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Release Data

Developer: Single Trac

Production: Sony Interactive Studios America

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date: November 5, 1995

System: Sony PlayStation 

Genre: Vehicular Combat/Shooter

Players: 1-2


The year is 2005 and twelve drivers pit their machines against one another in a vehicular combat tournament run by the mysterious Calypso. The winner of the tournament will be granted a single wish. Each vehicle has been modified with weapons and armor for the competition. Each driver has his own unique theme and each driver has his own reason for competing in Twisted Metal.

Players can control any of the twelve combatants, which include: Sweet Tooth, Yellow Jacket, Dark Side, Outlaw, Thumper, Crimson Fury, Pit Viper, Warthog, Mr. Grimm, Spectre, Hammerhead, and Road Kill. Each vehicle has its own properties such as armor and speed that vary from one vehicle to the next. They also have their own weapons, though all vehicles can acquire special weapons like rockets and land mines. 

The object of the game is to defeat every opponent in each of the six arenas. Every arena has its own theme that varies from a secret Colosseum to a bustling urban area. The number of opponents increases as the tournament wears on. Players have limited life and special weapons. Running out of life will result in defeat, but players can find health stations that refill life and special weapon ammo pickups scattered around arenas. A password system allows players to restart their game from any level.


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