Wonder Boy in Monster World (Genesis) Walkthrough

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Wonder Boy in Monster World (Genesis) Walkthrough

~by tankMage (September 2019)


Wonder Boy in Monster World is a deceptively tough game that requires a lot of repetition and skill to complete. The best this (or any) walkthrough can do is prepare players for the challenges ahead and provide a few tips, so be ready to repeat difficult areas a lot. I’ve tried to find efficient routes through various locations in order to cut down on some of the backtracking required to collect items or find new areas, but I do not claim that this is the most direct route through the game. Readers should also keep in mind that the game will give Shion a healing heart instead of an Elixir if they open certain chests while holding an Elixir in their inventory, so be careful about opening boxes and refer to this walkthrough if you have doubts about the contents of a chest. Thank you for choosing this guide and good luck!

I. Tips

1. Use Magic…A Lot

Spells like Firestorm, Thunder, and Quake are great for taking out tough monsters or those in inconvenient places. Shion will get his first spell near the beginning of the game, so get used to using magic early on. Quake, Thunder, and Firestorm do not work very well on bosses, but Power and Shield are often effective ways to boost Shion for boss battles.

2. Keep Shion’s Weapons and Armor Up to Date

Wonder Boy in Monster World is very much designed around gear and players will notice dramatic improvements in Shion’s performance after buying new equipment. Even a pair of boots can spell the difference between success and failure at some points in the game, so take time to buy everything you come across, even if it means chopping up a few extra monsters to raise funds.

3. Positioning and Timing Win the Day

Combat in this game requires precise and careful movements thanks to the limited reach of Shion’s sword and spear. Charging blindly at enemies will often result in the player taking damage, so get used to how your weapons work and time your attacks thoughtfully. Letting monsters come to you is often a good way to get a hit or two in without risking precious life hearts.

4. Sword and Shield Vs. Spear 

Shion has the choice of using a spear, which often has long reach and high damage or a sword that allows for the use of a shield that increases defense. Generally, the sword and shield are better suited to enemies that fire projectiles or those who are above Shion. On the other hand, spears are good for killing monsters quickly or striking those that charge directly towards the player. Take some time to familiarize yourself with these weapons.

5. Save Chests that Contain Elixirs for Later 

There are several chests that contain precious Elixir hidden throughout the game. It’s best to save most of these for later on when things become difficult. In fact, I recommend saving before boss fights or difficult portions of the game so you can clear them without using an Elixir.

6. Practice, Practice, and Practice Some More

Wonderboy in Monster World gets rather difficult in the final stages. Be ready to practice these difficult sections, because no amount of advice from written or video walkthroughs can substitute for practical experience.

II. Walkthrough

A. Alsedo

1. Alsedo Ocean (Near Shion’s House)

ShopLeather Boots (30g)

Exit Shion’s home and walk right until you see a house built into a tree stump. Step inside and talk to the old man who will give you an Elixir and Fire Storm magic. After you talk to the old man, a floating platform will appear next to the tree stump. Use the platform to jump onto the top of the stump, then take a few steps so you are just left of the door below. Jump and you should get a coin. This can be done three times to get some extra money. Head over to the arrow to the right and slash the hopping snakes with your sword.

Drop down from the stump to the right and enter it to meet a shopkeeper who will give you a hint and offer to sell you leather boots for 30g. To the right of the shop you’ll encounter a big snake that moves back and forth. Stay on the high ground and stab at the snake while ducking. Be careful, a second snake will spawn after you take him down. Continue going right to the castle, whose guards will not admit Shion. 

Keep moving forward and you will come to a beach. Jump over the water using the hovering platforms. Wait until the crab on the other side of the moving platform walks away from the ledge before jumping into it, then strike the crab when it makes its way back.

Three more crabs patrol the area ahead, defeat them and push forward. You’ll see a monkey just after the crabs, keep your distance and slash him when he gets close before he can ram into Shion. Remember, you have Firestorm, which is great for getting rid of hard to reach monsters. Hop over the platforms beyond the monkey the same way you did the ones at the beginning of the area. Look out for the crab to the right of the moving platform. Keep going right and you’ll enter the next screen which is still in the Alsedo Ocean area. Several monkeys and crabs block the path going east, so cut your way through them.

Another crab can be found pacing around the lower section of ground near some platforms, drop down and take it out before hopping across the floating chunks of stone. A chest blocked off by a wooden structure lies to the east of the platforms. It’s impossible to open the chest at the moment, but make a mental note of its location for future reference. Push onward to the next screen, taking out a few more enemies on the way and make your way across more platforms. Better yet, just swim to the next island to avoid having to fight the crabs that guard some of the footholds, which are difficult to fight thanks to the moving platforms here. Kill the monkey wandering around the island by hoping out of the water and hitting him when he is close to the edge, then swim under the crab on the platform to the right.

The next island is home to a sign indicating that it’s possible to jump on the jellyfish to the right. These cute little buggers hop out of the water when Shion approaches them and it’s easy to cross to the high ledge on the other side of the water if you jump on top of the first one and hold the D-Pad right. This will bring you to the first town: Alsedo.

2. Alsedo Village

ShopSmall Spear (80g)Chain Mail (70g)Wood Shield (50g)Medicine (10g)
Inn Cost10g

Alsedo is infested with goofy looking mushrooms. Like everything you’ve encountered this far, these mushrooms are not difficult enemies, but they tend to respawn behind Shion. This makes them rather dangerous if you do not pay attention. At the same time, killing  them is a good way to gather some gold for the new gear sold in town. Make sure you visit the inn at the town entrance to save and heal. Buy a Small Spear at the shop near the inn to make farming gold from the mushrooms more efficient. A spear hit can drop a small mushroom in a single blow and a large mushroom in two. The spear also has more reach, making it safer to use in general.

Get the Chain Mail after buying the spear. While the mail doesn’t appear to grant a bonus when you equip it on the status screen, it will noticeably reduce damage from enemies. Finally, the Wood Shield can protect Shion from projectile attacks (so long as they are aimed at spots covered by the shield) and slightly reduce incoming damage while he has a sword equipped. 

Talk to the girl in the house to the right of the weapon shop to learn about Eleanora. There’s an item shop near Sonia’s house that sells life saving Medicine, that’s certainly worth the 10g it costs. A dungeon is located further to the east, but you cannot explore it thoroughly until you talk to Eleanora, so stand between the statues in the center of the village and press up teleport to her abode. Talk to the queen by heading east and Priseilla will join you. With this fairy on your team, you will get a small heart occasionally when you defeat enemies.

Next, return to Sonia’s house near the statues at talk to her. She’ll mention a lost Ocarina that can be found in the cave. You’ll need to talk to her to get the Ocarina to spawn in the cave. Save your game and continue east.

3. Alsedo Cave


Make your way east through the dark mushroom filled woods to the cave mouth and step inside the first dungeon. Several mushrooms guard the entrance hall, but you should be used to fighting them by now and they should not pose any real threat. At the end of the hallway you’ll find a strange locked door with a music note on it. The Ocarina can be found conveniently placed under the door after you talk to Sonia. 

Press Up on the D-Pad to grab to Ocarina and equip it. You can play it by holding the A Button and pressing Right or Left on the D-Pad, depending on what you assign it to. Return to Sonia’s house and she will teach you a song that will open the locked music note doors. The button input for the first song is: B A B A B C B. The second door will open with: A B C B C A B. Sonia will teach you one final song for the third door: A C C A B A B. Sonia will want you to input the sequence for each song, but she won’t give you much time, so try to memorize the notes in order to play the music quickly.

Backtrack to the cave and play the first song (B A B A B C B) while standing on the music note tiles to open it. Enter the door and take care of a few more mushrooms as you jump up the platforms. The second door will be on your right, play the correct song (A B C B C A B) while standing on the music note tiles to open it. Use the newly opened door to get to the level below and fight your way to a treasure chest on a platform. Press Up to open it and take the Heart inside.

Run left after taking the Heart. Watch out for the spikes; they’ll take roughly half a heart from Shion if he touches them. Door three is just past the final set of spikes, play A C C A B A B to open it. Another door is on the other side of the third door. If you walk over to the pillar by the door and jump up you’ll get a small heart. Enter the door to the west when you’re ready for your first boss.

4. Boss: The Myconid 


Myconid is tougher than anything you’ve fought this far. He’ll start by jumping towards Shion in an attempt to crush him, then bounce up and down a bit. Next, Myconid will produce a big or small mushroom by lowering his head. Make sure you have the spear equipped. Run towards him when the battle starts and try to duck under him when he moves towards you. Shion will likely take some damage, but ignore it and keep running. The boss should hop backwards or chase you. Pivot and stab him with the spear when he hops or gets into striking range, then quickly turn around and run away from him. Myconid will die in about four hits if you get into a rhythm. You can also use Firestorm on this boss, but it’s not very effective. 

Grab the coins and open the chest to power up Firestorm once the boss is defeated. Go back through the entrance to the boss’s lair and into the exit door to return to the beginning of the dungeon.

