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Release Data

Developer: Software Creations

Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment

Release Date: November, 1995

System: Super Nintendo

Genre: Beat ‘em Up

Players: 1-2


Spider-Man & Venom: Separation Anxiety takes place in the Marvel Comics universe and focuses on Spider-Man as well as his foe, Venom. The Life Foundation managed to capture Venom and remove his symbiotes, creating several clones in the process. Now Venom must team up with Spider-Man to defeat the evil creations of the Life Foundation. Players can control either Spider-Man or Venom in this two-player Beat ‘em Up.

Both heroes must kick, punch, and throw their way through 18 stages inhabited by all sorts of thugs as well as super villains. Spider-Man and Venom each have their own unique abilities in addition to kicks and punches. For example, Spider-Man can create a web shield and Venom can extend his arm great distances to hit enemies. Popular Marvel characters like Captain America also make appearances in Separation Anxiety. Players can continue after reaching certain stages by using a password provided by the game.


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