Shinobi (SMS)

Developer: Sega AM1

Publisher: Sega 

Release Date: 1988

System: Sega Master System

Genre: Platformer

Players: 1


    Shinobi is a platformer for the SMS that has players take the role of Joe Mushashi, master ninja. A group of evil martial artists known as the Ring of Five have abducted the children of several world leaders. Only Joe can save the kids using his unparalleled skills. Joe uses punches, kicks, and shurikens to dispatch the villains. Saving hostages can grant players points, weapon powerups, or a chance to earn a magic spell in a bonus stage. After clearing several stages, players can do battle with a member of the Ring of Five. Joe starts with a few lives and can earn more by scoring points. Lose all of your lives and you will have to start from the very beginning.

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