Strider (NES)

Developer/Publisher: Capcom

Release Date: July 1989

Genre: Platformer/ARPG

System: Nintendo Entertainment System

Players: 1


In the year 2048, a secretive group of assassins known as Striders operate from a space station called the blue dragon. Strider for the NES places players in control of one such assassin: Hiryu. Tasked with locating and killing his fellow Strider, Kain, Hiryu must travel to places like Egypt and China in search of clues. Hiryu will have to cut his way through armies of enemies using his sword, The Cipher, in order to complete his mission. He will also find items like the Magnet Boots that allow him to climb metallic surfaces or the Water Boots that make it possible to walk over water. Players will earn increased HP and EP as they complete objectives. They will also learn “Tricks” that allow them to fire projectiles, heal up, and even teleport back to the space station. Finding new items and powers will unlock new areas to explore. This title also features a fairly well developed story with cutscenes and in-game dialogue. Strider enables players to continue their game using a password system.

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