left or right to leave this place and enter the world map. Take some time to battle enemies on the world map and get used to controlling Link (the experience is also helpful) then head southeast to Rauru Town.

2. Explore the town of Rauru and talk to its residents to get some info on the world of Hyrule. The woman in red standing in front of the white house will heal you if you talk to her and enter her house after she opens the door. Walk left to go to the second screen of Rauru and talk to the lady in purple outside the white house. Enter her home after speaking to her and go down to the basement where you will find a wise man who will teach Link the Shield Spell. Leave Rauru once you have the spell.

3. Visit the patch of forest by the road northwest of Rauru (you may want to save your game before entering) and grab the 50 Exp Bag. The bag is guarded by some bats, but you can run past them. The 50 Exp should be enough to get Link to the next level. Take the Life bonus if you haven’t already leveled up.

4. Enter the cave northeast of Rauru. It’s pitch black in here and Link cannot see any enemies hiding in dark places yet. Look for a small monster crawling along the ground when you reach the second bump in the cave floor. You can crouch on the right side of the small bump in the floor and hit the monster with sword beams if your life is full. Otherwise, look for a shadow moving around on the floor and hop down from the bump when it moves away, then hit it with a crouching stab. Continue left to exit the cave.

5. Venture southeast through the desert and along a narrow strip of coast to find a square of forest. Watch out for the random battles in the desert, rocks fly across the screen in these battles and the damage can add up fast. Luckily, Link’s shield can block the rocks, just make sure you duck to block the low rocks.

Link will come to a side scrolling section with bubbles that rise out of the ground as he follows the coast line. Take care to avoid the bubbles or they will knock you into the water, killing Link. Watching the bottom of the screen and stepping out of the way of the bubbles makes this section less dangerous.

Step into the center of the woods after clearing the bubble area to enter a place that looks like stonehenge. Walk right and you will see a Heart Container guarded by a Goriya that throws boomerangs. You can grab the Heart Container, then jump onto the rock to the right of it, then back up to the big arch on the left and avoid the Goriya if you’re quick. Alternatively, you can cast Shield and fight him for 20 Exp. Return to Rauru to heal up after you get the Heart or enter Parapa Palace to the north if you have full life.

6. Parapa Palace is on the northern peninsula of the desert. You will have to go back through the dark cave north of Rauru to reach this palace if you went back to town to heal. If not, you can walk north from the Heart Container spot. Use caution when traveling through the desert and facing random battles, because you want as much health as possible for the Palace.

Pro-Tip: Fairies that heal Link sometimes pop up on the world map when random battles spawn, you can try to get one to appear near the palace to avoid backtracking.

b. Parapa Palace

Recommended Levels: Sword: 1 Magic: 1 Life: 2

The first palace is the smallest and least daunting of the palaces in Zelda II, but plenty of danger awaits new players here. Take your time and learn the way enemies move so you can fight them effectively. 


1.Parapa Palace Part 1

Important Items: Key x3

Link will need to gather three Keys to unlock a series of doors in the lower section of the Parapa Palace, so this first section deals with obtaining the keys.

1. Link starts here. Walk right and take the elevator down to the lower levels of the palace.

2. The hopping horse headed creatures (tinsuits) in this area respawn infinitely and will take Exp from Link if they hit him. These monsters do not give Link Exp, so it’s best to focus on avoiding them.

3. Go left to get the first key.

4. The stalfos waiting on the blocks is a somewhat competent fighter. Hit his shield, then duck and strike his legs. Repeat this trick a few times to defeat him and get 30 Exp.

5. Don’t rush through this area to get the key, because a tinsuit spawns near the key and you can accidentally run into him. Grab the Key by hitting it with the sword and return to the elevator.

6. Go right after returning to the elevator. Proceed carefully to keep from getting hit by the monsters here and watch out for attacks from behind.

7. Walk into this locked door with the Key in your inventory to open it. Look out for more enemies.

8. You can defeat the bubble in this room for a lot of Exp, but it takes many hits. Keep going right.

9. Another stalfos will drop down from the ceiling in this room. Hit his shield to bounce him back, then strike his legs like you did before to defeat him.

10. Ignore this elevator for now and continue right. Get ready to fight another stalfos just past the elevator.

11. Another stalfos guards this room.

12. Take this elevator up to the next part of Parapa Palace and another set of keys. Go right to find a fairy if you need more health or save it for later.

13. Link has to walk right down this hallway to get the two Keys he needs for the lower parts of this palace. Try not to get hit if you have full life, the sword beams are really helpful against a strong enemy at the end of the hall.

14. Pick the Key up, then walk right to continue down the hallway as shown by the arrows on the map. Walk right down the long hallway to find the second Key and its guardian.

15. This Key is protected by a mace throwing monster called Guma. The maces come fast and arc towards Link, but you can jump through gaps in guma’s volleys. Cast Shield and charge the mace thrower. He cannot fight well up close and you can basically mash B to stab him to death, then take the Key. Hit the statue to get a Red Potion that refills magic before you return to the elevator.

Head back to the elevator after getting the second Key in the long hallway and go down using the lift. Get the fairy to the right of the elevator if you need it, then prepare for the next part of this palace.


2. Parapa Palace Part 2

Important items: Candle, Key

Link should have gained a few levels of experience by now, which should make the boss and few remaining foes in this dungeon less difficult. Finding the Candle and defeating Horse Head (the boss) are Link’s main objectives for the second half of Parapa Palace.

1.If you have been using this guide, you should have gotten two Keys from the long hallway and went back down the elevator, which will place you by the fairy room. Run over to the elevator a few screens to the left and take it down to the floor where the Candle is hidden.

2. A bubble will come bouncing down this hallway. Either duck to avoid it or attack it with the sword. It takes something like 100 hits to kill these things with the level 1 sword, but the 50 Exp they give Link arguably makes it worth the effort. Link bounces back slightly after hitting the bubble, so step forward very slightly every few seconds while attacking it if you choose to fight to keep the bubble from breaking free of the stun lock. Continue left after dealing with the bubble.

3. Three more bubbles inhabit this room. They are worth defeating for the Exp, but watch out for the fast one near the end of the room. 

Pro-Tip: The bubbles in this room respawn and can be farmed for experience. While it takes a lot of damage to kill a bubble, they are safe to fight. Try killing a few and getting your Sword level to 2.

4. This bridge will disintegrate as Link walks on it. Keep moving and ignore the Exp Bag on the bridge; it’s not worth risking a life.

5. Cast Shield when you enter this room, there’s a guma and an ironknuckle a few steps to the left. Slip between the maces and hit the mace thrower up close. The ironknuckle is trickier thanks to his shield. I usually alternate between crouching and standing attacks to fight ironknuckles, but well timed jumping attacks to the head are more effective.

6. Unlock the door and take the Candle, which is very important for progressing through dark areas. Backtrack to the elevator, then ride it up to the previous floor. Head over the elevator by the fairy room to the right, then ride it down to the boss’s floor.

Tip: You can leave the palace and come back to the fairy’s room to get it to respawn if you need life. However, the trip is dangerous and you will have to fight stalfos after reentering the palace.

7. Link will have to do battle with another ironknuckle after going down the elevator. Cast Shield if you have any MP left.

8. The stalfos that appears here is easy to beat if you stay on the lower blocks and hit his feet. Same goes for the one further down the walkway.

9. Another guma is just behind the locked door. Wait for a gap in his maces as you normally would then rush to the door and unlock it so you can deal with him. Take care fighting the ironknuckle just after the guma, the boss is just a bit further to the right.

10. Place the gem in the statue to complete the palace. Link can leave by walking past the ironknuckle statue on the right. 


3. Boss: Horsehead

Horsehead is the first boss Link will battle in Zelda II. His body is protected by thick armor that deflects blows, but his head is exposed. Horsehead will run towards Link and attempt to clobber him with a mace that extends about three paces in front of the boss. Despite being well armored and aggressive, Horsehead is foiled by a simple attack pattern. 

Jump towards the boss and strike his head, then pivot back as you land and walk back a few steps to get out of the way of his mace. Perform another rump attack to his head and back off in the same manner. Repeat this technique about 13 times to beat the boss. 

Horsehead can inflict a lot of damage and it’s difficult to predict his mace swings, so there is a good chance he will land a blow even with the jump attack trick. Cast Shield to mitigate the damage a bit.

c. Powering Up for Midoro Palace

Midoro Palace is the next stop in Link’s adventure, but he’ll need a lot of items before he can brave the depths of the second dungeon. Most importantly, he will need the Jump Spell and Hammer. There are also Magic and Heart Containers to be gathered as well as precious experience levels. This section of the guide plots a path through places like Ruto Town and Death Mountain that will get Link everything he needs to succeed.


1. Getting the Jump Spell

Items/Spells: Magic Container, Trophy, Jump Magic 

Ruto, your next stop, is just west of the Northern Palace and is visible early in the game. Many of the caves in the Ruto/Rauru area were inaccessible due to them being too dark to explore, but the Candle makes it possible to travel through these caverns safely.

1. Enter the small cave southwest of the Northern Palace and head right to find a Magic Container. Several octorocks protect the container. Wait for them to jump then stab at them while ducking to beat them without issue.

2. This cave contains the Trophy, which is needed for the Jump Spell. Kill the bat before trying to jump over the lava, then prepare to fight an octorock. Defense is key here, because the octorock can knock you into the lava. It jumps before spitting its rocks, so you can block them by simply standing. The next octorock is much easier to defeat since you can just jump up and slash it. Cast Shield before moving on, then rush the goriya guarding the Trophy at the end of the cave. Whack him with the sword a few times and he will go down. Leave the way you came after getting the Trophy.

3. Ruto town is west of the Northern Palace. You’ll want to have the Trophy before coming here, since you need it for the Jump Spell. The lady in red near the entrance of town will restore your health if you talk to her. Next door is home to an old lady in orange who will restore your magic. On the second screen of Ruto, you will find another woman in red standing in front of a house. Talk to her with the Trophy and she will let you enter the house. Climb down to the basement and talk to the wise man to get the Jump Spell.

4. Link’s final task in this area is to make his way through a cave south of Ruto. This place is infested with goriyas, so have the Shield spell ready. You will also need to cast Jump at the end of the cave to reach a ledge that leads to the exit.


2. Midoro Swamp and the Town of Saria

Items/Spells: 1-Up, Bagu’s Note, Mirror, Life Spell

Midoro Swamp is home to the second palace as well as some nasty monsters. Take care when walking through the green watery tiles in this area, because the random battles here are dangerous. Link will move more slowly on these tiles as well, so be cautious. You may notice Midoro Palace just east of the cave Link emerges from, but you cannot reach it without the Hammer, which is located in Death Mountain. However, there are a few helpful items players can find in this area.

Note: The game gets a lot more difficult at this point as Link will face strong monsters without helpful abilities like Down Thrust. 

1. This cave leads back to the town of Ruto.

2. Visit this patch of woods if you are in need of healing from a fairy.

3. The tile that is one space below and one space left of the boulder holds a 1-Up. Extra lives can only be picked up once per game and I strongly recommend saving all of them for the final palace. Take note of this extra life and come back for it later.

4. Bagu’s house is located just under Point 4 on the map above. Talk to him to get Bagu’s Note, which will allow Link to cross the bridge.

Note: It may be wise to visit Saria across the bridge to the south and rest up if you are low on health before visiting Bagu.

5. Stepping on this  bridge will take Link to a side-scrolling area where he must make his way across a bridge while dodging flying fish that shoot fireballs. Try to run across this bridge as fast as possible and destroy any fish that get close.

