Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (Game Boy)

Developer: Visual Concepts

Publisher: Ultra

Release Date: February, 1992

System: Game Boy

Genre: Action Adventure/Shooter

Players: 1


A deadly, planet destroying weapon of unknown origin called the Doomsday Machine is terrorizing the galaxy and it’s up to Captain Kirk and his crew to stop it. The Federation has built a weapon capable of destroying the Doomsday machine, but the Klingons have intercepted and captured it. Fearing it would be used against them, the Klingons disassembled the weapon and hid its parts on several worlds. The Enterprise must travel the galaxy and locate each piece of the weapon so it can be reassembled before the Doomsday Machine destroys more planets.

Star Trek: 25th Anniversary uses a combination of side scrolling shooter sequences where players control the enterprise and top-down perspective “away missions” that feature Captain Kirk as well as other members of the Enterprise’s crew. While controlling the Enterprise, players must fly through asteroid belts and battle hostile spaceships as they search for the next planet. The Enterprise is armed with phasers and photon torpedoes, though its supply of torpedoes is limited. Both weapons can be used to defend the Enterprise from asteroids and enemy vessels.

Away missions largely focus on finding pieces of the stolen weapon. Players will have to use the tricorder to scan the area for clues while planetside. The crew comes armed with phasers that they will need to use to defend themselves from hostiles. These phasers can be set to stun or kill. The game will move onto the next part of the mission once the player has found everything on a particular planet.

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