5. Return to Alsedo Village

Alsedo will have changed somewhat now that Myconid is history. Press Up while standing between the statues to talk to Eleanora. She’ll tell you to use the opening in the tree to the west to get to Purapril. However, she neglects to mention that the way is dangerous. Take a moment to save at the inn before moving on.

B. Purapril

1. Purapril Sewers 

Purapril can be reached via the large tree on the western side of Eleanora’s domain. Before climbing down the ladder on the other side of the tree, jump over to the far left side of the room and some gold coins will pop out of the ground. Enter the door at the bottom of the ladder and go west to the Purapril Sewers. Priseilla will leave you once you enter the sewers.

Continue west and you will encounter a new enemy, the bat, after passing a pool of water. Bats will swoop down at Shion and crash into him. They are difficult to hit with sword and spear, but I have found that jumping towards a bat and hitting it with a well timed spear thrust can eliminate it without resulting in Shion taking damage. It’s also possible to simply run past them and hope things go well or cast Firestorm.

After getting past several bats you’ll come to another pool of water. A bat will attack you when you cross the pool and you’ll have to fight a bouncing red blob soon afterwards. The blob shouldn’t present a problem as they merely hop towards you and the spear can kill one in a single jab.

Keep going left to get to the next screen where you’ll find another bat and two more blobs. Take a few steps forward and let the blobs get into spear range, then take care of the bat. You’ll have to jump and jab your way past three more bats lined up after you defeat the blobs. Further to the left is a pool that’s filled with blobs, keep jumping as you swim through it to avoid damage.

Continue west (watch out for more enemies) to the next section of the sewers. Kill a few more bats and you’ll come to a path leading down, ignore it for now as it leads to an ice barrier you cannot open.

Just walk west, swimming through pools and fighting off monsters until you get to a platform over a deep well. Double check your health and get ready to fight a knight on the next screen. The knight is protected by his shield and will jump at Shion or try to slash him with his sword. Duck down with the spear in hand and poke at the knight’s feet. This should damage and push him back. Defeat the knight and you’ll meet Princess Purapril. She’ll invite you to the castle; the door behind her will take you there.

2. Purapril Castle

ShopKnight Sword (250g)Hard Armor (220g)Charm Stone (500,000g)Potion (50g)
Inn Cost15g

Shion will appear in a rather tall tower. The door to the left is locked, so you’ll have to climb up the tower. Stand in the middle of the steps and jump from one flight of stairs to the next if you want to scale the tower rapidly. Use the door at the top of the steps to enter the castle. To the west, you’ll find a bell tower, which isn’t important at the moment. Princess Sheila is waiting to the east, talk to her and she will suggest visiting Lily Pad. 

Walk back to the tower and you’ll find the previously locked door at the bottom of the structure unlocked. Walk west (avoid the eastern route, it leads to a desert that’s too dangerous to visit right now) to enter the town. Stop at the inn and rest up by the entrance, then visit the weapon shop next door. Purchase a Knight Sword and some Hard Armor to give Shion a much needed boost.*

The store next to the weapon shop is closed right now, but it will come into play later on. Descend the ladder next to the shop door and walk right to find a store called Sundry. This shop sells a Charmstone for an exorbitant 500k. Near the end of the game you can save up money and buy a Charmstone to get some extra magic; ignore it for now. A Potion that restores three hearts is also sold here for 50g and you can get a pair of Ladder Boots for another 50g. Both items are well worth the money, particularly the boots, which allow you to jump higher and climb faster. Drop down the hole to the left or right after visiting the shop and make your way to the Jungle by heading west.

*Note: If you’re feeling brave, you can skip buying the hard armor and hold out for the Steel Armor in the next town. 

C. Area 3: Lily Pad

1. Lily Pad Jungle

Note: Bring the Ladder Boots to this area, they will make life a lot easier, because you will have to climb a lot of vines and make difficult jumps.

Spiders hang from the trees near the beginning of the jungle, stand next to them and swipe them with the sword as they descend. The knight sword should be able to defeat a spider in a couple of hits. They’re also an easy way to make money. Left of the spiders is a pool of bubbling mud. Try to stay on the moving platform and climb to vines by pushing Up to keep from falling into the mud, which will damage Shion. Continue west through more spiders and over another mud wallow to the next screen.

A ghost will pop out once you jump over a tree stump to the left. It’s best to duck the second you see it and either hit it with the sword (your overhead slash can easily reach the ghost) or run past it. A third mud pit is situated to the left. Climb up the vines and leap from one to the next, then jump over to a wood platform. Kill the spiders blocking your way and quickly jump over the series of platforms to a floating bridge that will take you to a row of vines. From there you can continue west, but be ready to slash at a pair of ghosts that drop from the trees near the mud pit. A strange smiley face tree waits near the edge of the screen. You’ll need to jump from the very edge of the ledge to get on its branch so you can make way to the third section of the jungle.

Yet another ghost will drop down from the trees near the entrance to the third screen. You’ll also have to cross a very long mud pit populated by spiders and platforms. Take your time here and run left as fast as possible if you fall into the mud. If you’re lucky and have full health you can make it to the vines far to the west before dying. Take care when approaching the tree stump beyond the pit, a ghost will appear when you near it, which can be lethal if your health is extremely low. Continue west and you will see a ruined temple that you cannot enter at the moment. West of the temple lies the village of Lily Pad.

2. Lily Pad Village

ItemsDwarf Child (Hotta)*
ShopShield Spell (500g)Marine Boots (300g)Steel Armor (800g)Shell Shield (200g)
Inn Cost20g

* Only joins after you rescue him from the western jungle.

Several shops line the entrance of this village. In these stores you will find useful items that are probably out of your price range. You’ll also meet a dwarf in a home near the back of the village that will tell you one of the resident children has been kidnapped.

At this point you should get some money together to buy the Steel Armor and Shell Shield.* You will also want to purchase the Marine Boots and Shield Spell, but it’s best to buy the armor first to make grinding gold easier. Head west and fight the green haired guys in the jungle if you want to make money quickly. The green haired monsters pack a punch, but your sword can hit them from a good distance, just take care to dodge or block the hammers they throw. Save at the inn before fighting. 

*The Shell Shield is optional, because you will find another shield hidden in the next dungeon. 

3. Western Jungle

The western jungle is a small, straightforward area, but the green haired cannibals that inhabit it pose a serious threat if you are unprepared. Take some time to get used to fighting them near the jungle entrance so you can buy the steel armor and retreat to safety if necessary. You may also want the Shield magic for the battle at the end of the area. At the far west end of the jungle you will find the Dwarf Child, who is held captive by several cannibals. Charge in and defeat a few of the bad guys to get the rest to flee. Once safe, the Dwarf Child will run back to Lily Pad. Talk to his sister near the entrance to town to get him to join Shion.

4. The Jungle Temple

ItemsLampHeartHard Shield

Visit to the temple just east of Lily Pad after getting the Dwarf Child to join. The dwarf will smash the door open once you reach the temple. The temple will be pitch black and filled with small spirits that crash into Shion when you enter it. Go left, slashing the ghosts as you run until you reach a metal switch marked with a red arrow. Jump onto the switch and a door will open. 

A giant bat roosts in the room beyond the door. Use your sword to cut it while it flies overhead Shion. The bat will perish after about five hits and drop a Lamp that will light the temple up. Exit the bat room and go down the now visible ladder by the switch. You may notice a shaft to the right, Shion cannot squeeze into it at the moment, but it will serve a purpose later. 

Walk right a bit and a boulder will drop from the ceiling. Just keep running and it shouldn’t hit you. Let Shion fall off the ledge to the east and quickly turn west, then keep running to avoid the boulder. Eventually, you’ll see a ladder that you can grab onto and the boulder will fall into the hole below. The boulder won’t do much damage if it hits you so long as you are wearing steel armor, so don’t worry about it too much. 

Try not to fall into the hole under the ladder, it will send you back to the beginning of the temple. 

There’s a small shaft going east near the ladder. Follow it and destroy the miniature skeletons. In fact, you may want to take a moment to kill several of them, because they are likely to drop health. Ducking and stabbing with the sword or spear is a good way to kill these pipsqueeks. After a short walk you will arrive at a ladder that will take you up to the next screen. More skeletons infest the hallway next to the ladder. Continue east and climb yet another ladder, then follow the passage as it doubles back to the next screen. 

This screen should be familiar, since it’s the entrance to the temple. Hop on the switch on your left and go back to the previous screen. The wall to the right will now be made up of silver blocks that you can destroy with your weapon. Take a few steps forward after clearing a path and your dwarf friend will smash a hole in the wall. Do not go too far to the right or you will fall through the floor and be forced to climb back up. Go inside the hole to find a chest that has a Heart inside, which should bring you up to five in total.

