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Release Data

Platform: PlayStation                                    

Genre: Action


Publisher:  Bandai (NA) System 3 (EU)

Developer: CyberConnect                            

Release Date: February 2000 (NA) July 2000 (EU)


In Silent Bomber players assume the role of Jutah, a genetically engineered soldier with a dark past. Jutah’s home planet, Hornet, is under attack from a massive spaceship known as Dante and it’s up to him to destroy it using his unique skills. Silent Bomber is a fast paced isometric action game that pits the player against fourteen enemy filled missions. Players will have to make good use of Jutah’s ability to set, throw and detonate bombs to disable Dante and save planet Hornet, but fear not, various types of aid in the form of bomb upgrades and health packs will assist players in their mission.


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