6. Visit this patch of forest to find a 100 Exp Bag that’s guarded by hopping monsters.

7. Saria is a much needed waypoint after a dangerous slog through the swamp. Enter the first building you see on the second screen in Saria and check the table (press the B Button) to find a hidden Mirror. Take the Mirror to the female dressed in purple on the first screen of town and talk to her. She’ll let you in her house where you will find the Life Spell. Cross the bridge left of the mirror house and talk to the old woman if you need magic. The woman dressed in red near the entrance to the third screen can refill your health. A large body of water that Link can’t cross occupies the far left side of town. Enter the small building near the water and talk to the man inside. He will lower the bridge if you have Bagu’s Note. Cross the bridge to move onward. Exit town via the western side and you will be ready to proceed to the next leg of this journey.

Tip: Do not talk to random people walking the streets. There’s a chance one of them will turn into a bat that can kill Link if he is low on health.


3. Death Mountain and the Hammer

Recommended Level: Sword: 3 Magic: 4 Life: 4

Items: Hammer, Magic Container

Death Mountain is more or less optional at this point in the game and you can skip to Midoro Palace if you wish. However, this area tends to be difficult regardless of whether or not you visit it before or after Midoro and I like to get it over with as soon as possible. The extra experience and Magic Container Link gains in this area are also very helpful. Remember to return to this section should you choose to get the Hammer after Midoro Palace, because you will need the Hammer to reach the Island Palace.

A tangle of monster infested caves, Death Mountain can be considered a dungeon in its own right. Maze like warrens and killer lizard men await Link in this area, so make sure he is well rested for this part of the adventure. Link will find the Hammer, which he needs to break rocks that block his progress through Hyrule, in the heart of Death Mountain.

This area is a lot tougher than anything you’ve faced in Zelda II thus far, so take some time to level up a bit while exploring the mountain or in the Midoro Swamp. You should also try to enter this area with 3 lives and save them for the end. Grab the extra life in the swamp if you are really having trouble.

Note: I was not able to find suitable maps for the caves of Death Mountain, so this guide relies on the overworld map. Follow the numbered points as you would the other maps to navigate this confusing zone. Ignore any unlabeled caves as they are deadends or death traps.

1. After leaving Saria, enter this cave to go to Death Mountain.

2. Link will emerge from this cave after walking into the cave south of Saria Town. Take note of the water here, because it serves as a helpful landmark if you need to return to town.

3. Enter the cave to the right of the water. Link will have to fight his way through this one, which is home to bots and red moblins. Watch how the moblins hold their spears to predict where their next thrust will come from. If the moblin holds the spear high, he will thrust at Link’s head, if he holds it low, Link’s legs will be his target. Stand or duck depending on where the moblin is aiming to block the thrusts and counter with your own sword stab.

Tip: The bots (slimes) in this cave respawn and can be farmed for magic if needed. Just walk back and forth without leaving the cave to get them to respawn.

4. Link will end up here after walking through the bot/moblin cave. Your only option is to go into the cave to the right.

5. Octorocks defend the step shaped cliff near the entrance of this cave. Defeat them and get ready to fight a tough blue goriya after jumping from the small cliff. Cast Shield before engaging the goriya.

6. Link will emerge from the octorock cave in another small valley. Like before, the only way forward is through the cave to the right.

7. This cave has a few bats and bots near the entrance and an elevator in its center. Watch out for the ax wielding lizard man that guards the elevator. Use the Shield spell and attack the lizard man aggressively to knock him back before he can swing his ax. Ignore the elevator and exit the cave by walking right.

8. Link will actually have an option of going left or right in the valley on the other side of the elevator cave. Leave the cave on the left alone and enter the one on the right.

9. Cross the lava bridge as fast as you can and try not to get hit by the skeleton fish that fly out of the lava below.

10. The tiny valley on the other side of the lava bridge cave will bring you that much closer to your goal. Go into the cave on the right yet again.

11. Use the Jump spell after entering this cave and leap onto the platforms to the right if you have enough magic. Grab the red magic bottle and try not to fall. The red lizard man in the lower section of this cave throws deadly axes that can’t be blocked. With the Jump spell you can simply use the platforms to cross over to the other end of this cave without fighting him or getting hurt. If you lack the magic needed to cast Jump, use Shield and try to run through him. It’s certainly possible to beat the lizard man if you want to test your skills, but I do not think he’s worth the effort.

12. Link will surface in yet another tiny valley. This time you have to take the cave to the south. Use Shield and try to slay the blue goriya and lizard man in the southern cave as quickly as you can. Alternatively, you can cast Jump and hop over them, but Link needs the Exp for the trials ahead.

13. Spectacle Rock should be visible to the south after exiting the blue goriya/lizard man cave. Your only option is to take the cave to the south of the one you came from. Red bots and orange lizard men inhabit this cave. Take advantage of the fact that lizard men can’t jump and hit them with crouching attacks as they approach the step-like rock formations. Back away and reapproach the lizard man if he makes it to the step before you do. Try to hit them with a sliding crouch attack by running towards them before ducking. Be sure to use Shield magic to mitigate damage. Continue right to exit the cave.

Tip: By now you are likely low on resources. The red bots in this cave respawn if you walk around the screen without leaving and you can kill them to get magic jars or Exp Bags. Sometimes the lizard men will drop red magic bottles if you are lucky. Additionally, payers who want to farm Exp can level up fairly safely here.

14. Link has to pass through one final cave to the south to get to Spectacle Rock. This cave is basically a mirror image of the one Link just left, complete with lizard men and blue bots. Use the same sliding crouch attack from high ground to deal with the lizard men. Be sure to grab the red magic jar at the end of this tunnel.

15. Finally! This area is a lot more open, so beware random battles. Spectacle Rock is just left of the cave Link emerges from. Walk over to it and step into the hole to the right of the boulder. Cast Shield after entering this cave and get ready to battle a red lizard man. You can either try to out damage him or hop over his thrown axes and strike him, then hop away. The second method is better, because it cuts down on the amount of damage you take, but it also requires good control of Link. Watch out for the red bats after the lizard man. They turn into fireball spitting demons when they land. Step away from them and try to hit them quickly when they land. 

Go right and get ready to fight a few hopping enemies and another lizard man on the next screen. This one is orange and easier to deal with. Step away from his ax swings and get jabs in between his attacks. Go down the elevator and head right after beating the lizard man. Watch out for the red lizard man defending the area right of the elevator. Kill him if you are good at fighting these guys, otherwise cast Shield and charge through him to save health for the next area. You have to cross some lava pits on the next screen. Take your time and wait a few seconds when you see a small spiked creature (myu) on a low platform. It will hop in the lava, letting Link cross safely if you wait a few seconds. Continue right and cast Shield on the next screen if you can. You will have to fight one last orange lizard man in a narrow passage. Beyond that there’s a red lizard man guarding the Hammer. It’s possible to jump over the red lizard man and grab the Hammer.

Regardless of whether you fight the lizard man or not, backtrack the way you came to return to the surface.

16. Use the Hammer on the rock near the hole in Spectacle Rock by pressing the A Button while standing adjacent to the rock. Doing so will break the rock. Step into the space once occupied by the rock to fall into a pit that contains a Magic Container that you can pick up right after landing. Go left to return to the overworld.

Your work is done here, now that you have the Hammer and Magic Container in your possession. You can return via the way you came or go through the cave on the east coast of Death Mountain, but I honestly think it’s easier to simply die until you get a Game Over. Doing so will warp you back to the Northern Palace with all of your hard earned treasures. Just make sure you level up before dying if you are close to the next level, because Link will lose all of his Exp when he runs out of lives.


4. Getting Down Thrust and Fairy Magic at Mido

Items/Spells: Heart Container, 200 Exp Bag, Water of Life, Down Thrust, Fairy Spell

Link still needs a few things before going to the second palace, namely the mighty Down Thrust sword technique and the Fairy spell. Of course, the world of Hyrule isn’t just going to hand you anything, so there are a few places to explore before you can obtain these precious abilities. Link can also find a few helpful odds and ends in this area as well as open up shortcuts with the Hammer.

This section also marks an important turning point in the game. The usefulness of the Down Thrust skill cannot be overstated. Foes that were once lethal (like red lizard men) become almost trivial thanks to Down Thrust. However, this skill cannot be relied on in all situations, so keep up with your other combat tactics.

1. Hopefully you took my advice and death warped to the Northern Palace by using up all your lives in Death Mountain after getting the Magic Container/Hammer. If not, you’re going to have to backtrack through the path you took through the mountain or traverse a cave and deadly bridge on Death Mountain’s east coast, then head north to the boulder near Rauru Town.

2. Use the Hammer to smash this boulder south of Rauru. This will open up a shortcut to the southern portion of Hyrule, which will make it easy to travel to new areas if you run out of lives or restart from a saved game.*

*Note: It isn’t really necessary to travel up to Rauru to break this boulder, because it respawns.

3. Break the boulder blocking this cave to get a Heart Container. The cave leading to the Heart Container is home to a blue goriya, so have Shield ready.

4. This cave contains a few enemies and a 200 Exp Bag guarded by an orange goriya.

5. A red magic jar is located on a hidden screen that can be accessed by stepping on the patch of road in the middle of this swamp.

6. Hammer away at the boulder to get into the cave south of the second palace. Link must cross a bridge while dodging flying fish and defeat three lizard men to get the Water of Life at the back of the cave. Watch out for the orange lizard man when you get to the second screen of the cave, because he can knock you back to the bridge, forcing you to fight him again. The two red lizard men deeper in the cave are tough as ever, but you have plenty of room to maneuver while fighting them. You’ll need to take the Water of Life to Mido to get the Fairy spell.

7. Link is free to visit Mido Town now that he has the Hammer. Just go south from Rauru, then east along the road. Smash the rock blocking the way and walk all the way to the shoreline where you will see Mido. The woman in red near the town entrance will heal Link as usual. Look for a white church on the second screen of town. Cast Jump to leap up to the second floor of the church and go in the door. Head down to the basement and talk to the knight to learn Down Thrust. Leave the church and head left to find an orange lady who will restore your magic. On the third screen of town, look for an old lady in purple by a house near the gate. Talk to her and she will invite you into her home if you have the Water of Life. If not, you will have to get it from the cave to the west. Go into the basement and talk to the wizard to get the Fairy Spell after turning in the Water of Life.

Now that you’ve obtained the Hammer, Down Thrust, Fairy Spell, and gained a few levels, you are ready for Midoro Palace.

8. Trek west from Mido Town to the swamp where you will find Midoro Palace. Stop at Rauru if you need to restore health and grab the red magic jar (Point 5 on the map) if you need magic. Keep in mind that you can step on the patches of road in the swamp to escape random battles.

d. Midoro Palace

Recommended Levels: Sword: 3 Magic: 4 Life: 4

Midoro Palace is only slightly larger than Parapa. In fact, it’s not as bad as Death Mountain as far as I am concerned. However, reaching the palace requires Link to trudge through a swamp while being harassed by monsters, which can make life kind of miserable. Fortunately, down thrust and some extra life/magic levels make these monsters less difficult.


1. Midoro Palace Part 1

Important Items: Key x3, Magic Glove

Link has to get two keys and the Magic Glove in this first section of Midoro Palace. The monsters here are slightly stronger than those of the first palace, so take care when fighting. The Life and Shield spells come in handy in this dungeon thanks to all the red magic refills scattered around the place.

1. Strike the statue to get a red magic pot. There’s a chance that an ironknuckle may spawn if you hit this statue, just leave and come back if that happens.

Pro-Tip: You can exploit this red magic jar as much as you like by leaving the palace and reentering it. Just remember that monsters will also respawn if you leave.

2. Take the elevator down. Take note of the fluid dripping from the top of the pillars. Sometimes blue drops that turn into bots fall from the tops of the pillars. In any case, Link will take damage if he touches the liquid. Keep going down to reach the next floor.

Tip: You can farm the bots spawned from the pillars to get extra magic.