Exit the secret chamber and walk right to purposely fall through the floor, then follow the passage west to get back to the boulder room. Climb the ladder over the pit to the west and jump off of it when you reach the top to get to the western ledge. Step into the next screen and drop down. You’ll have to climb a ladder while stone heads fire arrows at Shion. Wait for a head to fire an arrow, then climb so that your between the two heads and repeat the process to get to the top.

Step inside the door when you are finished. Go east along the cramped passage to a room with big skeletons and several platforms. Kill the skeleton to the right and get a running start to jump onto the purple platform to the left. From there, jump onto the highest step to the left and leap over to the next platform, then kill a small skeleton. Jump to the ledge on the left and use the moving platform to reach the stone wall to the east. The floor will crumble under Shion, allowing him to depress the switch below. Look out for the big skeleton that meanders around the switch. 

Use the purple platforms on the left side of the screen to get to the blocks that turned silver when you activated the switch and hack your way through them. Now you can jump over to the stone blocks that will take you to the next screen. There’s a chest below the second block (which crumbles slightly when you stand on it) that contains a large heart that will refill your health. Proceed down a long corridor with more skeletons and spirits until you reach a door with a pit below it. The door leads out of the temple, but there’s still a few items to collect and a boss to kill before leaving, so fall down the hole.

Walk left, blocking the arrow from the stone head and carefully make your way past stone heads on the ceiling that will thrust spears into the floor. It’s easy to get past these if you wait for them to retract. Run along the passage on the next screen and the Dwarf Child will smash open another secret passage for you. This one leads to the Hard Shield. Return to the previous room after getting your shield and go east.

More stone heads line the walls of this room. Pay attention to how they fire and use your shield to block the arrows. Watch out when you jump onto the platform after the second stone head, an arrow will come at you at eye level and you’ll need to duck to avoid it. Continue east, blocking arrows and you will arrive at a raised area flanked by stone heads with two more on the ceiling above it. Spears come out of the heads on the ceiling, so carefully make your way between them while watching out for arrows coming from behind. Jump over to the switch on the right once you’re clear and be ready to hop if the head to the left fires an arrow off. Now you can enter the next screen.

This next room can be really irritating and you may want to head back to town and save before attempting it. Four switches adorn the area. Each switch is positioned next to a hole with a bridge of blocks over it. As you may have guessed, these blocks fall when touched. Falling into a hole will send you back to the previous screen. To make matters worse you’ll have to hit the switches in a certain order, which requires you to jump over the pits precisely. From the left side of the room, hit the second switch, then the third, then backtrack to the first switch and hit it. After that, you’ll need to go back to the fourth switch and press it, which will allow you to fall down the hole on the far right. Remember: the torches in this room will stay lit if you hit the switches in the correct sequence. Running and jumping from the very edge of each platform will guarantee that Shion clears each pit. 

4. Boss: Gragg and Glagg


Note: Try to enter this room at full health and have the Shield Spell ready.

This fight will put Shion up against two immobile stone heads. One head will be to the left, the other to the right. In the center of the room you’ll find a platform with springs under it. Shion can quickly reach this platform by stepping on the springs. The bosses will spit boulders that roll towards the platform and smaller rocks that fly in a straight line. With careful timing you can jump over the boulders and block the rocks, but it’s also possible to power through these bosses with the knight sword and Shield spell if you have full health.

Active the Shield spell and charge towards one of the heads (it doesn’t matter which you choose) then slash rapidly at him with the sword. You should be able to destroy the head in a couple of seconds if you’re fast. Use the exact same strategy on the second head. 

Open the chest that appears after you beat the bosses and you will get a Trident, which not only allows Shion to swim, but is also a great weapon. Go through the door that appears after you beat Gragg and Glagg to get back to Lily Pad.

D. Poseidon’s Realm

1. Backtracking (Lily Pad, Purapril, and Alsedo)

ItemsGold BagsHeart x2Pygmy Armor

The Trident will allow Shion to swim, which makes it possible to explore previously unreachable areas. Take some time to buy the Marine Boots at Lily Pad if you haven’t already; they’ll make Shion swim faster. You may have noticed a new door in the tree at the edge of Lily Pad village upon returning, use it to get to Purapril quickly. Climb back up to the tower in Purapril and re-enter the sewers via the door at the bottom of the tower. It’s possible to equip the trident and explore a new area upon arriving at the sewer, but it’s better to go east back to Alsedo for now. That said, you should see a shallow pool of water near the sewer exit (it’s the second pool from the right), equip the trident and stand at the bottom right side, then press the Up Button to open a secret door. Kill the sea cucumber near the door, then swim over the wood scaffold to the left and sink down. Open the box to the right for the sixth Heart.

Follow the path back to Alsedo Village and head west to return to the sea. Dive into the water with the trident and marine boots equipped. Swim down to a wooden structure, you should see a U shape of sorts in the wood by the cliffside. Have Shion touch the bottom of the “U” and several small bags of gold will pop up. You’ll also get a heart that will restore your health. Go west under the wooden platform to a chest that is surrounded by planks, then swim upwards. You’ll encounter a second chest that’s guarded by a fishman, kill him and open the box to get another life Heart, bringing the total up to seven. There’s a giant crab just above the chest to the left, get rid of it and walk over to the wooden wall, then press Up to enter a hidden door. Make sure Shion is standing (push Down) before trying to enter the door to get it to work. The door will take you to the box below, which contains a large bag of gold.

Go back through the door and down to the chest, then swim west through a narrow tunnel formed by the rock floor and wooden structure above. If you swim up after passing through the tunnel you will see a giant fish that spits smaller fish. Continue west until you run into a fishman hanging around a wood platform, take him out and swim up to the crab on the higher section of the platform.

From here you will see two possible paths, take the lowest one to the next screen, then keep swimming west through another narrow tunnel. Follow the path formed by the wood structure up to the next screen after you reach the end of the tunnel. Open the chest you saw at the beginning of the game after jumping out of the water (and defeating the monkey guarding it) to get the Pygmy Armor. Dive back into the pool to the right of the chest after collecting your prize and swim back through the wooden maze.

Now that you’ve obtained the most important items in this zone you can either move on or collect some gold. The first bag of gold is located west of the pygmy armor, just make your way back to dry land, jump over a few platforms left of the island with the treasure chest and continue westward over a large island until you reach the next screen. Jump into the water on your left and swim east into a narrow corridor near the surface. Follow the corridor to the next screen and push down to make Shion stand when you reach the end of the line, then press Up to enter a hidden door, which will take you to another chest that holds a large bag of gold.

Swim west after returning to the corridor and sink down to the sea floor if you want the final bag of money. You should see an underwater tunnel (this is the tunnel you used to get to Purapril sewer) after passing an inaccessible box. Step into the L shaped wooden structure right of the tunnel and hit the Up Button again to enter another secret door and open the chest for the last large bag of gold.

2. The Journey to Poseidon’s Temple 

ItemsPygmy SwordThunder SpellAmulet

Note: This next area can be dangerous and there’s a lot of items to collect. Take a moment to revisit Purpril and save after getting your items in case something goes wrong.

Return to the Purapril sewers, equip the trident and marine boots once you reach the area just before the room where you fought the knight. Jump in the deep pool of water and carefully walk east past a series of spiked balls. 

Your first order of business upon entering the open sea is to swim up and along the west wall. Jump out of the water a few body lengths away from the wall and you should land on a platform. Jump left onto the other platforms until you reach solid land, then enter the next screen. You’ll have to fight a few large crabs here, but they should be easy with the trident. Open the box on the far right to receive the Pygmy Sword.

Leave the area and jump back into the ocean, then sink down to the lowest wooden scaffold. Follow the path to a wooden wall, killing a few fishmen on the way, and go up. Head east when you see another wooden passage and follow it down to a chest that contains the Thunder Spell.

Make your way back to dry land and move east, fighting off the giant crabs and coconut monkeys that block your way. Eventually you’ll come to a hut. The girl inside will offer to tell you the location of the amulet (which you’ll need to enter Poseidon’s Temple) in exchange for the ocarina. This is unnecessary, but the ocarina has outlived its usefulness, so it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to give it to her. Either way, keep going east and you’ll see a chest that’s blocked off. Fortunately, there’s a secret door hidden between the four palm trees a few steps west of the chest that will allow you to get the Amulet. 

There’s a chest full of gold hidden in the ocean near the entrance to Poseidon’s Temple. Jump in the water after getting the amulet and swim west to find it, though it’s not really worth the trouble as it only totals about 100g and the trip is dangerous. Poseidon’s Temple is situated on the sea floor on the far eastern side of the screen. 

3. Poseidon’s Temple

ItemsHeartReturn SpellElixir

You’ll notice an opening in the ceiling a few steps east of the entrance to the temple. This leads to a dry area filled with skeleton knights that aren’t worth bothering with. If you are low on health and need a big heart, you can make your way the shaft and walk left to an arrow pointing up. Jump while standing under the arrow to get your life refilled, just watch out for the skeletons that guard the area. Attacking them with the trident just after they jump is a good way to deal with them. All the way to the right you’ll find some coins hidden above another arrow, but these are not worth the risk. 

