Space Haven (PC)

Developer/Publisher: BugByte

Release Date: May 2020

Genre: Strategy/SIM

Platform: PC

Players: 1


Space Haven is a space themed strategy-SIM that places players in control of a spaceship and its crew. After an apocalypse has rendered Earth nearly uninhabitable, the Haven project has given your crew and a few other lucky souls the opportunity to flee to outer space in hope of seeking out a new home. Players are free to build their ship however they wish using a tile based system. Build a powergrid, life support systems, engines, turrets, and many other facilities to make your ship space worthy. Seek out resources scattered throughout the galaxy and extract them with mining pods to keep your fleet running. Players will also face a variety of space related hazards that include solar flares, micrometeoroids, and mysterious Siren Worlds.

Each crew member has a unique set of skills and traits that make them suited to different tasks. Some spacefarers are skilled in construction, while others may serve as the ship’s doctor. Being human beings, the crew will need food, oxygen, and a comfortable place to rest in order to function properly. They will also have to watch out for pirates and other hostile space inhabitants. Space Haven features a combat system that allows players to engage in ship to ship combat and even board enemy vessels. More peaceful players can flee from enemies in order to focus on trade and industry. Players are even free to build a single large ship or a fleet of smaller vessels.

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