The Battle of Olympus (NES)

Developer: Infinity

Publisher: Broderbund

Release Date: December, 1989

System: Nintendo Entertainment System

Genre: Action Adventure

Players: 1


In The Battle of Olympus players assume the role of Orpheus, whose girlfriend (Helene) has been abducted by Hades. Orpheus must travel ancient Greece in search of powerful artifacts and the favor of the gods in order to rescue Helene. These areas include Crete, Arcadia, Attica, and much more. Many areas are home to human settlements as well as mythical beasts. Orpheus can enter the homes in the various towns scattered around Greece to get hints from the humans that inhabit them. However, he will have to battle his way through many of the mythical creatures that dwell in the outlands. Players will likely recognize many of the more famous creatures from Greek mythology, like the Cyclops, but there are also lesser known beasts awaiting Orpheus that include Nemean lion and Stymphalian birds.

Players will find all sorts of powerups in The Battle of Olympus that grant Orpheus new abilities. For example, the Staff of Fennel can shoot fireballs that crawl along the ground and the Salamander Shield will protect him from fire. Players will also find health upgrades in the form of Ambrosia, which will extend Orpheus’ life bar. The game can be continued using its built-in password system.

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