From the entrance, swim east (ignoring the first shaft leading down) and take out the armored fisman. Keep moving east and you’ll come to some propellers that will push or pull Shion. Try to swim towards the propellers and destroy the red orb in front of them. You’ll have to destroy several of these orbs in the temple to move forward, so get used to dealing with the propellers. Sink down to the platform under the one with the propellers and open the chest to get Heart number eight.

Next, paddle down to the lowest section and destroy the orb on the ceiling, then go back to the first shaft, which I told you to ignore earlier. The propellers at the bottom of this shaft should be off, allowing Shion to reach the next screen. 

Swim west and destroy the orbs in the tunnels above and below Shion when you come to an intersection. Be careful of the spiked balls that float around the upper shaft. Go through the west tunnel after dealing with the orbs to find another intersection. Take the upper path to a small hallway with propellers, spiked balls, and a chest. Wait for the propellers to stop and swim over to the box to get the Return Spell. Return is a great way to escape danger; it will take you to the last inn you used. Go back to the intersection and down to the lower area.

Make your way west past more propellers and sink down to a lower section, then kill the fishman protecting the area. You’ll have to swim along a long corridor guarded by fishmen, then up a winding passage filled with sea cucumbers. This section isn’t difficult, but you’ll need to be patient with the propellers if you want to avoid damage.

You’ll hit dry land at the top of the passage. Head west, taking down a few skeleton knights to get an Elixir.* Walk east and fight some more skeletons until you come to another shaft leading back to the depths of the temple. You’ll encounter a few passages blocked by propellers as you swim down, keep them in mind for later and follow the winding path down to a room with a giant fish.

* You’ll get a big heart that refills your health if you already have an elixir, so it may be wise to leave this chest alone unless you need it.

The giant fish has to die in order for you to proceed and the propellers make fighting it tough. Luckily, you should have the lightning spell, which makes zapping the fish to death a piece of cake. Fall down the newly opened passage once the fish is dead and go east to meet with Poseidon. The ruler of the ocean will tell you to go to the desert and meet with the sphinx. He’ll also grant you access to the Oasis Boots, which are hidden in the previously inaccessible area near the upper portion of the temple. Use the Return Spell to go back to the last inn you saved at.

E. Maugham Desert

1. Purapril (Revisited)

ShopExcalibur (2500g)Steel Shield (2000g)

A new shop will have opened near the Purapril inn (you may have noticed it earlier) where you can purchase Excalibur and a Steel Shield for a total of 4500g. You should have the money to buy these items if you’ve been following this guide. If not, go back to the ocean and look for the hidden money boxes or fight some fishmen to raise the funds. The Maughman desert is quite dangerous, so you’ll need an equipment boost. Head east past Purapril tower to reach the desert.

2. Maugham Desert

ItemsQuake SpellShield SpellSun-Key

The desert is a lethal area thanks to the scorching heat and vicious scorpions. Fortunately, you should have the oasis boots, which cancel the heat, so make sure they are equipped. Shion should also have the Excalibur and steel shield, which will help with the scorpions. Run east until you meet the first scorpion. Try to stay level with these arthropods, because they tend to shoot fireballs from their tails. Excalibur can slay a scorpion in a few hits, so look for an opening and strike. 

After transitioning to the second screen, you will arrive at a slope of moving sand. Let Shion get pulled into the pit at the bottom of the slope. Shion will end up in a cave, walk east over a conveyor belt and you will see a floating platform. If you run into another conveyor, you’ve gone too far. Hop onto the platform and jump onto the small conveyors to the right so you can reach a chest. Inside you’ll find the Quake Spell. The cave is really annoying to get out of, so cast Return to go back to the inn, then backtrack through the desert. If you want to get out the hard way, return to the floating platform and jump over to the conveyor to the left. You’ll see some small floating platforms guarded by bats. You can jump up these to return to the surface, but it’s going to be painful.

Backtrack through the desert to the flowing sand if you used the Return magic, then take a running jump over the pit to get to the other side. Continue east to a ladder that leads down into a well. Climb down to the next screen, then stay on the ladder (as high as you can get without changing screens) and jump left to get to the chest on the ledge. Open it for more Shield Spell power. 

Climb down the ladder and equip the trident (don’t bother with the door) so you can swim down to the next area. Float downwards, taking care of the sea cucumbers that guard the area, then carefully swim over the spikes and up to the chest to acquire the Sun-Key. Return to the surface of the desert when you are finished here. To the east you will find a door that leads to the depths of the pyramid.

3. Pyramid 


You may want to equip the ladder boots in here, since they allow Shion to climb more quickly. Ascend the rope above the door that leads back out to the desert. Watch out for the arrow spitting pharaoh heads, though they are easier to get past than the heads in the jungle temple, and climb all the way to the top of the rope. On the left is a chest that contains the Moon-Key. 

Hop over the rope after getting the Key and proceed east over a conveyor belt. You’ll meet a ghost here. With Excalibur equipped it only takes two hits to defeat a ghost, so they shouldn’t be an issue. Fall down the hole at the end of the conveyor. Run left when you land to avoid the spikes and the knife throwing mummy, then step on the switch to create a bridge. Cross the bridge and go down the hole after slaying a ghost, then let the conveyor below carry Shion west to a chest that contains an Elixir or health restoring heart.

Push east, fighting another ghost on the way and activate the switch to make a second bridge. Continue east over more conveyors and through another ghost, then down a hole. Go west over the conveyors and do your best to push through the mummies without taking too much damage, then hit the switch to activate bridge number three.

You’ll encounter more mummies on the other side of the bridge and a conveyor that is over some spikes, best thing to do is run. Fall down the hole to the next screen.

Take note of the tiny passage to the left at the bottom of the hole, you’ll be able to squeeze through it later on. Jump on the switch to open the blocked shaft, then go down. Another tiny passage is located west of where you land. The room to the right is really nasty. A spiked ceiling will try to crush Shion every few seconds and mummies block his way. Duck when the ceiling drops and try to bait the mummies into exploding, then rush over the raised floor. 

The next room is home to a big brute of a mummy, who uses a downward slash that can hit Shion from a distance as well as a hop attack. He is also protected by a shield, but ducking and poking his feet with Excalibur will defeat him in a couple of hits. In fact there’s three of these guys, so be careful and let them come to you. Lightning and Firestorm deal massive damage to mummies, so use magic to clear them out if you have any charges left.

5. Boss: The Sphinx 

RewardStar-KeyThunder Magic

The Sphinx will ask Shion a series of questions. The questions concern various facts about the game, but they can be tricky and you only have a few seconds to answer. You’ll also have to push the button on the controller that corresponds to the answer you wish to give. Getting too many wrong will result in Shion being sent back to the entrance to the pyramid. Here’s a key to the questions I encountered, take a moment to study them before attempting the quiz. 

1. What is the item that helped you traverse Maugham Desert?

Answer: Oasis Boots

2. After defeating Gragg and Glagg, what did you receive?

Answer: Trident

3. What is the first type of magic you acquire?

Answer: Firestorm 

4. What is the name of the Dwarf Village?

Answer: Lily Pad

5. Which of these stores does not sell weapons?

Answer: Fellismo 

6. Which of these monsters did you battle first?

Answer: Myconid 

7. What’s the name of the queen in the elf village?

Answer: Eleanora 

8. Which key do you need to enter the pyramid?

Answer: Sun Key

9. Which of these items is not sold at the Wanderer weapon shop?

Answer: Trident

10. How much does a Charmstone cost?

Answer: 500,000

Keep in mind these questions appear at random and the answers are often assigned to different buttons. Answering four questions correctly will grant you access to the Star-Key, but you should try to get all five right, because the Sphinx will grant you a charge for the Thunder Spell as well. 

Note: This quiz was tested roughly a dozen times under different conditions, but there’s a chance I did not find all of the questions.

6. Pyramid (Continued)

ItemsPygmy ShieldThunder SpellQuake SpellFirestorm SpellPower SpellShield Spell

Go back through the door after you grabbed the key and you’ll appear in the room just before the spiked ceiling hallway. Stand next to the raised platform by the moving lift and press Up on the D-Pad to enter a hidden door. Open the box to get Thunder, Quake, Firestorm, Power, and Shield Spell charges.

Ride the lift near Shion up to the next screen and go right to find the door that leads out of the pyramid. Make sure you put the oasis boots on before going outside. Take a few steps east (watch out for the scorpion) and enter the door to get the Pygmy Shield, then go back to the westmost door on the outside of the pyramid.

Ascend a series of rope ladders inside the pyramid until you reach a chamber with a platform marked with a bird symbol. Jump into the platform and press up to reach the next area of the game.

F. Childam 

1. The Road to Begonia 

ItemsPower SpellShield Spell

Note: This area is perilous and it’s wise to warp back to Purapril and save before attempting to explore. 

