Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)

Developer/Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: February 1990 (NA)

Genre: Platformer

System: NES

Players: 1-2


   Super Mario Bros. 3 built heavily upon the gameplay of it’s predecessors on the NES. New power ups, more open gameplay, and a slew of secrets await players in addition to the classic side-scrolling action from the first two titles in the series. Of course, Bowser: king of the Koopas is back and he has stolen magic wands from seven kings and thrown the mushroom world into chaos. It’s up to Mario and Luigi to defeat the Koopa kids who possess the wands and bring peace back to each kingdom. New abilities like the Raccoon suit, which allows Mario to fly, and the Frog suit will aid players in their quest through eight uniquely themed worlds.

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