The Lost Vikings (SNES)

Developer: Silicon & Synapse

Publisher: Interplay

Release Date: April 29, 1993

System: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Genre: Puzzle/Platformer

Players: 1-2


The Lost Vikings is a platformer with puzzle elements that follows the adventures of three vikings named Erik, Baleog, and Olaf, who have been kidnapped by Tomator, an evil alien. After escaping Tomator’s spaceship, the three vikings find themselves hurtling through time and space. The vikings will visit stages with themes like ancient Egypt, a factory, and the prehistoric era on their long journey home. Players will have to solve puzzles using each of the vikings’ abilities or items found within the stages in order to progress. Enemies based on the theme of the stage will also try to block the vikings’ progress and players will have to defeat monsters in combat or find a way around them.

Each viking has his own special abilities. Eric can run quickly and leap high into the air. Olaf can block enemies with his shield and use it as a platform for his friends. Baleog is the strongest fighter of the three and can defeat monsters with his sword or bow. Players will have to switch between the three heroes and use their powers imaginatively to make their way through the game. It’s also possible to team up with a friend and conquer The Lost Vikings in CO-OP mode. This game features 37 stages and a password system that allows players to continue at the start of a stage. 

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