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Release Data

Developer/Publisher: Capcom 

Release Date: December 1989

Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System

Genre: Action RPG 

Players: 1


Willow is an Action RPG based on the George Lucas movie of the same name, which was released a year prior to the game. The eponymously named hero, Willow Ufgood, is tasked with protecting a baby who is destined to slay the evil queen Bavmorda. The game adheres to the story of the film rather loosely, but players will still see familiar characters and concepts from the motion picture. The action uses a top down perspective and is 2D like the majority of NES titles.

Willow’s Action RPG mechanics come into play as the player will level up as he defeats enemies, gaining more HP and MP in the process. Leveling up will also increase the speed at which the player swings swords. Players will find plenty of spells that heal Willow or harm his foes that include the Healing Ball and Thunder magics. Shields that protect the hero from damage and useful items are also scattered throughout the adventure. Like in many RPGs, there are towns and dungeons to explore, as well as an overworld that connects areas. A password system let’s players pick the game up where they left off. 


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