Super Bomberman (SNES)

Developer: Produce!

Publisher: Hudson Soft

Release Date: September, 1993

System: Super Nintendo

Genre: Action/Puzzle

Players: 1-4


The evil Carat Diamond and Dr. Mook are holding a tournament where advanced robots show off their combat abilities. Their plan is to lure Bomber man to their base at Diamond City with a fake Bomberman in hopes of kidnapping the real Bomberman. The villains manage to capture Black Bomberman, who escapes and teams up with White Bomberman to stop Carat Diamond’s evil plot.

In Super Bomberman, players control White and/or Back Bomberman as they combat Carat Diamond’s forces. The game features battles with robots in a single room. Each room has obstacles that can be blown up using bombs set by the player. A bomb can destroy walls that block the way as well as bad guys, but they can also harm Bomberman. The object of each stage is to defeat all of the enemies without running out of lives.

When blowing up obstacles, players will sometimes uncover power ups. The powerups include the Maximum Explosion, which increases the blast range of bombs and the Block Passer, an item that allows the hero to walk through destroyable walls. Players can battle the computer in single player mode or go toe to toe with a friend in Battle Mode. Super Bomberman uses a password system that lets players continue their game from the most recently completed stage.

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