Terranigma (SNES)


Publisher: Enix/Nintendo

Developer: Quintet

Release Date: October 1995 (Japan) December 1996 (PAL)

Genre: Action RPG

Platform: SNES

Players: 1


   Terranigma, an action RPG developed by Quintet, is the final entry in the Soul Blazer trilogy. The story revolves around a young hero named Ark, who is destined to revive the planet, which was immolated in an apocalypse. Throughout his journey, Ark will travel the world and make unexpected friends and enemies. The world building mechanic from previous installments in the series is present in Terranigma and has been reinvented to some extent. A variety of spells, weapons, and armor are available in this game, some of which have special effects. Ark can also perform a number of moves such as spear attacks and swimming. Terranigma is roughly 15-20 hours long and becomes more open ended as the game progresses.

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