Urban Strike (Genesis)

Developer: Granite Bay Software

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Release Date: 1994

System: Sega Genesis

Genre: Action

Players: 1


A millionaire named H.R. Malone is building a secret weapon designed to destabilize the United States government. As a member of the Strike C.O.R.E. the player must fire up his “Mohican” helicopter and put a stop to Malone’s plans. Urban Strike is an isometric military action game that puts players in control of a helicopter and several other vehicles. The game is split into five stages called campaigns that include real world locations like Mexico, Hawaii, and Las Vegas. 

In each campaign, the player will have to complete objectives that usually involve destroying important targets. Various enemy defenses like tanks and SAMs defend important locations on the map. The player’s helicopter comes equipped with guns and rockets that can be used to neutralize targets as well as enemy vehicles. Ammo, fuel, and armor are all limited in Urban Strike, making it important to plan out campaigns in an efficient manner. Players will also find caches of supplies hidden in buildings or scattered around the map.

This game differs from earlier Strike titles, because it places players in control of two types of helicopters and a ground vehicle. Some campaigns take place in enemy facilities where players control the pilot. As the pilot, players can fire a handgun as well as small explosives while attempting to complete campaign objectives.

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