3. Get off the elevator and go left. Take out the rock spitting monster (rope) with a few slashes.

4.This room is occupied by another rope and a bubble. Use down thrust to get rid of these foes.

5. A pair of stalfos guard the passage to the Key. Take the one on the right out quickly with a few crouching sword thrusts, then focus on the stalfos on the left. Grab the Key at the back of the room when you are done, then return to the elevator and go down to the bottom floor.

6. Move east down this long corridor and beware the statue near the bots, it will spit fireballs at Link.

7. Cast Shield and prepare to battle a guma. This one should be easy now that Link is much stronger.

8. Jump up the platforms to get over the guma (it will hit you if you try to approach directly) then take the Key behind it. Attack the guma from behind after getting the Key, then head back to the elevator. Ride the elevator up to the section of the map labeled A, which is right below the entrance.

9. Head west once you reach the upper floor. Look out for a stalfos when you come to a section of the passage with a low roof. This stalfos is evolved and can use Link’s down thrust. Stab at his legs and walk under him when he jumps. Remember you can backtrack to the elevator and fight a few bots for magic if you need it.

10. Heads that move around in a zigzag pattern fly from one side of this corridor to the other. Bounce off of them with down thrust. Try not to touch them, because they drain Exp. Unlock the door to the left with one of your Keys.

11. Another acid dropper hangs from the ceiling near the step. Try to jump between the acid drops by waiting just as one falls. Bots also spawn from this dropper, so farm magic if you need it.

12. Pick up the Key on the row of blocks above the lava pool.

13. Link will need a carefully timed jump to get past the acid dropper on the ceiling or it will knock him into the lava. You should also wait for the bot on the other row of blocks to jump into the lava before attempting the leap.

14. Link will have to fight an ironknuckle just past the acid dropper. This guy should be simple to beat at this point. A second ironknuckle is just behind him, so have Shield or Life ready.

15. Jump from the step in the middle and hit the statue on the wall to the left to get a red magic bottle.

16. Take this elevator down to the next floor.

17. Slay the ropes after getting off the elevator, then head left.

18. A stalfos will fall from the ceiling here, try to lure it closer to the elevator so you do not have to worry about the rope further down the hall while fighting the stalfos. Go through the locked door after defeating the monsters.

19. Blocks will fall from the roof here. Try to run past them as fast if you can. You can get the 50 Exp Bag on the floor if you are quick. Reset the blocks by leaving the room and coming back if you do not make it on your first try.

20. Hit this statue for another red magic bottle. You will have to cast Jump to reach it. I recommend saving this for the return trip through this room.

21. A red ironknuckle will assault Link when he reaches this point. These guys move the same way as the normal ironknuckles, but are stronger. Cast Shield to fight this foe.

22. A second red ironknuckle watches over the Magic Glove behind the door. Take care, because enemies can walk through doors even if they are closed. Take the Magic Glove after you slay the ironknuckle and return to the elevator in Section E of this map.

With the Magic Glove in his inventory, Link is ready to brave the next portion of this dungeon.


2. Midoro Palace Part 2

Important Items: Key

This section of the palace starts out at the elevator in the hallway that leads to the Magic Glove. With the Magic Glove in his possession, Link will be able to smash the blocks that seal away the final section of Midoro Palace.

1. After grabbing the Magic Glove, walk back to the elevator and use it to go down to the lower floor.

2. The flying eyes in this area make life really difficult for Link thanks to the fire they drop on the ground. This is compounded by the fact that you will also have to face two ironknuckles deeper in the hallway. Cast Shield when you enter this hall and focus on killing the ironknuckles while avoiding the eyes. You can kill the eyes by using the elevator creatively or the Jump spell, but they are not worth the trouble.

3. Lure the stalfos that spawns here in the narrow passage and slay it. The statues in the room ahead shoot fireballs, making it more difficult to combat the stalfos safely.

4. Now that you have the Magic Glove, striking this wall with the sword will break the blocks. Cast Shield if you have enough magic, because there is danger ahead.

5. Another set of statues and a stalfos occupy this chamber. Back away to the passage when you see the stalfos to fight it without having to avoid the fireballs from the statues as well.

6. Take a moment to eliminate the bubbles in this hallway for some extra Exp. There’s also an acid dropper that spawns bots that can be farmed for magic just ahead.

7. Do not go down this elevator when you first see it. Fetch the Key at the end of this corridor first, then return to the lift.

8. Tinsuits bounce down this passage, so stay sharp.

9. Take out the guma as you normally would, then take the Key behind him. Next, head back to the elevator that is flanked by acid droppers on the previous screen and go down to the last floor of the palace.

Pro-Tip: The player will get about 1000-1200 Exp in the last run of this dungeon. This includes the boss and 200 Exp Bag. Take this into account before leaving the acid dropper elevator, because that 1000 Exp could go to waste if you need slightly more to level up when you place the gem in the statue, which grants a bonus level. Try to gain some extra Exp by fighting the respawning bubbles in this room if you need less than a few hundred Exp to level up.

10. Try not to destroy the blocks while fighting the mace thrower, you need them to climb up to the next part of the passage.

11. These blocks will crumble under Link’s feet potentially dropping him in the lava below. Jump over to solid ground quickly to survive. Brave players can pick up the 200 Exp Bag by standing on the first part of the crumbling platform and using down thrust just as Link falls onto the bag to pick it up. After getting the bag, run right, then jump onto the solid ground ahead.

12. The red ironknuckle on this bridge can be killed easily with the jump attack trick, because there’s a lot of room to move around.

13. Continue through this room, fighting a stalfos and opening a door on the way.

14.Use the jump attack trick to kill the two ironknuckles that block the final stretch to the boss. Don’t forget to place the gem in the statue right of the boss’s room after beating him, then leave via the exit right of the statue.


3. Boss: Helmet Head

Helmet Head moves around in a manner similar to Horse Head. Link also has to jump and attack this boss’s head to harm him. Helmet Head differs from his predecessor in that he shoots fireballs in Link’s direction. These fireballs can be blocked with the shield. Hitting Helmet Head will knock his helmet off. A new helmet will take its place and the old helmet will begin to fly around while shooting its own fireballs at Link. Hit Helmet Head a second time and his second helmet will come off and do the same thing. Fortunately, he will reveal his true head after the second helmet is removed and no more flying helmets will spawn after that.

Controlled aggression is the key to victory in this battle. A series of carefully aimed and quick jump attacks to the boss’s face will defeat him in no time. On the other hand, playing it too safe will likely result in Link getting shot up by the boss and his flying helmets. Cast Shield to cut down on the damage Link takes.

e. The Island Palace

Recommended Levels: Sword: 4 Magic: 6 Life: 6

While well hidden, the Island Palace is far less difficult to reach than Midoro Palace, which required a trek through a nasty swamp to reach. You should also already have the Hammer and Fairy Spells needed to get to the Island Palace if you followed this guide and cleared Death Mountain before Midoro Palace. If you did not get the Hammer see Section C, Parts 3 and 4 of this guide for instructions on where to find the Hammer, Fairy Spell, and Down Thrust Skill.


1. Finding the Island Palace

Items/Spells: Red Magic Jar

Look for the Island Palace region  southeast of Midoro Palace. An easy way to reach this area if you are coming from the Northern Palace is to walk east to the town of Rauru, break the rock blocking the road near Rauru with the Hammer, then follow the road south. You should come to a mountain pass blocked by a boulder after following the road a bit.

1. Use the Hammer from Death Mountain to crack this rock and open up the path to Mido Town to the east.

2. Visit Mido to rest up if necessary. Get the Fairy Spell and Down Thrust Skill from this town if you haven’t already done so. (See Section C, Part 4)

3. Make your way through the cemetery to the grave in the center. Try to avoid random fights in this cemetery if possible, because the enemies in this place steal Exp and are difficult to fight. Run off the combat screen as fast as possible if you do get into a fight.

4. A red magic jar is hidden in a spot near here. It’s not worth getting due to the monsters that inhabit the area, but could potentially be helpful. 

5. You can enter King’s Tomb if you wish to see it, but there isn’t much to do there. However, you will need to walk about six paces south of the tomb to find a hidden pit that leads to the Island Palace.

6. Link will fall into a hidden pit when he reaches this point. Down thrust as soon as the side scrolling dungeon screen appears to kill the monster below Link. Walk right after landing and cast the Fairy Spell to fly up to the passage near the top of the screen. Keep going right and defeat the blue goriya to reach the exit which will bring you to the Island Palace.

7. Walk north from this cave to enter the Island Palace.


2. Island Place Part 1

Important Items: Key x3, Raft

The Island Palace is home to the Raft, which Link will need to explore more of Hyrule. Obtaining the Raft is also the first major goal in this palace. You’ll need to gather three Keys to get the Raft, which are placed in fairly easy to reach spots.

1. This statue will spawn an ironknuckle or drop a red magic bottle if you hit it with the sword.

2. Take the elevator down to the main hall of the palace.

3. Link will encounter his first doomknocker in the room with platforms made from breakable blocks. Doomknockers are basically less aggressive red lizard men. Jump over the doomknocker’s thrown mace and hit him with down thrust. Cast Shield to block some of the damage this foe dishes out. Cast Jump and travel along the overhead blocks if you do not wish to fight him.

4. An armored stalfos will drop from above. These guys have more reach and durability than normal stalfos. Hit him in the legs with a sliding stab and back away to avoid his sword, then repeat the process until the armored stalfos is history.

5. Watch out for the tinsuits in this room. Use down thrust to bounce off them and keep moving forward.

6. A pair of flying eyeballs that drop fire inhabit this section of the hallway. To make matters more complicated, blocks fall from the ceiling. Run right and hop over the flames or wait for them to fade to get through this area unscathed.

7. Use down thrust to get the Key hidden under the blocks. You can make steps back up to the top of the blocks by breaking them.

8. Use down thrust to get the 100 Exp Bag here. You can also jump up and strike the doomknocker’s legs if you stay in the hole you dug with down thrust.

9. You can choose to fight or avoid the red ironknuckles in this room. Break the top block on each of the step shaped structures to easily jump up to the top if you choose not to fight. The myus in this room respawn and can be farmed for magic jars if needed, so clearing out the ironknuckles can be worthwhile for a number of reasons.

10. Keep moving right and ignore the elevator for now. Do not jump into the elevator area, because you will need Jump magic to get out and get the Key in the next room.

11. This room is tough. You will have to battle a red ironknuckle while dodging flames dropped by flying eyes. Use Shield magic. Get the Key to the right after beating the ironknuckle, then head back to the elevator.

12. Come back to this elevator after getting the second Key to the right and go down to get to the hallway the Raft is stored in.

Tip: The enemies below are tough, kill the myus in this hallway if you need some magic before heading onward.

13. Unlock the door here and walk right; ignore the path to the left for now. Watch out for the flying head that shoots fireballs. Block its projectiles with the shield and counter with a down thrust.

14. Destroy the wall and wait for the bot to jump into the pit before attempting to cross it.

15. Take the third Key and cast Shield before fighting the red ironknuckle here. You can use the small platform the Key was on to launch down thrust attacks if you are good at down thrusting ironknuckles, just take care not to fall into the lava.

16. Be careful when breaking these blocks, Link tends to bounce back after hitting them. Step forward after breaking each one to avoid dropping into the pit.

17. Try to conserve as much health and magic as possible when fighting the red ironknuckle in this passage, because you will have to face an extremely tough foe up ahead.

18. The blue ironknuckle that defends the Raft is a formidable enemy indeed. He has plenty of health, blocks Link’s strikes, and fires sword beams. Like with all ironknuckles, you can predict where the next sword beam is going to come from by watching how he holds his sword. Link can block the sword beams by standing or ducking depending on where they are coming from. The jump trick does not work very well on these foes, so play defensively. I find it easier to hit their upper half and bait them into exposing it by hitting their shield when it is low, then quickly striking the exposed torso.

