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Release Data

Developer/Publisher: MicroProse

Release Date: March 1993

System: Super Nintendo

Genre: Combat Flight SIM

Players: 1


Super Strike Eagle is a mission based combat flight SIM that places the player in the cockpit of an F-15 Strike Eagle. Players control their plane in both a top-down mode and in a first person cockpit mode. In top-down mode, players will see their plane as well as air and land targets that can be bombed. Coming close to another plane will trigger first person mode, allowing players to engage enemy planes in a dog fight. Aircraft are not the only foe in Super Strike Eagle. Enemy missile ships and various anti-aircraft guns will harass players as they fly over enemy territory.

The F-15 is equipped with missiles, a machine gun, and bombs. Players can also purchase more weapons that include jamers and repair their plane by landing on an aircraft carrier or friendly airstrip. Players will have to complete a variety of mission objectives throughout a number of war zones that include Cuba, Libya, and Korea. Being shot down will result in the player’s death and a GAME OVER, but it’s possible to continue using passwords provided by the game.


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