The Adventures of Batman & Robin (SNES)

Developer/Publisher: Konami

Release Date: November, 1994

System: Super Nintendo

Genre: Action/Platformer

Players: 1


The Adventures of Batman & Robin is based on the cartoon series of the same name. Players control Batman in eight stages as he hunts down various villains from the comics and animated series. The art style closely resembles that of the cartoon and some of the stages are based on episodes from the show. Batman will receive a briefing that explains the situation and what he must do before the start of each stage. Next, players will be taken to an equipment screen where they can choose various tools like the X-Ray Specs and Batarang before setting off the mission.

While the levels in this game are highly varied, they generally involve platforming, combat, exploration, and some light puzzle solving. Batman can defend himself with his fists or use weapons like the Batarang to take out bad guys from afar. He can also use his grappling hook to latch onto distant surfaces as well as spring off of walls.

Each stage is filled with enemies that will attack players on sight as well as traps. Players will also find power ups like health in each stage, though it’s usually necessary to restock at the Batcave. One of the series’ major villains, like the Joker or Penguin, often pops up as Batman explores the level. Players can pick up at the beginning of a chapter using the game’s password system.

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