19. Take the Raft after beating the blue darknut. Then walk back to the elevator on the other side of the lava pit. With the Raft in Link’s inventory, you are ready to complete the Island Palace.


3. Island Palace Part 2

Important Items: Key

Link will be ready to fight the boss after obtaining the Raft. Much like the trip to the Raft, the trek to the boss is rather straightforward. However, Link will need to collect a few keys and fight some dangerous monsters along the way.

1. Backtrack to this elevator after getting the Raft.

2. Hit the dog head statue on the left side of the elevator to get a red magic jar.

3.Try not to take damage from the flying dog heads here.

4. Cast Shield, a red ironknuckle protects this hallway. Link cannot destroy the overhead blocks here, but there is nothing hidden in this spot anyway.

5. Unlock the door. Pass by this elevator for now and go into the area to the left.

6. Link will have to cut his way through some tinsuits and another red ironknuckle as he goes left.

7. Take your time and block the fireballs from the dog heads. Keep moving left as you take them out. Try not to turn back or more will spawn.

8. Use down thrust to reach the Key under the blocks, then make a sort of staircase by breaking the blocks to your right to escape this hole. Alternatively, you can fly out by casting Fairy, but doing so is expensive. Return to the elevator on the right.

9. Come back to the elevator after getting the Key to the left and go down.

10. Use the Shield spell after unlocking the door to make fighting the red stalfos and doomknocker in this room easier. You can also get a 100 Exp Bag by casting Jump and leaping up to the blocks.

11. This Section of the palace is pretty rough. You will have to defeat red and blue ironknuckles in the narrow hallways up ahead. These enemies have to be handled carefully if you want to win. Take the higher path to the right to begin.

Tip: You can go back up to the hallway with the myus from the first part of the Island Palace Map to farm magic and defeat the ironknuckles with full power.

12. Cast Jump to reach the platform above the blue ironknuckle. Watch out for his sword beams.

13. It’s important to destroy the block on the left first and take out the blue ironknuckle. Otherwise, he will hit you as you try to fight the red darknut. Cast shield if you haven’t already.

14. Defeat the red ironknuckle and continue right. Stay on the current level to leave the hallway.

15. There’s a red ironknuckle guarding a 100 Exp Bag here. Feel free to fight the ironknuckle and get the Exp if you are about to gain a level, skip it if not.

16. The boss is just ahead. Take the key dropped by the boss and place the crystal in the statue to the right after you beat him, then use the exit to the right.


4. Boss: Rebonack

You will have to fight Rebonack in two phases. In the first phase he will try to charge Link while mounted on a horse. Cast Shield as always. Stay in the middle of the room and jump over him, then down thrust to damage Rabonack when he charges. Try to hit the actual rider and not the horse, because Link will merely bounce off the horse if he down thrusts it. This part of the fight is fairly easy and should end quickly. 

Rebonack will fight Link on foot once the horse is gone. Be careful to bounce away from the horse or it will hit Link as it retreats. Rebonack behaves exactly like a blue ironknuckle and should not be very difficult to beat since you managed to get here in the first place. However, it’s very easy to push this boss off the screen as it back peddles when Link advances. Once off screen, Link will not be able to harm Rebonack. Back up a little bit every now and then to lure Rebonack back onto the screen. Once again, take the Key after beating Rebonack and go right to place the crystal in the statue.

f. Powering Up for the Maze Palace

Link’s next destination is the Maze Palace. However, he will need a few spells and useful tools before entering this labyrinth. This is also a good time to gain an extra level or two, because there are plenty of monsters to fight and Exp Bags to gather.


1. Getting the Fire Spell at Nabooru

Items/Spells: Fire Spell, 500 Exp Bag, 200 Exp Bag

It’s possible to explore the eastern half of Hyrule now that you have the Raft. Make your way back to Mido Town from the Northern Palace or Island Palace and use the Raft to cross the sea. It’s important to get the Fire Spell before anything else, because many of the monsters in this zone are immune to standard attacks.

1. Step onto the pier just south of Mido and Link will automatically use the Raft to sail to Eastern Hyrule. 

2. Start walking east after disembarking from the Raft. Try to avoid battles, because the spider-like monsters (tektites) in this area are immune to normal sword thrusts.

3. Enter Nabooru. The townspeople have plenty of clues for Link. You will find an old woman that can restore magic near the gate that leads to the second part of town. A woman in red lives in the house by the gate in the second screen of Nabooru. Talk to her and she will state that she is “thirsty”. Talk a few steps left to find a fountain. Hit the B Button to check it and Link will draw some water from it. Speak to the woman and she will let you enter her home. The wizard in the basement of this house will teach Link the Fire Spell. Now you can damage tektites and zoras. Check the left side of this section of town to find a woman in red who will heal Link. After that you are done in Nabooru. 

4. Visit this cave for a 500 Exp Point Bag. Use Fire magic to destroy the hopping spiders (tektites) and kill the scorpion at the back of the cave by hitting it when it opens its eye. You can use Jump magic or down thrust to get over the scorpion if you do not want to fight. You will find the Exp Bag at the back of the cave.

5. Enter this patch of forest to fight some red flying eyes and get a 200 Exp Bag. Use the Exp boost from the two bags to level up. Fight a few random battles if you need more Exp. Try to fight the bot shaped monster when you see random battles, because they only have tektites, which are easy to beat and sometimes drop 200 Exp Bags.

6. Your next destination is Maze Island. Rest up at Nabooru, then go through this cave. Cast Fire when you enter to make it easier to deal with the monsters inside.

7. Walk north, then east after exiting the cave to find the bridge to Maze Island.


2. A Trip to Maze Island

Items: Child, Magic Container

Link will have to visit Maze Island twice. For this first visit, he needs to rescue a child and can collect a Magic Container. The child is needed for a quest in the next town, which will give you Reflect magic, but it’s easier to get it now to cut down on backtracking. Go through the cave just north of Nabooru and walk east to find the bridge to Maze Island if you haven’t already.

1. Cross this bridge, then take the southeast path until you hit the mountains on the far eastern end of the island. Follow the path north up to the water and you should fall into a hidden pit.

2. Link will fall into a hole after stepping on this tile. Walk right (do not walk left or you will leave the hole and have to backtrack) and cast Shield to fight an orange lizard man. Pick up the Child to the right of the lizard man after you defeat him. Go left to exit the cave. 

3. Head over to this bridge after collecting the child, then cross it. The road to the left forks north and south. Take the southern road and follow it to a hidden pit.

4. Link will fall down another hole when he steps on this tile. Pick up the Magic Container to the right. Exit the cave by walking left, then return to the mainland via the long bridge to the west.


3. Obtaining Reflect and Up Thrust at Darunia Town

Items/Spells: Up Thrust, Reflect

Link is just about ready to brave the depths of the Maze Palace. First he will need to visit Darunia, which is west of Maze Island, to get the Reflect Spell and Up Thrust ability.

1. Travel west from the bridge until you see a mountain pass. Try to evade random battles if you are low on health and magic.

2. Link will enter a side scrolling area inhabited by blue octorocks. It’s not difficult to traverse this area, just be cautious, because the octorocks can knock Link into the pits.

3. Link will have to cross another side scrolling area full of octorocks. This time he will have to contend with bubbles that float upwards. Focus on destroying the octorocks and jump over the pits when there is a gap in the bubbles.

4. You will find a woman that heals Link and one that restores his magic on the first screen of Darunia. There’s a house with a chimney right by the entrance to the second screen of Darunia. Cast jump and run over to the short house on the left and hop onto its roof. Hop from roof to roof until you get to the house with the chimney near the gate. Stand in the center of the chimney and press down to go into the house. Speak to the guy in the basement to learn Up Thrust, then head outside.

Walk over to the third screen of Darunia and look for an old woman who comes out of a house by the gate. Talk to her and Link will return the Child he rescued in Maze Island. If you did not retrieve the kid, you will have to visit Maze Island, which is covered in the section above this one. The old woman will invite Link into her house. Go to the basement and learn Reflect from the wizard. 

Link will be ready to conquer the Maze Palace once he has Up Thrust and the Reflect Spell in his possession.

g. Maze Palace

Recommended Level: Sword: 5 Magic: 6 Life: 7

After getting Up Thrust, Fire, and Reflect, Link will be ready to venture into the Maze Palace. This one is considerably larger than the first three palaces and filled with deadly wizrobes as well as more familiar foes. Worse yet, Link has to navigate Maze Island just to get to the palace. ===============================================

1. The Return to Maze Island

Maze Island should be somewhat familiar from your first trip. This time you will explore it in its entirety…more or less. The map above features a path drawn in red that leads through the maze. Please excuse my poor artistry. It’s worth noting that there are a few helpful items hidden in this area, though they require detours to reach. You will also have to fight through a few side scrolling battles, so it is important to conserve resources.

1. Come back to Maze Island from Darunia and follow the red line on the map above.

2. Link will have to fight past a few tektites and fishmen that shoot fireballs (zoras) when he steps on this section of the road.

3. More zoras and tektites will attack in this area.

4. Another side scrolling battle with even more zoras and tektites waits here.

5. Yet another battle area is located here. This one has a red magic jar that you should get. Follow the rest of the path to reach Maze Palace.


2. Maze Palace Part 1

Important Items: Key x2, Winged Boots

The Maze Island Palace is quite large and easy to get lost in. There are also areas that are not necessary to explore, so it’s important to have a clear idea of where you need to go. Reflect magic is also important here, because Link will encounter wizrobes and a boss that can only be harmed by reflecting their spells back at them. Our first objectives in this dungeon are a Key and the Winged Boots.

1. You can get a red magic jar out of the ironknuckle statue at the entrance as always. Try to avoid the flying eye and the fire it drops while you collect your red jar.

2. Go down the elevator to enter the palace proper.

3. Walk right. Ignore the area to the left, it’s home to wizrobes and other nuisances that will drain your reserves. A wizrobe may spawn by the elevator when you enter this hall, just jump over him if that happens.

4. Prepare to fight a couple of armored stalfos as you work your way down this hallway. You will also find a 100 Exp Bag that’s sitting in a small pit near a stalfos.

Tip: You can safely bounce over the stalfos with down thrust and keep going without a fight.

5. Ride the elevator down to the next floor.

6. Get off here and head right. Slay the red stalfos that drops from above a few paces right of the elevator.

7. It is very important to cast the Jump spell before stepping on the crumbling blocks in this room. You’ll need to run right after dropping down to the crumbling block bridge, then high jump over to the ledge to the right as you reach the end of the bridge. 

Note: If you fall you will end up in a lower section of the palace that you do not want to explore yet and will have to drop down to the lowest level of the pit. Go right to get a Key, then go far to the left to unlock a door that leads to the elevator that takes you back up to Point 6 on this map if you happen to fall.

8. Cast Shield if you have the magic for it, you will have to battle a doomknocker at the end of this hallway. Jump up and down thrust him to death.

9. Be careful when jumping onto the platforms in this room, there’s a very small margin of error. Destroy the blocks on the right to get the fire on top of them to drop to the ground before attempting to jump over it.

10. Cast Shield when you reach this platform, you may have to fight a doomknocker. That said, he tends to fall into the lava and you may not see him at all. You may see him on the way back if he falls into the lava, so be ready to fight him on the return trip or bait him into falling into the lava again.

11. Get the Key. You can also attack the statue for a chance at getting a red magic potion, but it may also spawn an ironknuckle, so do so at your own peril. Backtrack to the pit from earlier after getting the Key.

12. Come back to this pit after getting the Key. Fall down (do not jump or you will over shoot your target) and hold Right on the controller as you fall. If you did everything correctly, you will land on a ledge on the screen below. This leads to the Winged Boots.

