The Elder Scrolls: Arena (DOS)


Platform: MS-DOS                           

Release date: 1994

Genre: First Person RPG              

Players: 1

Publisher/Developer: Bethesda


The Elder Scrolls: Arena is an open world first person RPG that immerses the player in the land of Tamriel for the first time. The battlemage, Jagar Tharn, has betrayed the emperor and used the Staff of Chaos to imprison him in another plane of existence. Now, Tharn has begun impersonating the emperor and crushes anyone who opposes him. It’s up to you to escape from the imperial dungeons and assemble the fragments of the Staff of Chaos which are scattered throughout the continent in order to defeat Jagar Tharn. Arena offers the player eighteen different classes and eight races to choose from, each with their own play style and abilities. Swords, bows and magic will see adventurers through their quest as they scour the continent of Tamriel for the eight staff pieces. There are plenty of treasures to be found, towns to visit, and dungeons to explore in this massive title.  

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