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Release Data

Developer: Compile

Publisher: Broderbund

Release Date: April, 1989

Genre: Action Adventure/Shooter

System: Nintendo Entertainment System

Players: 1


Aliens have sent a huge planet sized structure known as Naju on a collision course with Earth. The Guardian, a highly advanced humanoid robot that can transform into a fighter craft, has been dispatched to intercept the Naju and initiate its self-destruct function before it crashes into the Earth. Players control the Guardian in The Guardian Legend and must guide her through labyrinths as well as auto scrolling shooting sequences in order to destroy the Naju.

Shooting sequences consist of traditional vertically scrolling stages where the Guardian transforms into a star fighter and blasts enemies as she flies through space or parts of the Naju. The Guardian has a main gun in these shooting sequences that can be upgraded by finding powerups scattered around the game. The Guardian can also sustain multiple hits from enemies, but still has a limited life meter. Defeat the boss at the end of a shooting sequence and the player will be able to enter a new section of the Naju. In some cases the player will be rewarded with an upgrade rather than access to a new area.

Players will explore much of the Naju in a top down view action adventure game mode where they will have to battle enemies, slay bosses, and acquire powerful upgrades. The Guardian has limited health that can be refilled by finding powerups hidden in blocks. She also needs chips to power her special weapons, which can also be acquired by breaking blocks. 

New weapons, health boosts, and keys needed to open new paths through the game can be acquired via exploration as well as by beating bosses. These weapons include an old fashioned hand grenade, a short range laser saber, and a powerful energy ball that blasts through foes. Players can save their game using The Guardian Legend’s built in password system.


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