13. Link will land right here if you pulled the drop off correctly.

14. Beware the tinsuits, bubble, and doomknocker in this hallway.

15. You will have to fight two stalfos, one red and one blue, in this room. Back away and strike their feet as they give chase.

16. Link will have to defeat a blue iron knuckle here. Use the same tactics as always to beat him.

17. Take the Winged Boots and return to the pit to the left.

18. Come back to this pit and drop down while holding Right on the controller as you did before. This time you should fall on solid ground to the right of a bridge that crumbles if stepped on. You may also land on the last block of the bridge, so keep holding right until you are safe.

19. Do not linger on this bridge if you happen to fall on it or Link will end up in hot lava.

20. Look out for the doomknocker on this platform. He is placed very inconveniently and can easily knock you into the lava.

21. A red stalfos will appear on this platform. He isn’t much of a threat, but be careful nonetheless.

22. Grab the Key and head back to the crumbling bridge, the next half of the palace awaits.


3. Maze Palace Part 2

Important Items: Key x2

The second half of the Maze Island Palace is huge and should be undertaken with caution. There are fewer pitfalls in this section, but it is necessary to collect several Keys to reach the boss. Of course these keys are defended by wizrobes, ironknuckles, and even stalfos, so get ready to fight.

1. This part of the map picks up after you have found the Winged Boots. Watch out for the flying heads in this area. Use down thrust to bounce off of them or jump over them.

2. Use down thrust to bounce off the heads that come your way while crossing this crumbling bridge. Alternatively, you can fly past them with Fairy magic, but doing so costs a lot of MP.

3. The wizrobe that guards the door to the elevator is a dangerous foe that’s immune to weapons. You will have to cast Reflect and use your shield to bounce his spells back at him if you want to kill him.

Tip: You can take the elevator back up to the entrance of the palace and collect red magic jars if you need a boost. You can also farm the bots in this hall to refill your MP after defeating the wizrobes.

4. This chamber should be familiar from an earlier dungeon. Pick your way past the flying heads carefully as you head left.

5. Use down thrust to get the Key, then return to the elevator on the right.

6. Ride the elevator through sections B and C to get back to the first floor of the palace.

7. Continue left. Be ready to jump over stalfos if you didn’t slay them earlier.

8. Cast Reflect to deal with the wizrobes in this hallway and keep going left. You may also want to use the elevator to go back to the entrance and refill your MP by hitting the statue for a red magic jar.

9. Unlock the door and proceed down the hall. 

10. Use up thrust to break the blocks, then cast Jump to reach the Key on the ledge.

11. Defeat the red iron knuckle blocking the door and continue left. Ignore the elevator for now.

12. Deal with the horse heads and doomknocker by using down thrust.

13. This room is fairly easy to deal with. Use down thrust to get rid of the doomknockers and grab the Key near the back. You may also want to get the 200 Exp Bag hidden under the blocks near the Key. Return to the elevator after getting the Key.

14. Ride the elevator down to Area G on the map, then go right.

15. Head right, but watch out for the tinsuits and wizrobe.

16. The flying heads in this lava room make crossing it very treacherous. Take your time and let them pass before jumping. Cast Jump to make crossing this area safer if you have enough magic.

17. Get the Key and hit the statue for a red jar, just keep in mind the statue may turn into an ironknuckle if you are unlucky. Go back to the elevator after taking the key and keep going left.

18. More wizrobes inhabit this area. Use Reflect and watch out for the horseheads that come bouncing through the hallway.

19. Run across the bridge as it disintegrates and be ready to down thrust the myus on the bridge when you see them. They tend to move around, so you will need to pay close attention to avoid getting hit and potentially thrown into the lava.

20. Take the elevator down to the final hallway.

21. You can just bounce off the armored stalfos in this hallway with down thrust or fight them. However, I do not recommend fighting them unless you are about to level up, since you will need health for the boss.

22. Cast Jump to reach the 100 Exp Bag here if you are trying to level up before the boss, otherwise it’s best to skip it.

23. Red ironknuckles guard this hallway, use the jump and attack trick to kill them quickly.

24. The boss is just ahead. Make sure you have enough MP to cast Reflect before entering his chamber.


4. Boss: Carock

Carock is impossible to beat without Reflect. With Reflect, he’s a total pushover. Cast Reflect, then Shield if you have any magic left before entering this boss’s room. Carock teleports around his chamber rather rapidly, while casting the standard wizrobe spell. Duck to reflect his magic back at him. There are two basic ways to fight this boss.

The easiest way requires a decent amount of health and the Shield spell.* Simply duck in the right or left corner facing the opposite end of the room and let Carock kill himself with his own magic as it bounces back at him. This method requires a fair amount of health, because Carock can still hurt Link by teleporting on top of him.

Alternatively, you can stand in the middle of the room and move out of the boss’s way as he materializes, then duck to bounce his magic back at him. This method is pretty difficult due to Carock’s ability to teleport rapidly, but it’s worth a try if you do not think you have enough life for the first method.

Get the Key the boss drops and open the door to the right to access the statue room.

*About level 6 or 7 Life, the Shield spell and 3 bars of health should be adequate to defeat Carock using the first method.

h. The Palace on the Sea

Recommended Levels: Sword: 6 Magic: 7 Life: 7

Link can visit the Palace on the Sea after acquiring the Winged Boots from the Maze Island Palace. Return to Nabooru and level up a bit (if necessary) in preparation for the massive dungeon that awaits you. 


1. Finding the Palace on the Sea

Items/Spells: 500 Exp Bag, Heart Container

Finding the Palace on the Sea is no easy task…unless you are using this guide. Simply return to Nabooru and follow the road east over the ocean. Link will be able to walk over the water to the Palace as well as pick up a few goodies if he has the Winged Boots in his possession.

1. Start at Nabooru and rest up if needed.

2. Walk off the road here and Link will glide over the water with the Winged Boots. You can travel directly east or south to the beach. If you want to go to the beach, you will have to turn south shortly after stepping onto the water tile, because there is an invisible barrier between the north and south half of the ocean.

3. Step on this tile to enter a hidden area with a 500 Exp Bag. You will need to cast Jump to get over the hill in this area.

4. There’s a hidden Heart Container north of the palace. To reach it, turn north at this point on the map above, then walk east.

5. A Heart Container is located on this hidden island just north of the palace. Refer to Point 4 for instructions on how to reach it.

6. Simply walk east from the road leading out of Nabooru to reach the Palace on the Sea.


2. Palace on the Sea Part 1

Important Items: Key

Link will have to battle ropes and hordes of ironknuckles in the Palace on the Sea. Winding corridors and hidden passages are also major features of this dungeon. Be sure to collect the Heart Container north of the Palace before entering to ensure that Link has enough health for the upcoming trials. Your first objective in this palace is to find a Key and travel to the lower floors.

1. Unfortunately, there is no red magic jar hidden in this statue, so keep going east to the elevator.

2. Use the elevator to descend to the depths of the palace.

3. Walk right and look out for the magic shooting statue on the wall above when you get to a row of breakable blocks.

4. The ropes on these blocks spit rocks at Link, but are easy to defeat. Try not to break the blocks as you climb up.

5. Cast Fairy and fly up to the Key on this ledge. Link cannot pick up the Key while he is a fairy, so go east to leave the screen. Link will return to normal and you can walk back to the Key and pick it up.

6. Run across the crumbling bridge and hop over the flying heads as they come. Ignore the Exp Bag on this bridge, it’s not worth the risk as it’s only worth 200 Exp.

7. You can choose to fight the red ironknuckles in this hallway or hop over them if you leave the blocks intact. There’s also an acid dropper in this room that produces bots that can be farmed for magic.

8. Unlock the door and take the elevator down to the next floor.

9. A fire mage will appear in this room. Jump over his flames and down thrust him when he appears.

10. This hallway is fairly useless, but you can get some Exp and magic jars by killing the ropes and myus in here. Remember this place if you need to refill Link’s MP. Head left past the elevator to the next section of this palace after visiting this hallway.


3. Palace on the Sea Part 2

Important Items: Key

Link ventures further down into this sprawling palace in this section. As with the previous area, the only real goal in this section is further progress through the halls of the Place on the Sea.

1. This elevator is the starting point for Part 2 of the Sea Palace. Return here if you explored the hallway to the right, then head left past the elevator.

2. More fire mages guard this room along with a pair of bubbles. Down thrust the bubbles to get them out of the way first. You may even get lucky and have a fire mage appear right under the bubble you are down thrusting, which lets you score a few extra hits on the mage.

3. Stand under the shelf with the Key and wait for the blocks to stop falling. After that, make a staircase up to the Key by smashing the blocks. Remember that you can up thrust the blocks to break them. A flying eye may attack you while you are working on the blocks, just step away from it when you see it to avoid accidentally breaking the wrong blocks. Head left once you have the Key.

4. A few orange ironknuckles roam this hallway. They should not be difficult to defeat at this point in the game. A flying eye will pop up near the end of the hallway, but you can run past it without a problem.

5. Hit the statue on the wall to get a red magic potion.

6. Take this elevator to the next floor.

7. You have the option of going right or left on this floor. The left path leads deeper into the palace and to the next Key, while the right will take you to a red magic jar. I do not recommend exploring the right hand side of this hall, because you will have to fight red ironknuckles, skeleton fish that drain Exp, and a blue ironknuckle as well as risk losing a life while traversing a lava lake just to get some magic. With this in mind, this guide skips over the right hand path, though you are free to use the map above to view it and explore it yourself.

8. Link will have to battle more fire mages and bots in this room.

9. Cast Jump if you want the 200 Exp Bag above this elevator.

10. This elevator marks the final point of this section of the dungeon. In the next section, we will take it down to the lowest floor and search for the Flute.


4. Palace on the Sea Part 3

Important Items: Key x2, Flute

The Flute is Link’s goal in this section of the Palace on the Sea. It lies all the way at the bottom of this huge labyrinth.

1. Go down the elevator that served as the stopping point for the previous map.

2. Stop the elevator on this floor. In fact, do not even bother to explore the floor below it as it leads to nothing more than a red magic jar defended by hordes of monsters.

Note: The floor below this one was intentionally left out of this map to save space as it is really not worth exploring.

3. Check out this chamber to fight a guma and get a 200 Exp Bag.

4. Cast Shield and Jump, then leap up to the red ironknuckle. Defeat him for some Exp and take the Key behind him.

5. Make your way down this long hall. Cast Shield when you reach the fire mages and keep going right after you beat or avoid them.

6. A blue ironknuckle guards what looks like a dead end. Slay him, then jump into the wall to find a hidden passage.

7. More fire mages protect this area, skip over them unless you are about to level up in 1000 Exp or so.

8. Keep moving right, past the elevator into Area D for now.

9. A lot of fire mages and tinsuits inhabit this passage. Just run through them (unless you need Exp) to the elevator.

10. Smash this block to get a red magic potion.

11. Take the elevator up to a room with a Key.

12. The stalfos that defend this hallway should not pose a threat, but are worth killing for some Exp if you want it.

13. Take the Key, then backtrack all the way to the elevator in Area C.

14. Take this elevator down to the passage where the Flute is kept after getting the Key to the left.

15. Cast Shield when you get down here. Flying dog heads that spit fireballs and fire mages will attack Link in this area.

16. The resistance is fairly stiff in this passage. I prefer to just run through it and use down thrust to pass through the monsters as much as possible instead of fighting them.

17. A blue iron knuckle defends the Flute, use Shield Magic when you fight him.

Note: There’s a statue on a ledge near the beginning of this hallway. Cast Jump to reach it and hit it to get a red magic jar. You can collect it before or after getting the Flute depending on how much you need it.

