Youkai Club (NES)

Developer: TOSE

Publisher: Jaleco

Release Date: May 1987 (Japan Only)

Translation: Stardust Crusaders

Genre: Platformer

System: Famicom (NES)

Players: 1


   Youkai Club is a platformer that was developed by TOSE and released for the Famicom (Nintendo Entertainment System) in 1987. A hero named Akira must defeat an army of demons, fight his way through a variety of levels, and destroy the boss waiting at the end of each stage before facing the final boss. Special items like keys hidden throughout the game are needed to unlock doors in order to progress. Youkai Club’s protagonist can defend himself with throwing knives and will find items like the star (which grants invincibility for a limited amount of time) to help him in his quest. Akira’s throwing knives can be powered up by collecting orbs and books which boost his experience level.

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