Star Ocean (SNES)

Developer: tri-Ace

Publisher: Enix

Release Date: July 1996 (Japan Only)

Genre: RPG

System: Super Famicom (Super Nintendo)

English Translation: DeJap 2003

Players: 1


Star Ocean is a science fiction/fantasy themed RPG by tri-Ace. It was originally released exclusively in Japan, but an English translation patch was made for it by DeJap in 2003. A young swordsman named Ratix sets out to find a cure for a mysterious disease that is turning his people to stone. While searching for the cure with his friends (Milly and Dorn) Ratix encounters two human space travelers who have come to assist them. The party soon learns that the disease is the product of a conspiracy that must be stopped in order to save Ratix’s home world.

As an RPG, Star Ocean has players fighting random battles and exploring dungeons. The combat system takes place in real time, with the player controlling Ratix and the computer in control of the rest of the party. Each hero learns skills that can be used in battle as the game progresses. It’s also possible to craft items after acquiring special skills that can be bought in shops. Players will explore a variety of areas filled with monsters and treasures as well as fight the occasional boss. Towns offer respite from combat and provide supplies for a fee. The main character can also build relationships (known as Affection Rating) with the rest of the cast through “Private Actions” in town. Having a high Affection Rating can result in a character giving you special items and even unlock new endings. Star Ocean is roughly 30 hours in length.

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