18. Take the Flute, then retrace your steps ALL the way back up to the elevator at Point 1 at the top of this map.


5. Palace on the Sea Part 4

Important Items: Key

The boss is located higher up in the palace and quite a bit of backtracking is required to reach him after obtaining the Flute. However, the home stretch of this dungeon is fairly calm compared to the rest of it.

1. If you are following this guide, return to this elevator after grabbing the Flute (See Section H, Part 4 of this walkthrough). Head left from here.

2. Cast Jump in here in order to reach the guma. You can also hit the statue on the left to get a red magic potion.

3. Check out this chamber if you are close to leveling up. The red iron knuckle and 200 Exp Bag should get you much closer to the next level.

4. Take the elevator down.

5. Head left. Try to slay the fire mages in here without taking much damage or run past them, because you will have to deal with a blue ironknuckle soon.

6. Do not bother trying to get this Exp Bag, it’s only worth 50 points.

7. Do not provoke this red ironknuckle unless you really need Exp.

8. Defeat this blue ironknuckle using the same strategies as you have for the rest, grab the Key, then head back to the elevator. Ride it back up to the floor you just came from.

9. Take this elevator all the way up to Area D on the map.

10. The final boss is up ahead, but you will have to get past orange, blue, and red ironknuckles to reach him. Fight carefully and use terrain to your advantage when possible. Keep going right to fight the boss.


6. Boss: Gooma

Hopefully you have enough magic left to cast Jump, Shield, and Fire when you fight Gooma, because you are probably going to need these spells. Gooma moves slowly towards Link and spins a flail every second or so. The flail extends a few steps in front of Gooma while he is spinning it and he will swing it about five paces in front of him when Link is in range. The trick is to hop in front of him when he lowers the weapon, stab him in the body once, then jump away before he can bring his flail to bear. The margin of error for this move is tiny, so timing is everything. 

The flail does loads of damage, so Shield really helps in this fight. Jump makes it easier to get away from the flail, though it isn’t necessary. The Flame spell makes Gooma much easier. He is not damaged by Link’s fireballs, but they do knock him back a step, so hitting Gooma with the sword while the Flame spell is active will knock Gooma back a bit further than normal, making it less difficult to get out of the way of his flail.

As always, take the Key and enter the room on the right to place the Crystal in the statue, then go through the exit on the right.

i. Exploring Southern Hyrule and Finding Three-Eye Rock Palace

Items/Spells: Magic Container, Spell Magic, Master Key, Heart Container

There are only two more palaces left in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Three-Eye Rock and the Great Palace. The Great Palace is off limits until Link places the final crystal in the statue located in Three-Eye Rock and there’s a lot of items to gather, so we’ll start by visiting southern Hyrule. Return to the town of Nabooru after completing the Palace on the Sea, then head south to find Southern Hyrule.

1. Walk south from Nabooru and you will see a monster blocking the way (the River Devil) into the mountains. Play the Flute you got from the Palace on the Sea by pressing the B Button to make the River Devil disappear.

2. Link will have to traverse a side scrolling area. Lizard men will pelt him with rocks while hiding behind a huge fence and an orange lizard man will attack. Just run through this area (casting Shield helps) and jump over the lizard man.

3. You will have to run through another side scrolling area with rock throwers when you reach this section of road. Just push through as quickly as possible.

4. One final side scrolling area blocks the way. Just run through it as you did with the rest.

5. Ignore this cemetery for now. It’s dangerous and leads to The Great Palace, which is currently locked tight.

6. This bridge is hazardous to cross, so ignore it for now. Turn north when you reach it and follow the water as you head northeast to a cave that leads to the next town.

7. This cave leads to the next town. It’s home to tektites and lizard men. You’ve probably had to fight a lot of random battles at this point, so try to get through here quickly. Use fire to clear out the tektites and down thrust to get past the lizard men.

8. Kasuto is hidden in the forest. Use the Hammer to smash the trees and reveal the town.

Talk to the purple lady that comes out of the second house from the entrance of town. She will let you enter her house where you will find the final Magic Container in the basement. Link will meet an old woman who refills magic near the gate to the second screen of town and one that refills health at the first house of the second screen of Kasuto. Look for a green colored house with an open door on the second screen and go inside to get the Spell magic. You will need to push the Up Button when you reach the fireplace at the back of the house to get the magic. Finally, so to the third screen of Kasuto. The area looks empty, but casting Spell will make a hidden chamber rise from the ground. Go inside to get the Master Key which will make the next dungeon a bit easier.

9. This cave is 100% optional at this point in the game as it holds nothing more than a 500 Exp Bag and a few enemies. In fact, it’s probably better to skip it since you should be at or near level 8 for most of your stats. If you do visit it for the Exp, keep in mind that you have to hit the scorpion at the back of the cave while its eye is open to damage it.

10. A 1-Up is hidden in the corner of this swamp. Cast Jump to reach the rock it rests on.

Note I strongly advise players to save this 1-Up for the Great Palace.

11. The final Heart Container is hidden on this patch of desert.

12. You can ignore this 500 Exp Bag or grab it. Just watch out for the red lizard man that guards it.

13. Stand in the middle of the three stones in this desert, then play the Flute by pushing B to reveal Three-Eye Rock Palace.

j. Three-Eye Rock Palace

Recommended Levels: Sword 7 Magic 7 Life 8

Also known as Triple Eye Rock and Hidden Palace, this is the next to last dungeon. This guide assumes you have the Master Key, which can be used infinitely, and skips over much of the dungeon, because it’s not necessary to explore the entire thing if you have the Master Key. If you do not have the Master Key for some reason, go to Kasuto (See Section i of this guide) and get it before entering this Palace.

Secondly, it helps a lot to have your levels nearly maxed in this palace, not so much due to its difficulty, but to avoid having to grind levels for the final palace.

Note: Much of Three-Eye Rock Palace is not shown in the maps below, because it is not necessary to go around collecting Keys if you have the Master Key. Check out the References section of this guide if you are looking for more detailed maps. I also skip over a lot of the Exp bags in this palace, because they really are not all that helpful compared to the effort it takes to get them.


1. Three-Eye Rock Palace Part 1

Important Items: Cross

This first section of Three-Eye Rock Palace is basically a straight shot to the Cross, which comes in handy in the final parts of the game. A few old bosses show up in this dungeon, so be ready to fight.

1. Just like in many of the palaces, this statue drops a red magic jar when struck, so take advantage of it. There’s a high chance a red ironknuckle may appear instead of a magic jar, so be careful.

2. Go down to the next section.

3. Get the 100 Exp Bag, but watch out for the magic draining bubbles. Keep in mind that you have to use Jump magic to reach this bag.

4. You can go down the long hallway to the left to get a 200 Exp Bag and fight some monsters, but it’s probably better to ignore it. Many of the monsters in the hallway drain Exp and the flying eye can still deal a lot of damage even with Level 8 Life.

5. Take this elevator down to the hallway that leads to the Cross.

6. You need the Master Key from Kasuto to open this door. Cast Reflect before moving forward to deal with the wizrobes.

7. Down thrust this doomknocker to death before he and the wizrobes can gang up on Link.

8. The blue ironknuckle in this room will probably back himself in the pit to the right as you fight him, so play defensively to keep him from wasting your health.

9. Don’t worry too much if you fall down this hole. It connects to a series of rooms with similar pits that loop back to this room. Keep jumping down holes to get back here if you fall.

10. You can reach this statue and the red magic jar it holds by dropping down the pit as described in Point 9 on the map and heading right. Eventually, you will loop through the dungeon and land next to the statue.

11. Cast Shield and pummel the blue ironknuckle behind the door (getting tired of these guys yet?) and keep going right.

12. Stand in the center of this room with the Reflect Spell active and bounce spells back at the pair wizrobes that appear. You should also be safe from the fireballs shot by the statues near the ceiling while standing in the middle of the room. The chamber to the right is just like this one, so use the same tactics to get through it.

13. Cast Jump as you enter this hallway and bound up the block structure. You can fight the blue iron knuckle and get a 100 Exp Bag if you want, but it’s really not worth the trouble.

14. Ignore the elevator below for now and continue right to the last few rooms that lead to the Cross.

15. Cast Reflect again and clear out the wizrobes. Watch out for the flying eye. Be very careful when walking forward in this area, there’s a hidden pitfall.

16. Pay attention to the columns in this hallway, there’s a pitfall that you cannot see between the third and fourth columns. The only way to get past it is to cast Jump or Fairy to fly over it. Jump is cheaper, but you will need to stand on the second brick right of the third column and long jump to reach solid ground. If you happen to fall, head left to an elevator and ride it back up to the floor you fell from, then walk right to get back to the area with the columns.

17. You will have to battle Rebonack again in this room. He should not be much of a threat at this point, just cast Shield to cut down on any damage he may inflict.

18.Get the Cross, then backtrack to the hall with the looping pit, which is shown on Section B of the map. Please see Point 19 for instructions on how to cross the invisible pit.

19. Stand under the statue on the column on the way back from getting the Cross, then slowly walk forward. Count the bricks as you walk, be sure to stop on the fourth brick. Cast jump and leap over the invisible pit. If you fall, just go right (past a few wizrobes and a red ironknuckle) to an elevator that takes you back up to Section B of the map above.


2. Three-Eye Rock Palace Part 2

Important Items: None

The second half of this palace is long, yet straightforward for the most part. Return to the room with the looping pit after collecting the Cross to get started.

1. Come back to this room after getting the Cross, which is far to the right. Drop into the pit. Remember, these pits are all connected in a single loop, so just fall further if you miss the area you want to land on.

2. You can get a 200 Exp Bag by falling to the left, but you will have to deal with the blue ironknuckle that watches over it.

3. There’s another 200 Exp Bag here.

4. Bear right to land on the crumbling blocks or the floor that leads into the hallway as you fall. Go down the hall to the right after you hit solid ground.

5. By now you should be an old hand at fighting blue ironknuckles, bounce over this one with a downward thrust if you do not want to deal with it.

6. Beware the flying heads that swoop through this hallway as you cross it. They can knock you into the lava if you make a mistake. There are also myus on the platforms that can shove Link into the fiery pits below. Time your jumps carefully and let enemies pass before making a move.

7. Step forward each time you hit this block wall with the sword to keep the recoil from pushing Link off the ledge.

8. Check your magic supply. If you are low on MP and have just enough to cast Fairy, run over to the next section of the map on the right. If not, cast Reflect and hope the wizrobes or red darknut in this room drop a magic jar, because you need Fairy to get across the next room.

9. You will need to cast the Fairy spell to get across this massive lava pit. It’s likely you’ve had to use all your MP exploring the dungeon, so be prepared to take a death here so you can cross the pit. Alternatively, you can travel all the way back to the entrance to get a red jar from the statue, but that’s a lot of work. Concentrate on dodging the bubbles and dripping acid as you fly across this chasm.

10. The dungeon branches off into two paths at this point. Both lead to the boss, but the path this guide uses is a bit easier. With this in mind, ignore the elevator and continue right.

11. Rebonack doesn’t know when to quit. Cast Shield and put him down a third time.

12. This part of the dungeon is tricky. You need to cast Fairy after falling down the hole in this hallway, but you need a fair amount of MP to do so. If you cannot cast Fairy, you will fall into the area below and then be forced to backtrack through a dangerous area that leads to the elevator that will take you back to Section F on the map. Avoid falling into the hole at all costs, because the backtracking is miserable and there is no guarantee you will have enough MP to cast Fairy when you get back here. Instead, cast Jump and use the crumbling blocks as a platform to reach the hallway to the right. Run to the right and grab the 1-Up. Do not kill the blue ironknuckle guarding the extra life, let it kill you so you can respawn with full magic. Now you can use fairy and save yourself a lot of trouble. 