There’s two paths here, one leading west, the other going east. While west will take you to treasure, we’re going to go east to Begonia first in order to cut down on backtracking. Put the ladder boots on before moving onward. Make your way up the incline, using your shield to block spears from the pigmen who patrol the area. These guys are tough, so fight them patiently and use magic. A boulder will roll down the hill when you get about halfway up it. I’ve had little luck evading the boulder, but jumping up and towards it will at least get Shion over it. 

The second screen of this area is almost identical to the first, so be ready for more pigmen and a final boulder. Eventually you’ll reach Begonia. Take a few steps to the right and visit the inn by the ladder. Rest and save, it’s time to collect those treasures.

Run west, back down the hill guarded by pigmen. This time it will be easy to deal with them as you’ll have the advantage of elevation. You may hear boulders, but they are rolling ahead of you. Push westward past the statues where you entered the area and you’ll eventually reach a cliff. Hop off of the cliff while holding Right on the D-Pad so Shion is pushing on the wall as he falls. If done correctly, you will enter a hidden passage. Walk right to find a chest that holds the Power Spell. Fall from the cliff again while pushing against the east wall to enter another secret passage and get the Shield Spell. 

Use Return to teleport back to Begonia. You’ll have to drop down and go back up through the pyramid if you didn’t visit Begonia earlier.

2. Begonia 

Inn Cost30g

You should be somewhat familiar with this town since we visited the inn a few minutes ago. All of the shops are closed, so all you can do at the moment is to visit the Elder Dragon by going through the door in the southeast corner of town. Take a few steps to the right to talk to the dragon and he will give you the Bracelet and tell you to get the old axe. Climb back up to the top of the town and look for a new door on the western side of the castle. Enter it to return to Purapril.

3. The Journey to Childam 

Head back to the sewers and east until you see a path leading down to a watery area (ignore the one that leads to Poseidon) and swim across the shallow water to another shaft. Walk west and step inside the door to reach the entrance to Childam.

4. Childam 


This area is simple, just follow the zigzagging passage, killing skeletons and chopping through silver blocks until you come to a shaft leading up. Take care not to destroy the blocks on the right side of the shaft or you will have to leave and return to get them to respawn. Carefully carve steps out of the blocks using the sword so you can reach the platform above.

The chest above holds a health heart or Elixir. You’ll see a chest at the top of the screen, but it is currently unreachable.

Continue by going east and you’ll come to an ice door, which the bracelet will destroy for you. Watch out for the penguins on the next screen, they will try to crash into Shion and knock him off screen. Use firestorm or the sword to defeat them. You’ll also encounter an ice spirit that will make the ground extra slippery as you move forward, firestorm him too. The path ahead is a long one, but it’s also very flat and you’ll fight the same enemies throughout the trip. Just keep pushing east and you’ll eventually hit Childam village.

5. Childam Village

ShopKnight Shield (3500g)Knight Armor (5000g)Battle Spear (10000g)Ceramic Boots (4000g)Holy Water (200g)
Inn Cost50g

Take a moment to visit the inn near the center of town, then visit the weapon shop to the left. The stuff sold here is really pricey and not all of it is useful. You’re probably going to need to bust up a few monsters to afford everything, so buy the Knight Armor or Knight Shield first, then get the Battle Spear when you have the cash.* Skip the Ceramic Boots unless you are a completionist; they are supposed to diminish the amount of sliding Shion does on ice, but their effects are barely noticeable. Finally, there’s the Holy Water, which will restore your health when used. 

Visit the building to the east before leaving and the girl inside will have Shabo join you. Shabo will occasionally attack enemies for you, which can be helpful when grinding for money or exploring… just don’t expect much from him.

The best place to farm money right now is the long, icy path leading into town. Penguins drop roughly 70g a piece, while the ice spirits drop about 130g, so get ready for a long grinding session. 

*Some players may wish to skip the Battle Spear. While it features a nice attack boost over Excalibur and the Trident, it has the same reach as the latter. Additionally, the drop in defense from not having a shield will become noticeable at this point in the game.

6. The Ice Palace

ItemsElixirPygmy BootsBlue-GemGold-GemHeart

Double check your gear and save your game; the Ice Palace is home to a boss and several large monsters. Set out to the east from Childam when you are ready. You’ll have to face off against a few more penguins on the way to the palace. The second screen to the east is home to a moving platform and a pit of spikes. Jump onto the platform and try to jump to reposition yourself as it moves, because the icy surface will make Shion slide to the right or left. 

A bridge and an elevator lie behind the spikes. Take it down to the first section of the castle. Go down the hole to the right and hop over some spikes, then destroy the strange statue to reveal a small platform that you can use to reach a rope. Jump up and grab onto the rope to activate a bridge to the right. Head east and destroy another statue sitting on some ice blocks to get them to drop, forming a staircase you can use to get to the area to the right. 

Be ready to fight a pair of snowball throwing yetis to the right, then climb the blue vine so you can cross the platforms leading up to the next floor. Go up the slope and use your momentum on the moving platform to reach the next screen.

In the next room, climb down the vines and make your way over some spikes and past a few yetis to the far right wall. Get ready to cast Power down here so you can cut through the enemies. Hop along the small platforms to the left and pull another rope to get the ice block to the west to open. Climb back up the vines to the west and go through the newly opened door to the east.

Ride the lift and jump when it gets to the top of the screen to enter the next portion of the castle. Try to save your potion for later and let an elixir revive you if you die here, because you’re going to get another one soon anyway. Get on the elevator and step into a large room with several tiers of platforms. Try to control your momentum as you head west and stop when you see a blue gorilla. Hit him as he approaches you. The battle spear works best against the gorillas, thanks to its extra power, but you can get by with Excalibur. You can also equip the ladder boots and hit the yetis above you with the sword to kill them without fuss. It’s even possible to collect the loot they drop, which can be a life saver if you are lucky enough to get a large heart. Climb up the ladder to the next tier when you reach the far left wall.

Try to clear out any yetis you see above you on this tier, then make a running jump (with the ladder boots equipped) over the hole to the east. Climb the ladder to the right and hop over some nearby platforms to enter a tower to the east. Kill the blue gorilla guarding the chest and open it to get the Pygmy Boots, which should complete the set. Exit the tower and look for a door to the west. It leads to a large chamber that is home to a giant blue bear. Go left and cast Power as soon as you hit the floor, then start swinging at the bear. The monster should die in about five hits. Grab the 400g he drops and make your way east to a vine. Climb the vine and look for a chest that contains a Blue-Gem, then climb back up to the door to get back to the previous area.

This next part is really tricky, because you will have to make a difficult jump that requires precise timing. Climb back down the ladder and destroy the yetis on your left, then carefully walk over to the very edge of the eastern side of the platform. Equip the marine boots and start running, then jump when you get to the end of the platform. If you timed it right, you’ll land on the other side, near another ladder. Be ready to hit a blue gorilla who will charge at you when you touch down. Ascend the ladder and slide down the slopes in the next room to fight a giant blue gorilla. Use Power magic if you have it and slash at him. He will drop an Elixir or health heart upon dying.

Climb up the vine on the left side of the room to get the Gold-Gem, then go to the top of the vine to find your way back to the door leading out. Make another running jump to some platforms to the left to reach another tower once you get back outside. A blue gorilla guards a chest in the tower that contains the ninth life Heart.

Return to the ladder that leads to the room where you got the gold gem and look for some platforms on your right. Hop up them to get to the next screen and get ready to do some fancy jumping. A pair of dragons indicate a hidden door in the center of this screen, but you’ll have to place the gems you found in two sockets to the east and west. This will require you to jump over some narrow platforms. You should be ok if you let Shion’s momentum carry him across the narrow ledges. Push up to place each gem in its respective socket. Head back to the center of the screen and you will see a silver door. Remember that you will have to climb back up if you fall, so be careful. The silver door will take you to an elevator that will bring you to the area boss.

7. Boss: Ice Bomber 

RewardOld Axe

This strange snowman likes to hang out on the right side of the screen as it constantly scrolls forward. He’ll spit slow moving smaller snowmen at Shion, which can be destroyed by the sword in a single hit. Platforms will come into view from time to time, jump on these so you can hit his head, which happens to be his weak spot. Most magic is useless in this fight unless you are using it to clear out the snowmen, but Power is effective if you have any left. At any rate, this boss is not difficult and you can hit him pretty easily when he floats over to the left side of the screen or if you charge at him. Open the chest he drops top get the Old Axe and escape through the door.

8. Childam, Purapril, and Begonia (Revisited)

ItemsElder Dragon’s Grandson
Shop (Begonia)Hi-Potion (5000g)Flame Shield (8000g)Flame Armor (10000g)

There’s a door that leads back to Begonia from Childam after you defeat the snowman boss. Remember to use the shortcut in Purapril to get back to Begonia. The shops in Begonia will finally be open when you return. I suggest buying everything, but you may want to hold off on your purchases until later, because we’re are about to get a lot of hidden gold.

