The Jungle Book (Genesis)

Developer: Eurocom Entertainment Software

Publisher: Virgin Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: July, 1994

System: Sega Genesis

Genre: Platformer

Players: 1


The Jungle Book is a Sega Genesis platformer based on the Disney film of the same name. This game follows the plot of the movie with stages and characters based on the film. Mowgli, a young boy who was raised in the jungle by wolves, is being hunted by a vicious tiger called Shere Khan. Our hero’s only hope is to find a human village that will defend him from Shere Khan. On his journey, Mowgli will meet friendly animals and brave various dangers. The story is told through cutscenes displayed at the beginning of the game and between stages.

The main objective of some of the stages is to explore the area and collect varying amounts of red gems. The number of gems players must collect varies with the difficulty setting, with Easy difficulty requiring players to collect just eight gems and Hard setting the goal at twelve gems. The compass, which is often hidden in stages, can show players the locations of these gems. After gathering the gems, Mowgli must find one of the friendly characters from that movie that range from Baloo to the Witch Doctor Monkeys. 

In other stages, Mowgli must battle a boss at the end. Both types of stages feature hostile creatures like wild boars and venom spitting snakes. These foes can be defeated using Mowgli’s weapons or by jumping on their heads. Mowgli’s arsenal consists of bananas, coconuts, and bananas that behave like boomerangs.

Mowgli has a life bar and a limited number of lives. Touching enemies, projectiles, and other hazards will reduce Mowgli’s health. Picking up hearts will refill Mowgli’s life bar. Falling into a hole will result in instant death. Players can run, jump, and climb vines to avoid many of the game’s perils.

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