Note: You can reach the area to the right of the crumbling blocks with a well timed running jump if you do not have enough magic for the Jump spell. You can also skip this step if you have enough magic to cast Fairy.

13. Hit Start after falling in the pit by Point 12 to choose the Fairy spell, then cast it as soon as you unpause the game. Fly to the right to reach the boss. You will have to be quick to avoid falling into the lower area, because you cannot fly back out.

14. Watch out for the stalfos and keep going right to fight the boss.

15. If you are reading this, you probably missed the screen where you were supposed to cast Fairy and fell into the lower section of the palace. If not, skip down to the boss. Hopefully you paused before you hit the crumbling blocks or ran to the right to find a red magic jar statue. If you didn’t, Link will be dumped on the ground and have to backtrack through the hallway to the left. This area isn’t displayed on the map, because it’s a single path that just contains a few wizrobes and bubbles. Keep going left past the wizrobes and you will find an elevator that will take you back to Section F. 


3. Boss: Barba

Barba is extremely dangerous, but he is not difficult to fight as long as you pay attention to his movements and remain patient. This boss’s room has several lava pits that are separated by platforms. Barba hides in the lava and surfaces to breathe fire at Link. The fire does not take away much health, but it can push Link in the lava, which is the real danger in this fight. Cast Jump and Shield, then stand on the edge of one of the platforms. Do not hang off the platform or Barba may hit you when he surfaces.

Wait for Barba to come out of the lava. If you are lucky he will surface right in front of you, if not wait for him to open his mouth and jump away from him to evade his fire breath. If he comes up in front of you, jump up and hit his face, then quickly jump away to dodge the fire. Barba submerges after using his fire breath regardless of whether you hit him or not. Do not try to attack this boss if he pops up far away from you or even on the opposite side of the same platform you are on, because he will almost certainly nail you with fire breath if you can’t attack and retreat immediately.

Repeat this simple process to defeat Barba. It takes a bit of patience, because he will often pop up in places that are too far away, but he can be defeated on the first try by careful players. Place the final crystal in the statue to the right after defeating Barba.

k. Preparing for the Great Palace

The barrier sealing off the Great Palace will drop after all of the crystals have been placed in the six statues. You may be eager to explore the Great Palace and complete the game, but there are a few things you will need before facing your final challenge. For starters, Link needs Thunder magic to defeat one of the final bosses. He should also have all of the Heart and Magic Containers as well as max levels. Lastly, this is a good time to collect all of the 1-Ups you (hopefully) saved for the end of the game. 


1. Maxing Out Link’s Levels

Link should have level 8 in each of his stats before going to the Great Palace. The monsters in the final palace are extremely dangerous and a weak Link will struggle to defeat them. It’s not difficult to level up naturally while exploring this game and you are given a level for each of the six palaces, so you will likely only need 1 or 2 levels at most. There are plenty of grinding spots in this game, but my personal favorite is Nabooru. The tektites that randomly attack in this region are easy to kill with fire and tend to drop 200 Exp Bags. You can also stay close to town for quick heals. At any rate, make sure you are fully leveled before setting out for the Great Palace.


2. Getting the Thunder Spell

Items/Spells: Thunder Spell

Link will need the Thunder Spell before going to the Great Palace. The town of Old Kasuto is home to the powerful spell, but it’s not a safe place to explore until you have the Cross due to invisible monsters. Head south to the Three-Eye Rock area to find Old Kasuto.

1. Head west from Three-Eye Rock to find a bridge that leads to Old Kasuto.

2. True to NES form, this bridge is guarded by monsters. Luckily, it’s just a few flying skeleton fish, just be careful as you cross, because they can always knock you into the water.

3. Old Kasuto (which is technically just called Kasuto, but it’s referred to as Old Kasuto now that the town has moved) is a deserted town that has become home to purple flying eyes. These monsters are normally invisible, but the Cross allows Link to see them. Up thrust these eyes or avoid them completely, because they are fairly deadly. Enter the first house you see and go to the basement to get the Thunder Spell. Old Kasuto has little to offer aside from the spell. You can explore it if you like, but you won’t find anything of great interest.


3. 1-Up Round Up!

Hopefully you refrained from picking up the 1-Ups scattered around Hyrule or at least saved a few of them for later. The Great Palace is difficult, so having a few extra lives on hand makes it much less daunting. Here are a few of the easy to reach 1-Up locations. Make sure you have three lives to begin with before getting these extra lives to fully take advantage of the boost.

Note: Do not save after collecting these lives, because the game will start you with only three lives if you reload the save and you cannot collect the 1-Ups again.

1. Near the boulder in the swamp south of Ruto Town 

2. On the coast southwest of King’s Tomb

3. Check a patch of sand southwest of the bridge that leads to Maze Island.

4. In the swamp north of Old Kasuto, check the corner on the upper west side of the swamp

l. The Great Palace

Recommended Levels: Sword: 8 Magic: 8 Life: 8

This is it, the final palace! Make sure you have maxed levels and anything else you want before entering the Great Palace. Just getting to the Great Palace is dangerous and you may want to make a few practice runs before making an earnest attempt. Set out from the Northern Palace and take the Raft to Nabooru, then head south through the passage blocked by the River devil. Eventually you will see a cemetery that leads to the Great Palace.


1. Finding the Great Palace

Items/Spells: Red Magic Jar

Just getting to the Great Palace is dangerous. You will have to go all the way to Nabooru, then south towards Old Kasuto just to get near the path that leads to the resting place of the Triforce of Courage. After that, Link must navigate a complex and dangerous warren of caves to reach his destination. Watch out for random battles on the way to the palace. Flying eyes and mace throwing lizard men attack in these battles, which can get really nasty.

1. Walk into the mountain pass at the southern end of this cemetery. Try not to fight any random battles in this cemetery, because the enemies are dangerous floating eyes that can drain Link’s health quickly.

2. Link will come to another walled area where lizard men will throw stones at him. He will also have to contend with more floating eyes. Just run through this place as fast as you can while stepping away from the falling rocks.

3. Check out this spot to get a red magic jar.

4. You will be forced into a side scrolling sequence when you reach this spot. Link will have to deal with flying eyes and orange lizard men as well as difficult jumps over lava. Remember you can cast Spell to turn the flying eyes into bots. Be patient and eliminate the monsters as they come. Beware a jump near the end of this area. It looks like it can be cleared with a standard jump, but you actually need the Jump spell to make it.

5. There’s a 500 Exp Bag here. You shouldn’t need it at this point, but it may be worth getting if you haven’t fully leveled up or you are near 9000 Exp, which grants the player an extra life.

6. This pass is identical to the one in Point 4 on the map. Use the same tricks to get through this area.

7. You will have to go through a cave here. The cave isn’t that bad compared to the mountain passes. More flying eyes and a scorpion attack Link in these caves, but that’s about it.

8. This serves as the exit to the cave in Point 7. Head south from here, then north to a final cave that will take you to the Great Palace.

9. This is another side scrolling sequence that is similar to Points 4 and 7. However, the monsters are slightly different and Link will have to fight red lizard men here.

10. This cave leads to the Great Palace. Cast Shield as soon as you enter this area and fight a blue lizard man that throws maces. He is vulnerable to jumping strikes, so hop over his attacks and hit him in the head. A red lizard man guards the exit, but should not be much of a threat.

11. You will surface just south of the Great Palace after going through the cave in Point 10. Take a few steps north to enter the final dungeon.


1. The Great Palace Part 1

Important Items: None

Link’s sole objective in the Great Palace is to retrieve the TriForce of Courage, which is hidden deep in the inner sanctum. Hopefully you saved extra lives and picked them up on your way to the palace, because the enemies in here are the strongest in the game. In fact, even weak monsters like bots take two hits to kill in this palace even if you are fully leveled up. The Great Palace is massive and much of it is not shown in the maps, so follow the instructions carefully.

1. The barrier that blocks entry to the Great Palace will drop if you have placed all of the crystals in the palace statues. This also marks a point of no return, because the barrier reappears after Link enters the palace and he will not be able to leave. Use the elevator to the right to go inside the palace.

2. The path on the right leads to a dead end, so ignore it and go left.

3. The firebird that blocks the way forward can be a real pain in the butt thanks to the fireballs he spits. Run up to him and stab away.

4. There’s an invisible gap in the floor just left of the pillar. Link will fall through it and have to fight bots. Jump when you get to the pillar to clear the hidden pitfall. Take the elevator on the left down to Section B.

5. Go right after stepping off the lift.

6. Keep walking right. There’s nothing on this bridge, so enjoy the break.

7. Use the same tactics on the fire bird that guards the elevator.

8. Break the blocks with the sword and watch out for flying heads. It helps to break a few blocks, then back off so Link has room to maneuver. 

9. The red bird warrior in this passage throws swords and leaps around. He is difficult to fight and I find it best to just try to down thrust through him. Cast shield to mitigate some of the damage he inflicts. The red bird warrior will follow you, but you can escape if you just keep running right and take the elevator down.

10. Down thrust over the bot (do it quickly if the bird man is chasing you) and break the blocks to the right. Use down thrust to smash through them quickly after you clear the first two.

11. There’s a secret path through the left side of this elevator shaft that leads to a statue that may contain a red magic jar. It takes a bit of effort to get into the secret passage, because the elevator has to line up with it. Just move the elevator up or down a bit, then press against the wall until Link walks through it.

12. A red jar or a bird warrior will emerge from the statue if you strike it. Cast Jump and hop straight up to hit the statue. If a bird man appears you can escape unscathed by running back to the elevator. 

13. There’s another false wall on the left in this elevator shaft. Do not bother with this wall, because it leads to a room with a giant bubble that can cause a lot of problems for Link.

14. Go right right from the elevator (the path to the left is a dead end) and Cast Shield. A fire bird will attack you up ahead, charge it and try to knock it off the screen or kill it before it can harm Link.

15. Flying heads and ropes infest this hallway. Just bounce over everything with down thrust.

16. Use the Jump spell and strike this statue to get a red magic potion. Go down the elevator after getting your prize.

Note: Be careful when getting the magic potion since there is a chance a red bird man spawns instead of the magic potion.

17. A blue bird warrior patrols the area just beyond the breakable block wall. There’s a trick to beating this enemy very easily. Start by breaking the first few blocks so Link can stand on the fourth row of blocks. Walk right a bit, but do not jump down from the blocks. Stand on the last column of blocks and duck. Wait here and strike the bird man when he jumps towards Link. If done correctly, you will kill the bird warrior without taking damage.

18. Run across this crumbling bridge and down thrust the rope.

19. Do not wait for the bubble floating around the lava to escape. Run past it to the elevator on the right.

This point marks the end of Part 1 of the Great Palace, refer to the section below for the second half of the palace.


2. The Great Palace Part 2

Important Items: The TriForce of Courage

The second half of the Great Palace features devious secret passages and dangerous creatures as well as the final bosses of Zelda II. Try to conserve Link’s lives and refill his magic when possible, because you will need all the help you can get for the last boss.

1. This point marks where we left off in Part 1 of the Great Palace. Ride the lift down to the final rooms of the dungeon.

2. Walk right and look out for the giant bubble that bounces around this chamber. Do not engage the bubble, several smaller, very fast bubbles appear if you kill it. A fire bird also watches over this room, charge in and stab it to death.

3. Run up to the blue bird man and down thrust through him, then run to the end of the hallway. Don’t bother with him unless you’re really good at fighting.

4. The bird warrior will chase you up to these steps, jump up them and duck to avoid the big bubble, then start cutting through the wall on the right. Use down thrust to burrow through the bottom blocks quickly. Take the lift down when you hit the bottom.

5. There’s another false wall that leads to a statue with a red potion. It’s worth collecting if you need magic or healing, just keep in mind an enemy may spawn from the statue when you hit it.