Talk to the elder dragon again and he will have his Grandson join you. You can also explore the town to get hints about your mission. Go back up to the top of Begonia and head east when you are ready to continue. Enter the small house and talk to the birdman inside. He’ll let you enter the door next to him if you have collected all of the pygmy gear. 

**Important: Changing to and from Pygmy Form**

In order to change into a pygmy, you will need the pygmy sword, armour, boots, and shield. Talk to the birdman who lives east of Begonia and he will let you enter the door in his house. Stand on the rainbow colored platform and Shion will shrink. As a pygmy, Shion can jump very high and squeeze into tiny holes. His reach will also be very small, so be careful in combat. You can always change back by returning to the birdman’s home.


From here you can enter the tiny door east of the birdman or backtrack to get some very helpful powerups. 

G. Backtracking for Fun and Profit (Optional)

Many areas that were previously inaccessible will be open to Shion now that he can transform into a pygmy. Gold, hearts, and other treasures await players willing to take the time to explore. While not mandatory, Wonderboy in Monster World will prove less daunting if you collect these items.

1. Hidden Treasure in the Pyramid


Return to the pyramid via the statues west of Begonia. Go back to the outside of the pyramid and enter the central door. Walk west when you enter the pyramid and look for a switch. Activate the switch to get the floor to fall and fall down the hole. Squeeze through the small corridor next to Shion after he lands, then go down the rope. There are four doors at the bottom of the rope. Run left before entering them and press against the wall to find a chest with a Heart inside. You should now have ten life hearts if you’ve been following along with this walkthrough.

I won’t go into detail about the rooms in here, because they are not difficult to navigate. Just make sure you count the boxes as you open them. You should find five chests that contain Gold and one with a precious Charmstone. Use Return to leave when you are done. I recommend resting at Begonia if you need to, because Shion will return to his normal size after sleeping and you’ll have to go back to the birdman to become a pygmy again.

2. Purapril Secret Shop

ShopHeart (1 Charmstone)

Use the northwestern door in Begonia to quickly return to Purapril in pygmy form and go down to the lowest level of town. Talk to the NPC wandering around the fountain, then take a few steps left to a vine covered wall near the door to Lily Pad. Stand near the center of the vines and press Up to enter a hidden shop. 

Talk to the shopkeeper who will ask if you want to trade the charmstone from the pyramid for a Heart. Doing so will bring your heart count to eleven. Remember that you have to talk to the NPC by the fountain in order to access the shop if you are having a hard time finding it. Buying more charmstones from the shop in the same town will allow Shion to max out his hearts and magic, but you should wait until later to do so, because charmstones cost 500k a pop.

3. Jungle Temple (Lily Pad)


Use the door to the left of the secret shop to go back to Lily Pad, then enter the Jungle Temple by going east. Once inside, go down the ladder near the entrance to find a small tunnel that you can pass through in pygmy mode. Enter the tiny door and take the twelfth Heart from the chest.

4. The Road to Childam (Revisited)

ItemsQuake Spell

In pygmy form, go back through the Purapril sewers to the cave that leads to Childam. Make your way through the silver blocks and up the shaft near the ice door you destroyed with the bracelet a while back. You can now reach the chest at the top of the shaft by jumping from the ledge across from it. Inside you’ll find another charge for your Quake Spell.

H. The Volcano

The door to the volcano is just east of the birdman’s house, make sure you are in pygmy form so you can enter it. You may also want to purchase the the flame armor/shield with some of the money you found if you took the time to gather the hidden treasures while you’re in the area.* The Elder Dragon’s Grandson is also very helpful in the volcano, so bring him along.

* They won’t help Shion in the volcano, so feel free to wait if you cannot afford them.

1. The Volcano 

ItemsPower SpellElixirHeart

Fall down the tube after entering the volcano and go left. Watch out for the firebird that swoops at Shion near the lava pit. You’ll need to get a running jump to clear the lava pit, but you’ll also get a Power Spell from the chest for all your hard work. Two fire knights guard the area west of the pit. These guys throw fireballs and are difficult to fight without taking damage, but the quake spell can take them out in a single casting. Hit the switch when you get to the end of the path, then backtrack to the previous screen.

The stone block on your right should now be raised allowing passage. Take note of the shaft covered by a stone block as you proceed east. You’ll encounter snakes that lunge at Shion here. There will be some spikes to jump over as well. Keep going east to the next screen where you’ll have to fight a fire knight and bird before riding a platform over more lava.

Have quake ready when you land so you can take out the knight on the other side of the lava, then go east over two sets of spikes. Hit the second switch and return to the covered shaft I mentioned earlier. 

Drop down the shaft and head east with the thunder spell equipped. You’ll see some moving platforms after passing by some spikes. Fireball monsters will come out of the lava by the platforms, cast thunder to get rid of these pests, then hit the switch to the right. Go back west to where you landed and through the now open stone door. Get ready to fight a snake after jumping over a few spikes. Keep moving west, jumping over some spikes and lava on the way. Eventually you’ll come to a switch. Get ready to cast thunder, because more fireball monsters will appear when you near the switch. Before leaving, jump into the lava left of the switch and you will fall into a hidden room with the thirteenth Heart. 

Go through the door left of the chest in this room and it will take you back to the previous area. You should see an arrow pointing up and an elevator as soon as you enter the screen. Ride the lift up to a corridor leading west and follow it to another screen. You’ll have to make your way past a lava pit with moving platforms over it that is further complicated by birds that fly into you. Cast Thunder a few times or run through the lava if you have enough life.

Use Thunder on the knights on the other side of the lava, then hit yet another switch, which will open the stone door to the east. Go east, past the newly raised stone block and enter the door. Continue eastward, ignoring the ladder near the end of the floor. Jump far to the right when you get to the end of the platform in order to avoid the snakes below, then climb down the ladder after landing.

Do not enter the door surrounded by silver blocks to the right, it will take you back to Begonia and you will have to go through the dungeon again. Go over the bridge to the left instead. You’ll have to use Thunder on another fireball monster when you get towards the end of the bridge. You should also see a smaller platform on your left, jumping on it will make the stones above turn into silver blocks.

Climb back up the ladder to the right and use Quake magic to clear out the snakes. Cut your way through the silver blocks and open the box for a much needed Elixir or health refill. Fall down the hole to the west and step inside the door. A fire knight guards the tunnel on the other side of the door, but he should be easy to defeat since the low ceiling prevents him from jumping. Enter the door on the right side of the screen to fight the boss.

2. Boss: Tyrant Dragon


Tyrant is slightly more difficult than most of the bosses you fought so far. Only his head is vulnerable and you’ll have to hit it with your tiny sword. It will take about two slashes just to knock one notch off of his life bar. As usual, most spells don’t work on him and he can strip away your shield spell in an instant. 

This boss likes to hop around and breathe long jets of flame, which the pygmy shield does a good job of blocking. You can also get him to back himself into a comer by advancing in his direction, because he tends to hop backwards. You can then jump and slash at his head rapidly if you succeed in doing this. Just be aware that he can break the pattern by breathing fire. Power magic is really effective in this fight, since it can greatly reduce the number of hits it takes to kill the Tyrant Dragon. Grab the Fire-Urn from the chest after the boss has been slain. Go through the door back to Begonia once you have everything.

3. The Legend Sword

ItemsLegend Sword

Visit the blacksmith who lives just above the door to the Elder Dragon in Begonia after clearing the volcano. He will take the fire-urn and tell you to see the Elder Dragon again. Speak to the Elder Dragon, who will tell you to take the sword to Purapril when it’s finished, then visit the blacksmith again to get the mighty Legend Sword. Return to Purapril via the door in the northern part of town after stocking up on a hi-potion. 

I. Nightmare Castle and the Spaceship

1. Maxing Out Shion

It’s possible to get most of Shion’s spells and his hearts fully upgraded by purchasing charmstones at the shop in Purapril and trading them at the secret shop near the shortcut to Lily Pad. I do not advise doing this, because Shion can find just about everything he needs in the Nightmare Castle and the secret areas I mentioned earlier. However, completionists willing to grind until they have about two or three million gold can buy charmstones and trade them for hearts as well as spell charges. If you already have a full fourteen heart containers, the shopkeep will merely take your charmstone without increasing your maximum health.

Bringing the secret shop owner two charmstones will convince him to upgrade the number of spell charges you have. Keep in mind that he cannot upgrade your spell charges past twelve and your charmstones will go to waste if you attempt to do so. The blue demons in the upper hallways of the Nightmare Castle are great for collecting money, because they drop large bags that contain roughly 1000-2000 gold and are easy to fight.

Note: Shion need only purchase a single heart from the secret shop in order to max out his life to fourteen hearts. The rest can be found scattered around the world.

1. Nightmare Castle

ItemsHeartLegend BootsLegend ArmorLegend Shield

Save your game at the inn, then climb up the tower to the castle and go west to find the princess standing by a small structure with a star emblazoned on its roof. Press Up when you are ready to enter the Nightmare Castle.

