Soldier Blade (Turbografx-16)

Developer: Hudson Soft 

Publisher: Turbo Technologies Inc. 

Release Date: September 1992

System: TurboGrafx-16

Genre: Shooter

Players: 1


An exploratory mission is sent to another solar system in search of resources after the invention of a warp drive known as the “Bias Drive”. The exploratory fleet vanishes months after its departure. Three years later, the fleet returns as the Zeograde army after being consumed by a mysterious alien life form and attacks an unprepared Earth. In Soldier Blade, players control a high tech fighter of the same name as it fights off the Zeograde army with advanced weaponry made possible by the Bias Drive.

As a vertically scrolling shooter, Soldier Blade puts players in command of a star fighter that must blast its way through seven stages worth of alien spaceships. The Soldier Blade fighter has access to three different weapons that can be obtained and upgraded through powerups found throughout the stages. The weapons include the medium powered cluster that can hit enemies from several angles and the more concentrated laser, which fires a destructive beam of energy. Players can also unleash Super Shells that can heavily damage bosses and decimate smaller foes. 

The fighter’s weapons can be upgraded three times, becoming more powerful with each upgrade. Having upgrades also protects the fighter from damage, though taking a hit will cause it to lose one upgrade level. Take enough damage and the ship will explode, costing the player a life. The Soldier Blade will respawn where it was destroyed and players can get more lives by increasing their score. Finally, this game features a normal mode where players fly through the stages and fight bosses to get to the game’s ending as well as a challenge mode that is a timed high score rush.

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