6. Do not bother with this hallway. Take the elevator down to Section C.

7. Head left.

8. Take out the fire bird the same way you did the others.

9. Use down thrust to break the row of blocks and fall through the hidden pit.

10. The room on the left doesn’t have anything of value, so head right.

11. Use up thrust to destroy the giant bot as it falls down. It will break into smaller bots that you can hop over.

12. Run across this bridge (watch out for the spiky monsters near the center) and fall down the narrow tube near the middle.

13. Stand on the crumbling bridge here and purposely fall down the tube to reach the last floor of the palace.

14. You can break these blocks to get a red magic potion, but there’s a chance an red bird warrior will spawn instead of a potion. 

15. Walk right to enter the chamber of the final two bosses.


3. Boss: Thunder Bird

This boss is the hardest in the game in my opinion, but there is a trick that makes defeating him a bit less difficult. However, the Thunder Spell is an absolute necessity in this fight, so don’t even bother trying to battle the Thunder Bird if you do not have it or lack the MP needed to cast it. You should also consider casting Shield and Jump right after using Thunder.

Link will have to walk to the right side of the room to get the boss to appear. He’ll fly in from the right. Thunder Bird is immune to damage until you cast Thunder on it, which will turn it blue and reveal its face. This boss hovers above Link, following him as he moves. It shoots fireballs that arc up, then down to the ground. Thunder Bird tends to shoot its fireballs opposite of where Link is, so if you are standing to the left of this boss, its fireballs will go to the right for the most part. Keep in mind that the boss drifts, which means some of the fireballs will fall on Link even if he doesn’t move. You will also have to watch out for swooping attacks.

The best way to fight this boss is to run away from it, then jump and pivot to strike it in the head with a normal sword slash. Run in the opposite direction after landing to make it hard for the boss to hit you. Keep repeating the process to kill the Thunder Bird. While this may sound easy, it takes good timing and practice to pull off. Always watch the fireballs and step between them as you run away from the boss.

Thunder Bird will spew more fireballs as it takes damage, so it gets harder to dodge them. Focusing on dodging the fireballs and staying mobile by running in the direction opposite of the boss helps a lot. Try to switch directions before you get to the corners of the room to keep the boss from pinning you. Eight hits will destroy the Thunder Bird.

I have seen players cast Reflect or attempt to up thrust this boss. Reflect makes it possible to block fireballs with the shield, so it can help. You should refrain from using up thrust, because it does not seem to work. Walk right after defeating this foe to battle the very last boss.


4. Boss: Link’s Shadow

Link’s Shadow is the final boss. It will chew you up if you try to beat it using the sort of tactics that are effective against most other enemies, so do not bother trying to jump stab or down thrust this guy. Instead, crouch in the corner and stab at his legs as rapidly as possible. Most of your hits will get deflected, but you have a good chance of hitting Shadow Link when he stands up to thrust at your head. Cast Shield if you want to further cut down on the damage you take. A few hits will kill this boss and win the game. Easy right?

Congratulations, you beat Zelda II!

IV. Monsters 

This is a very brief and not at all comprehensive overview of some of the enemies that commonly appear in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Keep in mind that I do not always use the correct names for enemies in the walkthrough above. For example, I call moas “flying eyes”, though I have made efforts to include their proper names in this section. I also try to briefly cover the behavior and weaknesses of these creatures. Please note that these monsters are listed by the threat they pose to the player, rather than when they appear in the game or alphabetical order. Finally, this section does not include bosses, which are described in detail in the walkthrough.

a. Extremely Dangerous Monsters

The following enemies only appear in the Great Palace near the end of the game. They are the strongest foes in terms of stats and abilities, so be cautious when engaging them. The names of these monsters are not in the Zelda II game manual, so I had to improvise. However, these foes may have names, but I’m not sure if they are considered cannon or not.

1. Bird Warrior/Bird Man

I refer to these denizens of the Great Palace as bird warriors or bird men in the walkthrough. As the moniker suggests, these creatures are humanoid birds armed with swords and shields. They fight like ironknuckles, but are capable of jumping. Bird warriors also have high HP and damage, which makes them truly deadly. 

The old jump stab trick works fairly well on these foes and you can up thrust them when they leap over Link. There are a few situations where Link can stand on a platform above a bird man and stab the creature as it jumps at him without fear of taking damage. Generally, it’s best to just run under these monsters when they jump and make for the next screen, because they aren’t worth fighting.

2. Fire Bird

These bird creatures bounce around, launching fire in the air that sticks to the ground. Touching the fire damages Link quite a bit. Luckily, these foes move slowly and are vulnerable at close range. It’s best to charge fire birds and stab them rapidly when you see them. Wait too long and they will cover the ground in fire, making it difficult to reach them.

b. Dangerous Monsters

The following creatures may not be as tough as those found in the Great Palace, but they are close. It’s also worth noting that these monsters are common throughout Hyrule and you find yourself fighting them on a regular basis. Most of these enemies are found in palaces and caves, but players may also encounter them in random battles.

1. Ironknuckles 

These enemies are easy to spot thanks to their armor and swords, which make them look like knights. Ironknuckles can block Link’s attacks with their shields and take a fair amount of punishment. They are also immune to fireballs and sword beams. Weaker ironknckles are orange, with slightly stronger ones coming in the color red. Blue Ironknuckles are the strongest of this enemy type and throw their swords at Link. These foes only appear in palaces.

Use jump stabs to slay weaker Ironknuckles and cast Shield to reduce the amount of damage they inflict. You can also block their attacks with the shield and it’s possible to read where the next blow will come from by watching their swords. If the ironknuckle raises its sword, the attack will come in high, if it lowers its sword, the attack will be low. 

2. Lizard Men (Lizalfos) 

These dangerous foes appear in caves and the overworld later in the game. As the name implies, they look like humanoid lizards. They come in many colors, with blue being strongest, and use weapons that include spears and even throwing maces. The same tactics used on ironkuckles work on lizard men. However, Link cannot block maces with his shield. Reflect helps against mace throwing lizard men.

3. Doomknockers 

These armored foes look a bit like ironknuckles, but throw maces that travel horizontally. While not particularly strong, they can be troublesome in certain situations. Link cannot block their maces, which forces the player to leap over them. Down thrust works very well on doomknockers, but you will likely have to fight them with the Shield spell and carefully timed sword thrusts when you first meet them.

4. Alligator Men (Daira)

These brutes are essentially humanoid alligators armed with axes that cannot be blocked with the shield. Daira are also hardy for the point in the game they appear in and can absorb a fair amount of damage. Their main weakness is their lack of a shield, which makes it easy to hit them. 

Killing a regular melee daira requires the player to strike it quickly with the sword, step back to avoid its axe, then step in and strike with the sword again to keep the daira from pushing Link into a dead end or off the screen. Some daira throw axes that must be jumped over. The best way to deal with axe throwing daira is to jump stab them when possible.

c. Moderately Dangerous Monsters

The bulk of this game’s monsters fall into this category. Such foes are only a threat at low levels, in large numbers, or in situations where the player can be forced into a pitfall. For the sake of brevity, I’ve only included more noteworthy examples of these creatures.

1. Moblins 

Moblins are essentially low tier ironkuckles that look like humanoid dogs. They can be a threat early in the game, but the fact that they only appear on the overworld gives players the option of healing after fighting them by running back to a town. That said, spear throwing moblins can be difficult to deal with for inexperienced players. These foes are great to practice the jump stab technique on.

2. Goriya 

Goriya look a bit like anthropomorphic canines that wear jerkins. They throw boomerangs that travel a short distance before returning. You can block the boomerangs with the shield and predict whether they will be thrown at Link’s head or legs by how the goriya holds them. They are fairly easy to defeat as long as you focus on blocking. That said, goriya can overwhelm a novice player, so be careful. You will often find these creatures guarding treasures in the overworld or occasionally in caves.

3. Tektites 

These spider-like monsters shoot balls of magic at the player and hop around the screen. Their ability to resist sword blows makes them noteworthy. Only fireballs from the Fire spell can damage these monsters. Despite their high defense and mobility, they are easy to kill with fire or simply flee from. They are also a great source of Exp, just watch out for large groups of tektites, which can become difficult to manage.

4. Zora

Much like tektites, these creatures can only be harmed by fire. Zora resemble amphibians or dogs depending on how you look at them. The spit fireballs that are easy to jump over or duck under depending on Link’s position. Zora’s short stature makes it easy to bounce over it with down thrust.

5. Wizrobes

These hooded wizards dwell in palaces and can teleport. They are immune to Link’s attacks, but are vulnerable to their own spells. Cast Reflect and bounce a wizrobe’s magic back at it to slay it by deflecting the spell with the shield.

6. Fire Mage

These orange wizards teleport like wizrobes, but create a small fire that crawls along the ground instead of shooting magic beams. Fire mages can be harmed with regular sword attacks and are especially vulnerable to down thrust.

7. Guma 

These red monsters look a bit like cyclops and throw maces in an arc. Link can jump through gaps in the maces and strike guma with his sword for an easy kill.

8. Stalfos 

These skeletons swipe at Link with swords and can block attacks with their shields. Their legs are exposed and players can defeat these foes quickly by hitting their shields to knock them back, then striking their legs as they try to close with Link again. More sophisticated variants can jump and down thrust Link.

d. Low Threat Monsters

This game features a lot of enemies that are not very dangerous in the grand scheme of things. These beasts range from slimes called bots to octorocks and are quite numerous. While generally not dangerous, monsters in this tier can still wear players down or knock players who do not look before leaping into pits.

1. Bots

Also known as bits or slimes, these small jelly-like creatures move slowly and can hop a short distance rather unexpectedly. They are often a good source of magic jars since they are easy to kill and often respawn in dungeons.

2. Bats (Ache)

Bats hang from ceilings and swoop down at Link. While not very dangerous, they are often situated near pits, so players have to take care when trying to clear pitfalls with ache nearby. The red ache can turn into a demonic looking creature that breathes fireballs at Link.

3. Skeleton Fish

These undead fish leap out of rivers and lava pits in an attempt to collide with Link. They drain Exp and can knock players into water or lava, but are not much of a hazard if you are cautious.

4. Myu

These small spiked slimes can only be killed with down thrust as far as I know. They often guard pits or occupy crumbling bridges, so it’s important to take notice of their presence.

5. Bubble

These floating skulls bounce around rooms and hallways in dungeons. It takes about fifty or more hits to kill them at low levels, but they give Link 50 Exp. Bubbles do not hurt Link much in terms of physical damage, however, their ability to drain magic makes them annoying.

6. Tinsuits 

These monsters have horse-like heads and hop towards Link. They are not worth any Exp, but drain Link’s Exp if they hit him. More of a nuisance than anything else, players should fight these things patiently to avoid losing Exp.

7. Octorock 

These small octopus creatures hop up and spit rocks at Link. Block the rocks and hit them when they land.

V. References

Here are the various sites and publications I used to while working on this walkthrough. These merely served as references and I have to stress that I do not necessarily agree with all of their strategies and advice. That said, they are still helpful and worth visiting if you want to learn more about the game.



As with most of my map walkthroughs, I got the maps used above from VGMaps, which is an amazing resource for gamers that I suggest visiting if only to show them some support for making stuff like this possible. It also bears mentioning that I edited the maps used in this guide and did not simply copy paste them, so they look a lot different in their original format.

Maps and General Info:

NES Game Atlas (Printed Publication)

This guide, along with my own memories of the game served as a major source of info for this walkthrough.



I referred to this very well done guide from time to time to check my own findings. It also convinced me to place Death Mountain before the Midoro Palace, so blame this guide if you prefer to do Death Mountain after the second palace.

Link Doll Locations:


Spell info:




Thanks for using our Zelda II: Link’s Adventure Walkthrough!

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