Walk east after teleporting to the castle and you’ll see some clouds and a chest above Shion. Use the hovering cloud on your right to reach a series of clouds that lead west. Be careful not to fall or you will land back at Purapril Castle. Jump over to the last cloud and take a leap of faith to land on the same cloud as the chest. Open the box and you will obtain Heart fourteen.

Proceed east to the next screen, which is a simple (yet lengthy) staircase protected by hopping knights. Hack or run your way past them to the next hallway. This area is a maze of sorts where Shion will not be able to progress unless he chooses the right way. All you have to do in this first room is drop down the hole. Head east in the following hallway (killing the pesky bats) and climb up the chain. Climb another chain to the right to proceed to the next screen. 

Blue demons patrol this hallway. Aside from being able to absorb a lot of damage, they are not a particularly threatening foe. Walk west all the way to a chain leading up to the next screen. You’ll have to walk right, down a long corridor after climbing the chain. More demons haunt this room, but you should be fine if you’re patient. Be sure to hop over the pit near the end of this hallway or you will have to backtrack. Yet another chain at the end of the hall will take you to your next destination.

Shion will be free of the maze after ascending the last chain. Get on the mine cart above the chain and hold Down to duck while it’s moving to avoid taking damage from spikes. Ducking will also keep Shion safe from the ghosts that hang out in this area. Get off the mine cart after it clears the second set of tracks and head right to find a chest that contains the Legend Boots. Watch out for a hidden spring that sends you into the air a few steps away from the boots. You’ll need to drop down from the tracks above the chest if the spring sends you flying. 

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to backtrack a little after getting the boots. Follow the tracks down to a hole in the southeast and fall down it to get back to the demon hallway, then go right and climb the chain back to the tracks.

This next part of the game can get frustrating, because you’re going to have to ride the cart over to a small platform by a chain to the west. You’ll have to jump at precisely the right moment to land on the platform as the cart bounces off the wall. If you miss you’ll have to use the pit to the southeast to return to the cart. However, there’s a secret that will lead to a health heart if you need your life restored. Go down to the bottom most section of track and head for the left wall. Push Up when you reach it and you’ll enter a room where Shion can turn into a pygmy. Go through the door at the bottom of the room after transforming.

In normal or pygmy form (You’ll have to go back through the demon hallway in pygmy form, use magic to kill the demons) ride the cart and jump straight up when you get near the chain. Climb it to the next screen, then ride the rope on a gear over some spikes. Jump into the pit and open the box at the bottom to get the Legend Armor. If you are in pygmy mode, head left through the passage to find a large heart that will refill your life and go through the nearby door. Enter the next door to the right and you will be transformed to normal Shion again, then go through the doors until you reach a room labeled “Exit”, enter it and you’ll be back at the rope gear. 

As normal Shion, simply enter the door to the right after grabbing the armor. The chest near the rope gear contains an Elixir or health heart, try to save it for later. Go back to the door that leads to the room labeled “Exit” and go inside. Step inside the same door you used to enter instead of going through the one to the right and it will take you to the platform by a chain that was previously unreachable.

Head east after climbing the chain and ignore the western path, it just leads to an infinite hallway filled with knights. You’ll end up in a room filled with bullet shooting sea cucumbers from Poseidon’s realm. Kill them and approach the first rope gear you see. Equip the thunder spell and jump on the rope gear. Cast Thunder when you are about halfway up to the platform above to defeat the cucumbers guarding the chest. Open the box for the Legend Shield.

Go back down to the lower area and ride the rope gear on your right, casting Thunder again to clear out more annoying cucumbers. Enter the door to the right and go into the door on the left when you appear in a small room under the legend shield chest. Kill the cucumber by the chain and climb up to the screen above. 

A pair of skull knights block the way forward. These guys are tough and it’s probably worth your time to cast Power to cut through their defenses. Jump and hack at them until they are history. Climb the chain to the east to get to the mini-boss.

Fat Dragon

Not sure if this is what this guy is really called, but you get the picture. His moveset is simple: he’ll run from one side of the chamber to the next, plowing through poor Shion. He will also spew fire on the ground. While he may appear dangerous, you can stun lock him with a simple technique. Cast Power, slash him when he gets close, step forward (your strike should knock him back) and swing again immediately. If done properly, you can win the fight without taking much damage.

** Important **

Do not go through the door that appears after you defeat fat dragon until you read the following instructions. You may also want to reset your game if you end up using your hi-potion or Elixir, because you’ll need them for the main boss. In fact it won’t hurt to cast Return and save the game so you won’t have to collect all of the treasures in the castle again if you perish.


This is by far the most unfair part of the game. Going through the door that pops up after you beat the mini-boss will bring you to a room with a giant chasm and two small platforms. The platforms will sink while Shion stands on them. They will also bounce up to a higher position after he jumps from them. It’s vital to try to do this bit of platforming perfectly, because you’ll have to fight fat dragon again if you fail.

Get a short running jump to the next platform the second you land after going through the door. Now quickly double back and jump up the platform that just went upwards and repeat the process until you get to a rope.

Ignore the rope and jump back over to the left platform. The one on the right should move over to the arrows. Jump on it and ride it down to the end of the pillar. Get a running start and jump on the platform occupied by a small snake. Try to stop just before hitting the snake and kill it with the sword. The platform will vanish after a second, sending Shion into another moving platform. This time it will move to the right and you will have to keep jumping right as it swaps places with another moving platform.

The platforms will start darting to the left after you hit the eastern wall. They will shift patterns again after you get close to the western wall. This time they will do a sort of crisscross pattern leading east. Try to make tight pivots when they change direction so you can make the jumps. They’ll double back yet again when you hit the east wall and they will climb more sharply.

Eventually you will reach the top of the pillar and you can ride the platform to the left over to the rope gear. The rope gear will take you to the boss door… finally. 

2. Boss: The Almighty Demon King

This armored bunny headed monstrosity will walk back and forth, throwing bouncing fireballs at Shion. Hopefully you have some Power magic, an Elixir, and a Hi-potion, because this fight gets tougher as it continues. You’ll have to jump and slash the head to damage the boss. Cast Power to speed the process up. Try to position yourself so he doesn’t slam into you and you can jump up while swinging your sword to hit him. Get a good rhythm down and you can avoid taking damage at first because the boss will be stun locked.

Take the bunny head down to zero health and it will fall off and an insect head will take its place. Defeat the insect using the same means, but look out for the rabbit head, which will fly around, dropping fire on Shion. You can make the rabbit head stop attacking for a while if you damage it enough, but I find it’s easier to focus on the insect. Use a hi-potion if necessary.

The insect head will tumble to the ground and start flying around the room erratically after a dragon head replaces it. To further complicate things, the rabbit head will still be active. Use the same strategy as before and you should be able to power through this final form. Go through the door and return to Purapril after you emerge victorious.

3. Preparing for the Final Battle

Save at Purapril and buy a new potion if necessary. You may also want to grab the Elixir that I told you to save from the castle. Go back through the building with the star on it near Purapril castle and head left when you are ready.

4. Spaceship

The barrier blocking the path leading west at the entrance to the Nightmare Castle will be down once you defeat the demon king. Step into the elevator and ride it to a room full of machinery, then climb the tiny platforms up to a pod that will take Shion to the spaceship. Exit the small chamber and go left, cutting your way through the octopus robots. 

Enter the steel door at the end of the room and get ready to fight Gragg and Glagg again. I’m not going to give any advice for fighting these foes, because they die in two hits each if you have the legend gear equipped. 

Go back up to the previous hallway (the one near the pod) and walk east, then go down the ladder. Keep moving east and you’ll see another door. Enter it to fight Tyrant Dragon, who will crumple to the ground after four hits. 

Return to the same hallway as before and climb up the ladder near the eastern wall. Follow this corridor to fight Ice Bomber again. He’ll drop after four hits. Return to the main hallway yet again and climb the ladder near the capsule room. Go west end enter the door. Myconid, the first boss will quickly fall before you.

Go back to the main hallway and climb the ladder in the center of the passage. The barrier blocking the way forward will be gone after you kill all the bosses. Enter the final door at the top of the ladder to face the last boss. Return to town and save your game before attempting to fight Biomeka… trust me.

5. Boss: Biomeka 

Note: I wish I could prescribe a well laid out strategy for this boss, but its chaotic behavior and unfair design make the fight more a matter of luck than one of skill unless you  practice fighting it many times. The best advice I can give is what worked for me. Also, the old saying “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” will certainly prove true for anyone patient enough to put up with this absurd boss.

Do not waste your time and energy trying to fight this guy at first, just let him blast Shion with his laser. Someone will rescue Shion at the last moment and expose the boss’s weak spot by destroying the cannon under its visor. Equip Thunder and run up to Biomeka. Stand close to it and start swiping its visor with the sword. Laser pods will appear to defend the boss. The pods will cruise around on a track firing lasers at you. Try to hit the pod while you have power active to destroy it. Thunder also works, but you may want to save it for the second part of the battle. You can also use shield magic, but you’ll have to jump to hit the boss, because standing too close to him will drain the spell’s power.

Reduce the boss’s health zero and the helmet will be destroyed. The conveyor belt under Shion will start moving and a saw blade will start running along the floor. To make matters worse, two more pods will appear. Clear them out with thunder, cast power, and start hitting the boss. The conveyor is what really makes this fight unfair. Shion can barely make headway against it, let alone contend with the saw blade and laser pods. The conveyor belt also will suddenly shift directions, making it even more difficult to reach Biomeka. Be ready to move left or right at a moment’s notice to evade the saw or get out of the boss’s way.

You’ll also have to wait a moment before you can start striking Biomeka, because his eye will be closed, rendering him invulnerable. Use Thunder to clear the pods out when they respawn and try to leap over the blade when it gets close. A shorter hop will allow you to close with the boss. Try to swing the sword while airborne to get a hit in, then hop backwards. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely you will be able to avoid damage and the pods will return after a few seconds. If your health is high (or you have an elixir) you can cast Power and try to damage him a little more. Keep in mind that having Power or Shield active will keep you from changing equipment or using potions, so use those spells carefully. 

Keep pushing forward and you can get a series of good shots in on the boss with some luck and practice. With enough practice you’ll be able to kill this guy and beat the game.

Congratulations on completing Wonderboy in Monster World, you’ve earned it.

III. Items

A. Weapons 

Used to hit monsters until they die. Shion can use spears and swords. Only swords allow Shion to equip a shield.

1. Gradius (Sword): Shion starts with this weapon. With short reach and poor attack power, it’s easily the weakest weapon in the game, but it’s better than nothing.

2. Knight Sword: The knight sword is a vast improvement over the gradius thanks to its improved range and damage. It’s arc is capable of hitting overhead enemies as well as those in front of Shion, making it a good weapon to use in most situations. Purchased at Purapril for 250g.

3. Pygmy Sword: A stubby little sword Shion uses in pygmy mode. 

4. Excalibur (Sword): A powerful sword with decent reach.

5. Legend Sword: The best weapon in the game.

6. Small Spear: The small spear features improved damage and a long horizontal reach compared to the gradius. Spears preclude the use of a shield, though this is not an issue early in the game where few enemies use ranged attacks.

7. Trident (Spear): Awarded to the player after defeating Gragg and Glagg, the trident allows Shion to swim underwater. It also has more reach and is considerably more lethal than the small spear.

8. Battle Spear: While it has more power than the trident, they both have the same range. Players should keep in mind that the drop in defense from not carrying a shield is pretty noticeable at the point in the game where you get this spear, so don’t use it unless you are confident you can avoid enemy attacks.

B. Armor

Reduces the amount of damage Shion takes from all sources. Most armors are sold in shops, with the exception of Leather, Pygmy, and Legend.

1. Leather Armor: The most basic of armors, it actually protects Shion a bit according to the wiki (see Section IV: References) but you’ll want to replace it ASAP.

2. Chain Mail: Sold in the fairy village, Shion should get this right away as it will reduce more damage than leather.

3. Hard Armor: Buy this at Purapril, it’s noticeably better than the chain mail.

4. Steel Armor: Purchasable at Lily Pad. Not much of an upgrade from hard armor, it’s still helpful in the jungle temple and beyond.

5. Knight Armor: The third best armor in the game (tied with pygmy), Shion can buy this at Childam.

6. Pygmy Armor: Part of the pygmy set, Shion can only equip it when visiting the birdman east of Begonia or after using a secret room in the Nightmare Castle. 

7. Flame Armor: Powerful armor bought in Begonia, it will serve you well until you get the legend armor.

8. Legend Armor: The best armor in the game. Hidden in a pit just before the mini-boss in nightmare castle. 

C. Boots

Boots provide Shion with a variety of powers, but they mostly determine his running speed, climbing speed, and how high he jumps.

1. Cloth Boots: Shion’s default boots, can be thought of as his base speed and jump height.

2. Leather Boots: Sold in a tree stump near Shion’s house, these boots allow him to run slightly faster than with the cloth boots. Helpful early on.

3. Ladder Boots: One of the best pairs of boots in the game, the ladder boots have the second highest jump height, a decent running speed, and allow Shion to swiftly climb ladders. Bought at Purapril.

4. Marine Boots: High jump height and run speed give the marine boots a slight advantage over ladder boots (though they have normal climb speed), but it’s their ability to make Shion swim faster that makes them stand out. Buy at Lily Pad.

5. Pygmy Boots: Usable only in pygmy mode, these boots allow Shion to jump really high and offer good run speed.

6. Oasis Boots: These mediocre boots have a decent run speed and the second worst jump height in the game. However, they will protect Shion from the deadly heat in Maugham Desert.

7. Ceramic Boots: Increases traction on ice almost imperceptibly. They also have the worst jump height in the game. In general, the ceramic boots are fairly useless.

8. Legend Boots: As with all of the legend gear, these boots are the best in the game as far as a balance between run speed, jumping, and climbing go, though they have no special traits.

D. Shields

Shields act like armor and reduce the amount of damage Shion takes. They can also block most enemy projectiles. Larger shields provide more coverage, defense, and decrease the distance Shion is knocked back after blocking a projectile with his shield.

1. Wood Shield: Bought in Alsedo Village, offers a slight defense boost. It’s unlikely that the player will encounter any projectiles at this point, but the wood shield is still useful for those who prefer a more defensive playstyle.

2. Shell Shield: While it seems to cover the same area as the wood shield, the shell shield boosts defense even more. Sold in Lily Pad.

3. Hard Shield: This shield can be found for free in the jungle temple. Offers decent defense and coverage.

4. Steel Shield: Bought in Purapril, this shield pairs well with the superior reach of the knight sword, making sword and shield combat a more viable alternative to the spear.

5. Knight Shield: Another incremental upgrade as far as defense goes, the knight shield is sold in Childam. 

6. Flame Shield: Can be bought at Begonia after the shops open. The second best shield in the game. Worth buying to get Shion through much of the final stage.

7. Pygmy Shield: Used with the rest of the pygmy equipment, covers almost all of Shion’s body and provides a fair amount of defense.

8. Legend Shield: The most powerful shield in the game, significantly reduces incoming damage and does a great job at blocking enemy projectiles.

E. Magic

Magic can be used by holding the A Button and pressing Left or Right if you have a spell assigned to a slot. Shion will need charges to cast spells, which are dropped by enemies and replenished by staying at an inn. Finding more copies of a particular spell will give Shion more charges.

1. Firestorm: Fires off flame orbs that track enemies. Obtained early in the game and very helpful vs. normal monsters.

2. Thunder: A bolt of lightning damages every enemy on the screen. One of the best spells in the game right up until the very end.

3. Quake: Powerful magic that deals heavy damage. Only affects enemies on the ground.

4. Shield: Envelopes Shion in a protective barrier that repels missiles. A bar that slowly depletes will appear in the upper right hand corner of the status screen while shield is active, touching enemies or projectiles will make it drain more quickly. It is not possible to use other spells or items while this spell is active.

5. Power: Increases the damage of Shion’s sword and spear attacks while active. A bar indicating how much energy this spell has left will appear in the upper right side of the screen. The bar will drain over time and when Shion hits an enemy. Power restricts the player from casting other spells or using items while it’s active.

6. Return: Sends Shion back to the last inn he rested at. 

F. Allies

1. Priseilla: This fairy will follow you around the Alsedo region and occasionally give you a small heart. Talk to queen Elenora to get her to join.

2. Hotta (Dwarf Child): Capable of breaking the door to the temple open and will sometimes dig up gold coins. He’ll also uncover secret passageways. Rescue him from the jungle west of Lily Pad and talk to his sister near the entrance to Lily Pad to get him to join. The Dwarf Child will not accompany you beyond the Lily Pad region.

3. Shabo: This little reaper flies around and throws his scythe at enemies. He will leave once you exit the Childam/Ice Palace region.

4. Elder Dragon’s Grandson: A feisty little dragon that breathes flames on enemies. Very helpful in the volcano, where Shion must fight as a pygmy. Will not accompany Shion beyond the Volcano and Begonia.

G. Consumables 

Potions can be equipped and activated in the same manner as spells, with the exception of the elixir, which is activated when Shion’s health is reduced to zero. Unlike spells, potions are permanently consumed upon being used and must replaced by buying another at a store. Shion can only carry one of any type of potion and one elixir at a time.

1. Medicine: For sale at Alsedo Village, restores one heart.

2. Potion: Heals three hearts, sold at Purapril. 

3. Holy Water: Can be purchased at Childam and used to restore five hearts.

4. Hi-Potion: The most potent potion in the game, fully heals Shion. Sold at Begonia.

5. Elixir: Activates automatically when Shion’s life falls to zero and fully heals him. Very rare.

IV. References

Check out the following links for more information.

For detailed information on equipment:


General Game information:


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